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Pre-season NASCAR already starting to heat up!

With the 50th running of the Daytona 500 fast approaching all eyes will no doubt be on the #88 and Hendrick Motorsport's newest family member Dale Jr. This past Saturday Dale Jr. showed the racing world his talent and will … Continue reading

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Vote for your favorites at Hello!Blog!!

Paul is so creative when making these polls and you must visit and place your votes!! 🙂 His previous Momusu poll garnered so much success and with the inclusion of 3 of Hello! Projects' main groups this time he's going … Continue reading

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VOX comment issues

This is the second time that this has happened and for some reason not all of my VOX comments are being delivered to my e-mail account. 😦 And without that notification it's making it really difficult to keep track of … Continue reading

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Battle Royale Hello! Project Style Part 3

The Northern region of the island, while void of beaches contains a much more treacherous terrain as it's primarily composed of hills and mountainous passages…Mikitty finally decides to start heading towards the center most area of the island as instructed…wherever … Continue reading

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Hello! Project Italian Parsley!

I was just about to go to sleep when I remembered something…here let me show you something odd… H!P goes gourmet!!…with official Kamei Eri Italian parsley!! …its' Kamei Italian parsley!!! O__o And for only 315 yen you too can be … Continue reading

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Hmmm…if a friend of yours was traveling to Japan and kindly offered to do some shopping for you what would you ask them to look for? For me of course it's H!P related!…and the list that I finally decided on … Continue reading

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「Featured post」MAX, one of Japan’s finest female quartets.

One day a few years ago while walking through a shopping mall I was struck by a very familiar intro to a song that I thought I knew very well….as it turned out there was a talent contest being held … Continue reading

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