Athena & Robikerottsu “Seishun! Love Lunch”…plushy food and there’s something about Nakki…

My copy of Gakisan's anime inspired unit's second release arrived late last week and I just watched it today. I chose the limited edition since it comes with an extra DVD but after seeing both covers I really like the regular edition's cover too….I do notice that happening a lot lately and I wonder if it's a marketing strategy to lure H!P fans in to getting both versions! :O The bonus DVD has a running time of approximately 15 minutes and contains footage of the jacket photo shoots as well as the pv's making of. Ah with "Shouri no BIG WAVE!!!" I had to wait until the latest Pucchi Best DVD release came out to own the pv and while that wasn't too long of a wait due to the singles' late release date, in this case….December is a looooong time to have to wait for the pv and I really wish they had included it on the bonus DVD this time!

The anime tie in really lends itself to some of the cutest props ever!!!…and the cover artwork provides just a hint into the adorable aspect that these props provide in this release. The artists really created a vibrant and lively background and I love the unique aspects of each member's outfit starting with Nakki's which is just the cutest and the large bow in her hair really suits her so well. With the lunch theme being present it's aprons for everyone and I'm so happy that they kept these same outfits for the pv as well as in many H!P pvs it's not the case…sometimes unfortunately. Everyone's outfits are also an upgrade in the cute department from their debut release as these simply send the ador-a-meter to its height! While Gakisan's outfit is the most distinct in the group as it represents her leadership role as well as her role in the anime…Nakki, Chisatochan, and Mittsi's attire seem to be a custom fit for each of their individual personalities.  

"Seishun! LOVE LUNCH" is a great follow up release to "Shouri no BIG WAVE!!!" in the vein of another lively children's song and it makes sure to not complicate things keeping to a simple melody and arrangement which are appropriate for such a release. The rhythm is written like a march and the hooks come in all the right places! While the vocal arrangement is dominated by a "choral" approach it does provide enough solo lines for the distinctiveness of their voices to shine as well. What you really have to love about a unit like this is how it provides an up front "stage" for a few H!P members who are really well deserving of more attention in their primary groups when it comes to both screen time as well as vocal lines. And there are many many more members in need of this type of outlet so let's hope for a few more new units in 2008 and beyond! While Gakisan, Chisatochan, and Mittsi all have great voices I find myself a lot of times attracted to the more unusual vocals in a group and in the case of Athena & Robikerottsu that title goes to Nakki. Prior to these 2 releases I hadn't really noticed just how unusual her vocals are and it really starts in the way that she speaks. While it's nowhere in the realm of Momoko goodness!!…and strangeness!!…Nakki's vocals also reside in the higher realm while….hmmm right now lacking for a better description…in a nasal tone of sorts. And by joining together her adorable looks, wonderfully large teeth (some are just born with them!! ^o^), always genki personality, and her endearingly unique vocals she becomes arguably the groups' standout member…albeit by a slim margin as this entire unit is really strong! Nakki also possesses what I like to refer to as honest laughter and while it's a bit difficult to describe in words, one need only watch a few "making of", backstage, or any candid clip for that matter to hear this first hand. While I've been obsessing over Nakki a bit here…here's a Gakisan performance of "Koe" (to help ground me again! 😛 ) which is not only one of my favorite Momusu songs but also one of my favorite performances of it alongside Aichan's live performance which is also outstanding! ^-^

Oh and of course the pv for "Seisun! LOVE LUNCH"…….

It's such a cute pv!!…and the artificial food and utensil props are just too adorable!!! Nakki also wins the best actress award for her enthusiastic portrayal of blowing on "hot" food and her "oishii" reactions! 🙂 Did I mention that Nakki is my favorite member in this unit? 😛

"Yuugure Sherbet" falls more into the category of a dance song and upon my first listen it really has a much much more mature arrangement and overall sound to it. The chorus is built from a very well constructed melody and in a lot of ways I actually find myself immediately liking this song a bit more than the title track. There's a beautiful melancholy feel to it and in some amusing way the title ("Evening Sherbet") seems an odd match in a sense. Just a really catchy song which also presents itself in a moving way melodically, I think this one's going into the car's player immediately! I can see how this track isn't an a-side but I just find it so appealing anyway! 🙂

The "making of" footage is taken to new heights by the inclusion of so many fluffy food props and dishes and it doesn't take long for the fun interaction between members and said props to begin! ^-^ While the pv's shooting is exclusive to blue screen effects, the props are really what helps to bring the scenery to life and the pv really benefits from the candid interaction between each member and cute nabe pots, bento boxes, desserts, fruits, utensils, and soo much adorable plushy food that I'd love to be able to collect myself! Not that I need anything else in my room right now! 😛 I just never knew that plushy food could be so cute!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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22 Responses to Athena & Robikerottsu “Seishun! Love Lunch”…plushy food and there’s something about Nakki…

  1. Mikey says:

    We'll have to build you the Cuteness Hall of Fame! :)I saved their video to iPod format for the Princesses. This just the kind of think they would love to death! ^^Their outfits look kind of retro, don't you think? Like 60's or early '70s… Austin Powers of Cuteness!! Aww MB, you are so sweet!


  2. wu-san says:

    All that plush food must make them so hungry. My tummy would be grumbling all the time on set. Liked the entry, as I think it helps sum up what this unit is all about.
    I just love Aika's hair in those screen caps. Maybe I'm boring, but it's to die for lol. Love Seeing her play the sidekick to Gaki aswell. It's nice that she can lead a unit.


  3. strawberrie says:

    I totally want this CD, I notice how the regular editions of some H!P regular editions are starting to look better than the limited edition but sometimes its the extra goodies that wins over.


  4. CK says:

    I just ordered the limited edition last weekend (along with cafe buono), now I am psyched to get it! Thanks for the scans


  5. I may already be a member of the "Strange HOF. 😛 This is a really cute children's song and video and I hope that they enjoy it! It may be a bit puzzling though! Hmmm…'retro' is a good description…I'm thinking that they're "Minimoniesque." Sorry Webster's dictionary! 😛


  6. Ah the plushies are so well made and I want some of them for some strange reason! 😛 The nabe pot with the cute face is a must own item too! It's such a cute children's release and I love every aspect about it…did I mention the plushies?! 😛 Mmmm….wu-san has some Mittsi love! 🙂 Her shorter style really does suit her doesn't it! I loved when she was play eating during the making of segment! Great role for Gakisan and don't you just love Nakki's large teeth?!! I just love her looks….okay that previous comment may be strange. 😛


  7. Ah that's how they get me….it's marketing genius really or I'm just really easy to tempt…probably more the latter though! 😛 So now I want the regular editions too because I like the covers more which are really important to me but of course the LE's are essential too because of the extras…


  8. Wow I'm so happy that you're supporting them and purchasing their releases too! I hope they arrive soon and you're going to love "Cafe Buono!"also! ^-^


  9. Mikey says:

    I think that the Princesses will come to love their Auntie Berryz! :)I am now "Pirate Mike" now, since I sent them a picture from behind the wheel of the ship they used for Master and Commander that is on display in San Diego harbor… ^^


  10. wu-san says:

    hmmm, I wonder if you can buy all that plush food then? certainly would make fun decorations to display, now that you mention it 😛
    Heheh, Aika may have come last on my MM ranker, but it's more to do with me liking the others more, than hating Aika. I always said that I could really like Aika in this unit. Maybe because there's less distractions??? :P. I cant stop looking at her with that hair in your screen caps O_O, what have you done to me MB?
    I must watch the making of somewhere.
    Yeh, It's nice that Gaki-san can lead a line, and it seems all the more fun what with it being in a unit of this nature.
    Hahaha, Nakki's teeth, I did notice them :). Hmmm, maybe it's a little strange that comment, but it makes supporting the girls a little more special. Maybe Erika of Biyuuden fame, with her nice set of teeth can get together with Nakki to make a toothpaste commercial? or tooth unit?


  11. mizunohi says:

    When I heard that this group was being formed I was SO excited (Gakisan being my #1 H!P forever!) I was worried it would suck or only be a one shot…but I'm proven wrong by the new-found super-awesomeness of H!P 😛 This single is even better than the first (but both rock!) and they even have great B-sides 😀 I just love Gakisan and she seems like the perfect mentor to the other three! Mittsi's definetly improving and is so adorable backstage! Chisa and Nakki are more noticealbe in C-ute (or am I just imaging things…at least Nakki is :D) I just want to hug them all! They seem to get along so well and I think it helps that Gakisan is so easy to get along with! (She kind of reminds me of the younger Nacchi, just more hyper :P) [[thanks for the Koe pref. It's incredible!]]
    I loved the limited DVD and I wish I could have my own copy (–tries to find job–) I'll have to settle to a DVD-rip for now D: They are so cute in these outfits and I wonder where they find all of that plushy food! They look so funny while examining the "food", but my favourite moment is when Gakisan "flips" her pancakes and utterly fails XD Their goofiness and fun really rups off on the PV and makes this single that much better! 😀


  12. Haha I'd buy them in an instant!! 😛 What actual need I have for plushy food though is beyond explanation!! I think they're just really c-ute!"You will adora Mittsi…you will adore Mittsi…" Is it working or are you now just feeling sleepy? 😛 I hope you can find the making of! I really need to learn how to upload video clips one day. :PI sometimes wonder if Gakisan could have gone solo instead…I love this unit!..and I'm not suggesting that to be a better thing at all…just a thought.Hmm….wu-san you've just given me an idea….toothpaste…H!P….commercials….. Haha Nakki does have amazing teeth doesn't she! ^-^


  13. I love both releases too and I'm so happy for Gakisan being given her own unit to lead! You're right about the b-sides both being great too and I actually like them a bit better than the a-sides as strange as that may sound! 😛 That's a great point about Gakisan as she really has grown to be motherly like and it really shows in her interaction with the younger group members. Ah isn't Gakisan's performance of "Koe" so beautiful!! I love this album track soo much and the concert DVD offers both a Gakisan version as well as an Aichan version with Gakisan acting as the back up dancer instead…both great performances and this song really shows their vocal ability so well! :)I like these outfits just a little bit more than the first singles' outfits and they really remind me of Minimoni in a way. 🙂 Hahah the pancake flipping is really funny and I wonder where I can purchase some plushy food too!


  14. mizunohi says:

    I think both singles are wonderful exaples of how to produce a single. THe A-sides are catchy songs that suit the "anime" feel of the group, and they are very fun songs! I have to say that the B-sides are perfect B-sides! They are easier to listen to, and have the A-side quality, so they make the single infinity times better 😛 They also seem like "live" songs, they make me really want to hear them in concert! 😀 The extras really suit the releases, with a super-cute and goofy mini-PB in Shouri no BIG WAVE!!!, and an amazing DVD in Seishun LOVE Lunch, with tons of different backstage shots featuring all the members fairly evenly. The similiar costumes are very minimoni-esque just like you said 😛 giving a suiting younger image like them! Overall I LOVE this group and pray they continue and get some more exposure!
    Gakisan's preformance is…breathtaking. She has such an incredible voice and stage presence, and having Aichan dance then provide harmonizing, both of which she is incredible at! It just…makes them seem so much more idol-like than many of the singers these days. I also think it's good to see Aichan as a "secondary" preformer in it, as she can still demand the stage, but focuses on enhancing Gakisan's preformance. It shows how flexible she is, because especially as the leader she rarely can show off these skills! All my love to Gakisan on this, expecially since she has always been my favourite 😛 So I'm happy this was the preformance featured on the DVD, with Aichan in the extras (sorry D: I know you're an Aichan fan….she jsut seems more genuine when she's not the "focus", maybe she just worries to much…)
    I'd love to see some of the plushy food they have there, its so cute! It would go perfectly in a plushy Rii-fridgerator!


  15. That's so true as these songs would be really great in concert and I think the audience will really get into them too! I guess the b-sides are a bit more straight J-Pop without the anime touch to them making them easier to listen to in these cases. And I do imagine that we haven't heard the last from them just yet! :)I was so happy that they included both live versions on the DVD! I always thought that "Koe" was such a great song and I was so excited when I first saw that it was being performed in concert!! After watching both versions I began to imagine them both graduating at the same time and going on to create a duo unit of their own. I don't know if that would work really but they're just so close to one another. Have you ever watched that great "Futarigoto" clip where Aichan & Gakisan are having a very candid conversation at an eatery near a river? I have a translation here:


  16. mizunohi says:

    Maybe it is the lack of anime… I never thought of that! Now we have to wait for an album? 😀
    I don't imagine Aichan not going solo… but I can picture them in a DEF.DIVA or Nochiura Natsumi type group every once and a while (with Mano Erina? -crosses fingers for Kame too!- 😛 They are the "new generation") I love that clip! They are so close and it's not expressed enough nowadays… They are so funny together too 😛 I love seeing Aichan in a "normal" situation, it makes her seem so much more "real" than her current aura… Gakisan is ❤ as always 😀


  17. I'm really anticipating an album release from this unit soon and that would be such welcome news to hear! Ever since Aichan released her single "Yume kara samete" I've been thinking about her having a solo career one day! She has the voice and the looks for a successful solo career I think and she's such a professional about everything so it'd be perfect. Hmmm…a dream unit?…Aichan, Gakisan, Kamei, & Manoeri!! ^-^ Haha I've watched that clip of Aichan & Gakisan's conversation so many times!! I too would love to see more candid clips between close H!P members!


  18. wu-san says:

    Ah, watching the 'making of' DVD is still on my to do list :S, I'm looking forward to it though 😛
    Hmmm, Gaki-san doesn't have a bad voice, so she's got a good chance of taking on a H!P solo career in that sense, and I know many have suggested that already.
    Nakki really does have a healthy set of teeth lol, and maybe she can make a side career from toothpaste commercials after all? Or how about a drama where giant toothburshes and toothpaste tanks invade the earth, and Nakki is the leader. Cast in all the cuties like Sayu and get the crazy of Koha cast in it also. haha, we like big things running havoc around the place in our fantasy ideas for films and such XD.
    Hmmm, I admit that there's more room in my heart for Aika than before, thanks to this unit, although my heart is pretty full as it is, I mean, you know who's battling it out for the number one.


  19. Somehow I still have a feeling that Aichan will go solo first if Gakisan actually does at some point. Both really are capable and deserving I think! Haha "Attack of the Toothbrushes!!" 😀 I've been thinking about a Nakki unit with Erika of Biyuuden ever since you mentioned this idea! Hmm…it may be too silly to post though…although when it comes to silly I've already written some silly things already. 😛 I do understand…Kamei! Kamei! Kamei! ^-^…ah is she in danger of losing your #1 spot?!


  20. wu-san says:

    hehe, Kamei still won my number 1!!! But Sayu is lurking behind, always, sometimes she even steals number one for a shorwhile, which Kamei doesnt like 😛
    Koha's taking me over, by being nuts.
    You should do that post lol, I'd be interested anyway, not sure if anyone else would get the whole teeth unit with Erika and Nakki though. At least the unit would have two crazy fans. At least they'd be densit apporoved.


  21. Haha Kamei just gave you the "look." 😛 Okay while you may be endeared by Kohachan's nutty behavior my "nutty" post about a tooth unit maybe not so much! 😛 We are two crazy fans!! \(^o^)/


  22. wu-san says:

    Hmmm, the songs for our 'nutty' unit would certainly be interesting. I reckon there should be jazz arrangements, because it might be revolutionary to have jazz music about teeth.


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