H!P Egg roll call…in the year 2011…mmm..2012…well sometime in the future.

Recently whenever I watch the pv for "Ganbacchae!" I'm always so amazed at how little the then future members of Berryz Koubou & C-ute are in this pv…and how much they've grown in such a short period of time since then! It's only been a little over 5 years since this pv's release and while most of the H!P Kids are easily recognizable a few of them aren't so easy to spot such as Airichan, Nakki, and little Maimai who just looked so different back then!

The pv's really cute and if you haven't seen it yet watch it here! 🙂

While reminiscing I always wish that I had acquired some early UFA photos of the future stars of BK & C-ute while they were still part of the H!P Kids as they'd be a great reference point to have, so when I saw that Ohta was selling a complete set of photos of the current H!P Eggs along with a great looking photo holder I thought I'd better purchase one so that I don't repeat this mistake again.

Ah! and since its release in late 2007 two members have already graduated from this set including Korenaga Miki & Yutoku Ayumi! And while Korenaga Miki is now active in Ongaku Gatas…Ayumichan where have you gone?! Perhaps Keisan knows… 😛

H!P's path has been a quite bumpy one lately and with the future so full of possibilities…I wondered what Conan O'Brien might envision had he darkened the room and held a flashlight under his chin for a few minutes…oh and we'll need his old sidekick too so that the room may be filled with eerie operatic insight! Hmmm…Conan's got some strange…well let's just have a look……….

"In the year 2012………..the little hearts in Akari's autograph are alleged to share too much of a resemblance to Kominecchi's little hearts , subsequently Akari is charged with plagiarism but after a press conference is held where Akari clearly points out that there's a subtle difference in the in the curve at the top of her hearts..all charges are dropped….meanwhile Tsunku re-unites with "7 House" and on opening night of their tour while performing Ayaya's hit "Momoiro kataomoi" things go terribly wrong when Tsunku nearly falls after being launched from the floor by a springboard and the "magical" flame that is supposed to ignite at the finish takes too long to appear in his open palm creating much laughter amongst the audience and much sweat from Tsunku's forehead……wait…he's already done that one with Sharan Q many years ago."

"In the year 2012………..Yuukarin is said to be dating a super hero actor but as Friday magazine attempts to capture a photo of her rumored super hero "boyfriend"….photos surface showing Yuukarin having lunch with a giant Pikachuu instead….meanwhile Mikitty releases her first instructional book titled "The Idol's Guide To Going On Dates Without Being Caught." Meanwhile Tsunku stars in "Run Tsunku!!"…a remake of "Pinch Runner" with Tsunku himself starring as every character in the movie through special makeup & effects!…but this time there's no school, no classmates…just Tsunku running from a bunch of angry fans led by Eddie Murphy! :O

"In the year 2012……………Tsunku's fond memories of treasured group names such as "Gomattou" and "Nochiuranatsumi" inspires him to create his best group name ever!!!!……"Asudawamanairosekitty" which is comprised of Okai Asuna, Wada Ayaka, Arai Manami, Maeda Irori, Sekine Azusa, & Ogawa Saki……

……Fukuda Kanin was also chosen for the new unit but after some careful consideration Tsunku deemed that the groups' name would be "way too long" if he included her but with some quick thinking and in an attempt to try and save face Tsunku revives "Minomoni" & "Coconut's Musume" by creating "Mini Coconut" which is said to include Kanin, Sawachan, Konacchan, & Ayaka."

"In the year 2012………….Enna is rumored to be getting married creating shock waves throughout the H!P community but after the situation is sorted it turns out that all that happened was Yukosan's….umm…I mean Keisan's wedding invitations got mixed up with Enna's birthday party invitations due to a clerical error at Tsunku's farm." Whew that was a close one!!! 😛 Meanwhile Tsunku holds the "Love Audition 12" but after reviewing all of the entries and holding out for weeks he decides that it's time for him to live his lifelong dream to join Momusu and he becomes the sole 12th Generation member." :O Every thing seems to go "smoothly" until one day when Jun Jun sees Tsunku eating her banana….Tsunku isn't seen for a few weeks. :O

"In the year 2012………………….Friday reveals an alleged "love triangle" involving "Yuukarin" & Anchan when Anchan is seen in a restaurant accompanied by a giant Pikachuu…however after facing reporters alongside Tsunku the public soon learns that Anchan's Pikachuu friend is just some other person that enjoys dressing up as Pikachuu whenever they leave the house." Just a few days later Tsunku joins Berryz Koubou becoming their new 8th member…Momo isn't pleased as Tsunku declares his stage color to be pink! :O

"In the year 2012…………………..an unnamed source claiming to be a childhood "friend" sells his story to a gossip magazine  revealing that he once held Mucchi's hand while standing in line in their school's cafeteria. Fans are outraged but then puzzled as to why a magazine would pay for such a ridiculous story………….

…Rii "the cleaner" Sugaya is sent in to "clean" things up. Let's just say he won't be playing "Puyo Puyo" for a long long time. :O

"In the year 2012………….Morisaki's graduation from H!P is announced after her neighbor's cousin's mechanic from down the street has a repeat run in with the law…fans are outraged and somewhere…Gocchin is shaking her head."

Meanwhile Tsunku creates a new unit "Tetsudaiku" (手伝い大工) with members Saaya, Mia, & Keisan as work on his second mansion begins and in the process they record the 30th version of "Furusato" while on lunch breaks. :O

"In the year 2012……………the mini unit is taken to all new heights when UFA announces the super unit "Momoni" consisting of members Nocchi, Manoeri, and Sengoku! ^-^…Tsunku graduates from Berryz Koubou after trouble erupts when he suffers the worse "Puyo Puyo" beatdown of all time and then proceeded to unplug Rii's Gamecube while she was on her way to a new high score…he hasn't been seen in weeks and Conan has just left the building! 😛

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to H!P Egg roll call…in the year 2011…mmm..2012…well sometime in the future.

  1. Mikey says:

    lol! If H!P ever needs a comical historian – "There You'll Be" ^^


  2. Mikey says:

    Ah, Conan… keep Triumph away from them!! :p


  3. denadel says:

    nice pictures, MorningBerryz 🙂
    But where is Yuu Kikkawa? She graduate already?


  4. mizunohi says:

    Haha! This was hilarious XD Loved the "Asudawamanairosekitty" I'd laugh if any of this came true 😛


  5. 😛 I was in a strange mood when I wrote this!! Inspiration can come at the strangest times and I actually started it the night before but was unable to finish it. A few of these are loosely based on real H!P events and much of it is comprised of inside jokes that may be a little difficult to figure out unless one is familiar with their history. I hadn't written anything really weird in awhile and it was just time! 😛


  6. CK says:

    Excellent, Ayaka's long wait finally pays off! Great post!


  7. Thank you denadel! ^-^ My first H!P Egg photo set. Interestingly Kikkawa Yuu isn't included in this set which was released in November of last year….I wonder if she joined afterwards but that seems unlikely as she's been a member since 2007. She's still listed as a current member so it's quite puzzling as to why she's not here,


  8. I do get the strangest ideas sometimes…hahah I've always thought that "Gomattou" and "Nochiuranatsumi" were just such funny sounding group names and I imagine that Tsunku will come up with something even stranger and longer next time! 😛 I wish I could show you that clip of Tsunku shooting out of the floor on stage and nearly falling on his butt!! :O It was a Sharan Q performance but I can't remember what song it was…."Iiwake"…or was it "zurui onna"….or it may have been a completely different song…I just can't remember right now. 😛 The flame in his palm thing is real too and it occurred at the end of the performance…..I wish you could see his worried expression as the effect doesn't happen on cue and he has to wait for it…a couple of friends and I were watching it over and over one day cracking up until my stomach hurt!! 😛 I'm sorry I know it's not polite to laugh at something like this but it was just…..uh…..so funny! 😛


  9. Hello Chris! Ah me being silly!! 😛 I really feel sad for Ayaka as she's so hidden in H!P and Uta Doki! provided a nice vehicle for her to be heard but now it's sadly being canceled. 😦 If they'd let me I'd create "Mini Coconut" myself! 😛


  10. Mikey says:

    lol! Never stop being "weird", as you call it! Think of yourself as unique and delightful, as I do. 🙂 Picturing you rolling over with laughter… <heart>


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