In the mood for ramen…Nacchi & Maimichan style!!

I know that I'm probably the last person to watch this pv as I've been fighting the temptation to watch it online for weeks now as I've been waiting for my copy to arrive. More of my thoughts on the actual song can be found here in a post from a few weeks ago when I received the accompanying LE CD single. The overall look of the packaging is very similar to the CD releases as the photos used are alternate shots from the same photo shoots and I have to say the more I see these two together the more I find them to be such a match made in heaven for one another. And with this particular release relating directly to age and age difference with a touch of love it's really so fitting to have H!P's most visible "senior" (Nacchi you're not old but Tsunku or UFA likes to refer to you and a few others as 'senior' :O ) member and H!P's most prestigious younger groups' (C-ute) leader collaborate together for such a release. While Rikachan has been noted by other members such as Aichan & Gakisan as being quite motherly to the younger members, Nacchi also possesses this quality in a somewhat more subtle way but none less affectionate. Add to all of this the much more simple aspects of Maimichan's voice with Nacchi's well groomed vocals which are both mature and filled with character and you have the ideal analogy to represent the lyrics within the title track as it draws parallels on several levels upon further thought.

"16sai no koinante" has a running time of just over 24 minutes and it includes both the original pv version and "close-up version" and of course an extensive "making of" segment which covers jacket photo shoots, pv making of, and a photo gallery. What's new about this release in terms of content is the addition of an "special end roll" track which includes a really extensive list of production and everyone involved under the sun thank yous. While watching the making of footage I found a job that I'd love to have while on location for the shooting of H!P pvs…I noticed that there's someone assigned to holding up the camera's cords and keeping them in order….I want that job as it'll get me closer to my favorite idols with minimum experience requirements!! 😛

It's a bit chilly here on Oahu tonight (and by chilly I mean 'chilly' by Hawaii standards as that would translate into "comfortable" for much of the population elsewhere on earth this time of year 😛 ) and what an appropriate pv to be watching as Nacchi & Maimichan wait patiently outside in the cold while waiting to gain entrance into a popular ramen locale. While the entire pv is built around this simple idea, I always rejoice in seeing H!P venture outdoors for any pv's production these days as I imagine that production costs or other factors for such a venture may be the cause of so many pvs lately being shot indoors in studios with an abundance of blue screen backdrops lending to artificial atmospheres in post production. This makes pvs such as "Aruiteiru", "Joshikashimashi monogatari", and even the simplicity of "Iki wo kasanemashou" to name just a few a real joy to watch as UFA has embraced the effectiveness of shooting on location in a real atmosphere and I'm speaking in recent times of course.

While some may have found this pv to be a tad on the dare I say 'uninteresting' side due largely to its simplicity I find a purpose in its approach as the song itself has been revealed even more so upon viewing the pv as a conversational piece. It really didn't dawn on me previous to seeing the pv that the lyrics are really written out in the context of sort of a conversation and this duet relishes in this format and therefore I can see what the director's vision is and the reason for its simplicity. A "conversation" such as this one would likely occur in one location and the inclusion of various locales if the director had chosen to jump to different scenery during the pv would have only weakened it's impact for what it appears to represent…that of course being that I'm not being too much of a "space cadet" here and in that vein reading far too much into it! 😛 I love watching Maimichan's facial expressions and her overall demeanor as she ventures into the performance of both giddyness and nonchalant (the first one really isn't a real word is it?! 😛 ) in the pv's footage as she acts out the scene and any H!P fan who's familiar with Nacchi knows just how energizing her presence can be in just about any given situation. "The joy of performance" as zdorama once stated. 🙂

An amusing thing to note is Maimichan's attire which is comprised of Wintery inspiration complete with cute scarf but also the choice of shorts versus anything warmer! :O Hmmm…my initial thought was that the whole chilly scenario could be pure acting on everyone's part but then upon seeing the filming crew as they are indeed dressed in warm clothing worthy of a chilly evening I find it so amusing that Maimichan is dressed in shorts for this pv!! Furthermore you can see her holding a jacket over her legs in the making of footage when they're covering the "close-up" version's footage. :O Another amusing thing to note is Maimichan's…well I'm strange myself so it's kind of calling the kettle black here :P…but she has this "strange" idiosyncrasy where she opens and closes her mouth just before her photograph is taken (watch the jacket making of footage and you'll really notice it…it actually occurs every time!)….uh…while lacking for a better description at the moment…it's kind of fish like when they breathe…but it's sooooo cute really!!!! The next time I take a picture I'm going to try this! (^o^) She's just so adorable and has perfect facial features!!

On a final note, the "making of" segment also shows evidence of Nacchi & Maimichan's newly found chemistry while working on this project and you can really see the mutual love and respect shared between them throughout the shooting. ^_^ And when it comes to chilly nights and the ideal treat…ramen is the way to go! Time to warm up! Here's my favorite ramen. 🙂

Maimichan nande sono fuku?!…samui deshou?

The only version "missing" from this pv release is the "close-up ramen version"…as we did see them finally gain entrance into the eatery in the "making of" segment! 😛 Keep warm!! 🙂

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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26 Responses to In the mood for ramen…Nacchi & Maimichan style!!

  1. Henkka says:

    Great review as usual, MorningBerryz! 🙂 I quite liked this PV too, despite many saying it's boring. I just like it's because it's so different from the norm. By the way, all those huge number of people listed at the end, those are all the people who voted for the single to win when fans had the chance to vote which of the two songs would be the A-side.
    And I agree, a ramen eating close-up version would've been awesome! 😀
    On a somewhat unrelated note, Maimi is starting to look _so_ gorgeous these days… vlcsnap-42635.png for example, such a beauty! 😮


  2. strawberrie says:

    I like the PV too, I heard a lot of people were complaining them not being able to enter the ramen shop but they were only standing outside for four minutes while people made it sound like hours. I'm sure you would stand outside longer if it was a club instead of a ramen shop. But I would love to see a close-up version of them in the ramen shop.


  3. Hotaru says:

    Its colder in Hawaii? Its actually been getting warmer in Michigan…the snow is melting, yay~!After watching the Making of, I'm relieved they got to go in the ramen shop! I was worried that Maimi would have to stand in the cold in her shorts forever! The two are great in the song and PV, they seem to have connected in a sense 😀


  4. Mikey says:

    I've been watching with envy at the lows for Honolulu (68-70F) on the iPhone, as ours have often been around the high 40's in "Sunny" California! ^^Can't wait to see your "carp smile"! ^^ and the pv, of course (outdoors with fish pond) Will MBchan brave the cool Hawaiian evening in shorts?! Maybe she used to do that to get her lip gloss all glossy, and now it's a habit, or something?


  5. Mikey says:

    You have to see THIS! ^^


  6. Rad♂ says:

    This single was just flat awesome — not fluff or glam, just excellent.


  7. Ah you're too kind Henkka! I'm happy that you loved the pv too and thank you for explaining the long long thank you list that appears at the end of the release! ^-^ I'm wondering if it said that at the beginning of the credits and I really should have gone back and read it! 😛 That's such a great idea having the fans decide which of the 2 songs would be the a-side and while I do love the coupling with song too I definitely would have voted for this song to be the a-side too! Hmm…the fans demand a close up ramen eating version UFA!! 🙂 You can include it with the next Pucchi Best DVD release at the end of this year. :PMaimichan is so beautiful!! Her new pb is shot so well and she truly looks model like! When I first saw her in ZYX I never could have imagined that she'd grow up this way…hmmm I'd never make it as a H!P Egg scouter I guess! 😛


  8. Haha I wasn't aware that fans thought that! On a cold night ramen sure is the perfect remedy and I'm hoping that there's some secret ramen footage yet to be unleashed!


  9. What's funny is that my definition of "cold" is most likely comfortable to you! 😛 It's actually getting warmer here too and it can get really humid at times even in the early morning hours which is odd and a bit uncomfortable when you're trying to sleep. But on the night that I wrote this it was strangely quite chilly as it hasn't been recently. I just found it so amusing that she was dressed this way while everyone was dressed so warm all over and with them rubbing their hands together it made it seem even that much colder! I wonder if it was her choice to wear shorts…hahah she did have a jacket covering her legs later though for warmth! 🙂


  10. I can't believe it's still that cold in California!! Mmm….maybe Maimichan loves the cold! I have that C-ute DVD which that Youtube clip is from that you linked here…it's called "cutie circuit 2007~Magical cutie Tour & 9月10日はC-uteの日~" That's so cute!!…Airichan is telling the audience that they're going to be performing for them a new song but then Maimai "starts" BK's "Special Generation" instead.


  11. Saburo says:

    Yajima being the only person in line wearing short shorts in the brisk weather looked a bit peculiar to me.
    That said, people in Japan WILL wait for HOURS to get a seat at a good ramen joint, especially if it got good word of mouth or positive reviews from a reliable media source.


  12. Mikey says:

    LOL! It's so funny how they talk to each other, like sisters, or something! I never saw them behave that way!! ^^I'm starting to know who they are now… bewildering at first, since they are usually all dressed the same or similar! ;)"Under blue skies Monday, some 21 hours after the race had started, Carl
    Edwards put the finishing touches on the rain-delayed Auto Club 500 at
    beleaguered Auto Club Speedway.
    After caution flew on the final lap for Dale
    Jarrett's spin, Edwards crossed the finish ahead of runner-up Jimmie
    Johnson and Hendrick Motorsports teammate Jeff
    Gordon, who atoned for disappointing finishes in the Feb. 17 Daytona 500."At least it was sunny today… mid 70's. Hendrick did well in the end Auto Club Speedway! Glad I didn't take off work yesterday and suffer like many of the fans there!!I saw where you where talking to Namida about cameras… If you want to be able to keep up with race cars, or other fast motion, you need a digital SLR (DSLR) They are getting cheaper. If fact, the high end of the digital point and shoot market is almost dead because of this fact. I had a friend of mine get a Nikon D40 with lens kit (about $500), and she is very happy with it. She is/was a long term digicam user, and wanted to do more. IS (Image Stabilization) is sooo helpful. For one thing, you can take pictures without flash at much lower light levels, as well as get sharp pictures with a really long lens.How are you doing? Got Vista to do most of what you need now?? Glad I could help you… a little at least. :)Hugs and watch out for Pele!! ♥


  13. I really hope that they are given future releases and this doesn't become one of H!P's one hit units. This single really is J-Pop perfection! 🙂 And the pairing is so perfect plus more Maimichan & Nacchi to love!


  14. At first I was thinking maybe they're just acting like it's cold since she's wearing shorts but after seeing the filming crew all in very warm attire I was like eh?! Maimichan either loves the cold, the producers thought she should wear shorts for some strange reason, or she just left the house not realizing just how cold it was. 😛 This must be a really familiar site…long lines outside of popular eateries in Japan….wow!! even in the cold!!


  15. mizunohi says:

    I loved seeing the two of them together, and was pleasently surprised to see that the PV wasn't the plain blue-background one seen in the commercials! I think they made a perfect choice to show the relationship between Nacchi and Maimi 😀 They look like they really enjoyed it! It reminds me of seeing an elder sister with her younger sister, fitting the song perfectly ^^ This is definetly one of my favourite H!P PV's I totally agree with the dislike for green-screens and indoor sets! This shows off their personalities so much more and they are very enjoyable to watch!
    In the making of I think Maimi opens her mouth to make her expression more natural ^^ It's a great trick! I loved Nacchi's orange XD Nacchi's attitude towards Maimi reminds me of how Koharu seemed to be most relaxed around Nacchi in MM Tanjou— compared to the other elders. Nacchi seems so motherly to me and it is so well expressed here, just as she was in Morning Musume, and it's something I always miss in her solo work!
    Seeing the shorts on Maimi made me laugh because it's something that's very common in Vancouver (all year around!), I even wore shorts today, with a scarf and a winter coat XD It makes indoor heating so much more enjoyable! 😛


  16. H!P always has a lot of on stage MC skits and some of the greatest VTR clips ever which usually accompany one of their songs. This C-ute DVD is like a documentary/live release and there's lots of fun moments on it! I love how they borrowed a Beatles title for this release! Ah their stage and pv costumes are similar or identical quite often…it's a H!P/idol thing. A new camera for me is probably way in the future as I'm happy with mine just as long as objects or people don't move too quickly!! One day I'd like to purchase a camera like that though and then take it to a race! Every things okay, I just haven't gotten that multiple image upload program yet. Thank you for all of your help!


  17. Ah that's the perfect analogy…'an elder sister with her younger sister' and I'm always so happy to see H!P pvs filmed outdoors on location somewhere! I wonder if it costs more to film outdoors because I imagine that indoor sets can be quite costly too. Still there must be a reason for so many indoor pvs with blue screen usage. Ah she's so adorable when she does this! I could only think of a "fish" 😛 and I guess it really does free up your expression! It's a new technique to try! 🙂 Ah Nacchi really does have a motherly character about her and that's a great point about her compatibility towards Kohachan. Haha Nacchi's orange "trick" was really cute!! She's has such a great personality and joy about her and she can even ham it up for the camera when the time calls for it!! Ah thank you for the insight on Maimichan's attire!! And hearing it first hand from someone that lives in a cold environment is even better!! You're so lucky to be able to wear a scarf and go out….I'd just get strange looks if I did that here even if it were to be a bit chilly outside! 😛


  18. Mikey says:

    I am starting to "get" more of what's going on! It's really stimulating to be learning so much – thanks to you! Even helping you out is a learning experience too. "No learning is a waste of time." is my motto. (Ever seen James Burke's Connections?) I'm always surprised when something I read about becomes just the thing that's needed by someone else. Being an "omnivore" of information has it's uses I guess – not that I could be any other way, if I wanted to! 😛 Being the oldest sibling has something to do with that, I suppose. Sorry if I've been too pushy recommending things to you. I am always throwing ideas out there. I really don't expect people to automatically take them them up, but it must sound like that sometimes.I took today off (non check printing Wednesday) so I am luxuriating in Kuraki Mai's new CD One Life!! I loved her first CD so much! I got her DVD when it came out then (which was a bigger deal to get in those days) I think that I going to love her new release to that degree. Her BE WITH U I can listen to nonstop! 🙂 I just VOXed on it HERE I also like especially so far (from On-The-Go) one for me, I Like it like that, and everything…That's a real advantage of having an iPod. It's so easy to hold down the center button to save songs you really like in to a special playlist called "On-The-Go". This is synced when you connect to your PC and saved. Then you can find those special songs easily. It really helps when I 'm making making the Princesses CDs for instance, since my big iPod Classic has about 30gb of music on it now! (my "everything" iPod, as opposed to the iPhone that just has selected music and videos).I can "picture" petite MB with her big ass camera and giant lens one day! ^^


  19. wu-san says:

    I hope this duo is here to stay. I really think nacchi needs a little sister to play big sister with in H!P right now, and I like how the two hang out off camera. They really look neat together, and I admit that I wasn't sure if it'd work at first.
    It's so awesome how Maimi is taller than Nacchi. I think it's cute anyway.


  20. Mmm…this is just a little blog but I'm happy that you can find some purpose in it. It can be overwhelming as there's such so much out there to learn about and I think I'm groomed to be about 80% H!P and 20% of every thing else! 😛 I listened to Kuraki Mai when she first debuted but I've since lost touch with her music…when I used to do J-Pop buying for a store I really started experimenting with all sorts of artists and it was hit and miss sometimes but for the most part it's given me a so many groups and artists to love and so much new that comes with that. Since the I have been trying to downsize my purchasing and keeping focus on my really really big favorites as it's quite an expensive interest to have and especially over a long period of time. There are groups and artists that I will always support by purchasing their releases and I don't imagine that that will ever change and every once in awhile someone new catches my interest and then I just can't help myself….but I do try to keep it under control as difficult as that is! 😛 Me an i-pods are still very distant but hopefully that will change in the near future as right now I'm just happy to be able to make mp3 CD collections. 🙂


  21. They really do have a nice chemistry between them and the 'little sister' analogy is a perfect match! 🙂 H!P's new odd couple really answered a lot of concerns with their debut release and I'm with you hoping for more in the future! Ah Nacchi is so little isn't she…and especially being next to Maimichan it's really a cute vision! Their voices which are so different from one another's also adds so much to this pairing and the songwriters have great possibilities with them being paired together.


  22. Mikey says:

    I understand how you must feel overloaded with just your existing loves in music. Your blog reveals so much about you and what moves you.I must seem all over the place. I sure have a lot of different types of music in my collection. I tend to be a completest too, in certain areas. I am so lucky to have so many friends with impeccable musical taste around the world and the kindness to guide me to them. I've even got a Mongolian song! 😛 It's hard, especially with the iTunes Store even on the iPhone now, not to go crazy. I downloaded about 40 songs that way yesterday!! @@


  23. wu-san says:

    heheh, well that's how I'd like to think of Maimi and Nachhi's dynamic, as playing sister roles. I really want this unit to be quite active, just so their friendship within the unit at least can develop even more. Or maybe I'm just nosey XD.
    Yep, I always found the height difference something else to like with this duo…Nacchi really is quite small isn't she. Sometimes I forget that until she stands next to Maimi for example 😛
    Ah yes, their voices together is so interesting, let's see what the future holds.


  24. mizunohi says:

    I don't know why it would cost so much extra for outdoor PV's, since then you don't have to build a set or pay for animations, UFA probably just has their own studio and therefore gets better rates -____- too bad for us!
    I love Nacchi on camera! She doesn't have the greatest skinging or dance skills but she is more of an idol than so many singers nowadays! She acts so natural and still manages to be so goofy XD Unlike so many idols she doesn't seem to have a "personality" for her career. I really respect that in her, it makes her so much more lovable! 😀 The biggest factor that goes into my member ranking is what kind of friend I think they would be!


  25. Too many times have H!P units faded in the past and this duo really shouldn't follow that pattern. I love seeing them paired together so much too so we both must wish really hard for more releases!! ^-^ You just made me think of something…what if Nacchi had been paired with little Momo?!! Now that would truly be the second coming of "Minimoni"!! Add in little Maimai too…I wonder if she's going to be taller than both of them or perhaps she is already taller than Momo?! :O


  26. Hmm…I really do wonder about production costs when shooting something on location as I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to this. It's possible that a larger production staff is needed to deal with elements such as lighting but I'm not really sure. It would seem that it would cost less and I wish that they would venture outdoors more often as it really makes pvs so much more interesting and fun for the most part. A well made indoor set can be great too!! And blue screen work does have its time and's just that there's seems to be so much of it in use now days…for better or for worse. You're right UFA probably has its own set which must be so comfortable and convenient to use! 🙂 Nacchi really does have an aura of being herself without putting on any kind of "performance" act in front of the camera whether it be during filming or behind the scenes. 🙂 That's such a great approach that you're using in your favorite member rankings!….I'll have to keep that in mind…which members would best suit as friends… 🙂 Kamei!! ^-^ Momo!! ^-^…for starters with the current lineups! 🙂


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