「Featured post」Egg Fight!! Nocchi Vs. Manoeri (The significance of numbers, sighs, Michael Jordan, & farming)

While I have a feeling that the H!P fan consensus would likely have Manoeri as the undisputed most popular Egg, for me personally it’s not quite that simple as ever since the debut of Ongaku Gatas these two have been in a virtual tie…and while Nocchi did take both rounds one & two (“narihajimeta koi no bell” & “Yattarouze!”)…it’s basically just a matter of a coin flip separating them from each other. Paul at Hello!Blog very very kindly agreed to do some H!P shopping for me while in Japan recently and Nocchi & Manoeri were atop the priority list…well just behind Rii!…and he sent me these photos with the exception of the 4 red 5×7’s & mini Nocchi poster which were sent from Ohta.

Separating these two is going to be quite difficult and at this very moment Sengoku Minami is close to making it a three way tie! One thing that I begin to ponder is what is the actual shelf life for Eggs after which point they are sorted, chosen and sent off to the H!P market where they will soon find their way to your local record store shelves as part of a unit or “permanent group”…well if you happen to live in Japan. 😛 And what becomes of an Egg which farmer Tsunku deems unfit for a unit at the time of their graduation as it doesn’t appear that all Eggs are treated equally….could they have been sent to work on Tsunku’s million acre farm back home or perhaps an office job along Keisan, spending their days in “H!P” balancing his books and helping to plan the next wing on his mansion which many of us fans have helped to build in a financial sense? And you probably thought that Tsunku was just a producer/song writer/occasional stage crasher/…and big American Idol fan!!…I wonder when the next rounds of auditions will be held….and please don’t ever announce again that there are no winners! That was a terrible audition nightmare and I felt sooo bad for the finalist and everyone else that showed up for apparently…nothing. :O I’m now trying to imagine Tsunku with a pitchfork….hmmm..no not that kind of pitchfork!! :O

Now back to trying to separate these two…first point goes to Nocchi for being the leader of the Eggs……and Nocchi is surprisingly a bit older for an “Egg” as she’ll be 20 at the end of this year…thank goodness Farmer Tsunku deemed her appropriate for Ongaku Gatas!!!

Second point goes to Manoeri for being the most adorable member in Ongaku Gatas although……

…….although I have to give Nocchi a point for being the most adorable H!P Egg in candid situations such as pv making of footage where she rightfully so should be due to her age. She just seems to be so comfortable and natural in front of the camera and that’s not something that I can totally attribute to just her being a bit older than the others as it usually takes time for this to occur and Nocchi already possesses this even in her first substantial exposure as a result of being in Ongaku Gatas.

Manoeri gets a point for her uncanny ability to raise the level of a song with her incredibly cute sighs and I was really hoping for more of them while I was listening to “1st Goodsal” today!!

When it comes to hairstyle I give a slight edge to Nocchi as I love her brown highlights and cute bangs! Please keep the H!P Hairstyle Massacre aka their styling agent out of the Egg department at all times as we’ve all seen what can happen when one of them is set loose in H!P land with a pair of scissors and a “I thought this would look nice…” notion!! 😛 Think Ayaya…during her second “Alo-Hello!” release, Gocchin during her first “Alo-Hello!” release…and the list goes on. I wonder if anything dawned on these hair massacre experts when Gocchin began wearing hair extensions shortly after the ill advised cut as that couldn’t have been the original plan I would think.

And Manoeri gets another point for her artistic sighs, for their ability to get a lyricist out of a writer’s block situation where the right words just won’t come…….(insert “sigh”) songs completed! ^-^

Nocchi gets a another point for her Gatas jersey being #23 as that was Michael Jordan’s number! And it’s a good thing that they didn’t assign her #45 instead! 😛 Ouch!

Manoeri gets a point for her stylish ponytails as this style hasn’t been worn with this kind of impact since Aibon & Nono!!

When it comes to their smiles I give the point to Nocchi and all I think one must do is watch her radiance beam in her close ups in the pv for “Yattarouze!” Such a wonderful smile! 🙂

The point for visual presence goes to Manoeri no doubt!! Even in a group with so many great H!P members, Manoeri immediately stands out…she’s like a magnet, an Egg magnet…whatever that is!! 😛

A point goes to Nocchi for her dancing ability and this is really cutting it close….wait I’ll flip a coin….it’s heads! Nocchi wins!! “Heads” was hers right? 😛

When it comes to penmanship or more specifically their autographs….the point goes to Manoeri and even though Nocchi did draw a little chickie (see autograph in very first photo in post, top right corner) it’s Manoeri’s ultra cute Eggs that take first place…complete with faces and hearts!! ^o^ I do wonder if she’s ever perused through Kamei’s state of the art guide to “Being the first to leave autograph sessions EVERY time guaranteed” which surprisingly not too many members have read at this time. 😛

Okay so what have we learned so far…aside from Tsunku and his ranch back home?…they’re both adorable and talented but not much else as they seem to be still deadlocked in this imaginary head to head “competition” that seems to have leaped from my sometimes strange mind. 😛

Okay once again I’ll just flip for it……………….ah! where did it go?!………..I’ll let you know who won when I find the coin! “Heads” meant Nocchi right?……..or was it tails?…

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29 Responses to 「Featured post」Egg Fight!! Nocchi Vs. Manoeri (The significance of numbers, sighs, Michael Jordan, & farming)

  1. Mikey says:

    Both are darn cute! When I first started reading you, I had a heck of time figuring out what "egg" meant! 😛


  2. Yumi says:

    I absolutely adore Nocchi. Ever since the Tomoiki promo pictures came out in late 2005, she's been my favorite. I think one of the reasons why Nocchi is so natural in front of the camera is since she's been in the industry since 2002 (she did some junior idol work prior to joining the Eggs). And you also forgot Nocchi's quite unique ducky voice. <3Manoeri doesn't appeal to me for whatever reason. Just not my cup of tea, I guess


  3. Andra says:

    So cute! So many egg photos! I'm beginning to love those Yattarouze! costumes… They're really great. Expecially Nocchi's. I like her a lot, she's my favourite of these two, though for me Sawacchan is the best egg in Ongaku Gatas. She has a great voice and such cute dimples.
    That photo (scan 5) where Nocchi's smiling is great! She has such a pretty smile! I just think that Manoeri's smile is somehow funny… her mouth is like a square. o_O And Nocchi has bunny teeth. 🙂


  4. Hotaru says:

    I agree, the two are both so cute! I've always been more of a Nocchi fan, though!These are great photographs of the two 😀


  5. Hapichan says:

    XDD I'm a huge nocchi fan-> I must say she's my favorite out of the too, but Manoeri is super adorable too o___o XD Sorry though mano.. *pats her* Nocchi is still better xD Nocchi is great cause like-> she's so much fun to watch in front of the camera and on stage but at the same time she has this down-to-earth personality and seems like the kind of girl that would be fun to hang out with xD


  6. Mikey says:

    Have you heard of Orange Days?I'd interested to hear your thoughts on it. Peggy loves it!


  7. The "Egg" term can seem strange at first but they really come up with the best names I think!


  8. That's such a great description…'ducky' voice! ^-^ Ah I've never seen the members in Tomoiki…they just happened to come at a time when I was feeling a bit of H!P group/unit overload a bit and I wasn't sure if I would be able to handle another new unit…haha but since then I've gotten over it and the more the merrier! 🙂


  9. Ah another point for Manoeri! ^-^


  10. Ah those outfits are really cute and I agree that they look better with the skirts! Ah a point for Nocchi! ^-^ Sawacchan really does have the most defined dimples that I've ever seen!! Even with a partial smile they really show!! Next for me is Sengoku Minami…I hope she received more attention in the future too! 'Bunny teeth' is such a cute way to describe them and that earns her another bonus point!d Now that you mention the 'square' look of Manoeri's smile I'm really noticing it…it may be a bit odd but I still find it so cute!! 😛


  11. They really are so close in cuteness…haha I'm still searching for my imaginary coin…I may never be able to decide! 😛 Ah another point for Nocchi! ^_^


  12. I'm really beginning to notice that being a Nocchi fan, I'm not that alone like I thought! 🙂 I totally agree with your reasoning behind Nocchi's super appeal…her smile is so radiant and natural and every time that I see her it brightens my day that much more! ^_^ Ah another point for Nocchi!


  13. Rad♂ says:

    Can't help it. Mano stung me like e bee in the first Gatas PV and I haven't been the same since. Our fabulous photos do nothing less than pour kerosene on this fire. No offense to Nocchi, but … Manoeri is the bomb for now!


  14. Ah "Orange Days"!!…Saburo gave me this drama and I really enjoyed it!!! I thought is was a very touching drama with a lot of dynamic characters and really my continued appreciation of Shibasaki Kou since watching "Sekachuu…" (Toda Erika is a favorite too!) and with the theme song being performed by my favorite male band of all time Mr.Children…yes so much love!!! I have a post about Mr.Children here on VOX and the theme song for "Orange Days" ("Sign") is available to listen to. ^_^ In my overly biased but sincere lol! opinion….one of the greatest songs ever written (Sakurai Kazutoshi!!)


  15. Mikey says:

    How can I not love you? With your infectious enthusiasms? 🙂 You are making a whole rich reference library of great things to find and refer to! ♥I've gotten more serious with VOX keywords lately. It really helps me find things more quickly…I think you might like to meet Peggy on VOX. She was the first one to mention 1 Liter Tears PMB (pre-MB) to me, and now Orange Days! She is an exceptional person, like you. And a big Kleenex user too, I might add! 😛 She speaks Mandarin and Malay in addition to English, so I'm sure you could share a lot of insights with each other that non-fluent speakers don't normally get. 🙂


  16. paul.thomas says:

    I need to get me some photos of Manoeri, she's just too cute, seriously her smile, although it looks a little odd, has to be the essence of cuteness, she looks amazing when she smiles. But after Manoeri I'd have to saw it would have to be Sawachan, another amazing smile and cute face, it was perform in the last single that really got me.


  17. I totally love Nocchi! She's so professional, I guess because being an idol is really her dream, as she's been in the industry for quite a long time.Mano on the other hand… I used to love her just for being cute (how superficial of me XD). But after seeing more material of her (videos, songs, etc), most of the time it looks like she doesn't really know what to do. While watching her dancing, it's just like she memorized the dancesteps, without really feeling the dance. And yuck, her striking resemblance to old school Goto cannot be denied anymore x_x


  18. Samantha says:

    I vote Nocchi! 🙂 She is always at the top of her game, always giving 150%, whereas when I see Manoeri performing, she is cute, but I find myself immensely underwhelmed. Nocchi is just pure, idol power! She knows just what to do when she's performing (a cute little wink here without overdoing it, a leap into the air, great expressions– the H!P Newcomers DVD taught me a lot about the Eggs, but it definitely confirmed that Nocchi is the total MVP out of them all!)


  19. Ah Manoeri really did stand out in Ongaku Gatas' first pv and you could really feel how the producers were featuring her in the song. I just have a much more difficult time separating them…I find them so equal for some reason! 😛


  20. Paul I want to thank you again for getting so many photos and other great H!P merchandise for me!! I hope that you purchased some Manoeri for yourself too! Ah you're the second person to mention Sawachan as a favorite Egg here, and her cute dimples are just incredible!! After Nocchi and Manoeri my next favorite is Sengoku Minami, I even pre-ordered her Gatas t-shirt set along with Manoeri's. 🙂


  21. It makes it so fitting for her to be their leader and I'm so happy for her! If or should I say when she's outfitted into another group I do hope that it's a smaller sized one as I'd hate to see her overwhelmed with too many other members plus it would mean more screen time for her as well! 🙂 I love her in Ongaku Gatas as well and I hope that they continue on!! ^-^Ah poor Manoeri!! :O Hmmm…you're right she does have a resemblance to Gomaki when she was much younger.


  22. Wow I've always had this general consensus idea that Manoeri was by far the most popular Egg but I'm really beginning to learn that Nocchi has quite a large fan base too…and for such great reason!! ^-^ Whenever I watch the pv for "Yattarouze!" Nocchi's smile makes me smile so much!! She's so naturally charismatic in front of the camera and you're totally right about the way she carries herself and her effort level!! 🙂 Ah Nocchi suki!!


  23. Rad♂ says:

    Mano just has the verve; she reminds me more and more of a young Yossie.


  24. paul.thomas says:

    Stupidly I didn't get any Ongaku Gatas photos I only realised when I got home, lol I think my brain was just in overload…I can't think of any other excuse for not buying any Manoeri photos. Luckily I've managed to order some Ongaku Gatas photos off of Ohta, so I should have my first set soon.I think Nocchi would have to come in 3rd out of the Eggs for me.


  25. Mmmm….Yossi! Now when I watch her I'll have to keep that in mind and take note. 🙂


  26. Ah you adore Manoeri so much!!! I can't believe that you forgot to purchase some while in Japan! :O Then again a lot of that may have been my fault…asking you to run around shopping for me! 😛 Ah Ohta has so much H!P merchandise right now and it keeps growing with his subscriptions!! Did you order those "maid' outfits?! I tried ordering them but they were already sold out!! I've ordered a few Ongaku Gatas items recently but I'm so tempted by that make your own H!P photobook idea!! Ah!…3rd for Nocchi is pretty high!! 🙂 She's now officially my favorite H!P Egg! 🙂 Manoeri 2nd and Sengoku 3rd!


  27. strawberrie says:

    According to the H!P Offical Website, Manoeri is graduating Hello! Pro Egg and Ongaku Gatas to debut as a solo artist in H!P. Like THP, let's hope she is in wonderful hearts.


  28. Thank you for posting this most exciting news strawberrie!! You should have seen me at 5 am yesterday….I was like Eh?!!…and then…(^-^)


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