Battle Royale Hello! Project Style Part 3

The Northern region of the island, while void of beaches contains a much more treacherous terrain as it's primarily composed of hills and mountainous passages…Mikitty finally decides to start heading towards the center most area of the island as instructed…wherever that may be she ponders to herself. While on the flight over she had noticed how the Southern portion of the island was filled with vast beaches and greenery and she couldn't help but let it bother her as to why she was dropped off in the region with the worst landscape that the entire island had to offer. Surely the intention is to keep her from reaching the destination point first and the more these thoughts began to fill her mind…a slight rage began to fill her heart as well. With a slight sigh Mikitty slips the frying pan back into her backpack and begins her descent from the cliff that seems to travel as far as the eye can see along the island's Northern coast. While not her usual inspired self, Mikitty's seemingly pointless trek was more like a daze and just shy of 2 hours into her journey a familiar voice showered the mountainside just behind her… "I've been looking for you!" shouts Yossi as she hastily makes her way towards Mikitty. "I knew your drop off point wasn't too far away from mine and I couldn't tell where Konkon's drop sight was…so I've been heading in this direction all morning…I think that Sayu and Gakisan are nearby too"…Yossi, now slightly out of breath embraces Mikitty for a moment and then quickly reaches for her backpack and while opening it asks…"what'd they give you?" "a frying pan" replies Mikitty with a noticeable look of displeasure on her face. "you suppose I'm expected to cook something when I get there?" her words full of sarcasm. Yossi pauses for a moment…"look what they gave me" Mikitty's eyes instantly light up as the sight of the crossbow that Yossi is now holding before her seems almost surreal. And in noticing Mikitty's reaction, Yossi continues in a much firmer tone…"I don't think this is really a game…I don't think that's the intention at all" "How many arrows are there?" asks Mikitty…and it's only now that she realizes Yossi's serious tone. "Five" replies Yossi…"I've been traveling East all morning so the others probably have quite a head start on us so we need to hurry" "Us?" ask Mikitty slightly surprised. Without allowing Mikitty to continue Yossi quickly adds…"I think we need to help each other if we're going to make it through this…somethings just not right and UFA wouldn't create such a game would they?…I also heard something back there…it was the most awful scream in the far away distance"….and If I didn't know any better I'd say that it sounded like Takitty"

"Now surely even you must now understand what this is all about!" says Risako…now out of breath and down on one knee while wiping the blood off her newly acquired yo-yos. "Amazing aren't these they're made of steel!" "What have you done?!"…cries Momo…now fully in tears. "Just taking back what's mine" "Are they…" "They're just resting…we need to get going just as soon as I get my racquet back….figures that they'd give Ayaya something as silly as this" And while shaking her head Risako tosses the metal slinky off to the side. Momo edges slowly towards the slinky and the instant that Risako turns her back, she quickly picks it up and shoves it into her backpack. And nearly simultaneously and as if being able to hear her actions Risako glances back at Momo for a moment…pauses, and then asks in a calm voice "did Kamei say which way she was heading?"

To be continued by wu-san… 😛

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to Battle Royale Hello! Project Style Part 3

  1. mizunohi says:

    I expected Mikitty to be evil…but Risako is downright crazy! :O I really like this story so far, and I have been keeping it saved in a word doc. and edited a bit to make it more professional XD


  2. laura says:



  3. I'm so happy that you're enjoying this strange venture of ours! 🙂 wu-san really writes better than I do and isn't it funny reading a story written by two different people?!! 😛 This story has a "multiple personalty" complex!


  4. Hmmm….I'm following wu-san's lead there! At first I really wasn't sure what kind of personality Risakochan would have but after wu-san's part 2 there was no turning back…or is there?! 😛 The great thing about having the two of us write this one story is that it keeps me in suspense too as I haven't any idea which way he'll lead the story to next! Our writing styles are so different and I wonder what it's going to read like when it's all finished and compiled together.


  5. mizunohi says:

    You both bring something different to the story and it definetly makes it interesting to read 😛 It adds a kind of suspence because I don't know where wu-san will take your story, and vice vera!


  6. Wow wu-san already wrote the next part….so quickly!! And here I am…I took soooo long! 😛 Thank you mizunohi!


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