Hmmm…if a friend of yours was traveling to Japan and kindly offered to do some shopping for you what would you ask them to look for? For me of course it's H!P related!…and the list that I finally decided on after some last minute changes included Nocchi, Manoeri, and lots and lots of Rii!!!! While Egg merchandise turned out to be difficult to find there was no shortage of Rii!!!!…H!P's most adorable member was everywhere! Paul really did some heavy duty H!P shopping while in Japan and you can view his takaramono here!! He even received free H!P posters after spending a particular amount in some shops and 2 very cute shopping bags!

Paul not only visited the official H!P shops as he also ventured elsewhere finding H!P merchandise quite widespread. He was also very kind to map out the official H!P store locations in the Tokyo area just in case anyone is planning a trip to Japan and would like to do some H!P shopping of their own! His post can be found here and there's also some really great photos of the different shops that he visited! 🙂 Hmmm…as I was mentioning earlier Paul also visited numerous non H!P shops in the area and he found me this incredibly adorable Rii shirt!!

This shirt isn't an official UFA product as it's a custom design and Paul mentioned that it had caught his eye because he had seen Rii wearing it before in a photo that he came across one day while perusing the internet. I love how the artist drew Rii in place of printing her first name. 🙂 Hahah it's a really wrinkled as I haven't washed it yet!! 😛 Here's the print on the back of the shirt…

Paul also found a really cute Rii tumbler, a magnetic Rii calendar perfect for your refrigerator, and a nice strap accessory! 

The Rii tumbler is so cute!!!..but I'm so hesitant to use it and it probably will remain as a decorative item. But when shopping for H!P or any idol's merchandise the most abundant product that you're likely to find are the photos and Paul found me soooo many Rii photos!!! 

All of the photos are 3 1/2 x 5 except for the 2 on the far left which are 4 x 6 (the first H!P photos of this size that I've seen) and the single photo in the frame is a 5 x 7 print. The photos cover a good deal of Rii's recent looks and I especially like the photos where she's dressed in her Greek goddess outfit from Berryz Koubou's "Tsukiatteru no ni kataomoi" pv. Part of the charm of this outfit are her gladiator style leggings and although they aren't visible in these photos her top is equally as cute! Rii is known for her sometimes curious facial expressions and a couple can be seen here….but my favorite is her half pout look. 🙂

Rii's 3rd shashinshuu is currently on its way to Hawaii along with Maimichan's 2nd pb and will hopefully arrive in a couple of days. In the meantime Saburo was kind to send me some preview scans as someone has already gotten theirs! It was just released today in Japan…that was quick!! 


Okay this photo has now taken over my cell phone's wallpaper! Rii has such beautiful facial features and I hope that she can continue in the entertainment industry in the future and maybe even become an actress if she so chooses to.



Every time that I see Rii with a tennis racquet it makes me wonder why UFA didn't pursue the idea that the cover of BK's "Munasawagi Scarlet" portrayed. Rii plays tennis and it would have been so perfect!




I love Rii's simple mizugi styles and the one on the left reminds me of one that Kohachan would wear too!


The next 3 photo collages are from Rii's making of DVD which is included with her new shashinshuu. But there's more as Rii will also be getting a special limited edition making of DVD!!! The details on ordering can be found here at Paul's Hello!Blog! Thank you Paul!! You always find out about these special releases!!

There's something about the shape of her nose…it's the most adorable in the whole world! And a random thought just came to me…Nakki has beautiful large teeth! 😛 You must now find a photo of her smiling! 

Rii's just sooo adorable and I think the "adorable" authorities will be looking for me soon for overuse of the word in a single post! 😛

I'm sorry that this post may seem never ending!!…and lastly for today are scans of all of the Rii photos that Paul sent to me from Japan before returning home to the U.K. 🙂

You'll have to imagine her gladiator style leggings as this is my favorite Rii outfit above!

There's something about her expression here that makes me smile! :) 

And this one above is just too cute!! Peace!!

Now this is adorable!! 

Rii always looks cute…hair up or down and a kimono always adds a nice elegance. 

Rii's fighting pose!!

Peace!! Peace!!

Kawaii deshou!!! 

For cold Winter nights! 

I'm imagining Rii singing Ayaya's "Yeah Meccha Holiday"!!

Rii for the environment! 🙂 Haha I love her expression here!! 

The Rii Winter clothing line has arrived! Hmmm…actually I haven't any idea what these Winter themed photos are promoting…cozy! 

Shining shining Rii!!! Kireina kimono desune!!

I love her cute and somewhat odd signature and Rii has become much more artistic recently.

This one's an older Christmas message shashin but her signature's still cutely odd! 🙂

Okay if you're actually still scrolling down this is the last Rii photo for today and the end of this nagai nagai post! 😛  

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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40 Responses to 菅谷!!菅谷!!菅谷!!!

  1. Mikey says:

    Adorable lil' Aries, isn't she? Sure she's not a niece of yours, or something?? 🙂


  2. Mikey says:

    Info on Yuna's upcoming CD/DVD Wish! 🙂


  3. Zush says:



  4. Zush says:

    heh he, just realiased that first two stand for Sugaya of course.. but what about those last ones?


  5. strawberrie says:

    Risako's voice I have always found strange yet sometimes I enjoy the sound of her voice, just depends on the song. She has blossom throught her years during H!P. I remember seeing her audition video and her arm was broken I believe.


  6. wu-san says:

    so much Risako! and that custom shirt is uber-cool, really like the character design too.
    ah, good old Paul Thomas 😛
    that Kimono in one of the pics is a real work of art!


  7. I hope you had a chance to order it! 🙂


  8. It says "Sugaya gakuen" 'by a student'…but the kanji character after "gaku" is written in Edomoji style so it's quite hard to make out…ah I hope that's correct. I love this shirt so much and Paul was really kind to get it for me!! That drawing of her is too cute!!I hope that your copy arrives soon! I'm not sure if I'll be home in time to sign for it tomorrow but sometimes they leave it for me anyway. 🙂


  9. I'm sorry "gakuen" means school…but that last character is quite hard to make out…I have a really difficult time trying to read fancy brush strokes. I hope that's correct!


  10. Rii does sound a bit awkward sometimes but I think it just makes her even more adorable! 🙂 And she always gives it her all too…I love listening to her earlier concert performances and in particular when they perform "Bye Bye mata ne" you can really hear her almost overpower the others during some of the chorus parts!!


  11. Yesterday was Rii day!! But there can never be too much Rii can there?! When her shashinshuu arrives it'll be Rii day again! 😛 I just love the shirt and the character drawing of her is the cutest isn't it!! I'm almost afraid to wear it as I don't want it to ever wear. The design and colors of her kimono are so radiant and beautiful!! Hers must be so expensive!! 🙂


  12. Mikey says:

    I will be ordering it soon! So cool to support Yuna!I think you will like this 12 Girls Band performance of No Word :)Taking off from work shortly (sneaking out early)! 🙂


  13. wu-san says:

    Ah, I easily fall in love with decrotive Kimonos sooo easily. If I was rich, maybe I'd collect them, although I wouldn't know what to do with them apart from put them on display, and even they, they deserve to be worn. A big dream of mine is to celebrate the Hanabi festival with someone special. And If I saw Risako in that Kimono, I think I'd faint. She'd wonder what that noise hitting the ground was.
    I'd have to wear the t-shirt, even though I'd be scared to wear it down like you said. Maybe I'd use it for casual things, like sitting at computer lol.


  14. mizunohi says:

    …..my first reaction to this post was "oh, god you're going to turn me into a Risako fan! >.>" …..and its starting to work :O I may have to eat many of my earlier words. She looks -cute- (not scaryish) in her new PB previews, so I'm going to look at it with an open mind. The pictures….are….cute…. :O I really can't believe I'm typing this…….but whenever she's -not trying WAY too hard- she looks…cute..and normal….I'm sure she will never be in my top 5 fav. members (but I said that about Kussun too….and she's now #3)…. she may crack the top 10 if she continues like this…. well…if I end up liking her new PB she's going to crack the top 20…… You've warped my brain!!!! 😛
    ~~I must say though, she is definetly improving with age…I don't know WHAT I'll think of her in 2-3 years….


  15. paul.thomas says:

    Risako scares me, no one her age should look that good in a bikini…or just in general. I still need to get her previous PBs, but I'll def be starting with this one.I've had a look for that photo, but I can't find it anywhere…didi I dream it lol? No I must of seen it otherwise I wouldn't have recognised the t-shirt, I'll keep hunting, if I find it I'll let you know.


  16. Zush says:



  17. My mom has a kimono but sadly the previous owner had stored it with moth balls and that smell!!!…just won't leave!! The obi alone is really beautiful but you really have to know the correct way of wearing it…the folding seems intricate…haha at least to me! The hanabi Summer festivals always look like so much fun and you could wear one too! Don't worry..if you fell down I know that she'd help get you back up! :)…but then you may fall again! 😛 The shirt's kind of large for me but I'd really love to wear it! It's so unique though and I wouldn't want it to fade or wear….so what to do?


  18. Ah I'm so happy to hear that Rii is winning you over gradually!! 🙂 Haha I didn't mean to 'warp' your brain :P…and I really would like for her to have more fans!! 🙂 I'm so happy that it's working!! I think I know what you mean about a casual Rii being even more adorable and this is a new thought for me! I'm now petitioning for Rii for your top 20! 😛


  19. Thank you so much for searching for the photo and I hope that you find it! 🙂 It couldn't have been a dream could it?! I'm so happy to hear that you'll be supporting Rii by getting her shashinshuu's!


  20. mizunohi says:

    I think warp is not the best word, but i'm overtired this week so I couldn't think of anything better DX I think most H!P members are more loveable backstage, they don't show enough of their personalities onstage D: Tomorrow I should have Risako's new PB…and then we shall see if she's (worthy) of my top 20! I think she has made it onto the top 5 kids for me now (mostly because of your influence :P)…she's tied at 5th spot with airi and maimi for now 🙂


  21. Ah "Ring3" arrived yesterday too!! But it was quite late and I still haven't had the time to open it yet! I may be out tonight so it may have to wait until tomorrow. Are you planning on ordering her limited edition extended making of DVD too? It's not being released until the end of March but I'm not sure how limited "limited" means.


  22. You're so right and watching the bonus footage that comes with H!P concerts always has some of the cutest backstage footage! They really are being their individual selves as they're not being held to a stage script. 🙂 I love when they play to the stationary camera! 🙂 Ah! did you order Risakochan's pb?! I'm guessing here by what you wrote and that would be really overwhelming and wonderful!! Okay repeat after me…"Rii's in my H!P top 20"….okay now I'm definitely being warped!! 😛 Gomen!


  23. mizunohi says:

    Sadly, I didn't (mostly due to being completely broke right now D:) but it's on my list of PB's to find at my local Bookoff. (You should see the looks I get from looking through the PB's considering I'm a 16-year old girl and they have a lot of H!P ones mixed in with…. very inapropriate ones….DX) I'm currently anxiousally waiting for scans and hoping the PB won't sell out for now D:
    Just for you: Risako is in my H!P top 20. 😛 (she's actually pushing 16th spot!)


  24. Namida says:

    [זה מעולה]


  25. Zush says:



  26. Ah I'm so sorry for assuming! 😛 I didn't know that 'bookoff' was such a common term as we have one here too in a Japanese department store. When they first opened they used to have so many shashinshuu's but now they're all gone….mostly manga now. It's strange that they would mix every thing together like that! :O Management should really keep them separated I think. You've just made me smile so much!! 😀 Rii's now in your H!P top 20!!


  27. Thank you for confirming my uncertainty with the last character and it's funny silly me thought that since the writing was extremely thick that it resembled "edomoji"….hmmm…my kanji program calls a particular type of writing this and I just thought that it may be the same style. :P!! (goes to hide!)


  28. mizunohi says:

    My local bookoff has a really good balance of books, manga, magazines, music, DVD's and shashinshuus XD The first time I walked in I was so amazed 😛 They just…don't organize anything….so it's very confusing XD I agree that they should keep the different shashinshuus seperate…I missed a bunch of H!P ones when I looked at first because I didn't want to pull out the wrong one.. DX
    Don't be sorry for assuming! I really wanted to order it…D: I got the scans last night and I really loved it! It's definetly one of my favourite shashinshuus! 😀 H!P has been producing some wonderful shashinshuus recently!
    I made some cookies in Risako's honour! ~~ They were very good 😛


  29. I'm happy to hear that you're ordering it too! I haven't watched Miya's special making of DVD and 48 minutes is incredibly long for a making of edition! I was wondering if the DVD casing had a cover as my Kohachan one doesn't although the DVD itself is picture labeled nicely.


  30. Your local Bookoff must be so much larger than the one that we have here!! Hmmm..they're really cut back on some items here and most notably are the lack of shashinshuu's. It must be amazing looking through everything but they really should organize their merchandise better! I wish I could scan my books but I'm so afraid of damaging their spines in the process! 😛 Ah you're really a Risakochan fan!! And cookies too?!! 🙂


  31. Zush says:

    Miya's DVD does not have front cover but you never know what's the case with this new Risako's one.
    Miya's Making DVD Special Edition


  32. The first time that I saw this font in my Kanji program I was thinking…how do you read that?!! I'd type out a phrase and then have it appear in all of the different styles that my program has (it's just a few though!) and compare them. I just remember not being able to make out some of the edomoji characters….they're so different from the standard writing styles! You continue to impress me so much!!! You know all of the terms of brush strokes!! I love that 'sumo moji' is thick!! 😛 I haven't seen most of these styles before and it's amazing that they're so many! I'd love to try writing with a brush one day….but I'm afraid it may be a waste of good ink!! 😛


  33. I'm guessing that these releases just aren't meant to have covers and it's probably due to the picture labeled disc. But yes what's more important is how much fun they are to watch!


  34. mizunohi says:

    It's not that the store is very large….it's just completely crammed full of everything XD There's barely room to walk through the shelves!
    I love a chance to bake cookies because 1. they're the only thing I'm really good at… and 2. I love cookies… XD Celebratory cookies seemed appropirate since she rose about 18 spots in the span of 3 days 😛


  35. Namida says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  36. Mikey says:

    We used to have an Asahiya Book Store here in San Diego. Alas, it seems to be no more… 😦 I bought some of my first J-pop and DVD there! Very nice people worked there. (Dressed like "office ladies"? I've heard that San Diego State University Book Store has a large Japanese book selection. have to check them out. It's not too far from where I live…


  37. I think if I were to be set loose in your Bookoff I'd be in there for hours!! 😛 Sometimes you find amazing things when you keep searching! 🙂 18 spots in 3 days must be a H!P record!!! (^o^) Somewhere Rii is smiling! I think I can only bake fish… :P….I would probably ruin cookies!


  38. I'd love to have a cup like that one too!! It's amazing that we're just talking about edomoji and here you are really surrounded by it in your home. 🙂 Thank you for explaining that as I was really under the impression that edomoji was always written with thick brush strokes. I still find it really amusing that there's a style called sumomoji! 😛 I really would like to purchase a calligraphy guide so that I can see all of the styles…a local bookstore here may have one I think. Even though it'd be very poor one day I'd like to try writing with a brush…I just wouldn't show anyone!


  39. It's so great to know that there are some nice resources in the mainland too and hopefully the bookstore has a good selection for you to look through. I really need a larger kanji guide and that's what I'll be purchasing next.


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