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CdJapan order and a song for you.

Today’s Cdjapan order I'm so behind on listening to/watching releases right now and a few more arrived today from Cdjapan. Just today I was listening to Buono!'s "Renai Rider" single and watching their new pv and had intended on writing … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」ブラビ と ビビアン スー

In late ’97 a flash of J-Pop goodness appeared on Japan’s horizon in the form of a most unlikely group of members…in a time when “idol” groups were just about to break free from their brief hiatus of unpopularity there … Continue reading

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Athena & Robikerottsu “Seishun! Love Lunch”…plushy food and there’s something about Nakki…

Athena & Robikerottsu "Seishun! LOVE LUNCH" LE CD My copy of Gakisan's anime inspired unit's second release arrived late last week and I just watched it today. I chose the limited edition since it comes with an extra DVD but … Continue reading

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H!P Egg roll call…in the year 2011…mmm..2012…well sometime in the future.

Single V "Ganbacchae!"/ "Hey! Mirai" Recently whenever I watch the pv for "Ganbacchae!" I'm always so amazed at how little the then future members of Berryz Koubou & C-ute are in this pv…and how much they've grown in such a … Continue reading

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In the mood for ramen…Nacchi & Maimichan style!!

Abe Natsumi & Yajima Maimi "16sai no koinante" PV DVD single I know that I'm probably the last person to watch this pv as I've been fighting the temptation to watch it online for weeks now as I've been waiting … Continue reading

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「Featured post」Egg Fight!! Nocchi Vs. Manoeri (The significance of numbers, sighs, Michael Jordan, & farming)

Manoeri Vs. Nocchi (UFA photographs) While I have a feeling that the H!P fan consensus would likely have Manoeri as the undisputed most popular Egg, for me personally it’s not quite that simple as ever since the debut of Ongaku … Continue reading

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Arashi “Step and Go”

Arashi "Step and Go" (LE & RE) & Ito Yuna "Wish" (LE) While yesterday was yet another Vista nightmare day for me, the arrival of Arashi's latest single "Step and Go" actually made me forget all about Vista for awhile…and … Continue reading

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Vista’s wrath?

Okay just about every thing about the new laptop is great…it runs much faster for one!…does pretty much every thing that I want it to…but with that does come a price as my printer/scanner has been declared incompatible with Vista … Continue reading

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The unbearable “lightness” of being…

Mikitty …Mikitty. I'm sure that much has already been expressed about the return of Mikitty to recording and actually when I first heard this from Saburo 2 days ago…a friend who always is in the loop of the latest news … Continue reading

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The truth about “Dino”saurs…

If you thought that you're computer was slow…wait unitl you see my old one! The reason that I haven't been online for the most of the last 2 days is due to a strange occurrence that happened either late Tuesday … Continue reading

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