HM@1/20/08-”The one with Domino’s Pizza, AzuMAX’s seafood theory, & Kamei’s last second field goal!”

Today's episode features the "Viking" (buffet) game format and special guest AzuMAX doesn't waste any time in trying to impress Momusu members Gakisan, Kamei, Reinachan, & Aichan as he introduces himself as being "okanemochi" (rich!! 😀 ) and after a bit of playful bragging by MAXsan Reinachan quickly suggests that they should just give up already! :O And to that MAXsan continues his playfulness as he declares the set to be quite warm and then proceeds to use a wad of cash as a handkerchief!

This lunch time challenge involves the quest for equal portions for each member & guest and the safe zone is quite a small window as there's only a 10 gram allowance that a player can be over or under the target weight! In the example given, if the meal is a total of 500 grams each of the 5 players must then serve themselves an amount as close to 100 grams as possible while staying within that little 10 over/ 10 under gram window of allowance. And to make matters even more challenging at least 3 out of the 5 of them must be within that safe zone in order to win the game! After a quick drawing everyone's position at the table is set and it's time for the challenge to begin. Ah this is quite amusing as Cabbage Man delivers today's featured lunch which is from Domino's Pizza and it's no ordinary pizza as it features 4 different themed toppings which are divided into four equally dimensioned sections over the pizza's surface. First we have the prime seafood portion which features shrimp & squid, then the "mayojaga" portion with potatoes, the mayotsuna which is a blend of corn and tuna, and lastly but definitely the most cutely named portion which is a combination of chicken teriyaki & broccoli which the Japanese adorably refer to as "chikiteri." 🙂 Heheh just the sound of it makes me smile! This pizza is so special that one probably won't find it on their menu as it's a HM original made special just for the show!

With a total of 5 of them sharing a single pizza which is divided into four sections of different toppings they begin to ponder what an equal portion would amount to and how the various types of toppings would affect the overall weight of a 1/5 sized slice. For example one topping may not be equivalent in weight to anothers' and this creates quite the dilemma. Aichan is first and she notes how the corn portion of the pizza appeals to her and proceeds to cut a slice that appears to be about 3/4ths of a quarter of the pizza.

Next up is Reinachan and as anyone familiar with her will know…Reinachan is very fond of "niku" (meat) and she doesn't take long to decide on the "chikiteri" portion! As AzuMAX begins to note a visible pattern that the pizza has, Aichan's off beat comment on his very observant remark has even the little King slightly scolding her as he notes that that's what everyone's been trying to analyze the whole time so far! 😛 As the conversation continues it's funny to note how Reinachan has no intention of cutting herself a piece that doesn't appeal to her even if it means a better chance of winning the game as the yet untouched seafood section which borders the chikiteri section comes into question…to which she states clearly her "anmari" ("extreme") dislike of seafood!! Ah this is so great as special guest AzuMAX actually begins to plead very politely asking Reinachan to consider cutting herself part of the seafood portion despite her extreme dislike of seafoods! But the real question as the shows' announcer proposes is whether his intentions are "kichi" ("good; lucky") or "kyou" ("of ill fortune")!! :O I'm just wondering if he also dislikes seafood and wanted to be sure that the chikiteri and corn portion is still available when his turn arrives next! 😛 Ah Reinachan graciously agrees to his plea and ends up slicing herself a piece which is about 3/4ths chikiteri and 1/4th seafood. 🙂 Okay his intentions weren't treacherous as he serves himself a portion which includes both seafood and potato sections. 🙂 The 2 remaining sections include one that is a half seafood & potato and the other which is about 2/3rds chikiteri and 1/3rd corn and Gakisan and Kamei choose these 2 last portions respectfully.

With the entire pizza now hopefully evenly divided amongst them the whole pizza is revealed to be 1300 grams which makes an exact even portion 260 grams…their target number! Their safe zone is now between 250 and 270 grams and Aichan is first to challenge the scale! She has the cutest praying stance as she awaits her results….ah! her portion totals only 230 grams and Aichan is out of the game! 😦 Next up is Reinachan as she lets out a scream of disappointment as the scale reveals her portion to be way over weighing in at 315 grams! :O  AzuMAX now considers if perhaps the seafood may have taken its toll on her portion pushing it over the edge…haha Reinachan can't be too pleased with that! Reinachan admits her weakness as MAXsan pleaded with her "onegai" ("please"). Aichan optimistically points out that 3 players still remain so the game is not lost yet! 😀

Now it's AzuMAX's moment of truth as both Aichan & Reinachan can be seen praying for his success!…'s high fives all around as MAXsan's slice weighs in at 265 grams!!! Almost perfect!!! And now can Gakisan keep their hopes alive and follow in the success of AzuMAX?! A nervous looking Gakisan looks on as the scale reveal her slice to be….Ah way under the target weight as it weighs in at only 244 grams. 😦 And Kamei is also unlucky as her portion is also too light weighing in at 246 grams. 😦 Haha the joy that had filled the room just minutes ago is now gone and the finger pointing has begun as all four Momusu members begin their verbal assault on MAXsan!! :O His seafood…uh…plan has come back to haunt them all!! Reinachan lead the way as she analyzes the seafood portion and how it became their undoing while Gakisan points out how they didn't need to include it. lol! And to make her point clear Reinachan returns to the scale with a re-portioned section and….it clears! :O Hahah I guess AzuMAX is to blame after all!!! Poor guy! With his…uh "back" to the wall MAXsan fires back that each of them cut their own portions themselves despite his earlier analysis! 😛 Hahah I don't think I've ever witnessed such despair due to a denial of pizza before and really when most games go bad there's just a little bit of disappointment which soon goes away but not in this case as poor MAXsan is in quite a fix with no way out! :O

But wait there's more as the next course arrives and this one truly brings the visual of "Viking" to mind as it's beautifully displayed in a wooden ship dish! It's a seafood delight…oh no Reinachan! :O…and this one's quite pricey as it's cost is revealed to be 26,250 yen!! (which would roughly translate into approximately $250!!) And this display is rightly named after a meal presented to fuedal lords of the Edo period ("Daimyo") as it's presentation is quite breath taking!!! The meal is enjoyed with nori and rice which have also been included and this time the order is reversed as Kamei is set to go first. With a grand assortment of seafood to choose from Kamei quickly chooses her favorites then on to Gakisan as each are allotted 2 sets of choices! Seems that every time a guest appears…drama unfolds and AzuMAX who's already no stranger to drama…with his seafood debacle just occurring moments before finds himself resorting to "haropro" team work and his declaration as one of them!…to gain the favor of his fellow team mates when his choices were once again set to affect Reinachan! Haha "Tsunku Family" indeed! 🙂 Reinachan is next and she shows her unique way of wrapping the rice in between 2 flat sheets of nori and in the process creates a layered presentation! Wow Aichan surely loves rice!!!…as she proceeds to pile it onto her nori sheet generously!

With everyones portions now set the total weight of this "Viking" dish is revealed to be 1200 grams, making the target number 240 grams for each of them. While the pizza proved to be a difficult task to figure out this seafood dish looks to be an even more difficult one to gauge! The safe zone is still 10 grams above and below the target weight making it between 230 and 250 grams. Once again 3 on target portions are needed for the team's success and first up is Kamei who's portion weighs in at 250 grams putting her just on the edge of success!!! 🙂 Ah!…Gakisan once again has her portion come up to light as hers weighs in at only 214 grams. 😦 Reinachan falls short too as her portion weighs in close to Gakisan's at only 217 grams. 😦 Haha can all of that rice that Aichan took make up for the target weight?!! Aichan's estimation is nearly perfect as her portion weighs in at 246 grams!! And I thought she may have taken too much rice proving that she has a much better eye than I do!! 😛 Ah! last game's almost hero..but then turned villain fails to follow up his success as he is over with his portion weighing in at 273 grams! 😦 Hahah Gakisan is losing it while AzuMAX has a momentary meltdown of sorts!…as he realizes that all is now lost as no one will be enjoying any of this wonderful food today. 😦 But wait….

….there's another course to possibly be had! It's dessert! H!M without dessert…just can't imagine it! Cabbage Guy presents a dessert platter which contains an assortment of melon, strawberries, pineapple, orange, kiwi, and various little cake sweets! The fruits look great but personally I'm not a fan of the cake sweets presented here as I rarely eat bakery type sweets…hmmm…it would be never if it weren't for birthdays as that's the only time that I have cake…and just a little piece! Haha after seeing how donuts were made I never ate them again and that was many years ago!!

Ah it's their last chance to eat on today's show and it all comes down to dessert! Aichan is first and with the careful guidance of her fellow team mates she chooses 5 tiny cakes and a nice assortment of fruits. Reinachan also chooses 5 mini cakes and a small assortment of fruits. Hahah it's a good thing that I'm not there or I'd be taking all of the fruits and pleading with them all to eat the little cakes! 😛 AzuMAX takes an interesting approach as he chooses an entire wedge of pineapple, one tiny cake, and a really small sliver of strawberry! :O Aichan insists that the pineapple is already too heavy…hmm his plate looks a bit bare though! Gakisan's choices include 4 tiny cakes and a nice portion of fruits. 🙂 With the other's approval Kamei takes the rest of the mini cakes and has a total of six along with a tiny portion of fruits.

The final moment of truth has now arrived and with the rewards on H!M episodes usually being an assortment of sweets this episode may still be able to pull through and appear as a normal episode! The dessert platters contents are revealed to weigh a total of 980 grams, making their target number 196 grams per player. The safe zone now stands between 186 and 206 grams…will anyone eat today?! With the magical number remaining at 3 successful weigh ins for victory, Aichan is first to challenge the scale with her portion. Ahhh hers looks so close but it weighs in at 219 grams putting her total over the limit. 😦 Wow Reinachan gets hers right on the edge of success weighing in at 206 grams!! Hahah the phrase of "on line" becomes popular as Reinachan has done just that! 😀 Heheh can AzuMAX's giant piece of pineapple really weight the right amount?….ah I'm not surprised as it only weighs in at 156 grams! What was he thinking?!! :O Now the pressure is mounting as both Gakisan & Kamei must get their portions right! Gakisan watches nervously and her portion is nearly perfect!!! She's only 1 gram off of the exact target number as her portion weighs in at 195 grams! 😀

Hahah Kamei is now like the kicker on a football team with 2 seconds left in the fourth quarter down by one! :O Luckily Cabbage Guy doesn't ice her as he pauses only for a moment as Kamei sighs a cute "onegai!" ("please!") and with the raise of the curtain….she hits inside of the safe zone at 204 grams total!!! 😀 Ah I didn't notice that Kamei was wearing a tail to go along with her adorable animal ears until just now as she's celebrating the win while bouncing in joy! 🙂 And now the moment they've been hoping for all episode long….gohoubi time!

Next week's episode looks to have some pretty strange talents on display as well as a larger part of the group on hand…hopefully it'll be everyone! I'm also really looking forward to the new "Bericu" program!! Ah I wonder what kind of format they'll be using and whether or not the show will feature a host…hmmm…how about Yukosan! Tanoshimi desune! 🙂


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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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32 Responses to HM@1/20/08-”The one with Domino’s Pizza, AzuMAX’s seafood theory, & Kamei’s last second field goal!”

  1. denadel says:

    Hey, Morningberryz. I would like to ask you a question, but it is not regarding to this post. May i ask it here anyway?


  2. momo says:

    try using vox's private messaging, I think it would be better that way:


  3. They come up with some pretty interesting games don't they?
    heh -I like Dominos pizz, but NO ANCHOVIES (or squid) for me!!!
    Make mine extra pepperoni & cheese only please!


  4. pizza.
    (-how did that happen???)


  5. Hotaru says:

    Ah! This episode reminded me of last year over my summer break! I made 'asian inspired' pizza with my boyfriend and our friend. We looked at the Japanese Pizza Hut website online and saw that they had crust with hotdogs in it! Intrigued, we decided to make a pizza from scratch with hotdogs in it XD. It wasn't bad, actually…Ah, I wish I could say the same about not eating bakery-sweets. I have a bakery within walking distance from my house…needless to say, I'm often in the mood for some chocolate XDThis episode was fun! I like seeing how American-like food is made in Japan 😀


  6. wu-san says:

    the two episodes I downloaded in Jan had the audio all off, so couldn't watch them…I still need to catch up :S
    Anyway, this episode sounds like a fun one, and It's great to see AzuMAX back with Momusu and causing trouble XD. So he still waves about his money eh? 😛
    Ah, Reina and her savoury tastes, much like myself actually lol. Don't really eat sweet things.
    food making me hungry :S


  7. I received your private message denadel. Please give me a little time to research and respond to you. 🙂


  8. The Japanese are so inventive when it comes to t.v. games or any games for that matter! Some can be quite wacky at times but it's always in good fun. Imagine the idea of having to slice a piece within 20 grams of a fifth of the total weight in order to get to eat! :O I think I would end up starving!! 😛 Hmmm…pizza….I rarely eat pizza but if I did I would like spinach, onions, and mushrooms! 🙂 Sometimes me and cheese don't really get along though. DK I'm so sorry that I haven't had the time to visit your site recently but I'll be sure to catch up on your posts tomorrow.


  9. Ah Hotaru you're so lucky to be able to eat pizza…well I can eat it but the cheese doesn't always agree with me! I've never thought of looking up a pizza menu in Japan before and that sounds like a fun idea! Hmmm…hot dogs in the crust…that's very different….here we only have cheese. Ah it's okay to indulge once in awhile! 🙂 I don't really know why and most of my friends think I'm strange because I don't like bakery sweets at all. I once told a friend that if I were told that I couldn't eat chocolate for the rest of my life I'd be okay with that. 😛


  10. Ah silent HM@ cant' be a good thing! Or did you mean that the sound didn't match the picture? 😛 AzuMAX really made this episode a lot of fun to watch as his personality is so playful! 🙂 Yes his money did make a special appearance too! Are you like me when it comes to sweets? I never eat them unless it's someones birthday….and I've actually still not eaten them on some of those occasions…I feel really bad about that. They somehow just don't make me happy like they should I guess. Reinachan really does has strong particular tastes when it comes to food. I was shocked to hear that she really dislikes seafood! :O I believe that this came up before though but I just can't seem to remember when.


  11. Mikey says:

    Dr. to patient Morningberryz: "No, you don't have an incurable brain disease. However, you can never eat chocolate again." – 1 Liter of No Tears


  12. I like supreme pizzas: Sausage, pepperoni, onions, peppers, black olives, and a few mushrooms, but typically I'm happy with just Pepperoni and cheese.
    Hey, no biggie! -we all have things to do. -Stop over whenever you can, k?


  13. Hotaru says:

    haha, most of the pizza places that are available around me don't agree with me all too well either…I suppose because pizza is usually my Friday diet (for dinner), I eat it anyway >_<


  14. wu-san says:

    Yep the audio didn't match the video sadly. Did AzuMAX have that gold bar with him, I remember Erika (Biyuuden) making a little stir about that on the kindergarden games segment on one of the past HMs.
    Sometimes I do get the odd craving for something with chocolate, but yep, other than that it just doesn't satisfy me. I'd rather have a big meat sandwich rather than a cake. So we think the same on that front. I dont know, sometimes sweet things are just too sickly. Ah I think someone will understand if you're at a special occasion, say a birthday and you dont want any cake. In fact they should be happy because there's more for everyone else 😛 It shocks me too that Reina is not a huge seafood fan! I never knew this. Now I'll have to look out for what she eats on past HMs etc.


  15. I now understand what this means! I'm about half way through the drama so far and there were tears and a stuffy nose last night. Gosh I can't even remember the last time that I ate chocolate!! I may have already taken an oath to never eat it again! 😛


  16. Mmmmm…make mine vegetarian! 🙂 Haha yours would look nicer than mines though! 🙂


  17. So lucky…you must have had pizza last night! I guess if I asked them to make my pizza without cheese it wouldn't be pizza anymore… 😛 And then it would be me the odd one ordering a sandwich without any bread….now I'm kidding!! I love bread, preferably wheat. 🙂


  18. Mikey says:

    Just hearing the music makes me want to tear up still… I got the OST and I just got a file sharing account, so…No Chocolate on sensei's orders!! (That would be really cruel for me, as I ADORE chocolat!) And Las Vegas has some excellent stuff Ethel M's!I was just watching History Channel show about Milk (believe it or not) and it said 70% of the worlds people are lactose intolerant! So, you aren't alone, for sure!


  19. I hope that you can find a better version to watch. Otherwise wouldn't it be like watching a really badly dubbed kung fu movie? 😛 'You promised your father no more fighting!…here sit down have some tea…" Haha don't mind me..that was sad I know! 😛 AzuMAX just used his wad of cash this time!…..he's so funny! Ah I always feel bad whenever I try not to eat cake at someone's birthday…really that makes me look bad doesn't it?! I should eat for their good luck and happy birthday wish. If it's not a chocolate cake it's easier for me. Reinachan is possibly H!P's most fussy eater….sorry I'm trying to think of a better word to describe it…..particular eater….does that even make sense? 😛 With all of Japan's exquisite seafood it's hard to imagine her not being fond of seafood. I'm a bit selective when it comes to seafood though……I love sashimi, poki, tako, …but I can't bring myself to eat shrimp, crab, and even oysters are kind of disturbing to me! 😛 It's so wonderful that on some of these HM@ episodes where there's food involved (almost always haha!) you really can learn about particular member's personal tastes. Reinachan so adorable! 🙂


  20. Vegetarian it is!
    Ummm, you're gonna have to eat it yourself 'tho…


  21. wu-san says:

    haha, yes that's exactly it, a really badly dubbed kung-fu movie 🙂
    now that you put such an honourable spin on eating birthday cake at someone elses birthday, I feel quite bad for all the cake I didn't munch on :S
    I guess Reina being fussy eater doesn't suprise me too much heheh, but with seafood it does! like you said, it's a little odd in the context of her being brought up around japanese cuisine, which can be very sea orientated. aww but shrimp and crab is soo nice. oysters just look terrifying though. I think that'd be a fear of mine, being chased down the street by a giant oyster. *shudders*


  22. I'm yet to meet a single person that doesn't like chocolate. This may be proof that I am an alien! 😛 That's an alarmingly high percentage of people who are lactose intolerant! But I can't even drink soy milk either….to begin with some friends thought that it was gross that I was even considering having it with cereal! But eating cereal dry is really sad so I had to try…but no luck! But it gets even stranger…I can eat soybeans & tofu….mysterious isn't it?!!


  23. Mikey says:

    Maybe your soy milk aversion is some repressed reaction to dairy products in general? If it tastes (more or less) like milk, perhaps that is enough to produce a negative reaction for you? Cream of Wheat is pretty good even without milk, I find. I'm gonna' ask E.T. if you really are an alien. He'd be in a position to know! 🙂 Klaatu barada nikto!More Chocolat pour moi!! 😉


  24. Hmmm..I've just been brought up to believe that the cake is an important part of the celebration…really difficult when you don't like cake though!! 😛 Don't think of me badly but it's really kind of like being given a batsu drink. 😛 It's not technically bad tasting….maybe just for me. Don't feel bad…I'm much worse! 😛 This is me…."I'll have a really really little slice….no the smaller one." 😛 Hahha a 'giant oyster!' :O I think I'd run from even a little one…what's the oyster doing chasing people?!! 😛 Seafood is such a staple of the Japanese diet and it's really surprising that Reinachan doesn't favor it. But I can't criticize for a moment though as my diet can be strange too. 😛 I've just never liked shrimp or crab….and I always see commercials advertising them wonderfully…and I'm the only one here thinking…no thank you! 😛 "Attack of the Killer Oysters" starring wu-san and MB…


  25. I really should have never stopped drinking milk for such a long period of time…funny I wasn't aware of lactose intolerance until I became a member of the family…I can still remember drinking whole milk freely by itself…I still remember what it tastes like but I can just never have it again. I bet E.T. can drink milk!


  26. paul.thomas says:

    I still really need to catch up with the HaroMoni episodes, so far behind! I may just have to skip the catch up and start watching the most recent ones.
    This episode sounds great, you can't beat MM and food, the combination is always amusing! I really can't believe that Reina doesn't like sea food!! I've yet to meet a Japanese person that doesn't love it. Myself I literally will eat anything, even if I don't like it. Lol, last weekend I went to italian restaurant and had to wait ages for a friend to turn up and all that was on the table was black olives…I hate any sort of olive…but I went for it and although I couldn't stand the taste I manged to polish them off…now I want more olives, even though I don't like them, they now go on my list of foods along with marmite and twiglets that I hate, but randomly eat all the time :S


  27. Mikey says:

    I think it wasn't really well known earlier, since so many Americans are from populations with long dairy traditions (like Germany is only 2% lactose intolerant) and I think many people become more intolerant as they grow older. Even me, Great Milk Chugger, have to be a little more careful now. I've got German, English and American Indian and Spanish blood, so maybe my German protection is running out?? ^^ Me and E.T. just polished off a gallon of the stuff (and Reece's Pieces cookies, of course!) AHH! ^^


  28. This would be a fun episode to start with! I've been on a HM@ vacation for awhile too….did you hear about the new "Bericu" program?!! I can't wait for it to begin!!! I've been pondering about what the format will be like and if they'll have a host or not. I'm praying for Yukosan, she'd be so perfect in this role! It is amazing that she doesn't like seafood…when I think of Japanese cuisine I think of seafood first! What are marmites and twiglets? Hmmm…so the olives won the battle! I can't believe that you actually ate them all despite not liking them! :O


  29. wu-san says:

    I always new Reina – much like – Mikitty, loved meat foods, but now with Reina's dislike for seafood, I really will be observing past HMs etc. Maybe there's a post from you or me on it somewhere down the line. Although I wouldn't know where to start just yet. Hmmm, although I dont enjoy cake, you really, really dont enjoy it do you? But what if Yua or Kamei-chan wanted to share a cake with you? what would you do then? 😛
    ahaha, 'attack of the killer oysters'. Now there is an interesting film concept! maybe it can be the name of Momusu's next single??? although I'm not sure how fans would take that. Now imagine giant killer oysters with cakes and batsu drinks in their hands! although they wouldn't have hands :S, anyway, that'd be even worse.


  30. Hmmm…I believe it has come up before..probably on an older episode of H!M. Haha that's unfair!!!….I'd definitely cave and enjoy some cake too!! 😛 Have you ever watched "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"? I've only seen bits of it and it has got to be one of the strangest concepts ever made into an actual movie! Now with today's special effects and technology your version of "Attack of the Killer Oysters" would be much better! Haha what am I talking about?!! 😛 H!M has always been about the batsu drinks in the past and I'm wondering if you'd be able to find some noni there in England….then the ultimate test of will…try to emulate the "guy who makes everything look delicious" while having a little!! But first you'd have to lose a game of course! 😛


  31. wu-san says:

    'Attack of the Killer Tomatos'? haha no I've not heard of that film before. Well if they can make a film about Tomatos, surely there's a chance for Oysters.
    Hmmm, I could check the asian food shops here, but I dont think they'd stock bastu…and maybe it's best I dont ask lol. Sayu taking bastu is always funny, as she lets out a mini cough or burp as a reaction to it.


  32. Hahah I'm really not suggesting that you watch it though! Let's just say….it's very very strange! Oysters may be even more odd and between the two I'd definitely rather eat a tomato! Somehow oysters just don't look right to me! 😛 And I guess that would make them even scarier if they attacked! Ah her cute little burp!! 🙂 I forgot about that reaction of hers!!! Her facial expressions are so great too and I really love the screen cap that you made recently on your site…the wasabi reaction! 🙂 Now I really want you to find some noni just so that I can get another opinion of just how bad it tastes!! 😛 You could "share" it with your friends but I think they'll be bringing over their own beverages afterwards if you tell them that noni's the only thing you stock in your refrigerator! 😛


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