Day of mixed emotions as Biyuuden is set to disband in June while H!P’s new pb princess has emerged.

Being a H!P fan means that you've got to be on guard at all times as at any given moment Tsunku will drop something on us which can splatter or at least shake up our day. While member graduations seem to always come when you least expect them, for the most part the end of a group or unit is usually signified by a gradual slowing of releases or activity giving fans time to prepare for such news. Biyuuden have been anything but inactive recently so this news catches me quite off guard and I'm very shocked to learn of this. The unit has been improving so much lately that I just didn't anticipate anything like this to occur and now the only question is, in just what capacity will Rikachan, Yuichan, & Erikachan be involved in H!P after the break up? Rikachan is probably the most safe from falling into inactivity as she still has Gatas/Ongaku Gatas as well as pb releases steadily being released but what will become of Yuichan & Erikachan? Rikachan was never destined to become a solo artist and therefore Biyuuden was created to be a vehicle for her appeal and fan base but have Yuichan & Erikachan truly developed enough to embark on solo efforts? This announcement seems premature to me but perhaps the UFA producers have plans already in place as they no doubt have a much better insight into their talents and appeal than a fan looking in from the outside. I personally have never imagined either of them to be in the process of grooming for a solo career and Biyuuden is really a single dimensioned unit which is set on a particular fan base, and that being said isn't meant as a bad thing at all. It's just the direction that was taken when this unit was created and they really ran with it! And just when all of the pieces seem to be in place and the group is firing on all cylinders…we get this announcement! :O On the other hand perhaps they've done all that they were set on to accomplish and it's just time to move on and expand their individual horizons. I do have little doubt that any of the 3 members are completely satisfied with being kept within Biyuuden's singular approach and appeal…which translates into somewhat of a box when you really consider that they could be doing so much more and head into multiple artistic directions if they so chose to do so with UFA's support of course. And while members such as Yasuda Kei and Inaba Atsuka have really fallen victim to obscurity in the H!P family I can only hope that the same fate doesn't befall any of these soon to be former members of Biyuuden. Saburo just sent me this official announcement and it's been kindly translated in entirety by Fenrir of JPH!P. Comments by each member as well as tsunku are included. Here's the article:

Translation via Fenrir @JPH!P:

A notice from Hello! Project

Thank you for continually supporting Hello! Project.
There is an annoucement for everyone today.

After the last day of their concert tour in June of this year, Viyuden will be disbanding.

In all the activites done in the past 3 and half years, the three of them have grown each day and were able to build up the next stage within them. After discussing with producer, Tsunku, and with the timing of Okada Yui turning 20, Viyuden activities will end and each will go on to the next step on their own.

Even after Viyuden activities will end, the three of them will continue to do their best on their own as Hello!

Project members.

Tsunku's Comment

Thank you for always supporting us!

This is Tsunku.

Well then, this is an announcement about the 3 girl singing group, Viyuden, that I have personally produced.

I would like to report to all of you that viyuden, consisting of Ishikawa Rika, Miyoshi Erika, and Okada Yui, will end their activities after the final performance of their concert tour in June of this year.

(He first wanted to annouce this to the fans personally, so the annoucement was given during the performance at

Yokohama Arena on January 26th.)

Since debuting from Sept. 23, 2004, the girls have done all kinds of entertainment activities.

I think the three of them have cleared what they should have done as a unit.

Starting from last year, we have discussed about what direction the three should take.

In order to build up their talents efficiently, I have thought about utilizing solo activities and the timing of Okada Yui becoming an adult, and decided to end their unit activities. Because the three of them still have a long way to go, I ask of you fans to please continue supporting the girls.

January 26, 2008
Viyuden Producer

Viyuden's Comment

Ishikawa: After the end of our concert tour in June, it has been decided that we will end our activities as Viyuden. Until the last day of the tour in June and without ruining Viyuden's name, beautifully and bravely, I will go out as if throwing a ball with all my power. Thank you for your support everyone.

Miyoshi: I think we have grown thanks to all the activities done in the past 3 and half years as Viyuden. I want to use what we have learned hereafter on our own solo activities. My sadness and anticipation are half and half, but please support us from here on after.

Okada: After Viyuden disbands, as members of Hello! Project, I plan to go on with new feelings. We are really proud to be able to do activities as a group and to be able to meet all the fans. Thank you everyone!!

In happier news Risakochan aka earth's most adorable is on record pace to becoming H!P's new shashinshuu princess! Perhaps one day she'll catch current shashinshuu favorites Aichan & Rikachan! February 6th is the release date of her 3rd pb titled "Ring3~rinrinrin!~"…makes me think of Minimoni…and this will probably spark once again thoughts on inequality in H!P when it comes to shashinshuu releases. I've already spoken a bit on this topic so while I try to avoid redundancy here I'll just say that H!P is a business and they have do present what they believe will be profitable for the agency as a whole which is in their best interest and ours if they are to remain for us fans for years to come.


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21 Responses to Day of mixed emotions as Biyuuden is set to disband in June while H!P’s new pb princess has emerged.

  1. Hotaru says:

    This is sad news and there isn't a really good reason…Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is wish them all successful futures in Hello! Project. (And hope that their disbandment isn't on my birthday!)


  2. mizunohi says:

    I actually think this is a good thing! Personally, I find Biyuuden to be much to "sexy"…. so I'm biased in seeing what else they'll do. I'm sure that since "solo activities" were specifically mentioned, they won't disapear. I always liked Erikasan and she preforms so well in concert, so I would love her as a soloist, and I think she could do very well! (not quite the next Gocchin, but close?) I think she has A LOT of potential. I'm not really a fan of Yui (but my friends are so they'll kill me for this…) but I don't see her as a successful soloist. I always thought her to be a "unit" type idol. I would like to she what she ends up doing! I think Charmy will only be in gatas for now, and I don't know if she would be as good a a soloist either… but she dones have that amazing stage presence with her… I'm really curious to see what these three will do and I wish them the best of luck! 😀
    I'm kind of….dissapointed to see Risakochan putting out another shashinshu… I'm not a fan particularily, but even so I think two is enough for her age… It does bring forward the favouritism arguments, which I think ring much more true in Berryz than Cute (it does make sense for the older members, leader especially, to get a photobook first). I would much rather see Chinami or a second Yurina PB, and I think Saki deserved one sooner (as leader)… Sorry, I'm rambling…


  3. Andra says:

    I'm not entirely sure if this is what the members od v-u-den wanted to do… But if they all felt that it's timw to go to next level then I guess it's okay. Though I'm not okay with the decision. I'm not very pleased with their sexy image but I liked many of their songs… Many people say that they like their earlier singles better but my favourite was Koisuru Angel Heart (though Koi no Nugekara is a close second) and I liked Jaja Uma Paradise also (though the PV was a little bit too much for me). I hope that they are going to get another group or something, maybe one with some H!P eggs (Yui was one after all). I don't really see them going solo, I'm mean a proper solo career not one like Yasuda's. I'm sad that thy're disbanding! These news came so suddenly!
    At least that cover of Risakochan's upcoming photobook is very pretty.


  4. Mikey says:

    Your article #1 on Google!:MorningBerryz’s blog – VoxSugaya Risako Ring3~Rinrinrin!~. In happier news Risakochan aka earth's most adorable is on record pace to becoming H!P's new shashinshuu princess! … – Similar pages – Note thisIs that Risako your icon??


  5. paul.thomas says:

    It's a sad thing to see V-u-den disband, thankfully we've been given some advance notice so for me at least it won't kick in until then. I really hope that both Yui and Erika keep active, this has actually got me wondering about all the members of H!P that aren't particularly active…do they still get paid, lol, and if so what for? Are they working behind the scenes and helping out the younger members? As for Risako's 3rd photobook, I still need to buy her first two, although I think I'll start with this one and then work my way backwards and with Charmy having a new PB out soon, it seems that UFA really are just sticking to their favourites.


  6. Ah I hope it doesn't fall on your birthday too! I'm really curious to see what UFA has in store for each of them…particularly Yuichan & Erikachan. I just never really saw them as potential solo artists but perhaps they'll prove me wrong! 🙂


  7. I really wondering if that had something to do with the decision to disband the group…perhaps some of the members wanted to move away from their current image and explore other possibilities. They really have run with the idea and image and maybe it's just time to move on and away from it as perhaps they've done all that they can with it. Rikachan still has Ongaku Gatas but I'm a bit concerned about Yuichan & Erikachan. I love Erikachan the most in this unit and I hope that she's given a new project in H!P. I agree that Yuichan appears to be more of a unit idol and I too can't imagine her being solo…but UFA has surprised me before so we never know what can be in store in the future for her. Hmmm…the current shashinshuu trend in H!P is quite formulated it seems. Perhaps they're basing their decisions on fan club favorite member data which is probably compiled somewhere. In the past when Momusu members first started getting pb releases everyone got one but UFA's thinking has really changed in recent times and I can only imagine it has something to do with sales history or projected strong sales for particular members. Of all of the H!P members pbs the highest that I've ever witnessed one of them rank on Amazon Japan's site was Risakochan's 2nd pb which if I remember correctly got up as high as #5. And that's out of I imagine hundreds of thousands of titles that they stock and sell there! Well I guess I'm too biased when it comes to Risakochan as well. 😛 She's my favorite Berryz Koubou member and my 3rd most favorite member out the entire H!P family.


  8. I thought that Biyuuden had a lot of great songs too! I'm thinking that perhaps the members wanted to move away from their current image and move into a new phase of their careers. Biyuuden has taken their current persona maybe as far as it can go…or perhaps it's just time to move on. I never imagined any of them to be solo artists but I'm not counting any of that out as H!P is so unpredictable and you just never know what's next! Erikachan's my favorite member in Biyuuden so I'm really curious to see what she does next. I hope they don't disappear into H!P's vault! A possible pairing with H!P Eggs would be a great idea! Nocchi and Manoeri are most likely to emerge out of all of the eggs it would appear so perhaps one of them may collaborate…although I'd really love to see the 2 of them pair up with one another for their own mini unit! 🙂 I love the cover too…Risakochan is so adorable!!!!


  9. mizunohi says:

    The last year for all the Biyuuden members has been very interesting and they have all changed for the good! I agree that their image could have a role in the decision, but I think they're ready to do more too! ^^ I can see Yui in a Yaguchi role, working with the eggs/kids, or MC'ing but you never know what she can do! I really want Erikasan to go solo because I think she has the potential, especially after seeing her in the past year! I loved her Mr. Moonlight Preformance in last years winter wonderful hearts! I suddenly noticed her after being an H!P for nearly a year at that point, and I had never noticed her before! She grew a lot and gained the confident stage presence that now radiates through all of Biyuuden! I think they have really lived up to their name and created a great legacy, what can they do with their last 6 months? I'm sure they'll do something amazing! 😀
    Maybe they released the Momusu PB's to generate a good idea of who sells well, since some members look amazing in PB's even if they aren't the "favourite" and manage to sell very well! It is really incredible to see each members personality in their own PB 😀 On the note of Risako, I agree that she is really cute and sells well, which is wonderful, but I don't like how "sexy" they try and make her look…I mean, for her age. She's just too young for me, especially considering shes just a bit younger than my brother… It's just…a bit to strange for me because its like seeing one of his friends…D: She has a beauitful smile and I do love watching her backstage though, so I have a feeling she will grow on me as she gets older ^^


  10. Hahah you Googled her?! I always wonder how these search engines decide what order to list sites but I'm thinking that they may all work a bit differently. If I wrote about Risakochan all the time maybe it'd remain there! 😛 Wow you think those photos look similar? I'll put a more recent one up that'll look different.


  11. Mikey says:

    I cut and pasted from your site, so it was an exact match and yours was very current too. is an awesome resource! I am giving away my secrets too… ^^Ah, you changed icons already!! 🙂 The last icon was her though, right?? I the one before one that was you at first! heheDo you like my icon??


  12. Yes I do wonder about the same things too…what are Kei, Atsuko, Ayaka, and Yukosan being given to do most of the time? Hmmm…a friend of mine jokes that they're working in the office! :O Hopefully UFA will honor their words and keep Erikachan & Yuichan both active. :)I haven't even heard about Rikachan getting another pb…and so soon?!! She just released one not too long ago. I think that Risakochan's fan base is really growing and it's pushing UFA to release her pbs so quickly!


  13. This announcement is coming quite early and I love the thought of them doing something amazing before ending their unit! I totally agree about Erikachan and I'm sensing that she's your favorite Biyuuden member too! 🙂 It took me awhile too to realize how great she is and during their last few singles it really hit me! Now I'm really trying to picture her going solo! I agree that Yuichan would be better fitted in another role and it'll be interesting to see what UFA has planned for her. I'm wondering if UFA collects that type of information from their fan club members…"favorite member(s)", etc… when they sign up. Risakochan herself actually commented on her uncertainty when she released her 1st pb but she ended up happy about the decision afterwards. As long as the photographer keeps it fun I think it'll be okay although her age may make it a bit strange.


  14. When I first heard about Wiki I couldn't believe how much information is there!! It's so diverse and seems to have just about any information one can think of looking for. It's such a brilliant idea to have a community run site which allows anyone to contribute their personal knowledge. On a few occasions I've found empty entries but I'm too afraid to write anything there! You have a perfect avatar! I wouldn't change it! Ah you really think that last photo looks like Risakochan? Hmmm….have a closer look! It's still my avatar. 🙂


  15. mizunohi says:



  16. Mikey says:

    Wiki is awesome! Firefox browser can call it right up for searching! I use it all the time in posts as urls. That way peeps can get more info, if they choose.You should update wiki's that you know about. Help humankind! :)Please don't change your avatar to a NASCAR driver! ^^


  17. Haha your keyboard is cracking me up!! When I first saw your previous message I thought that you were doing it on purpose and perhaps you were trying to tell me something. 😛 I'm really liking Erikachan more and more too! I really wonder if she'll become a solo artist as I'm now convinced that she'd do great…you've really convinced me of this! 🙂


  18. Hmmm….for much of last year Jimmie Johnson was my avatar and it was a close up photo of his driver's window while he was celebrating holding up the Sunoco flag! But I think that no one could tell what the photo was depicting as it was quite tiny. 😛 Okay no NASCAR driver avatar this year…I promise! 🙂 You may be stuck with MorningBerryz all year though!


  19. Mikey says:

    I was kidding! 🙂 Although the H!P girls are more pleasing to the eye, at least for me. ^^ What H!P girl would you say you most resemble??I want to photoshop your head looking out from the window of a NASCAR racer! 🙂


  20. Ah since you were kidding would a Jeff Gordon avatar be okay?! 😛 I know I already promised not to! I could return to a H!P member photo if that would be better. You can private message me your thoughts.


  21. Mikey says:

    I couldn't deny you anything dear. Jeff, it is! 🙂 Really. Sweet of you to ask.


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