A great theme song can really heighten a drama’s appeal.

I’m sure that a lot of drama fans have experienced this at least once. By the third episode you’re absolutely hooked on the show and its characters but now the shows’ theme song has really begun to have a special meaning as well as it begins to remind you of the show and you declare the producers geniuses for choosing such a perfect match! And it’s not long before you find yourself in need of the single which leads you on a quest to find out whom the artist or group is! I’ve experienced this feeling so many times and through the later half of the 90’s and up until just a few years ago I found myself watching so many Japanese dramas and in most cases I also ended up purchasing the accompanying theme songs as well. In some instances where a show really became endeared to me I’d also purchase the soundtrack as well as I find that the instrumental scores can really bring back great memories too. And there are even times where I fall in love with the theme song more than the drama itself!

This list could go on forever so I’ve just selected a few of my favorite drama theme songs to list here: “La La La Love song” Kubota Toshinobu, “Destiny” My Little Lover, “Everything (It’s You)” Mr.Children, “Sign” Mr.Children, “Wish” Arashi, “Poison” Sorimachi Takashi, “Ride on Time” Yamashita Tatsuro, “Wanderin’ Destiny” Globe, “Traveling Boy” Eguchi Yosuke, “Hidamari no uta” Le Couple, “Saboten no hana” Tulip, “Heart” Fukuyama Masaharu, “Love Love Love” Dreams Come True, “Aoi Usagi” Sakai Noriko, “Mirai e no present” Nakayama Miho, “Romance” Dreams Come True, “Mr. Lonely” Tamaki Koji, “Can You Celebrate” Amuro Namie, “Namonaki Uta” Mr.Children, “Kagami no dress” Sakai Noriko, “Seishun Amigo” Shuuji to Akira (Yamada Ryosuke & Nakajima Yuto), “Kimi ga ita kara” Field of View, “Sincere” Harada Tomoyo, “Beloved” Glay, “Do Not” Fujii Fumiya, “Kimi ni aitakunattara” Zard, “Forever” Sorimachi Takashi, “Tomorrow” Okamoto Mayo, “Oretachi ni ashita wa aru” Smap, “Daijoubu” Furuuchi Toko, “Cymbals” Kubota Toshinobu, “Be With You” Glay, “PIECE OF MY WISH” Imai Miki, “Ito” Nakajima Miyuki, “Atarashii hito e” Kaientai (theme from Kimpachi Sensei!!), “Natsu no ousama” Kinki Kids, “Sonnamondarou” Oda Yuji, “Oh My Little Girl” Ozaki Yutaka, “Shiawase na ketsumatsu” Ohtaki Eiichi, “Sayonara daisuki na hito” Hana Hana, “I For You” Luna Sea, “Over” V6, “Love and Peace” Tokio, “Futari no subete” Karasawa Toshiaki & Kiki Kirin, and I must make myself stop before you fall asleep!  There’s so many more dramas that I’ve watched over the years as these are just a few and I’ve ended up purchasing all of these songs, some were released as singles while others were only available on the artists/groups’ album.

Although not planned, this is my little tribute to Matsushima Nanako’s character in the drama GTO where she had a poster of Takenouchi Yutaka on her wall which I always found to be a witty inside joke of sorts. 🙂 Ah as you can see some of my Japanese DVDs are heading towards the ceiling as that’s one of the top shelfs just below the poster. 😛 But they won’t be getting any higher there as I won’t be obscuring his image.

One of my most favorite drama theme songs is “Diamond Dust” by Himuro Kyosuke from the show “Koori no sekai” which stars my favorite actor Takenouchi Yutaka and another favorite Matsushima Nanako. Takenouchi Yutaka plays an insurance investigator and he becomes involved with Matsushima Nanako’s character who is a school teacher at an all girls high school where he’s investigating a strange death that has occurred there. She being a suspect of great interest! (Think Al Pacino in “Sea of Love.”) Himuro Kyosuke’s “Diamond Dust” really captures the feeling and emotion of this drama and it’s sure to become a favorite of yours too if you have a chance to watch it…mmm I hope! In regards to just the style of this drama’s opening credits, I draw a light parallel to Robert DeNiro’s character in “Casino” where the viewer sees him start an exploding car at the very beginning, and in this drama’s opening the image of Takenouchi Yutaka is seen sinking into the deep ocean while bleeding as scenes of his life pass before him. I can’t say anymore or it will ruin the suspense which is the intriguing essence of this drama! I really love this drama and I hope you will have chance to watch it too!

And did I mention how much I love this theme song too?!! My friend zdorama was so generous to give me this single! 🙂 Of course this song goes much better while watching “Koori no sekai” so I hope you’ll watch it too! ^ ^

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22 Responses to A great theme song can really heighten a drama’s appeal.

  1. empire1468 says:

    I totally agree. I think picking the theme song is right up there in picking the cast when it comes to dramas. Well, not that important, but it can definitely add or take away from the drama itself. The best ones are the songs that actually go with the drama and that are not tacked on merely for commercial appeal. Some of my favorites –
    La La La Love Song (Long Vacation) – Kubota's biggest hit ever! Hell, I'll even overlook the fact that supermodel Naomi Campbell is in there! WTF?! The song instantly grabs you from the start with the "maware maware…" and it just gets better from there.
    WISH (HYD I) and Love So Sweet (HYD II) by Arashi – I always give extra points when the cast member(s) themselves sing the theme song (as long as it doesn't suck). You would like to think they care a bit more about the song since it represents the work they're doing for a sesaon. These songs don't disappoint. WISH is pure sing-songy pop, absolutely perfect for the storybook-like Cinderella story of HYD. Love So Sweet is different. It doesn't start off nearly as strong. In fact, it kind of has a "longing" feeling to it, as if recalling a past, which is quite apropos if you think about it (since it is a sequel).
    Your Eyes Only (by EXILE) – Theme for "Dekichatta Kekkon." The song that kicked off EXILE's career! It's funny because if I recall it was released as the drama was winding down. I heard the song, then heard of the drama, then saw the drama itself and really liked how they meshed. The first thing that sticks out with this song is the beat – simple and catchy, it immediately grabs you. Then the "story" of the vocals, about missing someone your were "destined" to be with grabs you. It works well when they show the couple apart in the show.
    Katachi Aru Mono (Shibasaki Kou) – Theme for "Sekai no Chuushin de…" I think it was kind of ironic but purposefully done that one of the actresses in the Sekachuu movie was doing the theme song to the Sekachuu tv show. At any rate, I find the song quite "haunting," evoking the many beautiful natural images of the show – the field of flowers, the mountains, the oceans, etc. as well as expressing the love the female lead (Aki as played by Haruka Ayase ) has for the male lead (Saku as played by Yamada Takayuki). Interesting tidbit: If you listen to Hirai Ken's "Hitomi wo Tojite" the theme song to the film version, it echoes Saku's thoughts. Kou's song echoes Aki's.
    "I For You" by Luna Sea – Theme to "Kamisama mou Sukoshi Dake" The first thing that grabs you is the melancholy guitars, followed by Ryuuchi Kawamura's tragic lyrics. The song captures the theme of "fateful tragic love" that the drama portrays so well.
    "Wonderful Life" by Goro Inagaki of SMAP – Theme to "Boku to Kanojo no Kanojo no Ikiru Michi." Kind of interesting that they used one SMAP member to sing the theme song of another SMAP member (the drama starred Kusanagi Tsuyoshi). Regardless, the song perfectly captures the feeling of the lead character towards his daughter in the drama. The beginning is tentative, much like the initial reaction the character has to being a father "for the first time," then right before the chorus the song gets frantic and hurried, somewhat frustrated, which mirror's the father's frustration at his daughter and situation. Finally, we get to the chorus, which evokes a message of hope for the future.
    "Only Human" by K – Theme to "1 Litre of Tears" An absolute tearjerker of a song and drama. The drama kind of forces you to cry when they show ACTUAL PICTURES of the REAL LIFE PERSON upon which the drama was based while playing the song. I mean, once you get to the "mae e susume" (walk forward) and realize just how hard it became for the real life girl to live, let alone walk, you just can't help but lose it.


  2. Mikey says:

    Yes, Only Human lead me to be interested in 1 Liter Tears though I knew nothing of it in the beginning. And I can think of quite a few movie soundtrack recordings that are better than the films they are in! ^^ I am getting to be a real Film Score fan….


  3. We definitely think alike!! 🙂 Whenever I listen to theme songs, even if a long time has passed since I've watched the drama, I'm immediately reminded of characters and storyline. In this sense the songs alone can make me feel emotional as such memories come back to me. "La La La Love Song" is the ultimate theme song!! Hahah I guess I'm saying that because it's my favorite drama of all time! 😛 But really it's such a perfect song and I can always picture the montage of clips that accompany it in the drama. It's such great fun watching the cast have some candid fun while being accompanied by this Kubota Toshinobu gem! 🙂 I totally agree that having a cast member(s) perform the actual theme can really add to the appeal and effect the song has. Kinki Kids performed "To Heart" and "Natsu no ousama" which were both used in dramas starring Domoto Tsuyoshi and it really it much better! "Love So Sweet" and "Wish" are such incredible Arashi songs!! I've only watched the first "Hana yori dango" but it really did match the show! I love how you've distinctly described their different feelings and how they relate to each series. I've never heard this Exile song before but have heard other songs by them and they really do sound great. One day I'd like to see this drama too. That's interesting that the 2 theme songs represent different character's thoughts in "Sekachuu." I bought the movie back when it was released but have never watched the t.v. series. Somehow I'm not sure if I should as I've grown so attached to the actors/actresses in the movie version and I really relate to them as their characters. This is such a emotion filled movie and I was so moved by it. It's by far one of the best Japanese movie dramas that I've ever watched and I recently shared it with some friends at work…hopefully after the weekend I'll get some feedback if they have time to watch it. 🙂 They're guys so I usually give them action films and in the past have given them "Shinobi", "Azumi", "Aragami", and "Versus" to name a few…but I'm not sure how a drama will affect them. Fingers crossed that they love it too! 🙂 I wasn't aware that Shibasaki Kou started a music until recently. How does she sound as a vocalist? I may want to investigate! Luna Sea's "I For You" is such a great single and theme song!! Kaneshiro Takeshi and Fukakyon really did a great job in this drama! It was so heartbreaking to see her go through this but she really fought hard to shine. There were so many tears in this one!! Older Luna Sea has such a hard edge to it and it was such a different side of them when they released this single! I've read about this drama and it's another one that I'd like to be able to watch someday. I love Smap so any theme song by them is going to be a favorite of mine! Thank you for detailing how it accompanies the show so well. :)I'm just a few days away from seeing "1 liter of tears"!! and I have so much anticipation running through me right now. I haven't watched a great drama in some time and this one sounds to be a top tier one. It won't be long before I'm going to need to buy the single…I definitely have that feeling!


  4. I'm so excited…I should be getting the drama this weekend! I'm already thinking about ordering the single as I have a strong feeling that I'm going to need it soon. Whenever I love a series I really can't live without the theme song…my weakness! 🙂 I'm not familiar with K so this is going to be totally new to me! I probably shouldn't watch it late at night on the weekdays or I may end up going to work with puffy eyes and some explaining to do! 😛


  5. Mikey says:

    I know you must be excited! When I heard (from you) that there was an English fansub, I was thrilled. I was expecting some snafu to keep me from getting it, but it all worked out nicely, so that I could have mailed it to you promptly. I was really keen to do you favor, since you have done so much for me!You are going to cry! My roomie, who is the man's man type and has no special interest in Japan, was blubbering like a baby! Showing the actual pictures of the girl that wrote the dairy is so heartrending…I found a place that has the entire 1 Liter Tears OST and K's Only Human mp3! I have them now, So cool to bring back memories already!You could just tell them that the Hawaii 5-0 theme song just moves you to tears! 😉 Maybe you should lend it to your co-workers and let them come in all puffy-eyed! ^^


  6. I was able to get the drama series today!! I probably won't have time until next week though to start watching though as this weekend's kind of filled. It sounds like such a powerful touch that they've added with images of the girl whom this drama is based and I'm so eager to hear the theme song which I will no doubt become very attached to! I actually cry very easily so I'm very prepared for some strong emotions while watching. Hahah I just gave 2 friends at work the movie version of "Sekaichuu…" and I hope that they watch it this weekend as I'm hoping for some feedback. Especially since it's not typically what they watch…that's probably an understatement! When I told them that it's a dramatic love story I got kind of apprehensive looks from both of them! They're more used to action films as I've shared with them "Shinobi", "Azumi", "Zatoichi", and "Aragami" in the past and a love story may be a hard film to sell to them even if it's really great! Have you watched "Azumi" before? It's shot so masterfully by Kitamura Ryuhei and the story which is adapted from a popular manga will hold your interest for sure! I'm thinking though that when it comes to my co-workers they enjoyed "The Hidden Blade" which mixes drama and love with action so there's hope! It stars my favorite actress Matsu Takako in a beautiful role!! 🙂 A great thing about the director Yamada Yoji is that he's known for his style of not overstating the samurai era. He shows them as real people who live with daily struggles as everyone else does and in this way you really get a unique look into their lives through his storytelling. "The Hidden Blade" was released domestically here in the U.S. so you may even find it at Walmart! Netflix probably has it too. 🙂 "Ouku" is another powerful drama/love story set in old Japan. "Ouku" refers to the inner rooms of a Japanese fortress/castle where the upper class reside and the story is a complex mixture of intrigue and yes…love! It reflects on an actual period in Japan's history when after the passing of a leader the next one to ascend to power was extremely young…a little boy…and all of the power struggles that this ignited among the top leaders. Interestingly the movie follows the struggles of the women behind the male leaders and they can be quite vicious. The beautiful and talented Nakama Yukie stars alongside a wonderful cast of other well know actors/actresses. This movie actually came in a beautiful wooden box and everything was wrapped in elegant Japanese paper. Presentation is such a strong part of Japan's culture and I think this is the most impressive Japanese movie release that I own, aesthetically speaking, although the packaging for "Shinobi" is beautiful too! Ah sorry I'm rambling again… 😛


  7. Mikey says:

    Never stop rambling! 🙂 I love to hear it all. It's 9:15PM in CA right now, but will love to respond to all your lovely replies ASAP. I think if we where in physical contact, we'd be talking each other silly! 😉 I'll bring the popcorn!Really, I am very grateful that you are so open. Makes this Steve McGarrett's life a lot easier. BTW, where does E.T. sleep?? ^^


  8. Did you finish watching "3:10 to Yuma"? I'm wondering what you thought of it and where it stands in its genre. Haha I may type more than I speak! 😛 Now I want to eat popcorn! 🙂 You may find this really odd but I think the last time that I ate popcorn was at least 5 years ago. I have no idea why…I'm probably just weird. :PE.T. sleeps up near the ceiling on a shelf… 🙂 Amuro Namie's "Good-night" is perfect for this time of night! Oyasumi…this time for real 😛 I'm curious to know what you think of Kudou Yuuki's voice when you have time to listen. 🙂


  9. Mikey says:

    I loved 3:10 – It was even better than I thought! It had my undivided attention the whole time. I say it will be considered a classic in future. I am usually quiet. I would like to share my popcorn with you too! You aren't weird dear, no no at all. You just need a person that matches your uniqueness. ^^ Yin to your Yang and all that…Thanks for posting Yuuki's songs! I thought she sang pretty well. I wish I had her version of If We Hold On Together from Land Before Time. The niecelets LOVE that movie!! Have you heard of Chamomile Classics by Emi Fujita? She sings classic English songs like Walking In The Air…Did you know that Yuuki played "Pumpkin" in Memoirs of A Geisha??!Oyasumi my dear one


  10. Mikey says:

    Check this Emi Fujita from my friend Kleio… HERE 🙂


  11. There aren't too many Westerns that I love but this is definitely one of them! Actually I haven't seen too many of them so it's not a knock on the genre at all. The characters were so well developed in "3:10 to Yuma" and you really developed feelings for them as the film progressed. Ah that song is actually on her album but I didn't choose it when picking those to upload. I may be able to get it uploaded later if I see 808Monkey soon. Hmm…I'm not familiar with Fujita Emi. Now I'm going to have to watch "Memoirs of a Geisha" again soon…I can't believe I didn't recognize her!


  12. Mikey says:

    You did see her in Snow Falling On Cedars, right?? That movie is almost as good as the book was, which is marvelous!!Memoirs of a Geisha is an excellent book. Published in over 30 languages. I even have the book by the geisha who was the most popular geisha in Japan in the 50's and 60's, and was supposedly the model Sayuri was based on. Also, the soundtrack by John Williams is great too!Hummm… Dances with Wolves, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Blazing Saddles, True Grit


  13. I do remember her in Snow Falling on Cedars and I'm happy to hear that the movie was a good adaptation as I'm guilty of not reading the book! My mother has "Memoirs of a Geisha" in book form but lazy me hasn't read that one either. 😛 Hmm…actually the only books that I've read recently are the Harry Potter series and I know that I should read more. I know "Dances with Wolves"!! I don't know any of the others though…I have a really old one on VHS called "High Noon." For awhile I was watching a lot of older films and I really began loving Marilyn Monroe's films a lot! So much that I have a framed poster of her at the Hamptons New York hanging up in my room. A friend gave that to me for Christmas awhile ago and as the other posters have changed over the years Marilyn has always remained. Other favorite classic actors/actresses of mine are Cary Grant (I can watch just about anything that he's in! "Notorious" is one of my favorites!!), Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, and James Dean although he has so little films.


  14. Mikey says:

    All excellent! High Noon is right up there, and are most John Ford directed films. Did you know that her Some Like It Hot was filmed in San Diego?? Actually Coronado, which is right across the bay and the Hotel Del Coronado a huge Victorian hotel built in the late 1800's? She had a very sad life, but was a true movie star… All you mention are good and anything with Cary Grant is delicious and I love North by Northwest a lot! I would and Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn too. 🙂


  15. Ah I forgot to mention Audrey Hepburn! Some of my favorites that I have on DVD are "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "My Fair Lady", "Roman Holiday", "The Children's Hour", and "Wait Until Dark." It's amazing how the last one I mentioned here was filmed entirely in one room. The director did such an amazing job of capturing the tension and keeping your attention the whole way through. I had no idea where "Some Like it Hot" was filmed…thank you for the knowledge! I just laugh so much every time I watch this film! I also own a lot of books on Marilyn Monroe and it is so sad how her life turned out. 😦 Someone having that much talent and success…I just can't understand why things were so bad for her. Ah I have "North By Northwest" too! When I learned that Cary Grant never won an Oscar I was so puzzled. He made so many great films and can an actor be any more handsome?!!


  16. Mikey says:

    You keep the film library in your basement, right? :)Great minds do think alike, it seems. The was just talking to someone whos boss is going to Rome without them could at least watch Roman Holiday! ^^ My Fair Lady is a real classic and I have the DVD and the soundtrack. Rex Harrison was never better too. I haven't seen Wait Until Dark(!) Have to put another one on the list! Netflix is a real lifesaver in that regard.Yes, if you go to the Hotel Del, as we call it they have a whole display on the movie and it's filming there. A lot of Presidents, as recently as Clinton have stayed there too. I will look to see if I can find you their SLIH display pix.She had a real sad childhood, and was always looking for the father figure she never had. Look at the different types of men she married! I guess that they would call it low self-esteem these days. She did have affairs with JFK and RFK, so the odds that she was murdered are high, I think. Fame and fortune don't necessarily bring happiness it seems. 😦 So many movie stars are very insecure personality types.The Oscars have always been somewhat political, in the sense that being too popular doesn't always help the odds of your selection. They awards are voted on by a very small group of Hollywood insiders. And many are really old and "out of it". So, except for the glitz and how it can help a movies box office, I don't pay it much mind.Cary Grant was so dashing and a very polite and considerate person too. 🙂 Errol Flynn was handsome and not so nice. Clark Gable when his wife (and love of his life) Carole Lumbard was killed in a plane crash while out selling War Bonds in WWII, was never the same after…I like your taste in films! 🙂


  17. I hope you like "Wait Until Dark"!! My mom actually purchased it and we watched it together awhile ago. "Dial M for Murder" is another film that I really love. Alfred Hitchcock directed so many great films and I own a few of his too. I've watched a few documentaries on Marilyn Monroe's life and it is so sad. And so many odd things occurred the night that she passed away making it so suspicious. Haha you've summed up the Oscars really well! I'm a real sucker for it though although I know the winners aren't always the best choices. The show is way too long too. I wasn't aware about that happening to Clark Gable's wife and that's so tragic. A tragedy like that would be so difficult to deal with and I just can't imagine the pain. I like to collect movies and I may own an abnormal amount of them. I have them cataloged but I haven't updated it in quite some time…..I'm guessing somewhere between 1200 and 1250 movies. I may watch too many movies. 😛


  18. Mikey says:

    That's so cool! I have quite a few more films than the average person, but nothing like you. 🙂 That's why I think you have a turnable bookcase, (like in those old movies) and you have to descend the rickety old staircase to reach your underground film vault. Now, where is that hidden button? (Have I given something away?!) ;)I remember his movie The Birds so vividly! I've never trusted birds quite since! ^^ Perhaps when you get your new computer, you'll want to catalog all your films? With a cheap USB barcode scanner and new software that uses Amazon.com, or similar sites to fill in the information, it is relatively easy to do. There was a TV movie about the Gable/Lumbard relationship that was so moving! I can't imagine losing the love of your life like that, and be expected to go on…I already know the I can trust your judgment,since we like so many of the same things.(I am watching Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind right now. It's Not quite up to the level of Miyazaki's best I think, but it's very good, with a strong environmental message, like Mononoke Hime It does include a history of Studio Ghibli in English too!)


  19. Ah sadly it's just bookshelves and cabinets that have now invaded the livingroom and my mom's room. We were renting movies for awhile but since we both watch movies over and over by nature it just seemed to make more sense owning them. Hmm…sometimes you're in the mood for a particular movie and you realize that you don't have it…haha that probably sounds lame! Ah Hitchcock…"The Birds"….doesn't it make visiting the zoo and spreading bird seed seem treacherous?!! I'm still dreaming of a new pc or laptop….trip or pc? I can always watch the race on t.v. But "Dino" is getting any younger is he? ("Dino"…my computer… 😛 ) Hmmm….I don't even want to imagine losing someone so dear to me….I don't think that I could cope. 😦 I'm not strong enough. I must warn you that a day may come when I recommend a film that you find really bad….:P….but please be honest…I may be the easiest person to please in the entire galaxy!…aliens included! 😛


  20. Mikey says:

    You are My Favorite Martian, so to speak! ^^ I'm sure that there are some of mine you won't like either. I know the feeling… I like going to the closet (OK, all over) to find the perfect film for my mood. You're so lucky that your Mum has similar tastes! I tend to buy the same movies over again, since it obviously appeals to me, and I can be so scatter-brained sometimes! ^^ I love Mel Brooks movies, for instance, like Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, and even Space Balls. And Rob Riener's The Princess Bride . "Inconceivable!" – "Boss, I don't think that inconceivable means what you think it does…" (after a series of "inconceivable" occurrences happen)And then there's Hitchcock's Psycho!! One of the truly scary films. And great use of black and white. Don't watch it alone! ^^I know Dino… cute lil' fellow, but he sure sounds like he is ready for retirement! I still thank a laptop would suit you. And save you a little space in your media teleportal. 😛 I hate that you have to decide between the two. 😦


  21. "Ludicrous speed!!" I have a friend that has never watched any of the Star Wars films :O but decided to watch "Space Balls"…and didn't think that it was funny at all and just an old movie! But even in a reverse order of sorts he now finds "Space Ball" to be hilarious after finally watching the early Star Wars movies. 🙂 I wasn't allowed to watch "The History of the World part I" because of it's "R" rating when I was younger but time really hasn't diminished it's brilliance as it's so funny! "The Princess Bride" is such a endearing film!! This is another film that I was late in seeing as I'd never heard about it before until a co-worker suggested it to me. They couldn't believe that I'd never heard of it! Ditto goes for "The Usual Suspects."!!! Cinematic perfection! Funny I've never seen "Psycho." I have seen the "shower scene" though and that's enough for me otherwise I may never take a shower again!! That would not be good!! 😛 Ah but I must decide and "Dino's" cuter than you think! 🙂


  22. Mikey says:

    "Natasha, you said Ditto!" to paraphrase Gomez on The Aadams Family! 🙂 (I have waay too much obscure knowledge!)Your movie predilections astound me (because they pretty much match my own so closely?) I'll have E.T. check out the shower before hand, just in case, OK m'lady??I suspect that Dino The Cute might have more life in him yet! 🙂 (makes Dino from The Flintstones' noises)Westley:
    Hear this now: I will always come for you.

    But how can you be sure?

    This is true love – you think this happens every day?


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