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HM@1/20/08-”The one with Domino’s Pizza, AzuMAX’s seafood theory, & Kamei’s last second field goal!”

Today's episode features the "Viking" (buffet) game format and special guest AzuMAX doesn't waste any time in trying to impress Momusu members Gakisan, Kamei, Reinachan, & Aichan as he introduces himself as being "okanemochi" (rich!! 😀 ) and after a … Continue reading

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Only 19 more days till the Daytona 500!!

My first Dale Jr. merchandise!! 🙂 With sport's shortest off season nearing its end I can already begin to feel the excitement of the upcoming Daytona 500 and the beginning of NASCAR's top tier series which will now be called … Continue reading

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Day of mixed emotions as Biyuuden is set to disband in June while H!P’s new pb princess has emerged.

Being a H!P fan means that you've got to be on guard at all times as at any given moment Tsunku will drop something on us which can splatter or at least shake up our day. While member graduations seem … Continue reading

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Kudou Yuuki

My Kudou Yuuki collection I've been meaning to post this for quite some time now…sorry Mikey it took me soo long! Just a little post before I head off into movie land! Kudou Yuuki first came to my attention when … Continue reading

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If you thought that seeing E.T. wearing my Risakochan t-shirt was strange…

E.T. with Risakochan T-shirt. …just wait till you see what Ohta got me from Mall-City! Paul always finds the most amazing H!P merchandise and a little over a month ago he discovered some of the most unusual H!P t-shirt designs. … Continue reading

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A great theme song can really heighten a drama’s appeal.

I’m sure that a lot of drama fans have experienced this at least once. By the third episode you’re absolutely hooked on the show and its characters but now the shows’ theme song has really begun to have a special … Continue reading

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Johnny’s calendars available for pre-order.

I really don't have any more space on my walls for anything else right now but somehow I still really want these! 😛 I wish there were preview photos available but Johnny's really likes to keep us all in suspense. … Continue reading

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2 very bad days.

Not only did I have to work this past Saturday as I seem to have also developed a stomach virus although I think it's something more as I've felt really nauseous the whole time. 😦 And just in case you … Continue reading

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Imai Miki performs one of my favorite J-Pop songs of all time!

One day I’d like to compile together my top 100 favorite J-Pop songs including all groups/artists and while pondering this daunting task Imai Miki’s “PIECE OF MY WISH” came to mind as a sure top 25 candidate. I only have … Continue reading

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Hello! Project’s dream pairing!! Abe Natsumi & Yajima Maimi (C-ute)- “Juurokusai no koinante”

Nacchi & Maimichan- "16sai no koinante" LE CD single The long wait is finally over and all J-Pop fans can really rejoice with this latest and most creative collaboration between two Hello! Project  family members and whether you're in the … Continue reading

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