Up to boy February 2008

While in town today I picked up the latest issue of Up to boy and while browsing the CD shelf I noticed that they still had a first press copy of L~arc~en~ciel's "Hurry Xmas" single. I'll focus on L~arc~en~ciel's holiday release later and for now I just wanted to share the H!P related articles featured in this new issue of Up to boy.

With recent shashinshuu releases both Nacchi & Sayu who's latest pbs were published by Wani Books both are featured with a nice selection of off shots that weren't included in their latest pbs. The included 90 minute DVD provides a peek into the making of DVDs that accompany both pbs as well as covering the other featured idols in this issue through photo shoots, gossip, and some idol gourmet cooking!

The new "Berryz Times" feature continues with its 2nd volume which features Kumachan, Miya, Saki, and Chinamichan in a battle of physical prowess. Some of the challenges include: jump rope, hula hoop, hand strength, upper body strength, sit ups, and foot speed coordination. Some of these challenges are reminiscent of Gen. 6's debut "test of strength" DVD which challenged them in a very similar manner (a post was written about this DVD earlier this year when I was able to purchase a copy from Ohta). Group Captain Sakichan triumphs with the best overall results with Miya second, Kumachan 3rd, and sweet Chinamichan coming in last. :O Had it been a stand-up comedy challenge, the results would probably have been an exact reversal with Chinamichan & Kumachan leading the way! 🙂 Also noted in this feature is a small write up covering the announcement of Berryz Koubou making their first appearance on NHK's annual Kouhaku! 😀 Hello! Project will open the entire event!!!…with a medley of "Mikan", "Meguru koi no kisetsu", "Tsukiatteru no ni kataomoi", and "Love Machine" performed by Momusu, Berryz Koubou, & C-ute. Hello! Project fans who aren't necessarily fans of other J-pop and enka artists/groups may still want to stay tuned after H!P's show opening performance as typically the Kouhaku features guest performances by other artists as backup dancers/singers during fellow member performances. In the past members of H!P have gotten extra stage time as back up dancers for other performers and there's little doubt that that will not happen again this year. On a side note Saburo informed me a week ago that Berryz Koubou & C-ute will appear in a joint concert brilliantly billed "Berryz Kamen vs. C-ute Rangers" at historic Yokohama Arena!! 🙂 With this announcement, Tsunku's penning of the coupling with song "Warera Berryz Kamen" on Berryz Koubou's latest single release makes perfect sense and indeed a vision was being followed by releasing this song recently. With  7 "vs." 7 lineups a super hero theme will work to perfection at this event and I'm hoping that appropriately implemented individual member colored outfits are put into play as well! Just imagine the impact and potential fan growth within this genre that these events could create! I'm thinking Risakochan as the Pink masked hero all the way!! Now Tsunku just needs to pen a super hero song for C-ute in time for this momentous concert event! 🙂

A nice surprise upon seeing this issue was a nice 3 page feature on Ongaku Gatas! The 3 members chosen for this article Konkon, Manoeri, & Nocchi!! It's great to see Konkon in Up to boy once again and the inclusion of my favorite 2 Eggs Nocchi & Manoeri seems to make this article custom made for me! 🙂 For me Nocchi continues to lead all Eggs with Manoeri a close second and there's just something so cute about having the 3 of these Ongaku Gatas members together on giant soccer ball bean bag! 😀 Following are scans of all of these featured H!P articles. 🙂

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to Up to boy February 2008



  2. HarimaKenji says:

    Indeed, it's great to have Konkon back in magazines, completely agreed there =P I'm waiting to read what you'll say about L'arc, never thought you listened to them.


  3. Ah Nocchi has really become one of my favorite H!P members in an incredibly short period of time! Her nickname is similar to "Nacchi" so it's really fitting that she also has such a beautiful and radiant smile. 🙂 She really stands out when I watch Ongaku Gatas' pvs and seems to be developing much faster as an idol than some of her fellow Eggs with the exception of Manoeri who's right beside her in this regard. I'm looking forward to their first album which is now only about a couple of months away! 🙂


  4. Hmmm…I'm wondering if Konkon will also be getting more solo shashinshuu releases as well in light of her return. I have a modest L'arc~en~ciel collection of 4 albums and 7 singles but I haven't bought anything by them since 2000, not until yesterday when I saw this single on the shelf calling to me. I really love Hyde's voice as it's such a great combination of both power and grace! Naming just a few favorites off the top of my head right now would include: "Heaven's Drive", "Dive to Blue", "Love Flies", and "winter fall."


  5. paul.thomas says:

    It looks like a great issue and I have to say the shots of both Nacchi and Sayu are amazing, but Sayu first scan is my favourite, it has to be up there with my favourite photos of her.It's good to seeing Konkon back, and Manoeri and Nocchi as well, I really hope we get to see some Ongaku Gatas member photobooks, especially the 3 members featured here, I'm crossing all my fingers.


  6. Zush says:



  7. Paul I sense Nocchi is growing on you! Hmm…I'm thinking that both Manoeri & Nocchi should get shashinshuu's maybe within the next year or so. You must be in Japan by now! 🙂 Have a great time at your first H!P concert!! 😀


  8. Happy new year to you too Zush!! Up to boy is definitely worth the wait and this issue is another great one! I hope you receive it soon! 🙂


  9. momo says:

    It can be bought on the internet at http://www.amazon.co.jpalso, it can be found in the US at some Japanese bookstores in Honolulu, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago and New York City. There is kinokuniya, asahiya, and book off in those cities.LA, Chicago and New York have asahiya, they tend to be current on most all japanese magainesLA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and New York have Kinokuniyaand the rest except Chicago, Portland, and Seattle have a bookoff, which is a second hand place.Honolulu probably has local Japanese shops that sell various Japanese items.


  10. momo says:

    That link is bad, i'll fix ithttp://www.amazon.co.jp


  11. Hmmm…looks like momo has already answered the question! Cdjapan also has subscriptions available for this publication as well as quite a few others. We have a bookstore here (Hakubundo) that offers subscriptions to Japanese magazines and they offer a nice 10% discount so I have mine sent by air delivery although sometimes I don't make it down to the store right away.


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