道重さゆみ 蒼蒼写真集リリース。

…and Shigechan has officially left the building! While Sayu's playful and cute personality will always remain a part of her, the transition to a much more mature Sayu is so profoundly stated with her latest pb "Sousou." What has been a gradual departure from her "usachan" peace days now seems to have indeed accelerated with this latest effort. It's been an amazing journey being able to witness Sayu's initially slightly unsure personality grow until she gradually found her niche and has now completely blossomed into a beautiful and confident young lady. The producers of "Sousou" certainly knew the look and aura that they were envisioning for this release and from start to finish they've created a beautiful tapestry of Sayu in this different light.

The locations for the photo shoots and in particular those done in Okinawa are wonderful visions of untouched nature and beautiful landscapes adding a nice compliment to this pb. I cannot stress enough how much the styling, clothing, and artistic direction all helped in presenting Sayu in this mature state like never before. But not to worry the playful soul of Sayu is alive and well and much of this can be seen in the accompanying making of DVD which has an impressive running time of approximately 25 minutes! Wani Books continues to lead the charge of this new breed of shashinshuu and quite simply no one does it as well. Candid footage from all photo shoots are included and Sayu has cute introductions to the new locations and wardrobe styles as the DVD presents a pretty comprehensive look at this overall project. Eyes full of sparkle and a smile like the sun here's Sayu here and now…

Removing the shashinshuu's jacket reveals a beautiful gatefold photo of Sayu covering the entire front and back covers in a single shot which I believe is the first of this nature for a H!P pb release. While this photo may actually be a nicer shot of Sayu, the cover is much more representative of this release.

I love the photos of Sayu with that large black scarf as it reminds me of the H!P member scarfs that are on the way! 🙂

The following are shots from Sousou's making of DVD:


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20 Responses to 道重さゆみ 蒼蒼写真集リリース。

  1. Hotaru says:



  2. Rad♂ says:

    No doubting Sayu has always been a clock-stopper. However, the mature look can also boomerang vis-a-vis the idol preferences of fans. Could well be that Sayu will soon graduate, and with limited singing skills, the future looks dubious.


  3. Hotaru I too really love the whole look of her new pb and as she grows up this transition is a perfectly normal phase for her. She's looking like such a beautiful young lady now and perhaps her beauty and charisma will help get her into an actress or t.v. personality career in the future after her idol days pass. 🙂


  4. Radicalipton I think as Sayu grows up this change is just a natural progression for her as she can't remain in her "Usachan" peace days beyond her years as it wouldn't really match after awhile. Her inner cuteness will always remain and I'm thinking that true Sayu fans will love her no matter what image she portrays as she matures. As far as graduating, while Sayu perhaps doesn't have a solo career in her future she could possibly follow the route that Rikachan has gone into with a new group. And even further into the future I'm hopeful that her ever growing charisma and beauty will open doors into dramas or possibly a t.v. personality career if she chooses to remain in show business. All in all I'm not worried about Sayu as I feel that she's a very capable young woman and no matter what future endeavors she decides to pursue I think she'll be just fine. 🙂


  5. mizunohi says:

    She looks so beautiful! She has really matured but she still has some of her "cute" image left! Her smile is really adorable!
    I love how she has those goofy pictures where her expression is like "OMG I didn't realize that!" Not saying shes slow…just that she can use that and it really makes her personality whole. 😀
    As said earlier, I agree that she would make a great actress or TV host! Bring back the old Hello!Morning with Sayu as the host XD Taka-chan (Utaban) would probably try and recruit her (~~a maid costume, sitting next to him…. XD)!


  6. paul.thomas says:

    This looks great! I do love a Sayu PB!I was worried slightly about this release, because of the transition from cute to sexy, the main reason I like both Koharu and Sayumi is mainly because of their cute factor, but from looking at your scans there was nothing to worry about. It's clear that they are trying to move her into a more sexy image but it still looks like there's a touch of the cute in there, from the expressions on her face to the bikinis and outfits she has on, the old Sayu is in their, just a bi more grown up :)Can't wait to get a copy of this!


  7. Rad♂ says:

    If I'm not mistaken, Sayu has a radio show and that us a far better working environment for her; the same goes for Risa, who has also become quite a communicaster.


  8. mizunohi I love the idea of Sayu beside Taka-chan on Utaban as they would make a very entertaining pair! The minute she showed up with that maid outfit the humor would start flying from Taka-chan! 🙂 I miss the old H!M format so much!! So much of the shows content just had to be cut out due to the much reduced air time they now receive. I love those expressions from Sayu too! It really is part of her personality and now that you mention it I think that most if not all of her pbs contain shots like those. 🙂


  9. Paul "Sousou" really has made the shift to mature a more prominent one as this shashinshuu was really produced with that direction in mind. But like you say her inner cute is still there in lots of these shots and I don't think that that will ever go away no matter how much older Sayu is. 🙂 I'm thinking you can probably pick this one up in Japan while you're there during the first week of January as that'll save you a lot on shipping charges.


  10. Radicalipton Sayu has recently been showing a lot of development and it's especially visible in recent episodes of HM@ where it's the perfect vehicle for her to shine outside of concerts. Much of this is her personality which you're right about not having much direction in the past but now she's really coming into her own I feel. You can just really see it happening. Ah Gakisan would be perfect as a t.v. personality or host of some kind! But with the appropriate production behind her I think that she can continue in music if she chooses. One may only need to watch her incredible solo performance of "Koe" in concerts last year to see this.


  11. paul.thomas says:

    Yeah I'm thinking I'll grab a copy whilst I'm out there, but as to whether it will save me on shipping I'm not to sure. Lol, it's anything like the last time I went I'll buy too many to take home and will have to post some back to myself :S


  12. Rad♂ says:

    I honestly believe Sayu has long been the most striking of all the Morning Musume members, and I hope she is not on her way to graduation any time soon!


  13. I'm wondering if customs has a limit that you have to abide by…as I imagine you'll have even more H!P merchandise on this trip! Your first H!P concert experience has almost arrived! 🙂


  14. I feel the same way as I can't imagine Momusu without her! I'm hoping that the current group lineup goes on for a long while.


  15. mizunohi says:

    Taka-chan could bring out more of the funny side of sayu! It's a side we surely don't see enough of!
    It is a shame the air time was cut for HM, but slowly they're bringing it back – at least closer – to what it was like before! I'd love to see Kame as Eric Kamezo and Sayu with her bunny ears doing the news!
    Those expressions are what makes her seem much younger than her years, which fits beautifully with her maturing image. With it I can see her growing up to be some what like Nacchi – she even has the mother-like quality to her! I remember a Futarigoto episode when she brought in her box of hair ties and explained how she wanted a daughter that she could dress up in cute dresses and ribbons. XD


  16. mizunohi HM@ has been improving its format recently and the one thing that surely would make it even better would be bringing back the news segment! I miss it so much and a Kamei, Sayu, & Yukosan team would be so well received! Ah the legendary "future daughter" Futarigoto episode!! She's such a ball of energy in this episode and so many hair ties!! :O Her re-enactment of her audition song, Melon Kinenbi's "Akai Freesia" is one of the cutest things caught on tape ever! 🙂 With these episodes you could really see which members have a natural candidness in front of the camera where no particular script or design has been given to them. Sayu really shined the most here! And so many other members were great fun to watch as well! 🙂 With all of the cooking with Tanakachi & Konkon and I'm trying to remember which member was watching a scary movie…I think it was Gocchin…and she got so frightened that she actually fell off of the cushion she was sitting on!! :O Aichan & Gakisan's great conversation near the river is still one of my favorites as well!


  17. mizunohi says:

    "Akai Freesia" is so great for Sayu, I was so happy when she finally nailed it in her audition after trying so hard! Like Konkon, she was kind of the "failure" of her generation – because of that she always tries the hardest. I really appreciate that kind of person, they are the real "idols" and rolemodels for everyone!
    Aichan and Gakisan "arguing" was really funny, it seemed almost scripted how well they knew each other. They showed how close they were, even outside of Momusu. My personal favourite was Kaori's foot massage! I thought it was funny that she talked so seriousally about how she relaxes. Another great episode was when Yossui dressed up and acted very girly. 😀


  18. Aw I'm trying to remember what word Tsunku used to describe Sayu in the beginning and I think it was something like…'unremarkable.' :O It's true that she and Konkon really became such endeared members to fans with their hard work and effort as you mention. I love watching that Aichan & Gakisan conversation! It really cracks me up the way Aichan's mind wanders into strange and interesting thoughts at just about any moment! 🙂 You really learned a lot about their friendship from this episode too! Heheh Yossi's girly outfit was so cute! It was like she was having an out of body experience! I bought these DVD collections and really should watch them more often.


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