Sayu “Sousou” preview magazine scans from Friday!

Here we get an advance look into Sayu's new shashinshuu which was just released in Japan. Sayu has matured so beautifully and as evidenced in these photos it looks to be quite possibly her best effort to date! Amazon Japan has just sent out my copy yesterday so hopefully it may arrive by next week Monday or Tuesday. With this release I'm anticipating a further shift to mature and sophisticated as Sayu gradually outgrows her "usachan" peace days although I imagine that it will always be part of her personality in some way as I'd hate to see that part of her go away altogether. Sayu looks simply radiant and her charm has certainly reached a whole new level as we've been seeing on episodes of HM@ each week. More thoughts to come on this release when it arrives next week. 🙂





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14 Responses to Sayu “Sousou” preview magazine scans from Friday!

  1. Hotaru says:

    Sayumi is such a pretty girl. Her last photobook blew me away, and this one will do the same, no doubt. I'm happy she's growing into a more mature girl, trying to be cute isn't cute after a certain age <__<


  2. paul.thomas says:

    Sayu looks amazing! I'm really looking forward to this PB, thanks for posting the scans, I've been dying to see previews for such a long time now, I was wondering if any of the magazines were going to feature previews, but I haven't had a chance to pop out and grab copies of them. I am finding it slightly odd with the Special Making of DVDs, how are they selecting who gets one and who doesn't? I would be putting in an order right now if I knew Sayumi had one!


  3. mizunohi says:

    She's so pretty! Although I agree that she is maturing beautifully, she still manages to seem so cute, especially in her mizugi pictures! That's my favourite thing about her (just like that last picture!), she's one of the few H!P members I really keep the mizugi photos for. ^^


  4. She's such a beautiful girl.


  5. strawberrie says:

    Yeah, when looking online at YesAsia I saw her photobook cover for the first time. I totally shouted out, "Mom, I feel like a total lez wanting to buy this." But I do agree, she is starting to grow out of her "Usa-chan Peace!" days.


  6. I totally agree that the slight image change is definitely working for her as she may be a little too old for her previous persona. I too am anticipating this one to top her last effort which is setting that bar really high!


  7. Paul I'm not even sure if Wani is publishing her new pb as I didn't get a chance to check but if they are then Up to boy should also have some off shots which would be nice too. The extended making of DVDs seem to be kind of random right now and I still can't get over how no frills Kohachan's disc's packaging was! :O But as you mentioned it's what's on the disc that matters most but still no case jacket? I'm happy that it's picture labeled though! 🙂


  8. When Sayu first joined Momusu I never envisioned her maturing this way and she's really one of H!P's most radiant members. The producers always seem to find the right mizugi for her that really match. That last photo is cute one!


  9. Sayu seems to become more beautiful every time I see her and her looks are now a combination of both cute and radiant. It'll be interesting to see what overall style her new pb has.


  10. strawberrie that must have got quite a reaction I imagine! Ah I just saw the cover and I can totally understand your reaction! Hopefully it'll arrive in the next couple of days or so. I also think that her current hairstyle really suits her facial features the best and I'm hoping that she doesn't change it for awhile.


  11. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  12. paul.thomas says:

    Yeah the no frills Kohachan DVD was a bit of a shocker (I still haven't gotten around to watching all of it yet) I noticed that Ohta had an Eri Sports Festival DVD up awhile ago (not to sure if it's still up or not) but that was along the same lines, printed DVD but no sleeve, very odd. I'm wondering if it's a common thing for DVDs not on sale to the general public?It does seem very random with the Making Of DVDs, who has it been so far? Yurina, Miyabi, Airi and Kohachan?? Not to sure if that's right or if I'm missing any…but it seems a bit odd to miss out members of Morning Musume, in fact it seems odd to miss out any member really, they must have enough footage from the ones accompanying the PBs to make a decent DVD and each member must have enough fans to make it worthwhile, although I don't know how long the Making Of that comes with Sayu one is, or even if it does come with one or not. UFA moves in mysterious ways


  13. guacg her new shashinshuu just arrived yesterday but I haven't had a chance to open it up yet but when I do I'll try to have some shots of it put up here. Ah I love how you've summed up your love for Sayu there! The back cover may even be nicer than the front cover!


  14. Hmm I wonder if that Kamei disc was from this past Sports festival which came in that gigantic mammoth sized box set?! I imagine those may have no frills packaging as well. I was so shocked when I first saw Koharuchan's special extended making of DVD! O_O I was like…eh?! Like did they forget the jacket for my copy? LOL! You're probably exactly right about these releases as they don't need to have jackets since they don't sit on sales shelves but still wouldn't it have been nice if Koharchan's had one?! It really couldn't cost that much more to have a simple jacket could it? Recently the making of DVDs that accompany the pbs have been getting progressively longer for the most part with Nacchi's hitting the half hour mark! It truly is random though with the special extended versions and I believe you named them all…or did Nacchi have one too? I think she may have or perhaps I'm just dreaming. 😛 They've got to have the footage available so I can't see why every shashinshuu release doesn't get one of these although that may be too tempting for fans! Heheh you just made me think of U2 when you said 'mysterous ways.' 🙂


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