Holiday shopping H!P style

Paul recently posted on his Hello!Blog the new designs available this year for H!P scarfs! He has a complete listing with photos of every scarf being released this year which includes every member from Momusu, Berryz Koubou, & C-ute! Each scarf comes with 2 member photos and includes an embroidered signature along with a beautifully designed logo with that member's initials. Last year I purchased scarfs from Kamei, Aichan, & Gakisan and as odd as it may seem since I live in Hawaii I do find them to make great decorative pieces as well as great collector's items. As Paul mentions in his entry, this year's designs have eclipsed last year's by far and look sensational with varying colors (each group has a different color scheme) set against black creating a dynamic appearance!

So this year I'm ordering or actually I should say just ordered scarfs of favorite members Risakochan, Kamei, & Jun Jun. Thank you Paul for keeping an eye out for these as I was just beginning to lose hope that there would be any released this year! The Kamei scarf is for wu-san as a Christmas present but after seeing how adorable the included photos are I may just need to get two of them. 😛

Pre-orders made for these member scarfs need to be placed prior to December 18th as Ohta will be collectively placing an order on that day. Here's a link to Ohta's H!P store with a listing for these scarfs. He is currently taking pre-orders for all members of Momusu & Berryz Koubou and doesn't appear to have picked up the C-ute line at this moment. Also note that if a particular Momusu or Berryz Koubou member isn't listed on his site you can send him an e-mail requesting that that particular member be listed if you're intending to order as each time a member's scarf is purchased it disappears from the site for a short while before it's re-listed. The scarfs were a big hit last year and sold out quite quickly so don't hesitate if you're interested in getting one this year! Here's what the three scarfs that I ordered look like:

  Heheh I just ordered another Kamei scarf as I really anticipate having a hard time parting with it! 😛 wu-san I know that you'll be on holiday vacation away from access to the internet for awhile so I'll be sending your Christmas present Kamei scarf set to you when you get back. :) 

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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22 Responses to Holiday shopping H!P style

  1. Hotaru says:

    I don't think I'll be getting one of those scarves… but if I needed a scarf, I would definitely buy Junjun's, Eri's, or Momoko's!


  2. Zush says:



  3. mizunohi says:

    Ah! These are so pretty! ^^ I think I'm going to get risachans! I really love the embroidered signature!
    Junjun's signature is so cute >< and Kame's is still the Momusu only one that looks like a real signature XD


  4. wu-san says:

    arh, Morningberryz, what can I say???
    I didn't think scarfs would be showing their faces anytime soon, but here they are. All I can say is thank you very, very much ^^.
    I'm off the j-bog radar tommorrow, but I've got a little time to just say thank you right now. I'll msg you before before I go to bed, but just to say…You've made my christmas! 😛 and we'll sort out the details when I get back.
    I'm really glad you got a Jun Jun one. those two J's next to each other is really somethings hehe,


  5. strawberrie says:

    I would totally love to get a Jun Jun one but I just my money on buying books for next semester. Hehe, unless I can talk my parents into paying half, I don't think I will get one.


  6. paul.thomas says:

    I've just realised what the logos remind me of, they look like the emblem on the cover of Battle Royale, especially the Morning Musume ones as they are the same colour as well.I was really hoping that I would be getting Erika's but as soon as I saw Koharu's photo I just had to get hers, she just looks so cute! Lol, I need the will power to refrain myself from always buying Koha's merchandise…I just can't help it though, I see her, I want it.


  7. Hotaru I may the wackiest one out there as I'm buying these and I live in Hawaii where seeing a scarf out in public is equivalent to a polar bear sighting at the beach. 😛 But still I find them to be such great collector's items and I hang them up decoratively.


  8. Zush sounds like you had a tough choice to make! Both would be nice and I just couldn't resist Risakochan's scarf set as her slightly odd signature is too adorable. Thanks for clearing up the photo details and that's quite a large photograph! Something more to look forward too! 🙂


  9. mizunohi I imagine that one of these would be perfect for this time of year in your area. I didn't get a close look at Gakisan's but I'm imagine that she still has the cute little mame (bean) character in her signature as it was on her scarf last year. Interesting that you mention that about Kamei's signature as I never really thought about it that way and you're totally right!


  10. wu-san I heard about these from Paul as he's been keeping an eye out for them and I was actually beginning to think that there weren't going to be new scarfs this year but finally they've been listed! These new designs look incredible…now if only it would snow in my neighborhood but just for a little while as I don't think I could handle the chill! 😛 Have a great Christmas break and you're most welcome! 🙂 Your scarf will be waiting until you get back!


  11. strawberrie maybe if your parents get to see just how adorable they are they may just help chip in for one. 🙂 If the weather there suits it these would be very practical to own for those chilly days.


  12. Paul you're absolutely right as it does really resemble that logo! This series was so original and quite shocking with so many up and coming actors in it. With their initials in the middle of the wreath like design the similarity is quite amazing. Heheh I'm anticipating that you're going to return from your trip to Japan with a lot of Koharuchan merchandise! 🙂 Interestingly Ohta didn't list the C-ute scarfs on his site but I'm sure he'd place an order for one if someone requested for it. Ah Erikachan is yet again eclipsed by Koharuchan! While in Japan I do imagine that you'll be purchasing some of her merchandise there though as she does constant battle with Koharuchan in your mind. 😛 Thank you for keeping an eye out for these this year! I can't get over how great these new ones look!


  13. mizunohi says:

    Kame's signature was is always the first one I notice because it always stands out…it suits her! ~~She always stands out from the crowd! XD
    ~~At my house it is so cold!!!! I can see snow right now on the mountains, but luckily it hasn't reached down to my house yet! ~~I can think of gakichan keeping me warm! 😀
    I got your package today!!!! ^^ I can't wait for christmas day to open it! For now my mom hid it somewhere! :O


  14. Ah I'm so happy that it arrived in time for Christmas! 🙂 You're mom hid it? :O I hope your mom isn't a Koharuchan fan or she may keep it for herself! 😛 Ah Kamei really is a member that gets your attention right away and the style of her signature really does match her personality. She's the most adorable H!P girl…but of course I'm biased on that! 😛 I hope you were able to pre-order Gakisan's 2007 scarf! It'll be perfect for this time of year every year and with your cold weather it's totally appropriate whereas for me living in Hawaii if someone saw me wearing a scarf they would find it to be the strangest thing! But still I like collecting these. 🙂


  15. paul.thomas says:

    Yeah it's interesting that Ohta didn't get any C-ute ones in, I guess there are more Morning Musume and Berryz fans out there, but as you say I'm sure he would have grabbed me an Erikachan one if I had emailed.


  16. strawberrie says:

    Well when I ask my dad all he did was yell saying we already charge so much on the card but when he found out that I was charging to my card and all had to was pay thirty dollars, he agree and told me I wouldn't get my money until next month. Yea, I'm glad I order mine, when I order it it was only 11 left and now there's only eight.


  17. As you mentioned earlier it really would be much less expensive to pick one of these up when you're in Japan in about a couple of weeks!! The only thing I'm worried about is the possibility of them selling out. Ohta does mention on his site that they will likely sell out quickly so that is a concern. I'm wondering if you should order one now just to be safe or am I being to worried?!


  18. strawberrie I'm happy to hear that you got to order a scarf! And I had no idea that they were running out so fast! I'm assuming that you ordered a Jun Jun one…and there's only 8 left?! I guess when Ohta said that these would sell out quickly he wasn't kidding!


  19. paul.thomas says:

    Really didn't want to take a chance on missing out, so I ordered a Koharu one luckily Ohta has said he'll post it the hotel i'm staying in, so fingers crossed if he gets it and I mail him when I'm out there it'll get to me wihtout any problems. Otherwise it'll be waiting for me when I get back.


  20. Ohta really is the best! That's a great idea having it sent to you while you're in Japan so that you can make use of it right away and hopefully at the concert event(s). It was probably a good idea to not wait as they indeed may have sold out by the time you got there. 🙂


  21. Hotaru says:

    Ah! I forgot you lived in Hawaii. Now your purchases seem weird…XD Not really, they are great collector items and I would buy them if I had the money and lived in Hawaii too… 😀


  22. Hotaru indeed owning a scarf collection and living in Hawaii are a bit odd and while they'll probably not be worn I do hang them decoratively around the room as their large size makes for a mini tapestry effect. When I do travel to a cold area I do imagine that they'll come in handy when that day comes. Only I'd be afraid to get them dirty! 😛


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