Alas there will be a Mikitty sighting here in Hawaii!!

Just saw this information over at momo's blog and it's finally going to happen!!…Mikitty is resurfacing for this fan club event which will be held here on the island of Oahu in Hawaii next March! Momo has listed some of the details as to when they will be arriving as well as an appearance at Aloha Tower which will occur during their event here. They are also scheduled to play a match here and I'm wondering against whom? Hmmmm…if a few of us Hawaii fans get together maybe we can get in on a match… 😛 Haha! okay now I'm awake! Ah what an amazing thing it would be to see Konkon, Yossi, Rikachan, Ayumi, and of course Mikitty here in person! Events like these really make me wish that they'd allow the locals access to even just a little part of the event as it would be the experience of a lifetime for a H!P fan.

Still the most significant thing about this FC event is that Mikitty is finally back from her exile! Momusu lost such an important member when she was "forced" to graduate and after the GAM tour ended she really fell off of the edge of H!P planet it seemed but now there's hope that she will once again become active in future concerts as perhaps this is a first sign of that. I miss her "abrasively fun" personality and of course her strong vocals! 🙂 It was reported that she was the very one that had mentioned (on her radio program which she used to have) the possibility of petitioning for the allowance of local fans into their events here in Hawaii after she witnessed seeing them outside of the Waikiki Shell when Momusu was departing on their bus after their mini concert there. But of course we all know what happened shortly after that…

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10 Responses to Alas there will be a Mikitty sighting here in Hawaii!!

  1. Hotaru says:

    Ah, I was almost excited! I'm going with my boyfriends parents(and him) to Hawaii (Oahu) over spring break. Although I don't think I was going to get to see them, I really can't see them, since I'm leaving for Oahu the day they leave!Its nice to see Mikitty doing things, though 😀


  2. paul.thomas says:

    I really hope that they start allowing the local fans in Hawaii into these events, it would be an amazing experience for you guys, I've never understood why they are fan club only events as to me it seems really pointless. I guess the problem is they don't have a way of reaching out to the fans over there directly, I really think that they should at least consider expanding the fan club outside of Japan, with email there's no need to be sending letters etc through the post or anything like that so it's not like it'll cost them too much to set it up, all they really need is a good translator. If Mikitty's coming back and she was talking about it then fingers crossed she'll continue to try pushing for local fans to attend. How amazing would it be to put into the local supermarket or somewhere like that queuing up to buy your bread and milk and having the Gatas team in the queue in front of you, buying their half time drinks and oranges!


  3. Hotaru I hope we have great weather when you arrive…lately it's been windy, rainy, and not much sunshine although today's pretty nice. I guess it's our version of Winter and the Spring should be much nicer. There's really no hope for access at one of these events but they sometimes have activities at open public places such as the beach or a park where one may just be able to see them…from afar. 😛 The return of Mikitty is really the best thing about this announcement. 🙂


  4. Paul I've been wishing for years for an international H!P fan club so that we can be part of their special activities as well. They come to Hawaii so often that they really could set up multiple events for something like that I imagine. I'd be too spoiled though as you earlier mentioned how I'd be able to drive home versus fly home after an event here. 😛 Even if they charged quite a lot for just the live event I'd still go of course! Even if they made us sit in back of the fan club members traveling here with them that wouldn't matter at all either as the experience would be so amazing. I imagine that fans in the continental U.S. would fly here for an event like this too. But it all really seems out of reach and will probably remain just a dream. Hahah if I saw the Gatas team at my local supermarket in line I may faint! 😛 And then wish I had my camera with me…I'd be like "wait here, I'll be right back!" 😛


  5. paul.thomas says:

    We should follow in Mikittys footsteps and get a petition going to start an international fan club ;p If the fan club events in Hawaii were open to everyone I'd try to be over at every chance I had, the cost to fly to Hawaii is so much cheaper for me than going to Japan. We can dream!It would be sods law that the supermarket would be sold out of disposable cameras as well, lol.


  6. Heheh Paul I somehow didn't even think of a disposable camera! 😛 And here I'd be rushing home as they drive away… :O For some reason I thought we were further away from the U.K. than Japan! 😛 Wow we could attend concert events together here! Someone pinch me I need to wake up! Hmmm…an online "let us in" International Fan Club petition!


  7. paul.thomas says:

    My mistake, I was forgetting to take the cost of the hotel off of my trip, whoops! With that off, the prices are almost the same, Hawaii is about £50-£100 more, so it's not too much of a difference. Well worth the price to see a H!P concert and then soak up the sun! If only…..


  8. It's amazing that the cost for the trip to here or Japan from the U.K are so close together! In just a few more days you won't have to dream anymore as you're going to attend an actual H!P concert!! Your excitement must really be reaching its peak! 🙂


  9. HarimaKenji says:

    Gatas is a very interesting group, indeed… I think I'm getting a good idea of what's behind this soccer team story. This group has one member that had already quit the whole H!P (Konkon), some new recruits (Eggs), one member who graduated from Morning Musume and had the risk of becoming too inactive (Yossie), one from a group that doesn't do much (Satoda Mai), and finally one that's just recovering from a scandal (Mikitty). In other words, this is the Miracle group! The one where all these girls who had an uncertain, maybe not very bright future ahead, or whose career seemed already over, go and work together to make great achievements ❤ ❤ ❤ A group like this existing gives me hope for the future, and is the best thing that happened in H!P this year ❤


  10. HarimaKenji what an assessment! I've never thought about the members in this light that you've eloquently brought up! 🙂 Some UFA masterminds really did create a group with a purpose with Gatas Brilhantes. What I used to view as a random ensemble now makes so much sense. I love that…'miracle group.' 🙂


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