Morning Musume’s Second Morning: A tale of 4 first pressing trading booklets.

Recently I had a conversation with denadel which sparked after he had noticed in "My Hello! Project Collection zenbu" post that I own four copies of Morning Musume's 2nd album "Second Morning." I was still working at a record store at the time of this album's release in the Summer of '99 and while pricing the shipment I noticed through the opening in the slip cases that the booklets contained within varied in color. Our shipment had four different colors total as there were multiple copies of the some colors which we received. The colors we received were red, blue, yellow, and green. To this day I'm still not sure how many different colors these booklets were released in for this first pressing as I just recently became aware of the purple one through conversations with denadel. J-Pop collectibles have always been a primary thing for me and that day was no different as I proceeded to buy a copy of each of the colors that we received. Not really knowing what to expect I opened them all up and started comparing the different colored booklets with each other and while some pages contain only subtle differences in the photo shoots others are significantly different as you will see. denadel noticed that Ohta had for sale the purple booklet edition and was very gracious to let me purchase it as I would only have done so if he wasn't going to purchase it. It should arrive in a few days as it was just sent out recently. Now for the four colored booklets that I own right now.

Starting with the first 2 pages:

There are a few pages like these where all the photos are from the same photo shoot and pose. You can play "who has the most noticeably different facial expression" with these shots as they're differences are very subtle.

The next 2 pages do show some significant differences:

These are a bit more varied and were taken from 3 different photo shoots.

The next 2 pages are different shots from the same photo shoot and I really love the styling of every member here, especially Yukosan, Ayappe, & Nacchi!

The next two pages from each booklet were taken from 2 different photo shoots and contain some candid background scenery. Nacchi's Army green outfit is really adorable!

The next two pages feature a nice gatefold photo in each booklet and depending on which color booklet you own it varies between beach & greenery as the location for the photo shoot. Again subtle differences can be seen in each photo when compared to each other. 

The next 2 pages from each booklet again feature 3 different photo shoots and it looks like the hairstylist had a bit of fun with these going from a bodied look to straight. 

Heheh it looks like the camera caught Keisan by surprise! 😛

The last 2 pages are from a single photo shoot and the red booklet has the members positioned differently from the other 3 booklets that I own. Nacchi has the cutest look on her face in the blue booklet's photo and I love the look that Yukosan has here as well! 

One last note about "Second Morning" is how it still stands as one of Momusu's strongest albums to date along with "First Time" as it includes the great singles "Manatsu no kousen", Memory seishun no hikari, furusato…one of their best b-sides "Never Forget"…along with outstanding non single tracks "Papa ni niteiru kare, "Senkou hanabi", "Koi no shihatsuressha", and the timeless classic "Dadidudedodadi!"

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23 Responses to Morning Musume’s Second Morning: A tale of 4 first pressing trading booklets.

  1. denadel says:

    Hey, you went ahead and made the post you were talking about 😀 It was
    great seeing the different photos. Since i am a sucker for
    photographies and especially the ones taken in the old days of H!P. I
    really enjoyed reading your post and looking through the pictures.
    And it was kinda cool seeing my name on your front page, hehe!

    Have you ever seen it mentioned somewhere, the idea behind the different booklets?


  2. Andra says:

    These photos are great but the differences between the booklets are quite big, I thought they were smaller… Mine (the purple booklet) is also different from these, I shall scan the pictures tomorrow I think. It's nice to have this comparison!


  3. denadel I'm happy that you got to see these! It'd be quite a dilemma for me if they did something like this now as I'd maybe have to get them all somehow. It'd be so difficult though buying them new as you wouldn't know which booklet you were getting until it arrived and as a consequence may end up with multiple copies of the same version. I hope that fans visit your page to see lots of information on the early era of Momusu and H!P as you're very knowledgeable! 🙂 I've actually havent' read anything about these before and I imagine that if I wasn't working at the record store at the time of their release I may have ended with only one copy of this album. Just being there and seeing the different colors in the slip cases got my attention and I couldn't resist.


  4. Andra that'll be great when you scan your copy too! I still haven't seen what the photos in the purple booklet look like as the copy I bought from Ohta will probably arrive sometime next week. It's an amazing coincidence that he had the very color that I'm missing although I still do wonder if there are more colors out there. Yes some of the pages are quite different but at the same time others have really subtle differences in them where it's just a matter of a slightly different facial expression or position of the members. I'll be on the look out for your scans! 🙂


  5. mizunohi says:

    Wow! I never expected so much difference! ^^ It's really great to compare them all! I think I like the one I got (green) best. ^o^
    A few of these pictures are great for the "spot the difference" game 😀


  6. Andra says:

    I have now scanned the purple booklet! You can find the pictures in my blog. 🙂


  7. paul.thomas says:

    I've always been curious about the differences between these booklets, thanks for posting the scans, it's great to actually see the differences. I really like the last scans (7) nice subtle differences, but the whole just seeing their heads resting their like coconuts on a coconut shy really made me laugh.


  8. That's great that you have a first pressing of this album! The green booklet does have a nice combination of photos and I still get kick out of remembering just how little Nacchi was back then! I see that Andra has the purple booklet scans up and I must take a look.


  9. Andra thank you for scanning the purple booklet so quickly! I just had a look and they indeed all have some kind of unique touch to them in some way. 🙂 So many years have passed with me not knowing that there were more than 4 different colored booklets out there for this release and I now wonder if there could be a fifth as well.


  10. Paul I really should have scanned these sooner but only recently did denadel get me thinking about them again as I recall us talking about them kind of a long time ago but I'm not sure if I had a scanner back then. Heheh now every time I look at those photos I'm going to think of coconuts! 😀 Those photos do have a kind of strange floating head aura about them. 🙂


  11. jeffington says:

    that could be to much cute in one blog entry


  12. denadel says:

    Andra, thank youf or posting the scans from the purple bookelt.
    I had no idea there were different colors until MorningBerryz told me.
    I have the yellow one, and i have always thought that was the only one!
    I was told by the seller the books were limited to first pressing. I
    would never have imagined they would do this much out of it, but then
    again H!P staff were probably more creative before!

    I think avex did something similar to namie amuro's 'sweet 19 blues'
    album. I have seen four or five different slip cases for it.

    MorningBerryz, thank you for the nice words 🙂


  13. jeffington very well said! 🙂


  14. denadel your absolutely right as "Sweet 19 Blues" did have multiple album covers available when it was first released! I love Amuro Namie and actually own all of her singles but had to choose just one cover when they did these. Back then I just couldn't see myself owning all of the covers for this album despite them all being done very well. When it comes to H!P it's much different for me as I usually like to have all of the variations as much as possible. You're very deserving and I enjoy talking about rare releases with you! 🙂


  15. HarimaKenji says:

    According to the Japanese Wikipedia, "初回盤はトレーディングブックレット1種付き。トレーディングブックレットは全7種(7色:橙、黄、緑、水色、青、紫)で収録写真が異なる。", from which I can understand something like "In total, there are 7 types of trading booklets (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue and purple)". Link here. I hope no one said this already, because I didn't read all the comments here =P I have now edited the English Wikipedia to include this information.


  16. denadel says:

    I enjoy talking with you about these too 🙂

    Speaking of which, i found HQ scans of the light blue version 😀 I
    downloaded the album a long time ago, before i bought it. I have always
    thought the scans in my hard drive was my own (yellow version) but
    turns out they are form the light blue version 😀

    I am gonna post them on my blog in a few days! (

    Now we're only missing the pictures from the orange version!!


  17. Thanks HarimaKenji for the information on this release! We now know that there are 7 in total! :O Wow I can't believe that there were so many different colors produced for this one album release. And with the differences in the included photos it would really be great to one day own them all somehow. Hmmm a light blue and orange booklet…maybe they'll pop up on auctions or eBay one day! Thank you for updating the site as well as the "mystery" has now been solved! What's amazing is that even with an entire sizable order done back when I was ordering for a record store, we still didn't receive every color! :O


  18. denadel and now we have a quest to find the last orange booklet! Wow you already have scans of the light blue one! I'll be sure to have a look at them to note the differences. I can't believe that they produced 7 different booklets for this one album release! If they did something like this today all of us would be broke! 😛


  19. denadel says:

    ^Haha yeah, totally! All my money would go to H!P was it 1999!

    I have posted the pictures at my blog for anyone who wanna see them 🙂


  20. denadel thank you for posting the light blue booklet photos so quickly! 🙂 This one also has nice variations from the different photo shoots and I wonder if this edition will show up one day somewhere. It's amazing that you had these scans all this time! Ah just one more booklet to find!


  21. denadel says:

    ^Your welcome! and yeah just one more to go. What if we nevre find it 8O!

    I was reading the japanese wikipedia, and i think it mentioned a
    screensaver. When i pop my cd into the computer nothing show up. Did
    yours come with a screensaver?


  22. HarimaKenji says:

    What you have came with a booklet, so it's first pressing. The screensaver comes with the common edition.通常盤 = common edition


  23. denadel I remember hearing about this when "Second Morning" was first released but I never did buy a regular edition with the screen saver. In fact I've never actually seen what it looks like. I'm thinking we will find the last orange booklet in time! 🙂


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