Biyuuden…from angelic to the wild side.

Biyuuden's first single collection includes all 9 singles the group has released up until now and is the perfect release for fans who have held back on acquiring their individual singles as it presents itself then as the perfect collection. I would liked to have seen the inclusion of all 9 b-sides as well but that would have of course made it into a 2 CD set raising the price tag even further but with the b-sides come quite a few musical gems including my favorite Biyuuden coupling with song "Ichou~Aki no sora to watashi no kokoro~" which beautifully incorporates some of Marvin Gaye's "Mercy Mercy Me" into its arrangement. 

While I do already own all 9 of their singles, for me the lure of this release lies in it's inclusion of a new song along with the bonus DVD. Listening to this collection which has the songs arranged in chronological order from most recent single to their debut release as the closing track, provides quite a nice listening experience and a unique one for me as I've never actually played all of their singles back to back in entirety. What this really emphasizes is the diversity of Biyuuden's single releases as their brand of pop is quite flavorful and in that a new kind of appreciation can be found.

The styling of this compilation presents Biyuuden in two drastically different lights as their photo shoots go from an elegant white angelic tone to a powerful image of dark colors…

…giving them quite a cutting edge look that hasn't been seen in H!P until now. The transformation is stunning as a fierceness is laid over the adorable persona that we're all so accustomed to with this group! They really could have gone either way with the cover as these "white" photos have Biyuuden looking perhaps their best to date. As I looked upon their debut single next to these photos I find it hard to even begin to describe just how much Erikachan and Yuichan have matured in a rather short period of time. Rikachan's facial features are definitely more suited to her longer hair style which has happily returned after a brief hiatus.

The lone new track "FANTASY" opens the album and is a techno inspired tune which possesses a full throttle rhythm with a keyboard arrangement that is reminiscent of the mid 90's. It has a sound that would be right at home in a night dance club and perhaps the bonus DVD should have included a pv of this track as it creates quite a visual in one's head. Overall the song isn't an outstanding one and definitely not on the level of a single release but it does hold a modest hook within it making for a nice addition to Biyuuden's growing musical catalog.

The bonus DVD has a running time of approximately 12 minutes and includes individual "Close-up" versions for each member for their pv "Aisu cream~ to my pudding." An interesting and possibly odd choice but I imagine they felt the need to put the unused footage to good use here. It's been quite awhile since I last viewed their 4th single's pvs and it had the feeling of a mini time warp for me as the change in Erika and Yui's comfort level since the release of this single becomes incredibly clear when viewing their individual close up versions included with this new compilation. Rikachan already being a very well seasoned pro has her aura of enticement working in her version as she continuously varies her approach while Erikachan and Yuichan remain in one "mode" throughout their entire close up versions as this release was quite early in their development. While they do provide an interesting watch, the replay value of these individual close up versions may not hold up over time as the original pvs are far more entertaining. That being said it does provide a unique look at unused footage showing each member solidly throughout the song even when lines are being sung by other members through these scenes of previously edited out footage. Watching this reminds me of one of my favorite aspects of the original version which is the nice tribute the girls pay to Marilyn Monroe's famous scene from "The Seven Year Itch." 🙂


One of my favorite photos from this release is the shot that serves as the inside back cover behind the discs (above). The styling is really unexpected and it's quite an amazing look for them…such a far way from those cute bunny outfits!

My favorite Biyuuden member Erikachan just keeps looking more and more incredible! "Booklet scan3" has such an adorable photo of her! 🙂

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12 Responses to Biyuuden…from angelic to the wild side.

  1. tiggles says:

    I havn't heard of this group before…are they good?


  2. Biyuuden (sometimes written v-u-den) is part of the Hello! Project family of groups and was originally launched for leader Ishikawa Rika (the member you wrote a comment on) after she graduated from Morning Musume. This trio has a brand of cute J-Pop that indeed has a target audience which will become more clear after you've viewed one of their pvs. While they may not be for everyone I do enjoy their flavor of music a lot. 🙂


  3. wu-san says:

    Erika is my fave from Biyuuden too 😛
    although Rika wins overall, but for Biyuuden, I think I like Erika best.
    She looks so cool on booklet scan 6.
    Not sure if I'd like the bonus track mind you, still, I like half of their singles I reckon, so if someone got me this for xmas, I'd be happy.


  4. Hotaru says:

    Biyuuden has some of the most interesting (not in a bad way) music coming from Hello! Project, which is probably why I like them so much! I've never really liked or hated Rika so I don't really pay attention to her… but Yui and Erika grabbed me after their first single! Erika is my favorite, she's just awesome :DFantasy really reminds me of an early 90's song…maybe even 80's! The song sounds like it should be a traveling monologue to me, haha.


  5. wu-san I'm beginning to realize that Erikachan has quite the fan base out there! It took me awhile to realize it but she really is my favorite in this group and that's saying quite a lot as there's Rikachan too. Rika's flirtatious fun with the camera in their pvs is second to none though when it comes to H!P as a whole. The bonus track is okay but having all of these songs together like this makes for a nice release even though I already own them…is that strange to say? 😛


  6. Hotaru Biyuuden really does have their own unique style within H!P and it really suits the members really well especially Rikachan. We also have the same favorite member in this group! She has such wonderful facial features and her personality is slowly but surely surfacing right now. I'm glad that you had the chance to hear "FANTASY" too as it's quite the retro song! 🙂


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    ❤ LOVE the dark outfits. I say they should just forget the bubblegum pop and go J-Rock with those right now. Best shot is Yui in booklet scan 7, now that is a visual Hello! Project is lacking. It's time for the rise of the dark unit!Well, the white ones are beautiful too ^_^ But I prefer Rika in those. Oh, and talking about Rika, I like her now. After you mentioned "Rikai Shite Onna no Ko" sometime ago, I went looking for it, heard it a thousand times and it changed my mind. How could I not like someone with such a sweet voice? Thank God I don't have diabetes… Anyway, now it's time to put "Konnichi Pa" in infinite repeat mode and see if Koharu has any chance with me…


  8. HarimaKenji these wild looks could really work for them I think. They could theme an entire single around it and it would probably cause quite a stir amongst fans! Yuichan really does look wicked there and this whole look reminds me of the 90's J-rock revolution with groups like X-Japan and Luna Sea in their early days. Ah I'm so happy that you found that Rikachan song!! It's the main reason to own that fan club 3" cd set I think although Nacchi's solo song is great too! But nothing ever written for Rikachan says "Rikachan" like "Rikaishite onnanoko." It's an "anime" voice delight in full swing and just the way that she pronounces some words is truly priceless. Heheh with her doing all of the back up vocals as well its just too cute! I have a friend here who used to listen to this song every night before going to sleep and it became like his daily ritual! 🙂 I guess this song makes one feel so happy that it creates the perfect mood for a great night of sleep! Ah Kohachan looks to be up for a great challenge! Gambare Koha! 😀


  9. HarimaKenji says:

    I can understand this friend of yours… A long time ago – 4~5 years – when I was still getting into anime, one of my first ones was called Love Hina, and it was so successful at the time in Japan that two concerts were organized with all the seiyuus singing the whole OST and some extra songs… There was still beautiful, calm one called Yakusoku that I really liked, and I ended having a "daily ritual" just like that =P it kept it for some months. The singer for that is still my favorite seiyuu, Horie Yui. I might try Rika one of these days…


  10. HarimaKenji a nightly "Rikaishite Onnanoko" ritual looks to be a great way to find that perfectly happy frame of mind just before sleep time and I imagine it could really work well for you too. 🙂 I love hearing that you had a similar ritual as a friend of mine had and both songs have an "anime" voice behind them too! 🙂 I'm curious to hear Horie Yui now as you have really great taste in music and I think I may be attracted to her voice as well. Which album is "Yakusoku" on as I would like to buy it. I'm hoping that it's an all vocal album though, because since I'm not familiar with the anime I may not be able to appreciate instrumental tracks.


  11. HarimaKenji says:

    Yui has a singing career besides being a voice actress, but not really promoted because the intended market is probably all the otakus who already know her anyway. She has some singles, 5 albums and one old compilation album with songs she made for anime, but for some reason it doesn't have Yakusoku, which is only in her debut album, Mizutamari ni Utsuru Sekai. Problem is, including Yakusoku I only really like 3 songs in that album, I think her compilation album would be a better choice… It's called Ho?


  12. HarimaKenji thank you for the recommendation as I'm off to see if it's still available at the sites I shop on. Maybe after listening to her compilation album I'll get her debut album so that I can hear "Yakusoku." Thanks for linking the information pages. 🙂


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