HM@12/2/07-”The one with Wii Fitness, Musume animated, & Kamei’s fantastic stir the cauldron dance!”

Today's joyful episode comes to us from historic Kyoto and features Momusu members Tanakachi, Kamei, Aichan, Gakisan, & Sayu along with a most special "guest": the incredibly hard to find Nintendo Wii! And what could be more fitting than a visit to the Nintendo headquarters located there! We get a quick flashback memory of Momusu's previous trip to the game wonderland as the Wii version of Gakisan makes a reappearance. Ah those amazingly thick eyebrows :O along with her old school "bicycle handle" hairstyle! 😛 Hmmm that's pretty much the end result when you allow someone else to create a character likeness of you and her Momusu comrades have done just that. 🙂

So to get started, the character creation of each present member begins using Wii's unique "Mii" (a fun play on spelling) feature and we see some rather striking results as the Wii console allows for quite the customization of facial features and hairstyles. From Aichan, Tanakachi, to Sayu the results have a distinct likeness about them which suits each member right down to Sayu's cute little beauty mark! 🙂

Being featured today is the revolutionary Wii "Fit" controller which features a wireless board allowing for numerous physical activities and games. Aichan is first to take part in the fully interactive experience beginning with a test of balance as she steps upon the board. After a quick analysis her balance is shown to have a 5% differential. One of course would fully expect a great result from Aichan as she studied ballet dance in her early years which would require outstanding balance and body control. Hmmm the results are quite interesting as only Sayu is ranked further out. The following resulting number is a numerical marker of ability (sai) which is then a reflection of attributing age.  Aichan scores 31 :O!, Gakisan 27, Kamei 24, Sayu 37 :O!!, & Tanakachi  is very impressive scoring a 20 with nearly perfect balance! :)  Ah Sayu's cuteness is trapped inside of a 37 year old body! 😛 But really one of Sayu's really endearing qualities is her lack of agility and physical prowess. 🙂

After some yoga exercises via the Wii "Fit" program a grid is now set up showing the mini tournament matchups as Aichan will face Sayu, Gakisan battles Kamei, while top seed Tanakachi will face the winner of the "senior" 😛 Aichan/ Sayu matchup. With the mention of a "gourmet" treat to the winner excitement fills the room and it's game time.

First Aichan goes head to head sort of literally against Sayu in a soccer goalie header simulation challenge. The program's pretty amazing as each Musume member has now been dressed in playing attire resulting in the appearance of an animated Gatas team. Where's Manoeri when you need her! As the goalie each member's shift of weight on the "Fit" board results in their animated counterpart's movement on the screen with the goal being using "headers" to block shots while avoiding odd debris (looks like someone's soccer shoes :O ) which also heads toward your goal. Consecutive successful headers of soccer balls results in additional points being awarded while being hit by other objects subtracts points from a player's total. That's one tough head for sure! :O Play is simultaneous and with some cute leaning from side to side Sayu manages to almost keep up with Aichan as she falls just 3 points behind with a final score of 18-21. Heheh Sayu is surprised to hear that she has just been knocked out of the tournament and on a side note her upcoming shashinshuu release couldn't have come at a better time as she looks absolutely radiant! I hadn't noticed before just how long her hair has grown as well! Aichan now advances to meet Tanakachi but first Gakisan will face off against Kamei.

With an animated setting that resembles that of a game show, Gakisan and Kamei are set to battle each other in a "hoop dance" challenge. Ah Kamei looks like she's doing that "stir the cauldron" dance that's been sweeping the nation!! 😛 Cartoon characters have also long been known to break out in this dance at random moments of happiness! Ahh but a bit later she now resembles a runner with side pain trying to hula hoop their way to victory fighting through the pain! :O Gakisan seems to be a bit more controlled but equally as amusing to watch and comes out ahead with a final score of 239-134! But I truly believe that if the game gave out style points then Kamei surely would've had more of a chance and I'd award her an extra 100 points just for the cartoon character monomane. 😀

Next up is #1 seed Reinachan vs. Aichan with the winner then facing Gakisan in the final. This next game presents the greatest challenge yet as it requires each player to maneuver their weight on the "fit" board resulting in the movement of a marble representing themselves on a "floating" platform which includes a single pocket into which a player must lead their marble into. The danger is that the platform has no walls on it so marbles may be led accidentally right off the edge! Higher levels appear to add multiple marbles to the challenge making for quite a feat! Ahh it looks like we'll have to wait till next episode to see the results of this battle along with some tight rope walking and snow boarding Wii style!

We now switch over to the continuation of Momusu's collaboration with the anime Kirarin Revolution which stars Kohachan. With the voice of Sayu's winning character creation "Gurossan" being set with Mitsii, it's now time for voice training. A final artwork design of "Gurossan" is also revealed and you really have to love the look of this character! Kohachan gives Mitsii some last minute words of advice pertaining to how she emulates her character on screen creating a realism in her voice to each situation by envisioning herself being involved in the actual actions of her on screen character which helps bring out the appropriate emotions and attitude for each scene. Hmmm looks like Mitsii's been to the hairdresser and has opted for a shorter length! Meanwhile I just marvel at how long Sayu's hair has gotten!! It really suits her and may she never cut it! A slightly nervous Mitsii receives the actor's script and before long it's time to record her scenes. Following the director's lead Mitsii is set before her mike and a screen which interestingly shows the scenes in their raw form as the final animation is yet to be produced. This is the first behind the scenes look that I'm getting at the workings of an anime and I never knew that it was done this way before. Simple logic would have me believe that the purpose of recording the actor's voices over the raw story board art is the freedom and accuracy that it would then allow the graphics team to have when creating character's facial expressions, etc. as they can follow their voices and create matching timing and nuances. After a few 'guro!' attempts the director asks for a much more "genki" (lively; spirited) approach to her delivery. Now we all know that Mitsii can deliver genki! And with some further coaching she begins to feel the vocal delivery that is appropriate for her character. 🙂 Mitsii makes it through the real recording and indeed voice acting isn't an easy thing to accomplish…especially when you're a cat! I can only imagine just how difficult it must be for Kohachan to time her lines and get all of her intonation just right! Kohachan looks so adorable in her Kirarin outfit and perhaps Mitsii should dress up as "Gurossan" when in studio as it may help her get into character. 🙂

Lastly the episode closes with a delightful performance of "Yattarouze!" by the incomparable Ongaku Gatas!!! Ahh it's the first time I'm seeing them perform this song without just their upper torso being visible as I've only seen the "Close Up Ver." of their pv so far. It's nice to see them wearing the outfits from their jacket covers as they have a great dynamic look to them and has an overall aura of "team." What I like about these studio performances on HM@ is just how clearly you can hear everyone sing as no audience is present for these recordings. Every member's vocals are strong here giving a confirmation of just how solid this unit is! Whether solo or by ensemble the whole performance is outstanding. And it must be mentioned just how great Manoeri's voice is! Yossi is having an absolutely wonderful time as she flashes some of her trademark humorous looks at the camera at several points in the performance and how much of a pro she's really become can be seen in her confidence and comfort level which are both on showcase here! 🙂 Rikachan is very much in the same class as Yossi in these terms as she also exudes the same flair of confidence and stage command while her vocals are really suited to their songs to this point. And any mention of Ongaku Gatas just wouldn't be complete without a mention of my favorite H!P Egg Nocchi! She's…ultra adorable (the super hero version) and the camera absolutely loves her and hopefully other fans will too! 🙂


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to HM@12/2/07-”The one with Wii Fitness, Musume animated, & Kamei’s fantastic stir the cauldron dance!”

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    =DI completely love this episode.Once again, some genius mind decides to put together games and idols, and I like that combination very much. Thank you HM@ director, whoever you are. This is also a video I can use when spreading the H!P love to some more of my friends, since I'd probably be interested in this great look on the Wii Fit back in my gamer era, even without knowing H!P. Then, when they finally got to the video that had gotten most of my interest between the small segments they show in the beginning, the one with the board and the balls, it is left to the next episode. And I begun changing my mind about my love for HM@'s director.But then, I saw what the next segment was about. So, I guess before making this episode they had a meeting, and decided that since they were already mixing games and H!P, they'd go all the way and fill me with happiness by pairing it with an anime/seiyuu (voice actor) segment. Now, thanks to that, I love this episode, HM@'s director and Aika. That's a lot for one day…-_- And they were still not happy doing all that to me, so they put Konkon in the end.I don't think there's any need to say anything more about my opinion on this episode… Let's just say for some time now I've been watching the episodes on the same day you publish these posts, so I can enjoy both better. But now I'm going to watch the next one right away ❤


  2. HarimaKenji you're absolutely right about the magic that occurs when idols and games are mixed with the right blend! The Wii is an amazing machine that I'd like to own one day as soon as one pops up here in Hawaii somewhere…and of course I'd have to be there at that very moment since they seem to sell out literally within minutes of a store opening! I do hope that this episode works as a vehicle towards spreading more H!P love to your friends! 🙂 I was a bit caught off guard by the Wii cliffhanger that they snuck in there as I thought that all of the "fit" activities were going to be shown in this episode but it does leave something great to look forward to next week when I get the new episode! The board and the marbles look to be the best of the bunch as I'm with you on the excitement. I really enjoyed the inside look at the makings of an anime and learned a few things about the process along the way as well. 🙂 Aika was really fun to watch in this! When you see Kohachan briefly doing her lines in this segment it really gives you a feeling of how much of a pro she is already at doing this and I thought that was great to see. With your love and extensive knowledge of anime I can see how this segment was a favorite of yours! 🙂 I wish I could be on the same week as the latest episodes but due to my ancient computer I get these episodes from Saburo on Saturdays and with the new episode being aired the very next day (actually the same day as Japan is a day ahead of us and just a few hours back) I'm always a week behind. 😛


  3. Cory Roberts says:

    – [but still, i don't have a wii] – Looks like it has screenshots from the Nintendo Wii… so morning musume was doing the Wii Fitness?


  4. Cory Roberts if you get a chance you really should watch this episode as it contains lots of Wii goodness! I'm still on the hunt for one myself. 🙂


  5. Hotaru says:

    After watching Haromoni@, I would really like to play that Wiifit game! (my boyfriend has a Wii, but not Wiifit….) I really recommend buying one, its really fun! While it might not have the best graphics of the 'new age consoles' it definitely brings the most fun! Watching Momusu play the Wii is what really got me to start playing the Wii in the first place XD, I never really took an interest to it before then.Ah! Mitssi got a short haircut too! I recently got my hair cut like Aichan's! The haircut-lady was so precise! It looks a lot like Aichan's, and it looks cute on me, too :D. I kind of feel bad for Mitssi, for her only line is "Guro", but, she's a cat, so maybe thats all she can say XD….


  6. Hotaru you're so lucky that you can play this console! I don't know what it's like in other states but here in Hawaii you just can't find it anywhere and when it does appear it sells out within minutes every time. The interactive play is what attracts me so much to this system and I'm hoping to find one soon if I'm lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Hahah the 'guro' was really cute coming from Aikachan! The look at what goes on behind the scenes when an anime is being created was a great part of this episode. Ah I love that you got Aichan's hairstyle! 😀 That's a really cute look!


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