Hmmm…it doesn’t appear that even VOX can remedy this issue.

VOX did send a reply to my plea for help on this issue I'm having with comment boxes as I'm not able to use them it seems. Pages on every VOX site I've visited (including this one) load up completely leaving out just the comments box as it remains the color of the site's background therefore not allowing anything to be typed into them. Without that one feature this site has lost its very purpose as I really think of blogs to be a place where one can share interests with others, make new friends, and learn from everyone else while of course having fun. So I will wait a few more days but I really don't know if something like this will magically fix itself and if that is the case I really cannot continue here.

I'd just like to answer recent comments that were posted since last night when this issue first started. I apologize for having to digest everything here together but at the moment it looks like the only option.

Mizunohi I actually got out a deck of cards to compare the size of Kohachan's previous limited edition cards and they're really just about the exact same size. I hope the LE is still available but I imagine it should still be.

wu-san ah you're comments on the Ongaku Gatas jacket crack me up! 🙂 Mikachan really does have the best pose! I just read something written about her that was quite mean! :O She may be the shyest Egg in the group but being a young idol, everything will come to her in time. 🙂 I really don't think that anyone should be calling a young girl ugly though. Heheh you mean that Konkon can't play futsal in that cute skirt?!! Red card?!! :O Now you've got me thinking about an ice cream/ movie date! 🙂

coinlockersbaby OUCH! poor Airichan! :O Heheh it's the shashinshuu producers fault for that one. She does look very adorable though and this pb looks to be shot a lot better than her 1st one. 🙂

Radicalpatriot Manoeri is definitely a star Egg on the rise and I see her and Nocchi as the 2 with the most idol potential! Put them in a unit together and you have "Nochieri." 🙂

Solitudity I'm hoping that the problem goes away by itself as I've tried several things but still the comments remain unaccessible at the moment. Strange this is the first time that I'm experiencing something like this.

HarimaKenji thanks for the ideas! VOX did reply but there doesn't appear to be any information on this issue and perhaps mine if unprecedented in terms of it not going away. I did try cleaning out my browser but the problem still persists. All I can do is wait and hope. It'd be sad to have to abandon this site as it took a whole year to build it. Many fond memories here as well.

mizunohi that's a very good point about the pbs! Some idols do have them shot without mizugi photographs and I imagine that H!P could do the same if they wanted to. Yada Akiko is a prime example of this as she's never once not even in her "up and coming" days posed in a bikini for a shashinshuu. I agree that some members should not even be wearing them right now but a nice stylishly shot pb could work just as well. Sugaya Risako who's the youngest member in Berryz Koubou really broke down some walls though. I'm thinking that Jun Jun should get one soon but that may just be my fandom speaking. 😛

denadel that's quite a find! While I have four copies of "Second Morning" I do not own that color. I've got blue, red, yellow, and green but no purple. This discovery really makes me wonder how many different colored booklets were released back then as first pressings. Ah I just noticed that it's listed on Ohta's eBay store's site! 🙂 Perhaps you may want to buy it! Let me know if you are planning to and only if not, I may be interested in it. 🙂 I really should scan the booklets to show the subtle differences in their photographs.

I hope the comments box begins to work for me again soon! Aw I can't even reply to anything written here either.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to Hmmm…it doesn’t appear that even VOX can remedy this issue.

  1. mizunohi says:

    Thanks for the info about the cards!~
    In respect to the PB's…. I really see your point, especially with berryz koubou… I guess it's just me not wanting to see the kids grow up too fast!~
    I think junjun would make a really great PB… at first I thought she was nothing special, but after seeing the onna ni sachi are booklet I was like "wow, she's really pretty!" ~~ I think a mittsi PB should be on the way soon too! She's really grown into be an idol, and although I really don't like her voice, she's gotten a lot better! I hope she does one in the winter! I can definetly picture her playing in the snow!
    linlin and junjun should go back to china when the shoot their PB's! They probably miss their families a lot, and it would let fans see them in their element!


  2. Andra says:

    With my copy of Second Morning I have a purple booklet. It's funny, I didn't even know that there are different booklets with the first press of that album before I read about it from your site. But if it is so that the photos are only a little different in the booklets I guess I won't try ro collect them all. 🙂
    I hope that this commenting problem will disappear, it would be sad if you had to stop blogging in here.


  3. mizunohi that's a great idea for Jun Jun & Lin Lin's shashinshuu's. I never thought about that, but having them shoot them in China would really add a personal connection with the styling and locations. When they first joined I actually liked Lin Lin's looks a lot more than Jun Jun's and in fact I really didn't see what Tsunku saw in her. Since then HM@ and Momusu's single releases have totally changed that as I've done a complete 180! 😛 Her personality really has started to come out and it's very endearing. Now Jun Jun is way ahead of Lin Lin for me. Mitsii really should be getting a pb soon as well!


  4. HarimaKenji says:

    Welcome back to the comments section ^_^


  5. Andra it may have been a bit obsessive of me to purchase 4 copies of "Second Morning" as the differences in the photos within the different colored booklets are really subtle ones. I was working at a record store at the time and was doing the ordering for the J-Pop section when this album was released. While pricing them I noticed the different colored booklets and bought the 4 different colors that we received. That's really great that you have a purple one as we didn't even receive that color in our shipment! 🙂 Now I'm really wondering just how many different colored booklets were made for this release as I originally thought that there may have only been four. I'll scan them for a future post to show their little differences.


  6. Thank you HarimaKenji! 🙂 I was beginning to wonder if the problem would ever go away but somehow it appears to have fixed itself if that's even possible.


  7. mizunohi says:

    I know what you mean, I thought Junjun was only there from her singing talent ~her audition was really good, don't you think? ~but now I can really see her come out!
    It's amazing how quickly the members change now, niigaki took forever to get bangs and a decent hairstyle XD
    ~~happy to see you commenting again! ^^


  8. mizunohi says:

    ooo! I'd be very excited to see the differences! ~~I had been wondering why you seemed to have so many copies of second morning ^^;;


  9. Her vocals were really good! I can't believe that I actually thought her looks were too plain when I first saw her. 😛 I really wasn't seeing her back then and I'm glad that she's really proven my initial impression to be wrong. Ah Gakisan's "bicycle handle" hairstyle! 😛 She really did have that look for such a long time! When they finally "let" her wear her hair down the difference was incredible. For awhile when she had the front still long I thought that she really looked great in pvs such as "Sakura Mankai." The traditional Japanese styling that they used for this pv is still one of my favorites and the choreography with the uchiwa is just beautful! Thank you! It's really a relief that it started working again. 🙂


  10. mizunohi hopefully I'll have time to get those scans up this week as it's an interesting look at the one time that Momusu had more than one version of a booklet for a release. I'm actually happy that it was just this once as it would prove to be quite expensive if they continued with the idea. Goofy me would be trying to get them all! 😛


  11. mizunohi says:

    I know what you mean! It's the idea that not only its a collectible, you can never know which you would prefer, so it would be very difficult to decide! I do like the idea of mikan however, since the unkown element makes it very exciting!


  12. Andra says:

    Maybe I should scan my booklet also, so we could see the differences in the purple one too (since you don't have it). That would be nice I think.


  13. I do like the random card idea and I'm guessing that they will probably continue to include these or at least I'm hoping they do. I wonder if anyone really trades these…like 'I'll give a Tanakachi for a Sayu…


  14. Andra that sounds like a great idea and I'll try having the booklets scanned sometime this week. It's quite a lot of scans so I may scan them in a slightly lower resolution to save some space.


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