久住小春のニューシングル チャンス!

Kohachan continues her Kirarin Revolution collaboration with her 4th single release for the series. Interestingly "Balalaika" remains as her best selling single to date as it is perhaps my least favorite solo song by her but that's not to say that I'm not fond of it as I do find it quite catchy. Sales for "Chance!" have just passed the 38,000 mark which just surpasses Buono!'s first effort and while it's a significant drop off from "Happy" it's still quite an impressive showing for Momusu's "miracle" girl. The overall look of this release is bright and dynamic as Kohachan's 2 featured outfits (which are actually one!) are for me her best looking ones to date as a solo artist.

The limited edition and regular edition's covers are somewhat similar as the regular edition's cover photo is just a bit more of a close up shot. What sets them apart are the collectibles that you receive with each edition and depending on your personal taste one may appear more attractive.

The limited edition includes a "Kirarin super collaboration mirufii card" which comes sealed in an envelope. The card on the left is made of clear plastic and has an image of Tsukishima Kirari's red dress and it overlaps the card on the right to complete the changed image.

As you can see even her companion Naasan gets a wardrobe upgrade! 🙂 It's an adorable image as Kohachan sports the very same dress in the pv……

…right down to those cute little bow ties!

The first pressing of the regular edition includes a pair of Kirarin stickers in her 2 featured outfits and it's actually part of the obi as it wraps around the back of the CD case.

"Chance!" is an extremely well written J-Pop track that breathes the colorful and never dull life that is anime. What should also be noted is how Kohachan's singles have all been the perfect match for her voice as the songwriters whether intentional or not have really penned seemingly custom made fits for her. Her previous single may have been titled "Happy" but I really find this track to be the very definition of "happy" as the entire arrangement is a walk on cloud 9 full of optimism and the addictive chorus which has a wonderfully rhythmic way of presenting the lyric "chance" immediately stays with the listener long after the song's ended. The verses are perhaps the best example of how this song as well as her other solo efforts really are a perfect match for her vocal style as Kohachan is able to expressively present the lyrics with a subtle flair all while staying within her limits. Some of her solo lines in Momusu songs don't seem to have quite the same fit for her at times and it's within songwriting like this that Kohachan really shines.

The coupling with song "Ramutara" has a distinct Middle Eastern flavor as her producers are continuing to add a nice variety of ethnic flavor to her song collection. What's interesting about this song is how the music itself doesn't present this flavor powerfully until the chorus as it remains a bit subtle through the verses, and with that it's actually Kohachan's intonation and vocal styling that immediately makes the influence apparent. I find it impressive how Kohachan hits the variety of notes some of which are extensions of the actual words in the form of a musical stairway of single rapid syllables which occur during the chorus. Surely something that must have taken quite a bit of rehearsing to perfect as Kohachan has done here. "Ramutara" is definitely a b-side type of track as it doesn't have that special hook to lead a release but it still adds a nice diversity to her ever growing song library. A bit odd upon first listen and it's repetitiveness may turn some off but on the level of creativity "Ramutara" strikes a definite chord.

The accompanying PV DVD single has a running time of approximately 18 minutes and includes both the original and "dance shot ver." of the title track's music video along with a "making of" segment which goes from jacket photo shoots to a behind the scenes look at the production of both pvs. The pvs have that familiar "Kirarin" style that we're used to as they incorporate the use of her signature mini stage along with vivid sets and backgrounds much of which was actually constructed with only a slight use of blue screen work. "Real" sets can add that extra touch which gives pvs a much more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and much more of a sophistication which all equals a better viewing experience for fans. Showing that some thought and extra effort was put into the production is also an endearing factor and Kohachan's bedroom set is a happy representation of just that! Kohachan's energetic personality can be seen throughout the segment and it's her often candid behavior that really catches me all the time. 🙂

The dance choreography is absolutely an essential part of fully appreciating "Chance!" and its bright presentation is the very embodiment that is Kohachan. Here the "Dance Shot Ver." really shines. As songs have hooks so does this dance routine and I will even go as far as to call it "catchy" as it really brings the song to visual life!! Kohachan even spends a bit of time expressing to the camera her favor of the routine's key moves and encourages fans with them. 🙂 The pv's "making of" also gives fans a unique angle at Kohachan's amazing changing dress! :O The design is utter genius as it transforms in smooth fashion with just 2 steps! "Both" outfits are incredibly adorable but the real beauty is the red one. 🙂


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5 Responses to 久住小春のニューシングル チャンス!

  1. mizunohi says:

    Thanks! I seeing both the card and the stickers, I think I've decided on the limited edition! I was a very difficult choice, but I think I'd spend a lot of time amusing myself with the clear overlay XD I'll get excited everytime it overlaps 😀
    I LOVE koharuchans dress! I didn't realize it switched like that~~!


  2. mizunohi the card is a nice change from the previous ones that were included with her limited editions as they were some sort of video game cards that can be used on Kirarin Revolution gaming machines. Unfortunately I have no use for them unless I go to Japan and find one of those machines. 😛 The side angle that they showed during the making of segment really gave a great look at how the dress transforms into the red one! When she's performing she usually has her back to the audience during the change so you can't really see how the dress changes so it was nice being able to see how it works its magic from a different angle. What surprises me is that the original dress isn't puffy so you don't have any idea that the red one is a part of it at all. I really think this may be her catchiest solo song to date.


  3. mizunohi says:

    ~~yes! I thought koi*kana and balalaika were ok, and I didn't like happy….but, as I've said earlier, she TOTALLY won me over with this…
    ~~plus my fandom much increased after seeing the intro for the making of… she's so cute! >.<
    I was wondering about the older cards… are they the same size as regular cards?


  4. paul.thomas says:

    I didn't realise that the 2 different dresses were in fact the same dress until I saw the change when she performed on Oha Star, it really threw me off as I really wasn't expecting it. But it's a great idea and I can't see how it's done in the making of segment.I really love the close up versions of Koharu's PVs as although I love the normal versions, I especially love the dance routines they give her in these. I still have to say that Koi Kana is still my favourite release, for me everything about that release was perfect.Not long left to her next album, I can't wait.


  5. Paul I too was quite amazed when I saw that it was all within one dress! A very creative concept and it changes so seamlessly and quickly that it's hard to figure out exactly how it's occurring. "Koi kana" now runs a close second to this release for me but I can totally understand why it's your favorite Kohachan solo. I'm really looking forward to her new album too!


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