HM@ 11/18/07-”The one with the buffet war, wrath of Shizuchan, & Cabbage Man’s purpose is revealed.”

It doesn't take long for team Musume to get under the skin of one of today's special guests as Tanakachi abruptly interrupts a reminiscent story of how there was once was a dream of winning the 3rd audition told by Shizuchan… 😀 She asks "did you lose/give up?" in the most nonchalant and truly curious way and it creates a brief stir… :O Today's opening segment features Aichan, Tanakachi, Kamei, & Sayu. Ever wonder what the meaning of that cabbage guy waas that used to appear between some segments in older episodes of HM@? He actually appears on the show today although I still am not sure what his true purpose is.

After a random drawing of sticks numbered 1-6 the six competitors are seated accordingly around a round table with a giant lazy susan platform built into the middle and alas the cabbaged one who is now serving roast beef appears to be a waiter of some sort. 😛 It's amazing how much of a reaction beef gets when placed on a table seemingly anywhere in Japan! :O To round out the meal a pilaf and pudding dish are also introduced. The 3 dishes total a whopping 3000 grams and the challenge is fill your plate with a share of 500 grams hitting the 1/6 ideal portion size or at least staying within that range. Just imagine a family of six having to share a meal and each member of the family doing their best to take only their equal share. Perhaps easier said than done! The analyzing begins as the number of pieces of beef and broccoli are noted in hopes of discovering a blueprint for the perfect serving. Heheh Kamei sounds as if she just want to eat! 🙂 The set of a buffet in Japan is sometimes referred to "Viking" as is the call out to begin the game.

Everyone takes turns in the order that they drew their numbers making Aichan first and with just a single piece of roast beef she's up to 93 grams. Kamei opts for a piece of potato…no make that 2 pieces of potato much to the dismay of Yamachan who points out how that may be excessive considering how many are present. Ah you have to love Sayu's innocent charm as she's quick to point out how Kamei loves potatoes making it okay! 😀 Heheh as Darth Vader's march is played in the background it's time for Shizuchan to show who's boss around here perhaps inspired by Kamei's 2 potato grab, a hefty serving totaling 336 grams is taken and the food "hogging" has begun! :O Hmm I wonder if some have lost sight of the goal of a 1/6 serving total! 181 grams is the correct target amount equaling that 1/6 of the dish total. The remaining food on the tray looks a bit lonely as Shizuchan has really cleaned house! Yamachan in a sincere way points out how much Tanakachi loves beef (possibly more than any other member in H!P) to Shizuchan who has left only 2 pieces left. Sayu's serving totals 173 grams and now only one piece of beef remains. :O Sayu's serving is nearly the exact target amount! Yamachan sincerity is revealed to be false as he first goes for the potatoes and carrots noting Tanakachi's fave but then quickly takes the last remaining slice of roast beef while Tanakachi can only drop her head down in disbelief. Drawing first definitely has its privileges. Now this is the feisty Tanakachi that we've come to expect and love as she fires back a line of let's just say displeasure! 🙂 Yamachan's gram total is at 170 grams and only a single carrot slice remains on the roast beef platter! Heheh as Yamachan tries to point out the other dish Tanakachi tells him to "shut up!" 😀 Hmmm now we all know the gram total of a single slice of carrot…4 grams. Poor Tanakachi!

It's now time for the second dish which is a seafood pilaf and Aichan's first with a serving totaling 152 grams which is well below the 1/6 total of 239 grams. Kamei's serving totals 113 grams which falls even shorter than Aichan's serving. Heheh it's now time for Shizuchans' viking wrath as instead of a large serving this time it's a matter of taking all the goodies out of the dish! :O Yamachan can only watch in dismay as Sayu quickly stands up grabbing Shizuchan's arm perhaps in an attempt to slow down the hoarding! With Shizuchan taking only the ideal parts of the dish with barely any rice the gram total comes to just 57, falling way short of the target 239 grams. One thing's for sure though…Shizuchan's plate looks the most ideal at this point. Once again Sayu is impressive as she takes a serving of 213 grams placing her very near to the 1/6 total! 😀 As if sizing up a golf shot on the green Yamachan tries to imagine with the help of the spoon how much 1/6 of the dish would be. 😛 It doesn't take long for Tanakachi to strike out once again at Yamachan…in a playful manner of course. 😉 Yamachan's serving falls a bit short at 190 grams. With so much pilaf available this…uh family buffet scene has taken a pleasant turn as for the most part thing's have been quite civil and this time Tanakachi can take as large a serving as she wants to! 🙂 Yamachan is quick to point out how she should take a quite large serving being that she's so far behind with that single slice of carrot on her lonely plate. As Sayu gazes in a slight daze at Tanakachi's growing mountain of pilaf which cleans out the dish!!…it must be noted how radiant she looks today! And luckily for fans (me included), Sayu has a new shashinshuu on the horizon!! To keep us in suspense Tanakachi's pilaf serving gram total remains unannounced.

It's now dessert time and Aichan's serving is over twice the 1/6 target amount! While 80 grams would hit it perfectly Aichan's love for kabocha (pumpkin) pudding has sent her total serving up to 165 grams! At this rate I wonder if there'll be any left by the time they reach Tanakachi! :O Kamei's serving totals 155 grams also reaching about twice the target number. :O Shizuchan holds back and doesn't hoard the pudding much to the pleasure of Yamachan who can't hide his shock but the serving total remains hidden. Sayu scoops up the last remaining slice of pudding and the inevitable has occurred leaving Yamachan and poor Tanakachi without any dessert. 😦 Drawing 6th was truly a curse today! Heheh Yamachan scrapes some of the remaining drops of pudding off the plate! :O Interestingly Tanakachi doesn't seemed bothered at all by the absence of any pudding left for her and perhaps she'd even trade her entire mountain of seafood pilaf for a couple helpings of roast beef. 🙂

The moment of truth has arrived as Cabbage man (who looks as if he should be wearing a cape) reveals the scale that will decide the winner. Even the weight of the plate has been taken into consideration and removed from the equation as the scale when empty indicates in the negative, the total weight of the empty plate. Cutely Aichan gives the scale  a quick test. 🙂 The safe zone is between 480 and 520 grams making the 500 mark the central point, that being exactly 1/6 of the overall buffet total.

As Tanakachi brings her gigantic mountain of pilaf to the scale one can only wonder just how far she's gone over the total! :O Not surprisingly her portion size weighs in at an incredible 747 grams sending her out of the game! :O The look on her face is priceless as Cabbage Man confiscates her dish for a meal of his own later. :O

Aichan's dish looks to have some hope…but falls short weighing only 410 grams! Mealtime is looking great for Cabbage Man so far!

A bouncy Kamei eagerly awaits her serving's total only to have it also fall short weighing in at only 396 grams. The cute pout that she produces while bending down in disappointment is worth 5 bonus points! 🙂 Perhaps Cabbage Man will be the only one eating when all is said and done although I think that Sayu's serving may prove to be on target.

Yamachan is next up and his portion comes in weighing…just 373 grams making him short on the target goal as well!

Sayu who would have won the cute award for today's show had it not been for Kamei's 5 bonus points late in the race 😛 is now set to find out if she can be the first and possibly only challenger to hit within the target weight total. Holding a cute prayer pose and awaiting the revelation…the total weight of her serving is…483 grams!! Sayu is 3 grams into the safe zone and she really is fast becoming HM@'s endearing champion! 😀 Her wonderful expression somehow reminds me of a bunny and it doesn't even have anything to do with the bunny ears that she's wearing. 🙂

And now for the dark side…Shizuchan's gram total exceeds the target zone weighing in at  553 grams! :O Quite close actually which surprised me a bit. Shizuchan is then hit with comments on how the pudding had become a manner of this undoing. Cabbage Man looks pleased. :O

Amongst the "fierce" glares from Yamachan & Shizuchan, Sayu the lone winner has her moment of HM@ glory! That being the only person able to actually eat their portion. 🙂 And Sayu shows shades of Konkon (H!P's great thinker 🙂 ) as she explains her reasoning behind selecting particular items in staying within the 1/6 target goal's range. Perhaps Sayu has been underestimated to this point but lately her brilliance has been shining through!

Next up is a continuation of the Kirarin Revolution/ Momusu collaboration as Sayu the winner of the character drawing contest along with Kohachan is set to surprise a young fan who out of 1000 entries was chosen! A look inside her room reveals a number of Momusu posters hung up on the walls! 😀 Just imagine what an exciting treat this would be! With camera crew at the ready Sayu & Kohachan wait in another room watching a monitor feeding the interview being shot in her room. Ah it's incredibly perfect as her favorite member is revealed to be Kohachan much to Kohachan's delight! 🙂 She notes her as extremely cute and a good singer! 🙂 Sayu begins praying that her name will come up next and it does as the 9th favorite!! What a great pair to pay a visit here! Ah the look on her face is amazing when Sayu & Kohachan enter the room! And right behind her is a limited edition copy of "Chance!" After a few moments of disbelief and speechlessness…Sayu's ranking has gone up to 4th in a matter of minutes! 😀 The name of Sayu's character drawing is also revealed as being "Gurossan."

The episode concludes with Morning Musume performing their new single "Mikan" in a great lively studio setting! This is the first time that I'm seeing "Mikan" performed and the dance choreography compliments the song really well and the silver outfits are a nice touch as well. The next episode shows signs of the lasting impression left by "the guy who makes everything look delicious" although it's being done by Kohachan who wasn't in the group yet when that great episode of Hello! Morning aired. Tanoshimi desu ne!


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6 Responses to HM@ 11/18/07-”The one with the buffet war, wrath of Shizuchan, & Cabbage Man’s purpose is revealed.”

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Reina didn't look like she was having much fun in this episode =P but in the end it didn't matter since almost no one could eat. This was a difficult game… Good thing that they had a guest like Shizuchan, who got all the best things, that added some dynamic in the segment. It could get pretty boring if they all seriously tried to divide their plates. Well, I guess with the way H!P members love food, all members going for a fair division would be a rare sight xDSayu shines again ❤ and all because of a slice of carrot (480 was the bottom line, she got 483, which with a slice less would mean losing). I laughed so much when the girl chose her in last place =D I thought "What is Sayu going to do when she goes see this girl?"… And then she went and asked the girl again what she thought about her -_- wasn't a very nice question in my opinion. Imagine how it would be, you suddenly get to see your least favorite member, and she asks you what you think of her. How can you tell the truth?


  2. HarimaKenji you're absolutely right about the difficulty of this episode's game! Good point about Shizuchan being there to spice things up! At no point was Shizuchan trying to win the game seriously but rather just wreak some fun havoc on the girls! 😛 Tanakachi's love for meat is so well known as even these guests were very aware of it and then had some fun with it! I can't believe that they took everything except a single carrot slice! :O Aichan & Kamei seemed to be taking their portions just as if they were there to just eat and not worry too much about the gram total. 🙂 We learned one thing…if ever invited over to a H!P party, get there early or there won't be anything left to eat! 😛 The girl was quick with a 4th ranking instant upgrade! 😛 Ah I loved so much the look on her face when they entered her room!! That is the look the producers were looking for!! Sayu was such a great sport about it and didn't even look hurt when she got ranked 9th. Maybe she thought it meant 9th out of the entire H!P family. 😛 Mikitty used to rule H!M for a long stretch and now Sayu is showing some really great signs of following suit. Only that in her case it's somewhat unexpected. 🙂 They need to bring back the "Sumo" body suit games! I want to see Jun Jun attack!


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    Sayu always had this hidden potential ❤ but she hardly showed it before. Back in the time she was 99.9% "usa-chan peace!", there were very few occasions the 0.1% potential appeared, but still… You only have to remember her appearances on Maido Ari with Yuuko. She could complement perfectly well with her cuteness Yuuko's strong personality, and then when Yuuko started getting angry with her, she would show her Dark side and give some great answers =) there were some nice episodes with Konkon in that segment too ❤ I'm glad to see Sayu slowly grow up and leave her usagi days behind ❤


  4. wu-san says:

    @Kenji: we're basically seeing a more settled and relaxed Sayu, which levels out that contrived cuteness – from her early days – into something a lot more natural, she's always cutest that way…plus, I think she's simply grown with what she came to the table with…I guess Sayu is a perfect example of someone who's really moved forward…Not just an Idol, as a person too. She's settled now…and there's a great comfort in that.

    @MorningBerryz: I prefered the episode before this one :P, but when Sayu kept placing her tray on the weight machine in amazment – include with that some funny sound effects – I was laughing like crazy. And poor Reina, she really did look annoyed XD.


  5. HarimaKenji those old episodes with Yukosan really did show us signs of Sayu's hidden spirit. Heheh they did make the perfect team along with Kamei crashing the room each week. 🙂 At first I was wondering if anyone would become sort of permanent on this segment along with Yukosan & Kamei and if I remember correctly they were kind of randomly changing the other featured member(s) for awhile. Then Sayu was on every week! The producers must have seen something too in the chemistry between them being Japan's version of "The Odd Couple."


  6. wu-san that was a funny moment as curious Sayu investigates the scale! Reinachan was really showing her "yankee" aura in this episode! 🙂 She didn't hold back any feelings and really "snapped" in fun of course at the one's who took all the beef! :O Yamachan and Reina were really going at it and I love how she doesn't sugar coat anything or take anything without a retort! 😀 That's the Reinachan that I love. 🙂


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