I only recently had heard that Nacchi would be releasing a new pb and with her being my overall favorite Hello! Project member of course I ordered it right away along with Aichan's latest release "Mizu." Amazon Japan's shipping rates can be brutal starting at 3000¥ for a single book so I usually like to wait until I have at least 2 books to order as the rate only slightly goes up from there making it seem much more bearable. "Cam On" marks Nacchi's 8th pb release and I'm just missing "Scene", her previous shashinshuu  which mysteriously went out of print and never returned to publication. Looking through her shashinshuu collection can be paralleled to somewhat of a journey through the existence of Momusu and Hello! Project itself as Nacchi has always been there. The times and style all reflected in a nice pictorial timeline and as Hello! Project is the house that Nacchi built (albeit not by herself but much more than in a symbolic sense) so is the appropriateness of this trip through memory lane today.

With Nacchi's fairly recent haircut and return to a look familiar to her fans this pb is the first to showcase her since the significant change…and it's quite remarkable how at 26 years old Nacchi really has turned back time. While something as simple as a hairstyle change does not take someone back in years, somehow Nacchi appears on some level to have done just that.

Sorry these are just snapshots as I can't bear to put Nacchi's pb through the scanner! 

Nacchi's latest effort is a beautifully shot collection that has all that Nacchi playfulness and charm that her fans have come to love about her. It's arguably possible that no other member in H!P exhumes as much joy in her work as Nacchi does! You  really get that familiar feeling just by going through the photos and it's evidenced at full extent in the "making of" DVD that accompanies this pb.

For anyone who's observed Nacchi through her years in Momusu and as a solo artist there probably isn't a need to be convinced of any of this. For then you would have certainly seen her almost giddy at times demeanor along with a charisma that's nearly unmatched. While Nacchi is without a doubt one of H!P's most professional members it's those behind the scenes and backstage moments that conjure up her true inner child. 🙂 Not something that is taught as part of being an idol but rather a quality that some are just born with naturally. Another mainstay has been Nacchi's incredibly radiant smile which is enough to lighten up and change the mood of any room she enters. Happiness spawns happiness and it may be hard pressed to find another member who possesses this type of overwhelming aura.

This pb also shows Nacchi's elegant side as in the above 4 photos which are amongst my favorite in this shashinshuu. Nacchi looks simply stunning in this black & blue dress! And while her longer hairstyle did suit her well, one can easily see why Nacchi decided to return to her familiar shorter style as it just accents her delicate facial features so well.

Wani Books who pioneered in the inclusion of "making of" DVDs with their shashinshuu releases, perhaps inspired by UFA who has perfected the art, has yet again raised the bar as Nacchi's "Cam On" DVD runs an impressive 30 minutes long! It wasn't so long ago that these DVDs had an average running time of just around 10-12 minutes so this came as quite a nice surprise to me! The more Nacchi the better! 🙂 And it's on this DVD where much of that Nacchi charm I've been mentioning, really comes to life.

Vietnam played the perfect host as its exotic and earthy scenery made for a nice backdrop to all of the photo shoots. As you look through this pb and view its accompanying DVD another aspect that stands out is just how easy it appears to photograph her! The perfect pose is a seamless and seemingly natural ability which Nacchi exudes at the photographer's command. From sultry to silly and everything in between…there simply isn't any body language she's unable to produce at will. An absolute photographer's dream… and perhaps he may have felt at times as though he was actually on vacation for this project! 😛

Below the DVD screen pics are more shots from the pb. Ahh there's just something so special about her smile. Perfection. 🙂


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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23 Responses to 安倍なつみのニュー写真集リリース。

  1. mizunohi says:

    ^^ I just wanted to say how much I adore that picture of nacchi on the staircase!!!


  2. Ah thanks mizunohi I'm not totally alone in my Nacchi daydream here. Those photos are my favorites from this pb. Nacchi has such beautiful facial features and the styling there is perfect. I was thinking that perhaps newer fans of Momusu/ H!P may find it hard appreciating Nacchi as she might have already graduated from the group when they first discovered them. While being able to go back and watch older clips and concert footage of her would be time well spent it may never be able to create the feeling that one has about her if they were there from the start watching the growth of the group in real time. Nacchi is so dear to me as I've been a fan since the very beginning and knowing what the original members went through to make sure that the group would be able to debut has really cemented that feeling in my heart. I could ramble on but I'll stop as I fear I may bore you. 🙂


  3. mizunohi says:

    😀 not boring at all ^^

    I only wish I could have discovered H!P sooner, but I really appreciate nacchi through backstage footage — the members treat her like a mom or an older sister and thats what I was drawn to! Even as a new fan I can see what she means to H!P. ^^


  4. mizunohi your comment makes me smile so much! 🙂 You've also summed up perfectly how the younger members love and respect her in that kind of way. If you have the chance it's really great watching the group's debut efforts as Tsunku told them that they could only debut as a group if they sold 50,000 copies of their first recording "Ai no tane" all on their own. The footage is quite long but you really see all the tears, heartbreak, and ultimately the perseverance that got them through to their goal. It really defines so much about what those original five members meant and it's scary to think that if they didn't push so hard H!P/Momusu may not even exist today. I have this on a disc but my computer's too slow to upload it so I'm hoping that it's viewable somewhere. A fan's perspective really changes when they see this footage and I hope you can find it. 🙂


  5. mizunohi says:

    I've been trying to find something like that for a while…sadly I don't think it's anywhere T.T I'll try requesting it somewhere. What was it from? I'm really looking to see it, its the perfect thing to show the greatness of MM/H!P! Not many people know realize what morning musume had to do to become a group. ^^ It's really inspiring, don't you think?


  6. Hotaru says:

    Nacchi's Photobooks are always flawless! She's one of the few members of Morning Musume who can always put a smile on my face no matter what they do. She always looks like she's truly enjoying what she does! Thanks for taking pictures of the photobook!


  7. wu-san says:

    ah, Nacchi always wears the short hair with the most brilliant smile, and with age comes a devistating melancholy that quite frankly, scares the pants off me! sometimes you can see the whole of MM in her eyes, and I like the way you put it 😛
    Nacchi fiddling with a foosball table and holding the camera XD.


  8. paul.thomas says:

    Nacchi is just so beautiful! And the photos in this PB are just amazing, my personal favourite is the last one, Nacchi dressed in white and heels by the pool, it's a great shot.I really need to get some more of her PBs I have her second book but that's it, although I seem to have misplaced it :S the hunt starts tomorrow morning to find it, I'm hoping that when I find it's with Sayumi's last PB, as that's not on the shelf either :S


  9. mizunohi I'm going to ask a friend tomorrow if he can either locate it or upload it. It's kind of a long show so I hope he can do it. Another thing would be finding the disc that it's on! It's somewhere on one of these spindles… 😛 When you see them sell the last copy of "Ai no tane" making it 50,000 units all on their own…the emotions are so powerful and their accomplishment so incredible…it brought tears to my eyes and probably most that have viewed the program.


  10. Hotaru sorry I didn't take scans instead of just photos as I find it amazing that others will sacrifice their pbs like this. :O But hopefully it gives a good idea of what her latest pb looks like! 🙂 H!P members just don't get any better than Nacchi. 🙂


  11. wu-san it was a surprise decision that Nacchi made mid way through the production of Tanjou 10nen kinentai's second single release! On the cover she has her long hair and then Ah! in the pvs it's short like in the old days! 🙂 She looks great either way as her facial features are so perfect for either style. She really went casual when she was being photographed as she took photos of her own. 🙂 A nice look for her too…so down to earth. Heheh the foosball footage albeit brief was fun to watch. Nacchi may not have been having too much success though against a staff member but she was having a blast!


  12. Paul did the underneath of you bed eat that pb too?! :O Heheh Nacchi & Sayu are hiding out from you. If you plan to get another Nacchi photobook you may want to check out "Ecru" as the photography's really wonderful. I still need to get "Scene" as that's the only one that I'm currently missing. Those shots by the pool are really beautiful! It's great how she seamlessly went back to her original hairstyle and it's like time never passed.


  13. mizunohi says:

    ^^ I'm sure its amazing, without that there would be no MM! Its a piece of H!P history that should be more available! ~~I really hope to find it ^^

    😀 side note: I went to a used bookstore today and picked up a few H!P PB's for $10! It killed me not to buy them all ….. T.T


  14. Hotaru says:

    Oh…Haha, now that I look at the pictures again, I can tell they were taken with pictures (I must not have been reading carefully >_<). I agree completely, Nacchi is one of the best Hello! Project members 😀


  15. mizunohi that's great that there's a bookstore nearby that you can shop for Japanese books at! And what a deal! 🙂 We have 3 shops here that primarily specialize in Japanese goods but there used to be more a few years ago. The clip is part of the "Asayan" program and they compiled together Momusu's debut challenge into a really nice episode. Unfortunately my friend Saburo doesn't have the clip but I'm going to try and find it as I have it somewhere on a disc. Or perhaps you may know someone who might be able to upload it?


  16. mizunohi says:

    I've posted a request in a lj community that might just have it!~~ Hopefully I can find it!
    I'm likely to find a lot of Japanese books around me ~since I live in Vancouver XD I just haven't found most of them yet ^^;; If I ever see a copy of "scene" I'll grab it for you! My friend is taking me to Japan sometime (this yer hopefully!!!!) when she goes to visit family and I'll look there too!


  17. That's really wonderful that there are bookstores stocking them in Vancouver! It's always a great thing to be able to find releases locally since that saves quite a bit on shipping charges for the most part. Ahhh that's much too nice of you! I really appreciate the thought…it's just that on a special trip like this you really should be shopping for yourself. 🙂 Thank you for the thought…it's very sweet!! But really find some great H!P goods to add to your collection! 🙂 That's very lucky of you that you're going to be able to spend some time in Japan!! Wow your friend has relatives there?! As far as I know all of mine have moved to the U.S. as my grandparents and a few uncles were the last ones to live there.


  18. mizunohi says:

    yes…shipping costs are a huge pain! ~~the free shipping my favourite thing about yesasia~~ 😀
    I'd love to be able to fill a hole in your collection ~~think of it as gratitude for the summaries of the H!M episode since I can't understand it all ^^;; It can't hurt to look for it! Maybe it will lead me to great H!P treasures (^o^)
    ~yea my friend has a lot of family so she goes to visit them once a year and she invited me to join her next time. I have to work hard on my japanese! One day I want to go to Japan to teach english for a year or two, probably once I'm in university I can take off a year 😀


  19. I remember when I first started ordering J-Pop I used to be so amazed at the shipping charges and I guess paying so much for so long makes one grow used to it over time…probably not a good thing though. 😛 Whenever I order items from Amazon.com and the shipping is like 3-4 dollars I'm like yay! 😀 Ah you're too kind! The thought is really sweet! By any chance are you a Koharuchan fan? It seems from a lot that I've read out there that you either love her or dislike her. I've always found this quite shocking as there appears to be no middle ground with her in particular. When I bought my first H!P t-shirt set it was a Koharuchan concert set w/ 2 photos and I was so excited about getting it that I bought 2 of them. 😛 I was thinking one to wear and one to save. But really save for what? 😛 If you're a fan of hers then I'd like to send you that extra t-shirt set that I have. It's 100% brand new and it's gray with white lettering. I believe there's a photograph of it in "My Hello! Project Collection" post. And this by no means is a trade of any sort! Just a humble gesture of mine for the wonderful thought of yours. 🙂 I really would prefer you to find some H!P items for yourself on your trip to Japan! Really that would make me happier! Knowing that you're supporting them out there! 🙂 Ah it's okay if you don't like Koharuchan as I may be able to find something else. :)That's a wonderful goal of yours! That would be the best experience ever and so rewarding. I wish I still had relatives in Japan…if only Hamasaki Ayumi and I were related. 😛 Unfortunately all we share are last names.


  20. mizunohi says:

    You have amazing timing…I was hating koharu and she totally won me over with her last release! ~~her last single and upcoming album are on my current wishlist :D~~ The pink came over me! …or maybe that awesome red dress (^o^)
    ~~(actually do you think I should get the limited or regular edition of Chance!? It's hard for me to choose since usually I go for regular just because I can't watch the DVD's…)
    I would love it! 😀 It's cool to think that minimoni's cuteness got me into H!P and koharuchan will be my first big collectible!!! You totally made my year :D! ~
    Haha! thats so cool that you share Ayu's last name! I can only claim mine to our internet/phone provider –shaw– (which I can't complain about XD)


  21. mizunohi I'm so happy to hear that Kohachan has won you over! I think it would come down to which cover you prefer and whether a Kirarin card or sticker (aw we were just talking about stickers! 🙂 ) would make for a better collectible. Actually I've been trying to get to her release and will have it up hopefully before bedtime tonight. They didn't include a DVD with her CD release but I'm curious why you cannot play them. Dollygrl15 was having the same problem and we were able to hack her DVD player to erase the region coding so that Japanese or any country's DVDs will play. What make and model number player do you own? Not all players are hackable but amazingly a lot of them are! Maybe we can get your DVD player to play them. The postal service is really slow this time of year due to the Christmas rush but perhaps I can send you Kohachan's concert t-shirt set in time for it to sit under the tree. I'll send you a VOX message so that I can get your mailing address. It's just been sitting in the corner of the room so I'm happy that a fan can enjoy it! Until Ayu came along I only knew one person from school that shared the same last name outside of family and actually I only knew of them in school and not personally. Heheh Ayu's speaking voice really amuses me. 🙂 That means that your last name is famous too! 😀


  22. mizunohi says:

    ~~I really like the idea of a car~d! I just really like the regular edition cover 😀 I think I'll probably end up getting the limited though since my card collection is pathetically small….I only have 3!
    My problem with hacking is my….parental control….my dad will never let me hack his DVD player so I'll probably start collecting DVD's when I ~someday~ leave home XD


  23. mizunohi i've added a scan of the Kirarin card and stickers which come with Kohachan's new single releases that may help you decide. I kind of wish the card was of her although her anime character makes for a nice collectible as well. Ah I understand. Maybe one day soon you could get your own DVD player and hack it. 🙂


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