モーニング娘。の “みかん”シングルリリース。

Momusu's much anticipated new single was released on November 21st in 3 different editions giving fans yet another tough decision to make depending on which extra presented themselves as most appealing. Limited edition type A continues to offer a bonus DVD and this time it contains an alternate "Close-up Ver." of their new pv. The original version(s) of the pv will be included with the upcoming all inclusive pv collection but until December 19th rolls around it's nice to have this version to tide us over in the meantime.

"Mikan" is one of Momusu's most dynamic looking single covers and has the look of depicting their 10th anniversary celebration although there are too many candles on the cake! By looking at Type A's cover along with its back cover and Type B's back cover one then gets the impression that it's a simulation of Kohachan's birthday as she sits front and center…but again there's just too many candles on that cake. 😛

From a collectible standpoint type B's inclusion of a beautiful 36 page booklet and a slipcase makes this version by far the one to get if choosing just one edition.

Looking through all of the photos in each edition you'll come across a few interesting facial expressions but perhaps none more amusing than Jun Jun's "close your eyes and wish hard" look that she has in the inner jacket photo of type B's release. 🙂 While type A & B's outer covers carry a more or less similar look the regular edition has a photograph collage giving it the most distinct look of the 3. The regular edition's inner jacket follows suit as it has each member shown in individual photographs versus small grouped shots.

The surprise touch of this release however are the randomly inserted photo cards which are included with all 3 editions  and with this came a nice anticipation as I opened up each version. I think I did pretty well as I received an Aichan photo card with my type A edition, a Lin Lin photo card with my type B editions, and a Kohachan photo card with my regular edition. I imagine there must be some fan in Japan who kept buying more copies until he/she completed the entire set! As for me buying a single copy of each edition is as far as I'll go.You have to love Kohachan's spotty yellow hoodie! At first when I saw her photo card I thought that the print was discolored with little dots of blue and red but after seeing the photo booklet it apparently was made to look that way. :) 

Initially when I first listened "Mikan" I wasn't immediately taken with its melody or overall feel but after a few listens over a couple of days as well as some viewings of the "Close-up Ver." of  the pv it's really really grown on me! Something quite different for me about this song is how I find the verse portions to be the catchiest parts of the song. But eventually when the chorus came around for me I began to fully appreciate its powerful drive and the effectiveness of the rapid style vocal lines that blanket the entire arrangement. Well placed member solo lines amongst all of the complimentary pairings/groupings that the vocal arrangement has to offer gives a nice feel and flow to the song and on distinct occasions Sayu…yes Sayu sounds really great! 🙂 Twice in the verse she adds the perfect touch and albeit brief it really highlights those portions of the song. I really don't think that she's ever sounded better in a recording. I really have to stress how much I didn't think this single sounded like a single when I first heard it as I thought it had more of an album track sound to it. I now find that I couldn't have been more wrong about this song! The rhythmic pacing of the vocal arrangement I find key here as the verses go from abrupt delivery to a lengthier phrasing at their end (where Sayu adds a very nice touch and I don't think any other member would have sounded as good here) before heading into the pre-chorus which quickly builds from smooth back to abrupt delivery making the perfect transition to the energetic chorus. With all of its polished energy "Mikan" is the perfect "live" song and will surely have fans in a frenzy at future concerts.

The coupling with track "Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! BOMB GIRL" has all the ingredients of a great musical number and perhaps should be starring in a play. The ensemble vocals along with its lively horn arrangement gives me visions of "Mr. Moonlight~ai no big band~" on a high dose of Red Bull. Part jazz…part Broadway. I keep thinking how Yossi would have rocked this one! While these songs may not be the best complimentary pair, they do give this release quite a diverse impact and a nice one at that. Solid coupling with song although not in an a-side type of way. Perhaps a lot of that may be due to how much of a great song I find "Mikan" to be as it's always hard being the second act.

The styling for this release has a nice personal look to it as each member is perhaps dressed as they would be if attending the mystery celebration in attire of their own. Type B's 36 page booklet includes beautiful individual member photos along with fun "candid" party shots which are included in a 4 page collage. While I'm yet to see the original version of  the pv I'm hoping that it contains the same energy and approach as in these party photos as something like that would simply send this release through the roof for me! Ah but I'm probably being too optimistic here as it's been quite awhile since Momusu last presented us with a pv of this nature. And while you may find it strange that I like Kohachan's yellow hoodie so much, it's Sayu's strawberry black dress that wins the fashion award here! With matching hair ties and neck garment complete with strawberry Sayu looks absolutely radiant! Tanakachi's dark fantasy design is a close second and there's a nice cool touch in that lock around her neck garment as she's actually the most stylish member here in these photos. Love the way her hair's tied up too!

Hmm…I can't be the only one who was wondering what ever happened to Lamb Chop! Okay they must be distant cousins as that original hand puppet can probably walk and talk all on its own by now. 😛

The "Close-up Ver." of "Mikan" is a simple but yet dynamic looking video which utilizes a light silver background along with great lighting and adding to that having every member dressed in silver creates a nice vivid effect to the visual. What becomes mesmerizing just after a few seconds of viewing are the reflections off of each member's eyes in what has the appearance of little kanji "hi" characters (日). I don't know if it's an intentional effect or not but your eyes really become drawn to them in an almost alluring way. The smiles and sweet enthusiasm that make up Momusu are on full display here and to lead them you have Aichan, Gakisan, Mitsii & Kamei whose 😀 can brighten any day! Lin Lin & Jun Jun look simply incredible! Sayu & Kohachan deliver a sweet and cute touch while Tanakachi brings a bewitching coolness that only she possesses. Just as "Meguru koi no kisetsu" has a great close up version, "Mikan" really impresses as well with its sleek and memorable look all the while flushing out a hint of each members inner charm.


Below are the rest of Type B's booklet scans.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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24 Responses to モーニング娘。の “みかん”シングルリリース。

  1. paul.thomas says:

    Looks amazing, makes me wish I hadn't cancelled my copies :S only way to stop the temptation of adding more to the order. After seeing these scans I'm really hoping that they'll be some limited edition copies floating around on the net somewhere in a months time, it just looks great. Sayu does look good, it's a really nice outfit she has on, it suits her perfectly. For me Mittsi is the stand out in the photos, when I was scrolling down looking at the and just thought "whoah!" she looks amazing and I really didn't recognise her at first,lol, when did she start looking so good?JunJun's experssion has to be one of the oddest I've ever seen, when I first saw I wasn't so much thinking she was wishing, but by the way Koharu was edging away from her, I thought maybe she'd picked something up from that table of food that was just a little too spicy.The song is a grower, I know when I first heard it I liked it but there was just something about it I wasn't too sure about, but the more I listen the more I like it.


  2. kahmshi says:

    I just want my edition too! (the postman is so slow ='( )I buy limited B and the photobook is just awesome ❤ thanks a lot for sharing scans~!


  3. Paul you canceled your "Mikan" order?! It must be for your upcoming trip to Japan. I figure these won't be hard to come by in that short a period of time though. For me Mitsii has somehow caught my eye much more since the "Shouri no big wave" single release. Is that pv being released anywhere that you're aware of? She has such a wonderful smile and she's developed into an idol so quickly! Heheh but Jun Jun loves spicy food! Maybe it's brain freeze from too big a scoop of ice cream! 😛 She's really becoming one of my favorite H!P members. Jun Jun has a special quality about her demeanor that comes across as quite affectionate. It took a bit longer than usual for me to like this song as well but starting from verse to chorus I've really come to love it. The close up ver. pv really boosted the progress for me as well and I haven't even seen the original version yet.


  4. kahmshi you're in for quite a treat when your limited edition arrives! Plus the surprise of which random member card you receive. 🙂 If you get Kamei's photo card I'll be so jealous!


  5. paul.thomas says:

    I cancelled because of the trip and because it's Christmas, need all the cash I can this month…the main reason though was to stop temptation of adding more to the order, with V-u-den 's album, Shouri no big wave and the new Gatas song I've been tempted to add them to the order as well, it was the easiest way I could think of to stop the temptation. With H!P i'm very weak willed.As for the PV release of Shori no Big Wave, I haven't seen it being released, very odd.Lol, brain freeze, it really looks like it has to be something like that, it's such an odd expression.


  6. mizunohi says:

    I just love the PB! I really want to get my copy and see what card I'll get, but my mom wont let me order it for another week! I really hope its still available.


  7. Hey Paul it's really late or extremely early? in England?!! You're still up?! :O You're trip to Japan is going to be the experience of a lifetime and with you being a full fledged fan this time there's no better place to be! I wish I could go! Maybe in another year. I understand the H!P temptation and I may be a poster child for this. 😛 The releases just never slow down and in fact there's more releases coming out now than ever before! Things were so simple when there was only Momusu. It's hard to imagine that it was once like that. On a plus side you never have to wait long for something new to be released with so many groups, solo artists, and special units being created all the time. Being able to attend a H!P concert is going to be the best experience! Even in the close up version Jun Jun has some curious expressions. 😀


  8. mizunohi I'm thinking if Cdjapan sells out it'll still be available at Amazon Japan or YesAsia. 🙂 The random card idea is a nice touch that they've added with this release as there's a bit of special anticipation when you open it up. Ahh it'll be much too expensive to collect them all! In my mind I'll trade my Lin Lin for a Jun Jun or a Kamei! 😛 Ah I'm kidding I really need more Lin Lin collectibles. 🙂


  9. mizunohi says:

    I'm hoping for niigaki's or aichans (hers looks so pretty!) Mittsi also looks awesome in this release so I want to see what her card looks like!


  10. wu-san says:

    ah, summed up much of what I'm feeling.
    a great detailed piece, and you know i'm liking all those photos and scans! Jun Jun <3, and Takitty holding that mug! please visit my local cafe Aichan, we can talk about anything…bring Kamei-chan too. My Japanese is pretty lame though, we'll just smile out conversations.


  11. I'd love to see what the other cards look like and if you have a chance please post yours up. Aw you may just end up making me jealous but that's okay! 🙂


  12. Thanks wu-san heheh we do think alike! 🙂 (pictures a wu-san conversation with Aichan & Kamei)…looks like an upcoming episode of "Futarigoto" revisited. 😀 Now if Gakisan were there too she could formally introduce you to "Lamb Chop."


  13. mizunohi says:

    ^^ sure will! ~~hopefully i get a different one I'm really curious to see what the others are!


  14. wu-san says:

    Now you have me thinking of being in a Futarigoto! thats a nice thought. You cant get over Gaki-san and 'Lamb Chop' can you? haha.
    They should do another round of Futarigoto or Dokyu soon, as I'd love to have a catch up, and this is nice way to do it.
    Kamei-chan looks good with what she's wearing on the pictures. Suits her.


  15. Just where did Gakisan get that hand puppet from! 😀 I find it so interesting and yet it really seems to match her.Ah I wish they'd continue those series as they really were great vehicles in getting fans acquainted with all of the member's individual personalities. Why do those round things on Jun Jun's dress remind me of ping pong paddles? 😛


  16. Hotaru says:

    I agree! Sayumi and Reina's outfits are the cutest 😀 I love the covers and the insides of the singles! They're different and yet totally adorable! I had the same reaction to Mikan, too. I didn't really like it at first…then I saw the PV…and was in love with it! I'm glad you like Mikan as much as I do!


  17. wu-san says:

    I'm puzzled like you are on the hand puppets, but they suit her like you've mentioned.
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! those are table tennis paddles! Now they're all I can think of heheh, thank you for pointing this out…Ah I keep looking at her now and thinking of her table tennis decorum ❤


  18. Hotaru this was a rare Momusu single that I didn't warm up completely to right away and yes! the pv played an essential part in it all. Its' still amusing that I find the verses to be more catchy than the chorus parts. 🙂 The styling for this release is one of their finest.


  19. wu-san first of all I love the new Jun Jun look! I missed her t-shirt from this tour but will be getting one next time for sure! It's quite strange having those paddle like things on her dress there…perhaps if a match breaks out at an unexpected moment then Jun Jun will be ready! 😛 With that cute move on HM@ she could be the ninja of table tennis! There's indeed something really special about Jun Jun.


  20. By 'Jun Jun look' I was referring to your new avatar photo! I was a bit vague there.


  21. wu-san says:

    maybe you're right. Over at H!P HQ they might have a table tennis table in the staff room, and if someone annoys her, it'll esculate into a full blown match! you just know she's beaten everyone working in H!P XD. I wonder if she's learnt the ways of making a good bento box? just something I've been pondering over XD. Ah I like her new look too. And I think you cant go wrong with a Jun Jun t-shirt 😛


  22. Heheh wu-san it wouldn't take much…just steal Jun Jun's banana and something would definitely happen! 😛 Hmmm…a bento box? It may be the first one ever to include a banana. Sorry I couldn't resist! 😛


  23. wu-san says:

    hehe, a bento box with a banana ^^ I'm loving that idea.
    I would really like to make Jun Jun angry, just because she has the expression for it :P…hmmm who else has a face for making angry, Nacchi has the most endearing pout ever, so I'll give her credit for melting my heart whenever she looks a little annoyed.


  24. wu-san sounds like some fun mischief! Hmmm getting Jun Jun to make that expression may just require you to steal her banana. 😛 Of course you better be prepared to pay the price! Jun Jun & Nacchi really do have cute angry expressions which is something I never really thought about. Kamei's pout is wonderful too and if you were a snowman all that would be left afterwards is a puddle. 😛 But don't worry she'll put you back together afterwards complete with carrot nose and top hat! Just don't anger Tanakachi as I think she means serious business! 😀


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