“Sweet Morning Box 2002″/ “Arashi Around Asia + in Dome” DVD giveaway.

The giveaway post is now up (visible to those in my neighborhood) and will officially end on November 30th at midnight. The random drawings will be done on Saturday December 1st with both items being awarded and the winners will be announced here on the same day. I'll also send messages to the winners through your VOX accounts so that I can get them mailed out asap so that they arrive in time for Christmas. Everything has now been carefully packaged with bubble wrap and protective packaging material to ensure that they arrive safely and all that is left is to write the names of the winners on them. If you win Morning Musume's "Sweet Morning Box 2002" it has been packaged in a rice cooker box (the best appropriately sized box that I could find :P)…so don't be alarmed when it arrives and you unwrap it. I haven't sent you a rice cooker and the "Sweet Morning Box 2002" is indeed in there. :)  Thank you and good luck to those who have entered so far and to those who will enter in the coming days before the deadline. Heheh I guess one way of looking at it is the less people who enter, the better everyone's chances of winning!

I'll be back from Monday with more posts including my thoughts on Momusu's "Mikan" single, Nacchi's "Iki wo kasanemashou" pv DVD single, Kohachan's "Chance!" single, Aichan's "Mizu" shashinshuu, and Nacchi's just released shashinshuu. A lot of releases have arrived all at once and hopefully I'll be able to go through them all! Everyone have a great holiday season and thank you for reading! 🙂

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to “Sweet Morning Box 2002″/ “Arashi Around Asia + in Dome” DVD giveaway.

  1. denadel says:

    Hi! I was gonna write this comment in your H!P collection post, but i
    cant seem to find it. We were talking about the four versions of MM's
    'second morning' and Heike's promo singles. You said you'd never seen
    the alternate covers, and I have a few pics of those:


  2. Have a great time pOuNd66!! Ah looks like your ipod is Musume ready! 🙂 Wow if you find that exact room that'd be a really great! Kamei was there! 😀 I hope you do find it!! Have a great Christmas and New Years too!


  3. denadel I can't seem to access the link you posted. It's asking me for a password. Really interesting that Heike Michiyo got alternate covers for her singles. Were these record store/radio promos that were never sold commercially? They must be really rare.


  4. denadel says:

    The pictures i have are lq so i cant read everything the cover says.
    But i am pretty sure they are promos. It is strange you cant access the
    link.. Do you have an email adress i can send it to?


  5. denadel please try sending it to me in a VOX message as I'm really curious to see what those covers look like. If that doesn't work I'll reply with my address.


  6. yuki says:

    Oooo… I can't wait for the drawing… =330th is also when my results will be released… *screams*


  7. denadel says:

    Ok, i will try again:

    Lets see how it works out (i am having problems copy


  8. momo says:

    your link is wrong because you are using forward slashes not back slashes. this is the proper link:http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y99/denadel/?action=viewplus, your album is private and requires a password to view. I don't think it makes sense to post a private album, no offense


  9. Hmmm yes it's still asking for a password. Maybe you could post them up on your VOX site.


  10. denadel says:

    @momo: no offense taken. i wasnt even aware that the album was private. and the wrong slashes :duh!

    I'll upload them to my blog: hello-project-old-school.blogspot.com


  11. denadel thank you for taking the time to post those for me! 🙂 The promo for "Ai no chikara" features a nice wardrobe change and I'm glad that you pointed out the misspelling of Tsunku! :O It's amusing that they missed that especially since its cover is all dialog. I've never seen or even heard of these alternate releases before and I imagine that they're worth a lot. I also had a look at your H!P collection and it's impressive what you own! The beginnings of H!P are all very well represented.


  12. denadel says:

    No problem at all. You post great pictures all the time, so i am glad i could give something back in return 🙂

    I dont know how much they're worth, but they are selling right now at
    yahoo auctions for the starting price of 700 yen. Which is quite cheap!!

    I am building up a collection steady and slowly,but it is difficult to
    find everything that i want. I cant afford everything either..
    I am impressed by your collection too! Especially your old school stuff (my favorite era in H!P).


  13. Thanks denadel! That was very kind of you! Hmmm 700 yen is really cheap considering how rare these must be. :O I wish you all the luck in acquiring all the goods that you're after! 🙂 It's amazing that someone would part with these cds!


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