Buono! ホントのじぶん pv DVD single and a taste of J-Pop utopia.

Buono!'s long awaited debut pv was finally released on November 21st! I had successfully managed to avoid watching it on uploads despite the great urge to do so. Buono! who has made a great departure from other H!P artists/groups by being released on the Pony Canyon label instead of Zetima or Hachama is also being showcased in beautiful true 16:9  widescreen! While the 4:3 standard continues to be the norm in practically all music videos today Buono! is perhaps a first step and hopefully an indication of what's to come in the future. With the widescreen format becoming much more familiar in t.v. broadcasts and in homes it just seems to be the next logical step for pvs. The widescreen format really adds a new dynamic and a much more powerful impact on the viewer so it being saved for concert releases only seems like a step into the past. With Momo, Airichan, & Miya looking absolutely stunning in the wider format, just imagine what Momusu would look like in a widescreen pv shot! The DVD runs just under 18 minutes and along with the original pv, a making of segment and an additional "Close Up Version" is also included.

As was with their debut CD another nice touch that Pony Canyon has added is the inclusion of color coded member solo lines in the lyrics printed in the inner jacket. And while the making of segment may be shot in a slightly lower resolution it's also presented entirely in widescreen! With the abundance of candid footage, interview questions, and a nice inside look into the making of the pvs, the making of footage included here is an absolute joy to watch. Heheh Momo & Miya have a little fun with Airichan during her "gambare!" line. 🙂 And how much fun the girls had filming the classroom scene with a sleeping Momo and lots of paper mischief. Hmm…how much paper is too much paper?!  And we now know that Momo may be a bit ticklish as Miya can be seen giving Momo the business at the end of the clip. 🙂

The pv is very well directed compliment to the already top notch writing effort that is "Honto no jibun." Playing off of the song's undeniably infectious jungle of hooks, the pv manages to bring to life a very amusing visual that you'd expect coming from this cute trio. From outdoors to classroom to rocking gym scenes the pv fires on all cylinders. The dance choreography is a heavenly match as it presents visuals that stick with viewer long after watching the pv and if a single dance move can be called "catchy" it's here! I'll just call it the "James Bond two handed gun pose" for now. 😛 Add in some enthusiastic air guitar for the middle break and what you have is a dance routine that leaves the viewer with no chance to be distracted. The gym rock band in the background also adds a nice new dimension to the pv giving those scenes a strong dynamic punch but when all is said and done it's indeed those classroom clips that stand out in particular here. It's the perfect adorable scene of a sleeping Momo being bombarded with scrunched up balls of paper being thrown at her by none other than fellow group mates Miya & Airichan…but wait we also have 2 very special cameo appearances here too!! C-ute's Maimichan and the often not seen enough Chisatochan make a very welcome appearance adding a brilliant surprise for fans! In repeated viewings I also love watching the other girls sitting behind them as while they're doing their best to look like legitimate "students" I see a sense of excitement and awe in their expressions ever so subtle. Aw you just can't beat Momo's sleep acting and her ultra adorable "surprised reaction" when woken up with piles of paper piled on her! 😀 And when she's seen rubbing her eyes afterwards it actually looks 100% real giving her an edge in casting when H!P finally films their version of "Sleeping Beauty" aka "Sleeping Peachy." 😛 Miya's long running pi= equation is another cute scene and Momo gives us the perfect reaction of amazement…I'm thinking H!P Academy Awards now. 🙂

The "Close Up Version" of "Honto no jibun" while simplistic offers fans a great study into the distinctly different facial expressions of the 3 members in Buono! And here the 3 members' eyes can be best described as: Miya…eyes that are gentle & kind with a "motherly" feeling, Airichan…eyes that smile reflecting pure joy, and Momo…the member with the most expressive & adorable eyes…and surely it is the little peachy one that will lead us to J-Pop utopia. 🙂


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20 Responses to Buono! ホントのじぶん pv DVD single and a taste of J-Pop utopia.

  1. Hotaru says:

    The making of PV for Honto no Jibun is great! I loved watching the three work together! I loved the Classroom scene, where Airi and Miyabi were like "Look at these huge paper balls! We're gonna through them at


  2. Solitudity says:

    Ah, they look great in those outfits! The PV is great~ And very fun!
    I like on the cover where there are three little circles with each girl's face in it. That's a cute little touch. =)


  3. Zush says:



  4. paul.thomas says:

    The outfits on the sleeve of this look great, Momo's looks just as good as the red oufit she wears in the PV, and Miya's top with England written on it is great, lol, but then I would say that. The PV for this release is really good, the bit with Momo asleep and her surprised look are my favourite bits and has really made me notice her as more than the 'odd' one in Berryz, lol, she's really cute…it makes me wonder how I haven't seen this sooner.


  5. Hotaru did VOX cut your comment short?! :O The classroom scene is proof that H!P can be creative with their pvs when they want to. I wish more pvs were like this one.


  6. Solitudity it was a nice idea to have them wear different outfits on the DVD single release and it kind of caught me by surprise. I can watch this pv over and over…heheh like I've been doing. Those 3 little pics of them were hidden under the obi at first and it's a nice touch that you see when you open it up. These clear CD cases really help to make the releases more attractive as there's even a photo under the disc itself.


  7. Zush at first I didn't know what to call that dance move but I guess it makes some sense as you recognized what I was referring to. 🙂 I wonder if Momo likes her orange juice shaken or stirred? 😛 I love those drawings for your top 3 favorites! It's nice to see Risakochan all the way to #2 and I'm happy that Jun Jun has cracked your top 10! She's cast a spell on me recently as every appearance that she's had on HM@ recently has been very noteworthy. Ahh that cute pose that she was doing with the paddle makes me smile! 🙂


  8. Paul I wonder if they're all British inspired as Airi's shirt has a cat with a crown on it too. Maybe they're sold in England. Ah Momo has finally captured you with cuteness! That scene alone was worth the full price of admission! I think the directors must have a great time shooting Momo's scenes. She's just so naturally wonderful!


  9. Hotaru says:

    Ahhh~ It did cut my comment off. I think I was just trying to say that Miyabi and Airi looked like they had lots of fun making paperballs, and that Momoko was adorable when she "woke up" when the others pushed her. This PV really does show what Hello! Project has the potential to do, I just wish more of their PV's were like this!


  10. Hotaru thanks for finishing your comment! 🙂 I think that Momusu would really benefit by going in this direction as well. The majority of their recent pvs although very good & enjoyable! have lacked this type of creative aspect. Perhaps because they're an older group UFA doesn't want to shoot their pvs in this way but I think it'd work out great as pvs for an idol group should be fun at times. I think that more fans would become endeared to them if they went in this direction. They can still have a "dance shot ver." and another alternate version as well which might not include this type of footage so it'd be a win win situation I think.


  11. paul.thomas says:

    I hadn't noticed the crown emblem on the cat, looks like they may all be British styled, if only we could see more of what was written on Momo's. Momo is amazing in this video, I can't believe I hadn't seen her cuteness until now…it seems so obvious now, lol. Her segment in the PV is by far my favourite I could sit donw and watch it over and over again.


  12. Ah Paul I'm thinking that it may now be the perfect time to revisit some Berryz Koubou pvs and live performances. If you can get a chance to watch their dance/ singing training footage (before their debut single was released) and witness Momo's early hardships and eventual triumph I think you'll become even more endeared to her. Best unusual voice in H!P by far and one of the best personalities as well! Add in 100% adorable and it's the H!P trifecta. 🙂


  13. paul.thomas says:

    I've got a free day tomorrow and I'm hoping to spend the whole day watching H!P DVDs, I've got a couple that I still haven't watched, I may go back over some of the ealier concert DVDs I have as well, now that I'm liking Berryz, I think I'll appreciate their performances more than I did when I watched them last.I'll keep an eye out for the training footage, it certainly sounds interesting. Hopefully I can start appreciating more members of the group aside from Risako and Momo.


  14. Paul it's great that you'll see Berryz Koubou in a whole new light when watching the concerts again. I'm happy to hear that you finally have some free time for yourself!! 😀 You've been working so non stop with little sleep! :O Ah I think that Miya may be next as she's really the most nurturing member in Berryz Koubou and actually if you watch their older pvs and concerts she's the one that visually stands out from all the other members. Her looks were ahead of everyone else's back then and she's just so adorable! She has kind of an exotic look which was much more profound when she was younger. Miya was actually my first favorite member in Berryz Koubou when I first started buying their releases when their 3rd single "Piririto yukou!" was released. How time flies…it doesn't seem like that long ago. And if you watch their older pvs now you'll have a whole new perspective on Risakochan & Momo! How they looked back then was too cute as well! 🙂


  15. Saburo says:

    Couple things: I'm not a fan of Berryz or C-ute, nor would I be able to match name to face for any of these gals.
    That said, I just watched the PV (from the latest "Pucchi Best" collection) and I am pretty impressed. This is a VERY good, well-crafted J-pop song and I see a lot of charisma in what can be a great IDOL group for this century.
    Viva Pony Canyon!


  16. My copy of Berryz Koubou Single V Clips 3 just arrived today! I spent the better part of today watching the original & close up versions over and over as it was the first time I was seeing them. Are you sneaking into the BK fan club because there's plenty of room inside? 🙂


  17. Saburo says:

    Via tamachan/nachdenki at JPH!P:
    「恋愛ライダー (Renai Rider)」 Buono! 2nd single
    (First press)
    発売元: (株)キャニオンレコード発売日: 02/06/2008商品番号: PCCA2602日本国内価格: \1575http://www.fujisan.com/online/shopping~sj~?navi=1282062040
    発売元: (株)キャニオンレコード発売日: 02/06/2008商品番号: PCCA70206日本国内価格: \1050http://www.fujisan.com/online/shopping~sj~?navi=1282062053

    First album info:
    Release: 2/20Limited DVD version: PCCA-2621 3,570 yenRegular version: PCCA-2622 3,059 yenhttp://www.fujisan.com/online/shopping~sj~?navi=1282067351http://www.fujisan.com/online/shopping~sj~?navi=1282067352


  18. paul.thomas says:

    It's cool that Buono! aren't just a one song group, I was reading over at Totally Hello Project that there's also an album planned for the 20th of Feb as well.I look forward to hearing more of their releases, hopefully they'll all be as good as Honto no Jibun


  19. Thanks for the info Saburo! I was able to pre-order their 2nd single late last month when Cdjapan sent an artist e-mail but I'm now just hearing about a first album which is great news!! I'm thinking limited edition for sure!


  20. Paul this is indeed really great news!! Not only a new single but an album already! Their first release was quite a success so I'm glad that they're going to continue on and perhaps become a permanent part of H!P. The world really needs more Momo in it! "Honto no jibun" set the bar pretty high and I'm anticipating more great releases from them as this trio works so well together. I must pre-order their album soon!


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