Tackey & Tsubasa’s debut album “Hatachi.”

"Hatachi" was released 5 years ago on September 11th and while I'm yet a fairly new fan to their music having gotten my first taste with their single "Ho! Summer", I find this debut album to be amongst the strongest when it comes to first efforts. Luckily and surprisingly I was able to find a first press copy at a Japanese specialty shop here in Hawaii. The album contains 9 tracks and all are extremely well written and I don't find it to be a stretch to say all of them could have been singles in their own right. A beautiful tribute to New York and the terrible tragedy that occurred on 9/11 is shared in the stand out track "The world will never forget…" also making its release date a seemingly conscious thought. My first impression of Tackey & Tsubasa  was how well their voices compliment each others as well as the great bond between them. Referred to me by a friend as 2 artists that have a great sense of humor while not taking themselves too seriously lends itself into a endearing relationship between artist and fan all the while creating quite a different spin on the music scene in the form of a fresh breath of air while the contrary can sometimes be a turn off for some. Both are also active in t.v. dramas while Takizawa Hideaki takes a slight lead when it comes to overall popularity and exposure.

Tackey & Tsubasa are part of the "Johnny's Entertainment Group" and an interesting aspect of this is how it nearly mirrors the structure of Hello! Project in terms of member recruitment, grooming process, as well as group formation. JE's answer to H!P's Eggs are their Johnny's Jr. group. The familiar process of starting off as back up dancers/singers until finally becoming a part of a chosen group is very much the same as it is with H!P with the exception of widespread auditions. Johnny's Jr. however holds an edge when it comes to early performance exposure as H!P Eggs tend to remain well kept secrets until emerging in new units & groups with only minimal stage appearances during select H!P concert events. Tackey & Tsubasa debuted shortly after Arashi and were common members in the Johnny Jr.'s pool while going through the grooming process giving them a nice link to each other.

Here are all 9 tracks from Tackey & Tsubasa's debut album "Hatachi" all presented in 320 for excellent sound quality. My favorite tracks from this album are: "True Heart", "Kiseki", "The world will never forget…", and "Sora no screen-rainbow in my soul-". All uploads courtesy of Saburo.

1. True Heart
2. Ki.se.ki (Takizawa Hideaki solo)
3. Get Down (Imai Tsubasa solo)
4. The world will never forget…

5. Negai (Takizawa Hideaki solo)
6. Ikanaide (Imai Tsubasa solo)
7. Sora no screen-rainbow in my soul-
8. Epilogue
9. True Heart~International version~

The first pressing comes in an attractive box and includes a poster and 10 oversized photographs. I've scanned the entire set below.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to Tackey & Tsubasa’s debut album “Hatachi.”

  1. yuki says:

    wow… the scans are great… they look different… =)]
    My favourite song has to be Kiseki by tackey… it's sooo nice!! ^^


  2. La-Rush says:

    wow..hatachi.i have the local release from my country, it is cassette and i save them pretty tough^^


  3. Sofia says:

    Thank you sooooo much for the songs! They are so great!


  4. "Kiseki" is one of my favorite Tackey solo songs too! When I first heard this album this track immediately stood out. Their looks have changed quite a bit in just 5 years.


  5. La-Rush that's really great that they had a separate release in your country! "Hatachi" goes way back and it must bring good memories for you. 🙂 Such a well written album.


  6. Black I'm happy that you're able to experience some early Tackey & Tsubasa! I'll send your regards to Saburo as well or perhaps he's already read this.


  7. wolfychan2 says:

    “I don’t find it to be a stretch to say all of them could have been singles in their own right.” Wow, that definitively does sound good! Haha~. I’ll surely check out this album. :333


    • I hope~* these links still work…..they’re so old and they’re not mine actually but they are from my CD, just that someone else did them back when my internet was about as quick as a speeding~parked~car (> <);…

      In many ways I still regard "Hatachi" as the very best songs performed by Tackey & Tsubasa. They had a different songwriting team back then and this is so much done in a classic~j~pop style just with the hooks and things~♥. I can listen to "Hatachi" repeatedly and I'll never tire of it…..so sweet~♥ truly and gosh* the videos too!

      Sorry this following post also lost all of the videos I had uploaded……but they're most awesome! T & T sexy* and stylish always!!!…


      I hope~* you love their early songs too ^ ^♥


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