HM@ 11/11/07-”The one with The Fantastic Four, Slow Poke Rodriguez, & Jun Jun ices Kamei!”

Today's "Chibikko King" episode has team Musume comprised of Tanakachi, Sayu, Kamei, & Aichan going up against the Fantastic Four of unicycling! Hmm…it's interesting that Sayu is present today as she's often shown how athletically challenged she can be at times. :O Momusu members wearing animal ears and riding unicycles…and we're not even in Las Vegas! Aichan is first to give the tricky one wheeler a try and after a bit of careful balancing the unicycle shoots out from under her! Sayu is even funnier as she's unable to keep the unicycle upright in a stand still position as she begins leaning one way and then the other prompting the teacher to catch her on both occasions! Tanakachi keeps the cycle straight up but ends up falling forwards before being able to ride it anywhere…but receives Sayu's vote of confidence as Sayu tells her that she did well! :O So team Musume's last hope lies in Kamei…and she can actually balance on it…quite well…but does she know how to stop?! The look on their competitor's faces as they watch Kamei is priceless. Not so much as seeing a miracle but perhaps more like…"so one of them is able"… 😛

Being that it appears that Kamei may be the only member capable of getting further than a foot on this balancing act of a contraption, she' the first to face a member of the Fantastic Four. To handicap the race Kamei's competitor's distance is set at 100 meters while Kamei must travel "just" half that distance. It's a nice touch as team Musume's outfits match exactly the color of their given unicycles. So with a "gambarimasu!" Kamei is off! The closing speed of fantastic girl is simply amazing and from the side it looks as if the speed of the film has been sent into overdrive while "magically" Kamei's area of film has remained at the normal speed. :O It's like the Road Runner vs. Slow Poke Rodriguez!!…if only Kamei had some ACME dynamite to throw at her! 😛 Fantastic girl has completed the 100 meters in just 14 seconds!! Kamei was really impressive despite the loss as I would've spent most of those 14 seconds picking myself off of the ground. And Fantastic Girl has some kind words for all of Kamei's efforts saying that she rode quickly…(ah just not quickly enough).

Now being that Kamei is the only Musume member capable of riding the unicycle farther than a foot, we must move on to another game which will get everyone involved. It's a relay challenge and now here's something that even I can ride! Brings back memories of the Big Wheel days! 🙂 Okay it's actually a tricycle that team Musume will be using while the Fantastic Four will continue on with their unicycles and if that's not enough to even the score, the fantastic ones must also travel twice the distance and maneuver through an obstacle course en route to the finish line! We're talking speed bumps, stairs, a short maze, overhead flag gates, ramp, as well as a required spin all before reaching their finish line. :O Surely team Musume has a fighting chance now…right?!! Sayu declares victory is eminent with the given scenario and I'd be a bit nervous just seeing the large grins on the Fantastic Four's faces as they hear words of confidence coming from team Musume. 😀 Now this is going to be great to see! With all members in their relay positions we're off and peddling! Ah riding a tricycle has never looked slower or I think it's just due to the incredible speed that the fantastic ones are traveling at all while making the obstacles look elementary. And there's even some "Michael Jordan reverse hand switch layup" showboating going on … :O as fantastic girl begins pedaling the wheel itself while ducking the flag gates! If only Marv Albert were here to see this. Ahhhh for awhile it was looking so close as Tanakachi who was the anchor for team Musume was nearly side by side with "pedals like lightning" as she began her required spins on her unicycle but in the end it just wasn't meant to be as Tanakachi ends up about a car length short. And while team Musume expresses their disbelief it all calls for an instant replay so that we may study the tape to see just where they were beaten…hmm it looks everywhere. 😛

And now it's time for a tribute to team Musume's sad defeat and the sweat and…uh tears that went into it. While there's indeed no crying in tricycling there is some "dramatic" footage of team Musume en route to their unbelievable loss and it's all being held together by classic Japanese folk music. 😛 Ahh behold the beauty of the "face cam" which is believed to have been invented by some guy in UFA who's pursuit of close up facial expressions has finally found it's calling. Going from most recently, roller coasters to the hard an often unseen trekking ways of the tricycle an invention has finally found its reason for existence. 😛 And in the aftermath some surprising words from the Fantastic Four as they share their doubts of winning at some point of the relay challenge.

Up next a 400 meter relay! And this time team Musume gets bicycles…with baskets! 🙂 Not too sure if the baskets are part of the aerodynamic package though. From the very start Sayu can be heard screaming "wait!…wait!" :O As she falls behind faster than a sinking stone. Aichan seems to be the fastest of the four but by the time team Musume's anchor Tanakachi gets the bicycle…it's over. Ahh and for their incredible display of unicycling superiority, the Fantastic Four are greeted with a bow of respect from team Musume who just couldn't get it done today. Perhaps if they were given mopeds next time. 😛

Next stop is the "Gourmet corner" as Jun Jun, Aichan, & Kamei head to "Excel Hotel Tokyu" where they are set to meet up with "the one who eats so much." Has a 13 year old enjoyed food this much before…I think not. Soon to be published, him memoirs: "The Joy of Eating with Momusu." It's fine dining at it's best as indicated by those fancy streaks on your plate which I have no idea what to do with…scrape them up with a piece of bread or just marvel at their beauty? 😛 Seems that HM@ has taken a liking to foie gras as it makes a repeat appearance and so soon! It's a good thing that Jun Jun is present for today's segment! They really should serve a banana cream pie instead just to see what she does. 😛 Aichan & Kamei do their best to uphold the legacy of "the guy who makes everything look delicious" who appeared seemingly so long ago on that very memorable episode of Hello! Morning by expressing their pleasure…and they haven't even tasted the dish yet! And now the kid's going in for seconds! The look on Jun Jun's face is hilarious! :O!! The sight of foie gras has Kamei melting as she now seems to be the one most excited about the dish but of course this is HM so there will be a game involved where one member doesn't get to eat and bring in the reappearing Joker for just the occasion. The game remains the same as in previous episodes as the Joker attempts to deceive the eyes while shuffling a single Joker card amongst 2 other blank ones. I think I know where the Joker is this time…the middle card. After the girls pick their card of choice with Kamei getting the middle one :O it's time to reveal the Joker's position. It's sad that the one most excited doesn't get to eat today as Kamei loses! It's funny watching Jun Jun eat the foie gras as if she's again never had it before…complete with a surprised "delicious" reaction. 🙂 And while looking very radiant & cute today, Jun Jun's playfulness continues to shine as she offers some in a very kind and gentle way to Kamei who's just dying to try some…only to pull it away just as she's about to take a bite! It's Jun Jun's version of "icing the eater." Perhaps it was Mike Shanahan who taught her that one! 🙂

Next Gakisan, Mitsii, Nakki, & Chisatochan take center stage with their performance of "Shouri no Big Wave" as HM@ continues to showcase a new single release each week. Wonderful performance and any song that includes the expression "okey dokey" surely must be special. 🙂

More eating and games next week! Tanoshimi desu ne!


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4 Responses to HM@ 11/11/07-”The one with The Fantastic Four, Slow Poke Rodriguez, & Jun Jun ices Kamei!”

  1. Hotaru says:

    Poor Team Musume. Being told to learn how to ride a unicycle in about a minute…! Only Kamei can do it 😀 But alas, she is beaten by the fantastic unicycler! All four of them are amazing with the "Tricycle-Unicyle-Trick" race, I've never seen anyone do anything like that before! You'd think Team Musume could win the competition on a regular bike, but it appears not to be so! Ah, they were sure defeated D:The eating segment was a surprise for me, this has been the first time the Joker lost me! I didn't know the food was foie gras either (>_< Thanks!) And Junjun was evil to Kamei! She wanted it so bad, and then Junjun played a trick on her. How sad! But maybe she'll win next time!


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    Team Musume had a disadvantage in the race with the tricycle and the bicycle. Those tricycles were too small for them, it's difficult to pedal like that. Just look at the way Aichan was seated. They could never get really fast with that. And then in the bicycle race, the kids were all on their unicycles, but as I understood it, there was only one bicycle for the girls. They lost time having to stop and change. I think they could have won at least the first race, had it not been the small tricycle.One thing that I love about Japanese TV is their creative use of background music. Queen is a favorite, and I was sure, when I saw the theme of this episode, that "Bicycle Race" would play at some point. And it did. Other occasions were old Uta Doki! episodes, that always started with "Somebody to Love"; in comedy skits, they played "Bicycle Race" once when Tsuji and Kago appeared in tricycles, and "We Will Rock You" when Tsuji and Kago appeared for the first time in Yankee fashion. And my favorite one, that took me some time to notice, was in those H!M episodes when they held a trial; when it was time to show if they were considered innocent or guilty, they always used Phantom of the Opera's Overture. I laughed every single time they did that.JunJun is keeping up with my high expectations after that banana episode o.O she's indeed a very promising member, have to keep following her growth closely


  3. Hotaru I was amazed at how well Kamei did! HM@ giving them so little time to learn was probably all part of their comedic master plan to foil team Musume. 😛 Maybe if they had Lance Armstrong as their anchor they could have won the bicycle event. I'm just glad that it was foie gras and not fugu! I think for a moment Kamei actually believed that Jun Jun was going to share part of her winnings with her. :O


  4. HarimaKenji great point about the tricycle being too small for them! It appears to be some form of HM@ torture. 😛 Heheh it is strange that they could only afford one bicycle for the final event and the rider changes did hurt their chances significantly. Those 4 kids were amazing as I've never seen anyone ride a unicycle like that before and with such speed and they really made it look easy although I know it's not! You've got a great memory with their use of Queen songs throughout H!M. It does add a nice nostalgic touch and the context is quite witty. Sometimes I'm really surprised by how diverse their music selection can be for episodes of H!M. Perhaps most by their use of Jellyfish songs! I absolutely love Jellyfish and own both of their albums and their box set. They took a liking to "Baby's Coming Back" as it surfaced a few times and it makes me believe that at least one of the producers is a true fan of theirs. Back when I was working in a record store Jellyfish came to Hawaii and did an in-store event at one of the stores! I've got their autographs somewhere in storage. With this and Tsunku's obvious love of The Beatles as it appears in his songwriting quite often it's nice to see that strong influence present in H!P as when it comes to taking The Beatles sound and making it your own nobody did it better than Jellyfish! Ah I'm not too familiar with the music of The Phantom of the Opera and wasn't aware that they were using that music in those trial episodes. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I need to order a Jun Jun t-shirt set! When she first joined Momusu I never imagined that I would become such a big fan of hers but it has indeed happened. 🙂


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