Athena & Robikerottsu “Shouri no BIG WAVE!!!” single release.

A few J-Pop releases arrived this past Saturday including this cute collaboration cd. Gakisan emerges from Momusu heading her first unit which is a tie in with the anime series "Robby & Kerobby" and along for the joyous ride are fellow Momusu member Mitsii along with C-ute's Nakki & Chisatochan. The limited edition includes an impressive 24 page photo booklet which really adds a lot of charm to this release as the members are pictured in collaboration with the anime's characters. There's just something really special about posing with a giant plush robot and frog! 🙂

And when it comes to finding the right members for such a cute anime, UFA has created the perfect blend. Gakisan has shown time and time again how she's quite ready to lead her own unit and possibly head onto a solo path in the future after graduating from Momusu as evidenced in her solo concert performances, MC work on episodes of H!M, and fan events. While this release doesn't necessarily present itself as the right vehicle to showcase vocal talent, vocal talent is exactly what you get with the inclusion of Gakisan & Chisatochan. Gakisan's performance of "Koe" in concert for me really stands out as her best effort to date and really opens one's eyes to her strong potential as a solo artist as well. Chisatochan's strong vocals are perhaps one of H!P's best kept secrets as her vocal role in C-ute is yet to be pushed to the forefront. Something that hopefully the producers and song writers will take note of soon.

Nakki has also for the most part remained quite hidden in C-ute making her yet another perfect choice for this unit. While she looks adorable with her hair tied up, her look with her hair down as in "Tokaikko Junjou" I feel suits her facial features much better. She looks absolutely incredible in that pv and I love the shots where C-ute is walking towards the camera like a little H!P gang with Nakki & Maimai on the outsides!! In particular the photos of Mitsii I find to be incredibly radiant!! The transformation to idol is now officially 100% complete as H!P has groomed her into the vision that Tsunku must have had in his head when he chose her out of so many audition hopefuls. Quite frankly somehow she looks so different in this release and I now see Sayu as having some serious competition when gaging the cute-o-meter! But perhaps that's just in my mind and it's something that I never imagined just a few months ago. :O Mitsii just looks so adorable here and I'm at a lost for words!

The title track "Shouri no BIG WAVE!!!" may be a bit too much of a kid's song for some but it's appeal to H!P fans may lie in it's refreshing member lineup which includes a few members in need of more Up Front Agency love when it comes to being featured more in their  respective groups. Gakisan leads this cute quartet in a bit of a starring role and while I'm yet to see the pv, from what I've heard so far it sounds like Mitsii is actually the one that steals the show! "Shouri no BIG WAVE!!!" has an almost Minimoni like feel to it and although Tsunku didn't have a hand in penning either track, interestingly the title track does manage to include a few of those trademark Tsunku "woo's" which are reminiscent of "Love Machine's" middle break. While the pre chorus is a bit strange with a bit of cheerleading going on, the actual chorus has a nice catchy hook and this song truly resembles that of an anime song in the most profound sense.

Its' actually the coupling with song "Honki meki meki toki meki meki" that I find to be the true gem of this release! While both songs share a similar feel and style it's the b-side that sounds much more like a stand alone J-Pop tune and not one that is necessarily tied in with an anime, not that that's a bad thing of course. I would have actually reversed the tracks and made this the a-side. Each member is also featured a lot more than in the title track which went with more of an ensemble approach when it comes to the vocal arrangement, but here with the inclusion of numerous solo lines this song has a much more personable and endearing touch to it. The title track does feature solo lines but primarily in the brief verses while this coupling song opts for much more of it continuing into the choruses as well. Whether it was intentional or not each of the four members in this unit have quite distinctively different vocals and it works well in this ensemble cast giving each a chance to shine as fans will find it quite easy identifying each member's solo lines.

I'm curious to see if this will be a one shot release or if this unit will continue on much like Buono! has with the announcement of their second single albeit not until next February. As this first effort has shown this unit's great potential I do hope that more releases are in their future.

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17 Responses to Athena & Robikerottsu “Shouri no BIG WAVE!!!” single release.

  1. Dollygrl15 says:

    My Shouri no BIG WAVE!!!" single came today. I also got the limited edition one with the booklet. I am very happy with it. I find myself doing the wave sign like Aika everytime I hear that word. Its so catchy. 😀


  2. kahmshi says:

    What a good idea to include a booklet!The photos are really adorable~


  3. paul.thomas says:

    The booklet looks really good, I love how bright it all looks and how everyone looks in it, the yellow outfits really look good. I'm fighting the urge to go and buy it, I'm trying not to buy any H!P stuff until the start of the new year, with the exception of Morning Musume's single and some stuff I've already ordered through Ohta.I've never really noticed how great Nakki's smile is until seeing these shots, it's up there with Gakisan's for sure! I'm hoping that this unit stays around for some more releases, the song is really catchy and I'd love to see more of these girls together, I vote they include a booklet with each release ;p


  4. wu-san says:

    nice write up…and OMG, Aika looks great!
    Like you said, Gaki-san fits that role well.


  5. Dollygrl15 I really need to see the pv so that I can see what all of the Mitsii excitement is about. I've heard about her "wave" sign…perhaps the pv is on Youtube. I wonder if it will be released.


  6. kahmshi I really wish that all H!P singles came with a photo booklet as they're one of the best collectibles to receive. They really put a lot more effort into this release than I was expecting. 🙂


  7. Paul I know how you must fight the urge and save for your upcoming trip to Japan next year! Heheh as I like to say Nakki has nice big teeth! 😀 I'm thinking that they'll release more singles as there was so much effort put into this release and hopefully that's an indication. Mitsii is just killing me with cuteness right now! 🙂


  8. mizunohi says:

    I was really on the line for this release. I love it, but I was worried the PB would be really cheezy and badly photoshopped…but after seeing it, it totally adds to the charm!!!
    now I just have to wiat for my mikan copy to arrive…..


  9. wu-san if you can find the coupling with song I think it's far better than the title track although the title track is a good one. Mitsii has reached a new height for me with this release. I'm so impressed by her!


  10. Aw the giant plushy friend really helped to make the booklet look great! This release ended up impressing me a lot more than I was anticipating. I hope they perform these songs in an upcoming H!P concert!Looks like "Mikan" was just shipped yesterday! I've held back from hearing any of it so far so that I can feel its full impact when it arrives. I hope your copy/copies arrives soon too!


  11. Hotaru says:

    This single is adorable! While its certainly not awesome, its Mini Moni-esque, which makes me very happy 😀


  12. Hotaru I'm happy that you also feel that Minimoni inspiration in this song! It's all part of Mitsii's break out party!


  13. wu-san says:

    I will really have to search the songs out then…It shouldnt be too hard.
    Aika really caught my eye here too, and all it's taken are your pictures here. Plus, I think she looks great with Gaki-san and the other way around. don't know much about the others, as they're in C-ute right? I'll stick with coming to terms with BK at the moment heh.


  14. paul.thomas says:

    Aika does look amazing in this PV and has some really cute little poses/actions, I think this style of PV really suits her more than some of the of the Morning Musume ones. I really hope they do release some more releases as I really like the unit and think that's it good to see Gakisan getting some more attention and the rest of the girls looking amazingly cute. It does make me wonder if there's a Nono PV done in a similar style to this, I think someone needs to raid the UFA offices and have a dig around in all the locked rooms, see what they can find.


  15. Paul I'm wondering if they're going to release this pv or has it already been released and I've somehow missed it? Just from the photo booklet Mitsii really caught my eye and that idol that was in her I can fully see now. I've been reading how this pv really has her shining in it too. Heheh sounds like a job for James Bond! Or Tsugunaga…Momo Tsugunaga. 😛 I've just learned that she prefers her orange juice to be shaken and not stirred and I think it's a definite sign. Maybe she'll also find W's unreleased album hidden away somewhere too!


  16. Saburo says:

    FYI, new Gakisan photobook coming… well, not THAT soon:2008/4/25 新垣里沙写真集 「タイトル未定」 Y2,940 ワニブックス


  17. I'm so happy to hear that Gakisan will be getting a new shashinshuu!! She's going to be so adorable in it!! Thank you for the information!


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