真野恵里菜 写真コレクション。

With Ongaku Gatas' 2nd single just 3 weeks away I'm feeling a great deal of excitement in anticipation of seeing how this already great unit has developed since their debut release. As the end of the year nears I'm already figuring "Narihajimeta koino bell" to be in my top 10 favorite Hello! Project songs of 2007 along with Buono!'s "Honto no jibun." Manoeri and Noto Arisa seemed to really excel in their debut release and of course a lot of that was in the hands of the producers as they in particular featured Erina in the song & pv. The H!P Egg it girl has struck a powerful chord among fans and yours truly was hit on the head as well in the process. The doctor says that a Manoeri level concussion may last for years and it may not be safe to get back on the playing field anytime soon although the possibility of me once again being able to bid on Yahoo! Japan Auctions looks quite promising at the moment. It looks like Manoeri has developed an alternate version of Sayu's "usachan peace." 🙂

The top 5 photos are official Up Front Agency photos which Ohta was able to purchase for me from the official Hello! Project site after I loss a "match" while attempting to become the UEFC (Ultimate Egg Fighting Champion) on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. And just how much can a Manoeri photo go for these days? Fresh off of her Ongaku Gatas debut I witnessed an auction on a single photograph go for an impressively scary 3700 yen!! A fan probably taking note of this was able to capitalize on his great fortune of being able to attend Ongaku Gatas' debut fan event by taking some photos of his own and then selling them on auctions. The 16 photos below the UFA set are the product of this brilliant idea and it worked very well on me as I bidded on one of the sets he was offering and fortunately was able to attain it with a co-high bid of just 2400 yen.

The fan caught quite a few amusing Manoeri expressions and Yossi along with Noto Arisa can be seen in a few of them beside her.

I've been pondering having a Christmas giveaway contest as I have a couple of duplicate items that need a good home. If it comes to fruition I'll post the details here soon.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to 真野恵里菜 写真コレクション。

  1. wu-san says:

    I know I've done this once already, but sometimes I've already expressed all my feelings already on my intlwota linking lol, so:
    "MorningBerryz and I have been discussing Ongaku Gatas recently, and we’re always drawn to one little egg – Manoeri. It seems these talks were simply not enough, as MorningBerryz continues with his ‘Manoeri concussion’. According to him, the doctor says it may last awhile. There are UFA Photos included, and they simply drive me bonkers, espcially the makeshift Usa-chan peace one. Some well-taken fan photos are also included in the lot. I’m in heaven"


  2. wu-san I really love reading your comments on intlwota…heheh I'm fearing the day that you break out the "king crab" move on me! :O I think I'd like to see Manoeri & Sayu in a unit. Then we'll see who wins the "usa-chan" peace battle. 🙂 I sense that the "usa-chan" peace is strong with the little one…that's what the green one tells me.


  3. wu-san says:

    haha, well sorry for just pasting my quote, I guess it's cutting corners.
    XD the King crab move eh. Manoeri & Sayu in a Unit!!!! OMG! thats great. But I hope Manoeri's voice could help Sayu's along. Maybe need a really strong voice in there, or someones like Kamei's who can just harmonise with anything and anyone perfectly, just to add some body to the vocals. As for the usa-chan peace battle, thats some powerful stuff.


  4. paul.thomas says:

    Erina is just so cute! Scan4 is an amazing shot!! I'm really looking forward to this new single and hoping that it's going to be as good as Narihajimeta koino bell. Fingers crossed Erina will feature heavily in this release.As for a Erina & Sayu unit, sounds great to me, I've been dying for a unit with Sayumi in it for ages now.


  5. wu-san you're a busy guy! It's quite alright! 🙂 I just had a Tekken flashback. King's "king crab" move. Jun Kazama's my favorite though! She can kick some serious butt and it's quite amusing seeing her beat up giant men with ease. Kind of comical actually and that's why I like picking her. A few friends and I used to have these weekend Tekken tournaments where the winner would stay on while the losing person's spot would keep rotating. They made me use the random feature so that I wouldn't pick Ms. Kazama. 😛 It was great when every once in a while she'd pop up anyway. Then they started to pick her to face my Jun but since I memorized every single move of hers by heart I had to just kick my own butt in this Jun vs. Jun battle. Sorry why am I talking about Tekken? 😛 They could be called something strange like "Sayumano." If Tsunku can name a group "Nochiuranatsumi" or "Gomattou" than "Sayumano" sounds pretty normal huh? Ah not really but it's amusing. And make sure both get a lot of sighs in the song so that fans everywhere will melt!


  6. Paul with a unit this special I'm sure the song will be a great one! Whenever I just think about the lineup I still find it to be perfection. Every member adds a nice touch and with Konkon's return it's that much more special. I love being able to hear her sing new songs again. If the producers are smart there will be a good sharing of Manoeri as well. 🙂 But I'd also like to see the other Eggs develop more and shine in the spotlight too. I bet we'll see quite a big difference with each Egg this time around as the younger members seem to mature so quickly in short periods of time. Sayu & Kamei would also be a great pairing I think. In Gen.6 they're really like peas in a pod. In the early days you could really see how they bonded so quickly and really befriended each other. Similar to what Aichan & Gakisan have. 🙂


  7. wu-san says:

    So you were a big tekken fan! ah even I had a tekken game, well, 1 and 2. But I was always a streetfighter guy when it came to beat-em-ups. Anyway, thanks for sharing your tekken days! XD, as its always interesting. Hmmm, I suppose I had a snes
    Sayumano sounds perfect! maybe they can just have a song with just sighs. hmmm, the PV would be interesting 😛


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