“Acchi Chikyu wo Samasunda” Bunkasai 2007 in Yokohama event merchandise (+ updated member ranking).

When Ohta put these up for pre order sale on his eBay store's site I knew I had to get the blue one!! And just seeing the members of Momusu, Berryz Koubou, & C-ute wearing these shirts in their fan club DVD to help raise awareness about global warming makes it even more important and endearing. The design on the shirt is poignantly meaningful and yet somehow cute at the same time as it illustrates the effects global warming is having on the earth by showing polar bears sweating amidst the melting ice in the region. It's nice to see H!P's main 3 groups getting involved in such an important cause and you may want to watch the fan club DVD for individual member comments on the subject. Also being offered on Ohta's eBay store's site are mini group photo albums which surprisingly hold 48 3 1/2" x 5" photos! To get you started each album comes with a set including each member's photo for that corresponding group and they're all being featured in the great looking blue version of this event's t-shirt.

For the past 2 days I've been working on an updated favorite member ranking which for the first time for me will include Momusu, Berryz Koubou, & C-ute. Lots of rearranging and indecisiveness involved as it presented quite a difficult task especially with the addition of C-ute to the list. A few months ago I combined the members of Momusu & Berryz Koubou for the first time in a favorite member ranking list and it can be found here. As for Momusu favorite member lists, while I really wish I had started making them from the very beginning I did start documenting them from October 2002 and those can be found here. And names have been romanized in this post. I must point out that if any of those lists were to be redone today I believe most of them would be a bit different. However being able to look back and reflect on how things were at that time is the real joy in making these lists as difficult as they can be to make.

There's been some substantial movement since my last list and the addition of the members of C-ute has caused quite an impact. Here's my favorite member ranking as of November 8th including all members in Momusu, Berryz Koubou, & C-ute and I've used the photo sets which came with the mini albums from the aforementioned environmental event.
























Does anyone have any favorite member lists to share? And it doesn't necessarily have to be this combination of groups if you'd like to rank one of the groups separately we can still compare them relatively. 🙂

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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18 Responses to “Acchi Chikyu wo Samasunda” Bunkasai 2007 in Yokohama event merchandise (+ updated member ranking).

  1. Zush says:



  2. momo says:

    I got this earth fest item a few weeks back: http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/5650/earthfestgoodsxm0.jpgOhta did have it up but people bought it and it's no longer available, it's a nice guidebook and calendar


  3. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  4. paul.thomas says:

    I love looking through your ranked members, always interesting. It looks like I'll be finishing this marathon of work I've had on by Sunday, so I should be able to start coding that H!P ranker we were talking about in an earlier post.I've also been thinking for awhile as to what my top 10 H!P members are…I think I may have actually got it nearly sorted, there's still a couple that I'm not to sure about but it's coming along, which is surprising as it's something I'd never thought I'd be able to do.


  5. Zush thank you for listing your favorite H!P members! 🙂 One day in I'd to rank the entire H!P family…such a daunting task for me! You're top 10 is very diverse. I'm happy to see Marippe and Ayaya making it in there. Ah you love Konkon so much at #2! The more fans I meet the more I realize how many out there love Konkon. And it's so great that she's now back and the 2nd Ongaku Gatas single will be a nice Christmas time treat for all of us. It's not surprising to see Berryz Koubou dominate your top 10! 😀 I'm guessing that Miya will remain #1 for you but can Risakochan possibly hit #2? We also have Momo & Maimichan near the top of both of our lists. Momo is such a personality powerhouse and I wish I could have ranked her higher but it gets really close at the top.


  6. Great looking merchandise momo! I would've like the guidebook a lot. I'm hoping that a portion if not all of the proceeds from the sales of these items goes to help support the fight against global warming. I imagine it must be set up for something like this.


  7. guacg thank you for listing your favorites!! The polar bear design is really cute and I'm happy that Momusu, Berryz Koubou, & C-ute wore them for these photo sets. Ah I've never noticed that about Erika & Maasa's teeth looking alike but they really do! You wrote great comments about their appearance. Poor Airichan! I wonder why they're waiting so long to fix that especially with all of the attention that she's getting…a lot of that by UFA's design. Lin Lin's eyes sometimes scare me O_O! "Tokaikko Junjou" did have an impact on that! Maimichan is so perfect in every way. She looks like the perfect girl! We both have Kamei, Aichan, & Gakisan in our Momusu top 5 and in fact they're your top 3! I can totally understand the tie and when it came to Gakisan & Jun Jun for me it was like a tie also. It was really hard placing one ahead of the other. I wish I could have ranked Mitsii higher and it's impressive to see her way up on your list. 🙂 She really is developing quickly as an idol and overall performer. Her personality is really coming out too! It's funny how when I first saw Jun Jun & Lin Lin I felt sure that Lin Lin would become the more natural member at first. But my initial thoughts were way off as it's really Jun Jun who's developed so much more in the group. More importantly her personality is surprisingly feisty! 🙂 I also wasn't sure about her looks at first but my eyes certainly deceived me there too. Jun Jun is soo adorable! We both have the same sentiments on Aichan. She held the #1 spot on my Momusu favorite member list for l think longer than any other member. Nacchi would be really close so I'm not totally sure.


  8. Paul I had a pretty difficult time combining Momusu, Berryz Koubou, & C-ute together for this ranking list. Making a H!P top 10 as Zush did will prove to be even more difficult! I do want to make a complete H!P member ranking but probably when it comes to the Eggs I'll just include those in Ongaku Gatas as they're the only ones that I'm a bit familiar with. If you're able to complete your list please share! You've been so busy lately! It's good to hear that you'll be getting a bit of a break soon. 🙂 Let me know how the ranker is coming along.


  9. Rad♂ says:

    Current list: Hagiwara, Saki (C-ute), Saki (Berryz), Risa, Chinami, Suzuki, Konno, Reina, Ayaka (Coconuts), Chisato.
    My picks tend to change over time …


  10. Radicalpatriot thank you for listing your favorites!! It's great to see Konkon in there! She really did touch a lot of fans hearts. I know what you mean about your favorites changing over time and I like to update periodically. Thanks for chiming in! 🙂


  11. Zush says:

    Marippe has always been on my lists. Same with KonKon who was number one before I was mesmerised by Miya and that happened when KonKon was away. Risako? Heh he, yeah, we'll see where she is going in my Top 10. And there is going to be room for one new girl when Maki is not anymore H!P member.


  12. I still need to work on a H!P member list that includes every member. I'm already thinking that the top 10 is going to be really tough to complete with so many favorite members to consider. I do love seeing Konkon so high up on your list. So Miya got you when Konkon was away! Just the thought of Gocchin being gone and I miss her already.


  13. wu-san says:

    @Zush: You know I always like seeing any changes on your top ten on the forum, maybe because I've been following it for so long…do you think you could guess mine right now? LOL
    @MorningBerryz: I think these are some of the nicest UFA photos I've ever seen. When I'm scrolling through *christ!!! sorry, I have to stop for a minute, its freezing. need scarf and jumper O_O*.
    When scrolling through your latest list, I was impressed by some of the shots. I think If I was a C-ute fan, I'd be routing for Erika…She's always caught my attention for some reason. But since I know even less about C-ute than anything else, it's not based on anything. Yurina's hair looks plain, but it really suits her…She's got a modest look about her, but pretty with it.
    Heheh, I knew about your top 2 :P, mind you, many probably could say that aswell…I was wondering who would fit in number 1 though 😛
    Oh and I really like the shirt design too


  14. wu-san heheh are you thinking about my Kamei scarf?! If only it were colder in Hawaii this time of year…just not too cold! I've been needing a Momusu set with Jun Jun & Lin Lin for some time now and couldn't resist when these came up. Plus the photos of Risakchan & Kamei are so cute! I seem to find that Erika is quite popular with many fans and with my ranking it's just so tough as I like every member. Ah Kamei's going to be quite difficult to knock out of #1 just as Aichan held the top spot for a few years.


  15. kalinkross says:

    If I go for top 10 I'd go
    1)Tanaka Reina
    2)Michishige Sayumi
    3)Natsuyaki Miyabi
    4)Sugaya Risako
    5)Jun Jun
    6)Kusumi Koharu
    7)Suzuki Airi
    8)Kumai Yurina
    9)Umeda Erika
    10)Kamei Eri
    Last five are subject to change at a whim… haha. BLUE stuff though. Awesome. Though I'd like some GREEN instead.


  16. Hello kalinkross! Where have you been hiding lately?! 🙂 Ah the shirts are also available for purchase in green! You really should get one from Ohta! Thank you for listing your top 10 favorites here! I see you've included the 3 main H!P groups too. I've been noticing that Umeda Erika has quite a fan base out there! Nice to see Jun Jun, Kohachan, Risakochan, & Miya in there as well. Ah Tanakachi is your current fave! And Kamei just snuck in! 🙂 I know what you mean about change being imminent at any moment seemingly although I do try to control that. An update every few months helps to keep everything current and I hope you'll chime in again so we can see your changes if any. How's life in Hawaii been treating you?


  17. kalinkross says:

    Life in Hawaii… been okay except for school. Thats where I've been hiding. You know a college student's main goal is not to starve and not to fail. Disappointed that I've lost touch with just about all my Jpop Idols…
    I think I'd get the set just for the photos. I think thats all I want.
    How's life been treating you? If you know about a certain catering place/store has closed up, Mitsuken… I loved their breakfast specials… fried rice, eggs, bacon and 3 pieces of garlic chicken for under $5…


  18. kalinkross I imagine that you must be extremely busy! I hope you're getting good grades as well! 🙂 Ah things are okay…work…H!P…work…more H!P…try to get enough sleep…and more J-Pop. 😛 I guess I don't do much now days other than that! That was a wacky scary situation that they had there with the owner! :O By the way I love the Cloud avatar!


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