HM@ 10/28/07-”The one with Types Like The Wind, Tanakachi and the ?, & Tamori the cat’s triumph.”

Today's episode rotates back to the ongoing "Chibikko King" segment and before a proper introduction can be made the little guy heads straight over to the computer console to show team Musume what they're up against. Takuyakun is amazingly quick on the keyboard as he shows his typing prowess. :O And when it comes to typing Japanese characters/kanji on a keyboard it's quite a challenge with so many variations involved. As we get to watch him go to work his fingers fly with ease in an almost "computer" like fashion…that is if yours is quick…not like mine which seems to process data in a leisurely way. 😛

To get things started the girls begin questioning him about a few things and Tanakachi asks if he "has a girl that he likes." Takuyakun answers everything by typing on the keyboard and quickly replies "no"…and when asked again suggesting that he's lying…"definitely no." Heheh who has time for a girlfriend when you're a typing wizard!

In order to display his typing ability Takuyakun first challenges a computer game. "The Typing of Dead" is a Mac based game and it's gameplay is like nothing I've ever seen before. Players are challenged to maneuver through a zombie infested setting and your means of defeating the zombies lies in your ability to type proficiently as each enemy has a particular set of letters or Japanese characters/kanji above them which you must correctly type in in order to defeat them. As the level of enemies gets higher the level of difficulty also reflects on your typing skills and speed is factor. Now if only they had this available in typing class it would've been much more entertaining although I don't know if it would have helped my poor typing skills any. 😛

"Types like the wind" looking extremely calm as he begins to challenge the game and amidst the gasps of "sugoi" & "hayai" he effortlessly makes his way through the first level clearing out the zombies before they can become a threat of any kind and he didn't even have to take out his AK47! :O After witnessing this first keyboard onslaught Sayu who dressed like a cute pink bunny seems to have a bit of confidence that she'll be able to do well in the upcoming challenge. Today's team Musume is comprised of Sayu, Gakisan, Lin Lin, Mitsii, & Tanakachi. But before going against such a daunting task a few pointers are handed out as the girls are treated to a brief lesson in typing prowess. Starting with your index fingers, Gakisan & Sayu show us a cute "Sexy Boy~soyo kaze ni yorisotte~" impression. 🙂 "f j d k s l a ;" okay now we're ready!!

Sayu is first face the trials of typing and right away we see just how difficult it is to produce the correct kanji characters on a keyboard when there are so many different variations in meaning available. Sayu manages to type in a few rather amusing phrases as she brings up some incorrect characters along the way. It's also interesting to note that some character combinations require isolated entries which need to be altered before the rest of the phrase can be typed otherwise  the results can be quite different from what is originally intended. It looks like it's going to be a long day at the office for Sayu! :O Mitsii, Lin Lin, & Gakisan also get some practice time and it's funny seeing Mitsii cracking up all by herself…perhaps as she ponders their upcoming doom.

Ah but watching Tanakachi type is the best of all!! For a while it looked like I was trying to type in Japanese instead of her! :O Slowly…slowwwwly. And then a moment of surprise occurs when she can't find the question mark on the keyboard. "Types Like the Wind" can be seen having a good laugh on the side as he witnesses the event. They may have to tie one hand behind his back in order for Tanakachi to have a chance! 😛 In a panic Tanakachi keeps typing in periods as the search for the question mark continues…and her team mates can't seem to help her either! :O Watching Tanakachi type is the equivalent of seeing Miyabi taking a test. Her end score is zero as she runs out of time. :O Afterwards it's pointed out that the shift key is required to bring up the question mark…….and in slight embarrassment Tanakachi holds the keys down…?????????????????????????

Team Musume sends their top performer into battle and it's Sayu vs. "Types Like the Wind." They'll be required to type the lyrics for "Onna ni sachi are" and Sayu will be given a much needed handicap as she gets to start quite far into the song while the challenger will be required to type all of the song's lyrics. Types Like the Wind will have to type in 382 "moji" (letter, characters) while Sayu is challenged to type in 154 moji. Sayu tries to copy him by answering by typing as she's posed a question about the upcoming challenge saying she will not lose with a few extra "nu nu nu's" added in for good measure all in a very large font size. :P  To show just how quickly today's Chibikko King challenger types, a split screen is used showing the pv for "Onna ni sachi are" playing in super sped up hyper mode reflecting his machine like speed & efficiency! It's like the keyboard Terminator has arrived to destroy Sayu! :O It doesn't take long before the Keyboard Terminator has reached Sayu's progress point as he then quickly passes her in amazing fashion! Heheh Sayu's "pv" is playing in super slo mo! It's unbelievable how quickly he types!!! I've never seen anyone type this quickly ever!!! He's so quick that it looks like the film's been sped up! :O We witness the first spoken words from Takuyakun as he declares his sweet reward "delicious" without the use of his keyboard. Somehow I think he could have typed his response faster.

Next we're off to another episode of "Gourmet Kids" as Aichan, Gakisan, & Lin Lin (where's Jun Jun?!!) meet up with their special hungry friend. Just watching this 13 year old eat is entertainment in itself. Look at him go! :O Heheh Lin Lin is a bit confused as to the meaning of his "opening act." "Peking duck" spring rolls are on the menu and since this is HM of course there is a game in place to see which members get to eat. Mr. Shuffle Man aka "the Joker" is back to once again try to foil their eyes. Using 3 cards including one Joker and two blank cards he will attempt to shuffle them face down in an attempt to hide the single joker. The member who chooses the Joker card will not be eating any peking duck today! I must say that this time around the Joker did a much better job of deceiving my eyes as I actually lost track of where the Joker card was. 😛 Poor Aichan ends up picking the Joker card! Lin Lin continues to show off her growing Japanese vocabulary while Gakisan's "what is this?" reaction was quite funny.

The Kirarin Revolution/ Morning Musume collaboration continues and the winning character design will at last be announced…please let it be Kamei's strange robot cat! 😛 But first it's a visit to the official Kirarin Revolution shop as Jun Jun (there she is! 🙂 ), Aichan, Kamei, & Kohachan pay a visit. After the top 5 items are introduced  (#1 is a berry filled crepe!) it's time for the winning drawing to be announced…please let it be Kamei's strange robot cat! Or Sayu's "Nightmare Before Christmas" cat! Amazing I just typed that before she pulled it out of the envelope! :O Sayu's "Nightmare…" cat has won!! Tamorisan will be proud. Sayu has such a wonderful shocked reaction!!…as does Gakisan but for a different reason. 😛

As HM@ has been improving its format recently, we now are treated to the addition of a live music performance like we used to see on episodes of H!M whenever a H!P group/artist released a new single. The palace set is beautiful as Buono! performs their debut single "Honto no jibun." Momo's anime voice is the best!! The only downfall about this performance is that it's edited and Momo's "Wakaru" has been cut out. The more you hear this song the more you absolutely love it!! Okay I've now finally decided on where Airichan & Miya rank in this unit. 1. Momo 2. Airichan 3. Miya. Airichan & Miya are really just a coin flip apart!

It looks like the next episode will have team Musume facing a great challenge in the "Uso Queen" segment as they will face the power of female intuition. Can they still outsmart them? Tanoshimi desu ne…


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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9 Responses to HM@ 10/28/07-”The one with Types Like The Wind, Tanakachi and the ?, & Tamori the cat’s triumph.”

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Such a great episode =) first HM@ I watch twice…I had already seen a game like that Typing of the Dead before, when I was starting to learn hiragana/katakana. It was an RPG, but during the fights, you had to type the romaji for hiragana/katakana that appeared over the enemies to attack them. The game would show a random hiragana/katakana over any of the enemies, and if you get it right, you hit; if not, or if you take too long, you get hit. Occasionally there was a whole word you had to type, and it did a magic attack.Just like the episode with Jun Jun weeks ago, this episode has a single star. Sayu ❤ Her "The computer was my friend (…) but now I go out properly." earns my full respect. She types just like me in Japanese, has a reasonable speed but gets lost in kanji. And her cat is awesome. Sayu rules this episode. I'm happy for that.The kid's "zettaini imasen" was also great.The Joker was great o.o He confused me 3 times, but I guessed and kept looking and at the end I got it right. But that was a 12.5% guess anyway…


  2. wu-san says:

    @Harimakenji: saying that Sayu is the star in this episode gets me all excited to watch XD…as she is my number 1 in current MM. and that game sounds good for anyone wanting to learn 2 of the japanese written forms.


  3. wu-san says:

    @MorningBerryz: again, enjoyed the description and am looking forward to the watch tonight. What you said near the end about HM@ starting to improve, I really hope so, as it was always a big staple in the whole MM package before, and I kind of miss that.


  4. HarimaKenji that sounds like a fun and educational game!! I think the idea is brilliant! Instead of just button mashing you're really learning something along the way. At first I thought they were going to challenge the kid with that game but the format worked out great anyway! That was the line you referred to earlier! Working kanji on the keyboard is an adventure sometimes! I love how everyone was so shocked when Sayu's cat won! Gakisan in particular cracked me up with her initial reaction. Ah that's such a dark looking cat…the shades remind me of "The Nightmare Before Christmas." 🙂 She was so happy and it was indeed great to see. Watching Tanakachi on the keyboard was so funny too! I loved the search for the "?" and the kid was probably thinking at that point…is this what I'm really up against?! :O Tanakachi's really a great sport and it made it quite endearing. Ahh the Joker fooled me completely. I had no idea where the Joker card was at the end and I sympathize with Aichan completely. The last time he did it it was so easy to follow. But this time there were moments when his hands crossed in the middle and the cards seemed to get overlapped in an instant while being blocked from view and I had no idea where the card was anymore. 😛


  5. wu-san I think you'll enjoy this episode too. Watching that kid type is incredibly humbling to probably most of the population. :O I wonder how Tanakachi sends e-mail messages to friends…it must take a very very long time. 😛 And finally getting to see that Sayu has won the character drawing challenge was a really great moment too. I really hope that they continue to show live studio performances at the end of the episodes!! Buono! was a great way to get it kick started again!


  6. Hotaru says:

    This episode amazed me! I'm very good at typing on the computer, but I don't think I could type like that…I'm just not that skilled. Poor Reina, she couldn't even find the question mark key. I was surprised when I found out that I didn't get confused with the card-moving-trick! Ahh, Aichan, no meat for you today.I was happy that they showed a live performance of Buono!. Momoko really is the best in this group, Buono! really got me liking her 😀


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    I can only guess that if Reina uses e-mail, she only uses a cell phone… I know some people like that. And she eventually found the question mark, she just didn't know how to use it. Since Japanese officially doesn't have question marks/exclamation points, it's not such a big problem. But it was funny.


  8. Hotaru watching Takuyakun really humbles ones typing skills. I've never seen anyone type like that before and considering all the variables involved with kanji characters vs. English it's even more impressive. Tanaka cracked me up! :O But she was such a great sport about it and she did try her best. Now she made me feel like I type really fast. 😛 I hope the musical performances are a permanent addition to HM@'s format. It makes sense for them as well as it acts like a form of publicity & advertisement.


  9. HarimaKenji aw she was so cute on the keyboard. You're right she may be a wiz on the cellphone instead. That kind of sounds like her too. Good point about the question mark not being a regular part of their characters. I liked when the teacher was telling her about using the shift key. :O And Takuyakun had a big smile on his face! I wonder what he really was thinking at that moment. :O!!!! (Probably)


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