モーニング娘。ALL SINGLES COMPLETE~10th anniversary~ リリース。

Simply stated, the 2 editions of Morning Musume's ALL SINGLES COMPLETE~10th Anniversary~ release have recreated the most symbolic single covers in their history. Originally when I ordered both editions I was only aware of the recreation of their "Love Machine" single's cover and quite overwhelmed when I saw what the limited edition's cover would look like! The recreation of their debut single's cover "Morning Coffee" may just be the most aesthetically pleasing cover Momusu has ever produced. I can't get over how beautiful it is!!

Viewing the original cover alongside it's updated look brings one a profound feeling of nostalgia. The pure simplicity of this cover is what makes it so attractive along with the joyous expressions on everyone's faces.

While "Love Machine" goes in quite the opposite direction with very somber looking faces, this seemingly necessary tribute to honor the peak of Momusu's success creates a powerful image as well. The importance of "Love Machine" speaks for itself while I do wonder at times what the producer's idea was behind the serious look of this release. Perhaps after the sales went through the roof the cover could've been redone to reflect a much much happier look. 🙂 I'm happy to note that someone was able to locate the helium balloon background for the new photo shoot. 😛

Starting with the regular edition, while it doesn't include the special member DVD it's still quite an attractive package as it mimics the LE booklet albeit in a much smaller size matching the size of the jewel case. All of the literature and photos within the booklet are identical to the LE's booklet and the main downfall of it's smaller size is the slightly cut off version of the cover photo. Included in both booklets are a chronological journey through every Momusu single to date including lyrics and cover art, new group photo, musician & staff credits, along with its most important feature which are interview segments broken down into 4 subjects covering favorite single, noteworthy memory related to a single, best graduation memory, and current favorite phrase from a single. Both booklets are well made glossy cover soft editions and have comments from 23 past and present Momusu members! What's noteworthy is that they were able to track down Ishiguro Aya, Fukuda Asuka, & Ogawa Makoto for this release!! Also included are Marippe, Nono, Konkon, and interestingly Mikitty is listed last in the booklet. :O Ah has she really grown that distant?!

One thing that the regular edition includes that the limited edition doesn't are 3 off shots from the "Morning Coffee" cover which are inside the CD case's slim booklet.

After gazing at these images for awhile it's funny to note just how little Jun Jun's expression changes…if it changes at all! Heheh Kamei isn't too far behind in keeping the same expression. Everyone else has such varied expressions especially Kohachan & Mitsii….hmm is that really Jun Jun or is it a card board stand up?!! 😛

And now the limited edition. Fans won't be disappointed when they see the absolutely gorgeous design that the limited edition presents! This edition opens up in a beautiful gateway style revealing the full sized booklet, 2 CD set, and bonus DVD. The backgrounds include a nice collage of member photos which are fully visible when the discs & booklet are removed. The appearance is sleek, glossy, and worthy of this releases' importance.

The full sized booklet provides a nice companion to this visually pleasing set and while I fear that my copy is scanner allergic here's a little peak inside.

While many fans may already own every single included in this celebratory set, the bonus DVD provides perhaps the biggest incentive to own this piece of Momusu history. The DVD runs an impressive 88 minutes and gives fans a first hand account from 17 former & current Momusu members regarding their most memorable live performances! While the DVD won't play straight through it does include a menu which gives fans access to choosing a member's comments and chosen live performance that they'd like to see. While brief the comments give a nice inside account of why each live performance was chosen and I got a kick out of seeing everyone in different places when the video shoots were being done. Heheh it looks like Nacchi is either moving into a house or moving out of one. The songs & live performances are varied enough to give the viewer a wide look at Momusu concert performances through the years and it presented for me a nostalgic walk down memory lane. I haven't watched many of the concerts that these performances are from in a very long time so being able to watch such a varied selection in one sitting was a great experience.

Last but not least is the newly penned anthem "HELLO TO YOU~Hello! Project 10 shuunen kinen theme~." A nice step up from Tsunku's previous similarly themed song "Hello no theme", we are immediately greeted by a lively arrangement of guitar, drums, piano, and bass all being nicely complimented with a horn section accenting the chorus sections. While "HELLO TO YOU" is a simple track it's energy is quite infectious and eventually it'll win you over. In particular I really like the vocal harmonies that follow the bridge as they add a nice variation to the repeated melody and you can really hear Aichan doing her thing throughout this song. 🙂

Morning Musume's "ALL SINGLES COMPLETE~10th Anniversary~" release provides the look and the extras that are symbolic of what fans have come to love about Japanese releases. Packaging and overall presentation have been well thought out making both editions a nice addition to any Momusu fan's collection. Here's to their continued success and many many more great memories to come!

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20 Responses to モーニング娘。ALL SINGLES COMPLETE~10th anniversary~ リリース。

  1. kahmshi says:

    I buy the L.E too ^^ but I don't receive it because in france (I live in france ^^) it's a free day!So no postman ='( It's very beautiful ,I was surprised by the size,I can't wait to have it!! XD


  2. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  3. Dollygrl15 says:

    I have to say THANK YOU so much for helping me with my DVD player. My Collection has come and I'm watching the DVD is I type. I'm so happy with it. So again thank you and the girls are all os beautiful! Just had to say that.


  4. kahmshi I'm guessing it's a holiday in France today? The wait will be worth it! It's so well made and yes it's way bigger than I had anticipated. Nice packaging like this doesn't come along too often! 🙂


  5. guacg the DVD is great isn't it! You're right about "Do it! now" and it would've been even better if everyone was included on the DVD with their picks. I'm so surprised to see Ayappe & Asuka!! It's wonderful that they were involved in this project albeit in the interview portion only. It sometimes puzzles me the way that Marippe is only involved in some events in H!P. Especially since she's still directly part of it I would've expected her to be on the DVD too.


  6. HarimaKenji that may have been my facial expression when I first saw the LE. I'm so happy that they produced this release so well.


  7. Dollygrl15 I'm happy that I could help! You support them so much by buying their releases and it's only right that you be able to enjoy the DVDs too. 🙂


  8. pOuNd66 this is definitely one collection to own even if you already have the singles. Thank you again for the links! 🙂


  9. Hmmm just about to order it…how sneaky of them to include an alternate version of "Mikan" and "Yomiuri Land PV for Love Machine." I've never heard of this before…a live version I'm guessing but they really should include the original 10 minute version of "Love Machine" on this historic music video collection.


  10. Saburo says:

    Funny I just assumed that it WAS the "uncut" Love Machine PV, with the gawky dude and winking Gocchin at the end. We'll see.
    What I'm also looking forward to is the jacket cover making-of footage. Those "Morning Coffee" schoolgirl outfits look fantastic.
    I assume there'll be on "Single V" of Mikan…


  11. I hope it's that version since I only have it on VHS right now! They're calling it "Yomiuri Land PV" which makes me wonder though as I don't recall it having a name like that. Amazing how it's twice the length of the version they put on their PV DVD compilation and how it's remained in the vaults all this time. "Making of footage" will rock!! They really should perform in concert in those outfits…the whole show even! I wouldn't get tired of them ever! I've only ordered the 3 versions of their single as a single V wasn't listed yet. I guess it must be listed by now…must go check.


  12. wu-san says:

    This is a great introduction to MM musically for newbies I think. And I really enjoyed listening to the cds (downloaded files lol) all the way through, kind of felt fresh again.
    I still dont get on with the new track however XD. The song and I just dont get on.


  13. paul.thomas says:

    Both the Regular and Limited covers are amazing, but for me the Limited Release cover really does it, everyone looks so great.I love your photos of the compilations along side the original single releases, I really like the fact that they've even kept the same style of text on the covers as well.I want to try and cut back on the H!P purchases over the next couple of months, what with Christmas and all, but the PV collection is just too tempting, Fingers crossed my brother will be stumped as usual for a present to get me…subtle hints may be in order.


  14. This collection would indeed make for a great crash course in Momusu history for anyone new to their music! There are some songs here that I don't play too often and some that I haven't heard in ages. Just hearing them in chronological order all at once is quite an experience. wu-san maybe "HELLO TO YOU" will grow on you in time. Heheh I'm a sucker for these types of anthem songs. 😛


  15. The new "Morning Coffee" cover is one of if not the nicest cover Momusu has ever released. It was such a great idea for them to do this to celebrate this anniversary. Very powerful & symbolic. Good point about the text as they really did quite a thorough job in recreating these land mark covers. Aw a H!P gift under the tree would be the best! It's so hard to keep up and yes Christmas shopping must begin soon!


  16. wu-san says:

    yep, totally agree. Playing them in chronological order really lets you 'hear' the evolving timeline. very refreshing. Happy summer wedding places me back in some of my past too, I cant quite put my finger on it, but just for doing so, its now a really important song for me. I hated this song about a month ago lol.
    I'll give the new song more of a chance then 🙂


  17. It's great how music can bring you back to specific times in your life. That's one of the great powers of great songs. Ah I love how we think alike!! 🙂 Hmmm maybe the new song is something that I've just fallen in love with too easily. 😛 Let me know if it grows on you though. 🙂


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