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The Berryz Strike Back!

Berryz Koubou "Tsukiatteruno ni kataomoi" LE & RE singles Just when it appeared that C-ute may be making a bid to become 2nd in Hello! Project's galaxy…Berryz Koubou releases "Tsukiatteruno ni kataomoi" which has all the makings of a double … Continue reading

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HM@ 11/18/07-”The one with the buffet war, wrath of Shizuchan, & Cabbage Man’s purpose is revealed.”

It doesn't take long for team Musume to get under the skin of one of today's special guests as Tanakachi abruptly interrupts a reminiscent story of how there was once was a dream of winning the 3rd audition told by … Continue reading

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Nacchi shashinshuu collection I only recently had heard that Nacchi would be releasing a new pb and with her being my overall favorite Hello! Project member of course I ordered it right away along with Aichan's latest release "Mizu." Amazon … Continue reading

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モーニング娘。の “みかん”シングルリリース。

Morning Musume’s "Mikan" single (type A, B, & regular editions) Momusu's much anticipated new single was released on November 21st in 3 different editions giving fans yet another tough decision to make depending on which extra presented themselves as most … Continue reading

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“Sweet Morning Box 2002″/ “Arashi Around Asia + in Dome” DVD giveaway.

The giveaway post is now up (visible to those in my neighborhood) and will officially end on November 30th at midnight. The random drawings will be done on Saturday December 1st with both items being awarded and the winners will … Continue reading

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Arashi/ Morning Musume Christmas giveaway.

Arashi & Morning Musume This marks the first post on this site which is visible exclusively to those in my neighborhood and in wishing everyone a happy holiday season I'll be giving away as gifts Arashi's "Arashi Around Asia+ in … Continue reading

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Buono! ホントのじぶん pv DVD single and a taste of J-Pop utopia.

Buono! "Honto no jibun" pv DVD single Buono!'s long awaited debut pv was finally released on November 21st! I had successfully managed to avoid watching it on uploads despite the great urge to do so. Buono! who has made a … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Sesame Street edition)

Big Bird Thanksgiving The holiday season is nearly upon us and with Thanksgiving being celebrated tomorrow it's time to take out those annual decorations including this one. You have to love their facial expressions! :O Especially the Count! He looks … Continue reading

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Tackey & Tsubasa’s debut album “Hatachi.”

Tackey & Tsubasa "Hatachi" album (first pressing) "Hatachi" was released 5 years ago on September 11th and while I'm yet a fairly new fan to their music having gotten my first taste with their single "Ho! Summer", I find this … Continue reading

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HM@ 11/11/07-”The one with The Fantastic Four, Slow Poke Rodriguez, & Jun Jun ices Kamei!”

Today's "Chibikko King" episode has team Musume comprised of Tanakachi, Sayu, Kamei, & Aichan going up against the Fantastic Four of unicycling! Hmm…it's interesting that Sayu is present today as she's often shown how athletically challenged she can be at … Continue reading

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