HM@10/21/07-”The one with Furuhata,the wheels come off Speedwagon & Kame’s masterpiece is unveiled.”

Today's episode has switched back to the "Uso Queen" game format as HM@ continues to rotate between this and the "Chibikko King" game segments. The featured members are Lin Lin, Aichan, Kamei!!! :P, & Tanakachi and my hopes of finding a randomly placed banana on the set seems to have been doused by the fact that Jun Jun is absent from this segment. Hmmm…well all dreams just can't come true but the always wonderful Kamei is present which makes up for both the banana & Jun Jun. Heheh just kidding, I wish Jun Jun were present too!

Our special guests which the girls will attempt to outcute…uh no I mean outsmart are a duo named "Speed Wagon" as REO had a conflicting schedule this week and just couldn't make it. Sorry! 😛 (I'll be here all week…don't forget to tip your waitress). After a little bit a playful berating we are set to begin. Spiky kinpatsu dude is a feisty one. :O

The challenge that Speed Wagon will face today is being able to determine which 1 out of the 4 members is introducing a gourmet dish which they've never eaten before. Aichan is first and boy that looks unappetizing! "Fukahire?!" First she is asked when is the first time she tasted this dish and she claims to have had it in a soup during her time in Momusu as it was presented as an award presumably on an episode of H!M. Next Aichan gives her dish a taste so that the members of Speed Wagon can get a sense from her reaction. These guys are pretty good as they grill her with questions looking for a suspicious answer or hesitation. Overall Aichan seems sincere although there is a slight chink in her armor at one point.

Next up is Lin Lin as she removes the cover from her dish claiming it to be a favorite of hers. "Mabo Tofu!!" Ah this is quite a monkey wrench in today's game as it's highly believable that Lin Lin loves mabo tofu and that she must have had it before. But that may just be the trap that they were looking to set up for our competitors, something a bit too obvious. At this moment I just can't seem to remember whether it was Jun Jun or Lin Lin who once stated on an episode of Utaban that they loved mabo tofu and spicy food in general. I think it was Lin Lin who liked spicy foods…or was it Jun Jun…Ahh I can't remember!…but had there been a banana on her plate the game would surely be over. 😛 Heheh I just had a vision of a dream HM@ sequence where Jun Jun was actually on this segment and when she lifted the cover off of her plate there would only be a banana peel left there! Soooo…I wonder if she really does like bananas? lol! The staff must really keep a better eye on her. Questioning the location in China and the spiciness of the dish doesn't seem to open up any clues as to whether she's telling the truth and now it's time to watch Lin Lin's reaction to actually eating it. Just like in the episode 2 weeks ago Lin Lin's initial reaction just looks suspicious and dare I say fake! Heheh something about her demeanor as it's just like mom used to make back in China! It also looks like she wants to laugh the whole time although that may just be on air jitters. One thing is for sure, Lin Lin is sure eating a lot of it and she even adds a favorite touch to it, some sauce and really impresses everyone when she drinks the sauce straight!

Kamei's dish is a familiar one, peking duck. And she states that the first time she's had this dish was when Momusu traveled to Hong Kong on their fan club tour. After she neatly wraps up her dish into a roll with some sauce and some vegetables with just a touch of shoyu, Kamei tries some and perhaps has the least enthusiastic reaction in terms of body language as she declares it delicious. Anyone who's had peking duck before will probably agree that it wouldn't be very difficult to fake such a reaction as this Chinese dish is very delicious and probably would be well received even for someone having it for the first time. The Hong Kong fan club tour makes it sound very much like she's telling the truth but yet I'm a bit unsure. But as the questions begin to mount Kamei stumbles slightly with her accounts regarding her mother making this dish and the very popular theme music of detective "Furuhata Ninzaburo" begins to play in the background as Speed Wagon seems to have found a flaw in her "story." Or have they?! Kamei's wrap is also not complete as she didn't fold the bottom to enclose it. Ayashii desu ne.

Tanakachi is last to present her dish which are dumplings. Just like Kamei she mentions their Hong Kong tour to have been where she tried this dish previously. Whoa the dumpling didn't at first look very large, not until she put one into her soup spoon! That's one big dumpling! Now the way that Tanakachi approaches her dish looks to be the most suspicious of all as she begins nibbling on it as if checking to see how it tastes before taking a larger bite. After a couple of little nibbles Tanakachi then looks up and expressively says "delicious!!" This looks to have every aspect of a person trying something for the very first time! It's either Tanakachi's huge stumble here or is she just playing them like a fiddle? Her reaction is so "obvious" that perhaps could she be just acting? Speed Wagon quickly points out how her reaction was of complete surprise and it looks like her dumplings are cooked!

When Speed Wagon states their first reaction to whose presentation seemed the most made up, Kamei & Aichan's names come up first. Before making their final decision they ask for Kamei to once again demonstrate her wrapping technique with the peking duck. Interestingly this time she enclosed both ends as she initially didn't enclose either end leaving an easy escape for the contents to fall out as was noted earlier. After biting into it she gives out a faint "karai" (spicy). Hmmm…ayashii desu ne. She then quickly smiles and says "oishii" (delicious). Ayashii desu ne…

Aichan is another story! When she is asked to give her dish another taste she adds a bit of seasoning sauce and immediately in a surprised tone states how red it is! So many surprises among them for dishes that are supposed to be familiar. Heheh Speed Wagon gets a kick out of Aichan's new reaction and she can't hold back her laughter either. Is her cover blown or are we reading too much into this. Ayashii desu ne.

It's now the moment of truth as Speed Wagon must state whom they think is lying about their dish.  They choose Aichan to be fraudulent and her reaction to the red sauce seems to have been a key clue in their final decision. Despite Tanakachi's overly seemingly "obvious" reaction I think it's Kamei as the way that she wrapped her peking duck on the 2 occasions seemed quite suspicious. Now it's time to see if Speed Wagon is correct and the guy on the right does a pretty good "Furuhata Ninzaburo" impersonation of Tamura Masakazu's lead character on this popular detective show! 😀 It's the incomparable Tamura brought to life! 🙂 Ah Speed Wagon loses! as Aichan reveals that she was indeed telling the truth about her familiarity with her dish. Aichan's red sauce reaction really through them a curve ball! So who could it be? Heheh I would have lost too as Kamei is next to reveal that she also was telling the truth about her dish. 😛 I would have also lost twice as I would have picked Tanakachi next due to her surprised reaction and just the way that she nibbled at it as if "checking" it first. It turns out that Lin Lin was today's "Uso Queen" and boy did she fool me as well! Thinking back to that Utaban episode it had to have been Jun Jun who stated that she loved spicy foods including specifically mabo tofu. My memory has really failed me. 😛 I wonder if Jun Jun puts hot sauce on her bananas? :O Tabasco Banana…look for it, it's sweeping the nation.

The episode continues with a continuation of Momusu's Kirarin Revolution collaboration. And at last we'll get to see what the girls have drawn for the character art challenge. Lin Lin draws really well!!!! Tanakachi's character looks a bit sinister! :O Aichan's gets a laugh from her fellow members as it's…uh….hmmm…interesting. What's going on with her cat's whiskers?! He cat comes complete with ear ring & facial scar! :O Gakisan's gets a round of applause and "cute" approval! Gakisan's quite the artist!

Like waiting to see the unveiling of a newly found masterpiece by DaVinci…we await Kamei's next work of art! It is indeed incredibly….strange!! Looks kind of like a robot cat or is it even a cat? Kamei gets a bit of fun poked at her and check out it's tail?!! Which it seems to be standing on or is it floating? With those stubby legs indeed it must fly instead of walk. :O Ah Kamei is such a great sport as she asks for support from fans and then begins to laugh as Sayu is cracking up beside her!

Sayu's creation is a bit bizarre too as it's quickly compared to the famous music host Tamorisan! It's a pretty dark looking character! Ah Jun Jun's is a lovely drawing which kind of has a Hello Kitty thing going on with it. Cute! Mitsii who wasn't present has her drawing shown and she has very good technique! I can't draw at all and I think that everyone did a good job here! Heheh I'm hoping that Kamei's wins just so that it'll appear in the show! :O

Everyone's character art is presented to a representative as the final decision is awaited. I wonder what she thought when she saw Kamei's…perhaps that needed to be edited out. 😛

Next week looks to return with another "Chibikko King" challenger featuring a keyboard wizard! Typing Japanese characters involves so much effort and I wonder which Momusu member(s) will be able to challenge him. Tanoshimi desu ne.


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to HM@10/21/07-”The one with Furuhata,the wheels come off Speedwagon & Kame’s masterpiece is unveiled.”

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    There's nothing more I can complain about H!M@ ❤ Every episode gets at least one thing right, since the one with the bowling kid. In this episode, my favorites are Tanaka's reaction and one thing one of the comedians said to Lin Lin, after she started drinking the sauce pure, something along the lines of "If you're going that far to lie, you'll turn into a great woman." LinLin seemed so happy to hear that. And then, in the end, it was her =P By the way, I don't know who I would choose, but it wouldn't be LinLin.Maybe because it's something I can relate better to, but the next "Chibikko King" is the one I liked more until now. One member said something I thought was pretty unexpected and is messing up my ranking, I wonder if you're going to comment on it next week…


  2. HarimaKenji now you're killing me with suspense! I hope it was something positive that was said. Heheh I hope I don't miss it completely! 😛 Tanakachi's reaction was so funny especially when considering that they were all supposed to be trying to fool the guests into thinking that they've had the dish before. :O But then I started thinking about it more and then thought that perhaps she was trying to throw them off on purpose, ah but in the end if was just Tanakachi being Tanakachi! 🙂 If only I could have remembered that it was Jun Jun who stated on Utaban in her debut appearance on that show that she was the one who loved spicy foods and she actually said "mabo tofu" as an example. I actually wrote a post about that episode and I still managed to not remember! 😛 Kamei + food = fun.


  3. pOuNd66 I love peking duck too! Kamei was lucky to have that dish. It was cute when she put too much spicy sauce on it the second time.


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