Gocchin graduating from Hello! Project.

While details remain light, reports coming from a recent Gocchin concert are that she officially announced that she will be leaving Hello! Project. I never saw this coming and there is speculation that it may be related to the well publicized troubles that her brother has encountered. I personally don't think that anything that her brother or any other relative for that matter does should impact her career as it just seems unfair. Of course this is still speculation and any direct link is yet to be stated and I imagine never will. Talks of her having conflicting ideas as to where her career is headed with UFA seems to be more directly linked to her sudden announcement of her graduation. I'm shocked. I don't really know what to say about this right now besides it being very disappointing and sad. It is also being said that Gocchin will not have an official graduation concert and that the recent show that she made this announcement at will serve as such and will most likely be her final concert appearance as a member of H!P. This news has the effect of being hit by a freight train and I'm just stunned!

Reports also state that Gocchin will continue as a solo artist with another yet unnamed company and I wish her the best in continuing her career. She will be missed so much. When more information is known I'll try to write more about this troubling news and what Gocchin has meant to Hello! Project over the years.

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18 Responses to Gocchin graduating from Hello! Project.

  1. I'd like to think that she'd been happy with the money she's made, and is going on to do what it is she really likes to do, and/or further her studies. Either way, this lovely lady can and should be happy in her choices, and I respectfully support her decision in this.
    I'm happy to have experienced what you've shared with me.
    Thank you!


  2. paul.thomas says:

    I really hope that she does carry on with her solo career, it's a real shame if she doesn't, especially considering that this whole thing seems to be caused from something that her brother done. The think that really disappoints me the most is that she's not getting a proper graduation concert, it would have been an amazing event, it's a real shame.


  3. Dark Knightingale that's really the way to look at this from a fan's view. We all should really continue to support her in her future endeavors and wish her the best. 🙂 I'm heartbroken though by this news but I'll be able to look beyond this and to her future with another management group. I'm just sad that things couldn't be worked out and that it came to this. It's such sudden news and caught me completely off guard.


  4. Paul it really bothers me that her brother had something to do with this perhaps forced decision. I'm waiting to hear more details as I'm still in shock. Such an important H!P member not getting a graduation concert is really saddening as well and in fact every member should get a proper graduation concert or event in some form. I'm still in a daze about this. It somehow doesn't seem real. Gocchin gone from H!P? How can that be?! 😦


  5. Hotaru says:

    It feels as though Goto's Brother was merely an excuse and really had nothing to do with her leave. I don't really know what to think right now other than "Oh my, this is certainly shocking!" Right now, though >_<


  6. Hotaru I'm really sad about this. I truly hope that most of this if not all was on her own accord. That would make me feel a lot better although I'll still miss her not being in the H!P family. It'll be interesting to see which agency she continues her career with. She brought so much to H!P and I still can't believe that it's true.


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    I've already commented this yesterday somewhere else, but since it's the same subject, let me just copy and paste it here, making some small adjustments because I was a little angry when I wrote this and now I can think better ^_^———————————————I don't understand the conflicting career plans argument… Yeah, her career had a big image change, she went the sexy way. Gomaki has been doing this for a long while already, and it
    sells. How long has it been since SOME
    BOYS! TOUCH? One year. Why would UFA start changing plans now? If this is her decision, then the only thing I can think of is that she wanted more exposure and more non-wota fans. But as far as I know, she had a new single announced. There's no way this
    thing was being considered for a long time, who announces a
    new single when preparing to leave? And she did apologize for her brother's action (WTF?) in her final concert.About her career, who knows,
    getting out of H!P might make her mainstream-popular again. I don't
    really care, since she'll be doing the sexy act, and I'm still waiting
    a good single in this style. But if all this is really because of her BROTHER's mistake, I wonder how
    much longer other important acts will hold on in H!P. I'm actually
    starting to think it's a miracle Nacchi is still there.Damn,
    this is just ridiculous, Gomaki was probably the member who sold most
    copies in H!P. Maybe not directly counting only her solo singles, but
    if you think on the groups she was in, they were always on the top. And
    she is Momusu's Golden Age. This doesn't make sense. I just decided that UFA's directors are
    dumber than RIAA and Bill Gates together.Now that she's out, I
    wonder who will replace her in Momusu's anniversary unit. Maybe Yuuko.
    And then they could take Koharu out and put Yaguchi there. Or Yasuda. That would
    make me feel better. How is such a recent member important enough to be
    put in that special unit? And Koharu -_- But that's another story…


  8. chibon says:

    This came as a HUGE shock. Gocchin was my first favorite Morning Musume member and remains one of my favorites to this date. It's impossible for me to imagine H!P without Gocchin. I really hope it was her decision to leave H!P and not UFA's. Maybe it's better for her to find a different company where she can get the attention she deserves. On the other hand, she says her future is uncertain and this uncertainty is what makes me worry.


  9. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  10. HarimaKenji says:

    I've just read in Hello-Online that she is leaving H!P but will stay in UpFronts. What is that good for? Even though she was in H!P, she already had a pretty different line of work in there, she wouldn't need to get out of it for "creative liberty reasons" or whatever. I give up understanding this mess.


  11. HarimaKenji that's a very good point about her having a new single in the works and then having this come up as it indeed couldn't have been something brewing for a very long time. That just wouldn't make any sense as you say. I do wonder what kind of musical conflict there could have been if that's actually true. She definitely has grown out of her "te wo nigitte arukitai" days although I wouldn't mind her going back to that! lol! Ah she was so cute in those pvs. And her brother the wild child. This guy really knows how to get into trouble and damage a good name. But I really don't see how it should affect her as she's not responsible for him, isn't he an adult already? Even if not he's still not her responsibility. I know that the thinking in Japan is very different from her in the US but that's just so unrelated. It's not as if she was driving the getaway car or something. She really shouldn't be affected by his actions in any way other than in her personal life. I totally agree with your feelings on Gocchin's importance to H!P through the years. No single member has ever made such an impact on sales. And when you think of Love Machine…you think of Gocchin. Yukosan should have been in the 10th anniversary unit from the start. She symbolizes the leadership role in H!P and literally is, although we hardly get to see her. Ah everything about Gocchin makes her non replaceable but I really wonder what they'll do with this special group. It'll be sad to see it go away so hopefully they don't decide to end this group after just 2 releases. H!P members have been dropping like flies recently and it's like we're just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm still sad about Mikitty's departure from Momusu although that seemed to be more on her own accord. It's like she's disappeared now altogether. Marippe hosts concerts and DVD programs but why not have her perform in a H!P concert too?!


  12. guacg I woke up to this on Sunday and couldn't believe it. I share your sentiments on Gocchin and I also really hope that this was her decision and not something forced by UFA. Gocchin brought so much success to UFA and they should never forget that ever. She's too talented and loved to not continue with her music career and I hope to see her back with a release soon. Ah birthday's are always important and thank you for reminded everyone!! Happy birthday Makochan!! 🙂


  13. HarimaKenji this is getting even more confusing with this new information. Leave H!P but remain in Up Front Works? Eh? And as you point out her music was already quite outside of what most of H!P releases are like so some truth is being held back here and this is beginning to sound like a cover. We need an interview from Gocchin to clear this up as agency statements probably won't be enough.


  14. Saburo says:

    Centuryland (via Sports Hochi, among others) reporting that the comeback with Avex is ON! More details prolly coming later today.


  15. Saburo says:

    Sankei Sports has more pics of Gocchin pimping out her new Avex image.I wonder if she blogged about the Lakers…


  16. Great to see that the Avex rumors turned out to be true for her! Really strong backing to further her career!


  17. Saburo says:

    The "official" web site is also open for business.


  18. Great looking site they've made for her! It probably won't be long before her first release is announced.


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