中澤裕子 TYPE-Y 2007 BIRTHDAY LIVE 魔法のプレッシャー!今年もやります。

After listening to Yukosan's latest single release yesterday I was then immediately inspired to watch her new concert DVD. "TYPE Y- 2007 BIRTHDAY LIVE Mahou no pressure! Kotoshimo yarimasu special" is an incredible 2 disc set with running times of 115 minutes for disc 1 and 68 minutes for disc 2!! The background color of her latest single and this DVD release make them look like a set.

Celebrating Yukosan's 33rd birthday in grand fashion where lucky fans were able to attend this special concert event it all begins with a slide & clip show presenting a few profound moments leading up to the backstage gathering of Yukosan and her live band. Yes live band!! Although it's becoming more and more common in H!P concerts and t.v. shows the use of a live band is something that H!P really should utilize more often if not always. J-Pop through the 80's & 90's seemingly always had the presence of a live group and even idol groups employed a live band which toured with them regularly. Morning Musume first began with a live group but that soon went away and I can only imagine the cost of having one being the sole reason for such a change as a live band brings an entire extra element to performances making them about a thousand times more "lively." Ah it sounds like a pun but I mean it literally. 🙂

After the VTR opening we are treated with a slight surprise as "Hajimete no happy birthday!" opens the concert with 4 Eggs performing with Yukosan entering about mid way through the performance. I'm not familiar with the 4 girls performing with Yukosan and I'm assuming they're H!P Eggs and they stay after the first MC for the second song performance "Go Girl~koi no victory~." I thought this was a really nice touch to open the concert! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine seeing Yukosan perform either of these opening songs, especially "Go Girl…" 😀 And if anyone's wondering if a 33 year old can still perform with pep, cuteness, & fire Yukosan quickly extinguishes those questions as she delivers all 3. Another great aspect of watching an older member of H!P perform is the deep wit included in her MC segments and anyone familiar with Yukosan's personality from her days with Momusu and thereafter surely will know what I'm talking about.

The song lineup is a great one filled with an array of hits ranging from Momusu, classic J-Pop from the 70's, Yukosan's solo works, as well as an awesome performance of "Bokuraga ikiru MY ASIA!!!" Yukosan performs the 10th anniversary group's song towards the end of the concert just before her second and final encore and she belts it out in a way that makes it seem like the entire concert was just building up to that moment! While Yukosan's vocals shine at a high level throughout the entire concert, it definitely goes to another level when she performs this song and you can really feel just how meaningful and special "Bokuraga ikiru MY ASIA" is! In the moment I immediately then started feeling that perhaps Yukosan should have been in the 10th anniversary group as she in a way defines Momusu as the group's original leader. Just hearing her vocals during this song gave me goosebumps and it was an awe inspiring performance for sure. While the concert is filled with great songs some of my favorite performances other than the ones that I previously mentioned were "Nagaragawa no hare", "Futarigurashi", "1973 hit medley", GET ALONG WITH YOU", "Tokyo Bijin", "DO MY BEST", & "Yu.u.wa.ku."

There's a notable band performance that occurs while Yukosan is going through a wardrobe change as the audience is treated to a jazzy rendition of "Summer Night Town." All band members are featured in separate solos during the performance and these are top notch musicians no doubt! Yukosan is also joined on stage with a special guest for a few duet performances and speaking of Yukosan's wardrobe for this concert…she looked simply incredible!! Going from a stylish dress to sexy black shorts & top to cute casual wear Yukosan looked gorgeous throughout the concert. I don't think I've ever seen her look sexier!

The concert reached a very touching and magical moment when 2 celebrities appeared on stage (one was actor Ishida Issei) and presented Yukosan with flower bouquets, a birthday cake, and a rendition of "Happy Birthday!" 😀 The wonderful shocked look on Yukosan's face said a million things and this was pure joy to watch unfold! The audience also really got into the celebration and what a sweet moment to have captured here in this concert.

Fans were truly treated to a feisty and lively performance and one thing that I hope for in the future is more Yukosan involvement whether it be on t.v. shows or in concerts as this concert DVD really shows us just what we've been missing for the most part and getting so little of for such a long time.


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13 Responses to 中澤裕子 TYPE-Y 2007 BIRTHDAY LIVE 魔法のプレッシャー!今年もやります。

  1. chibon says:

    Yuko is my favorite 1st gen member and it's great to see her releasing a new single AND a birthday concert DVD within a month. Tsunku apparently didn't completely forget about her.. She has one of the strongest personalities in H!P and looks way too good to be called Obaachan. lol Her graduation concert makes me cry eveytime I watch it. Thanks for the screencaps! Yuko's shocked face on #0794 is hilarious. lol and then she breaks out in tears ._. I just watched her Go Girl performance on YouTube and contrary to what I had expected it wasn't akward at all. Her hair looks really great. wonder what kind of hair conditioner she uses..


  2. wu-san says:

    @quacq: must be good hair conditioner lol. Maybe H!P has a secret forumla for all their idols.

    having a live band adds another dimension to the songs and the performance I think. So it's great to hear of one being used here. Really interested to see this whole concert through.


  3. guacg ah we both love Yukosan so much and I'm happy to hear you feeling sentiments for her too! Her graduation concert remains as one of my favorite H!P/Momusu concerts also. I was looking to see if anyone uploaded performances from this concert and apparently I didn't look good enough. 😛 It was endearing to see Yukosan perform "Go Girl…" and yes her hair looks so beautiful! 🙂


  4. wu-san you won't be disappointed as Yukosan really presents fans with a great performance filled with emotion, power, and her trademark wit. I wish every H!P concert utilized a live band as it does add so much.


  5. wu-san says:

    I suppose it's harder for Morning Musume to include a live band, as in reality, many of their songs are well-beyond the production of say, Ayaya's current sound. I'd imagine if MM had a live band going, it'd be a sound engineer and some decks pumping out the synths etc. But it does make me wonder, wouldnt it be great for MM to push forward a more jam-band kind of set on some of their tours where their songs have been tweaked a little to include a live band? I think it's possible, it'd be like some Uta doki spots but on a bigger scale.
    speaking of which, as I've not checked lol, is there an Ayaya concert where she's doing her 'naked songs' set???
    Awww yeh, Yuko-san's wit is so quick and lively…like you say, it really bleeds into the fans and helps her live performances.


  6. Yes I believe that would be a very feasible idea! They could re arrange the songs so that a live band set up would work. 🙂 Ah fans would also be treated to new "versions" of favorites and I know this would go over great! You should have a talk with UFA and feed them your ideas! I haven't seen a release with a similar song set but in the past some of Ayaya's concerts have included rearranged songs with live performers on stage with her. So the "Naked Songs" approach has been done in a large live setting but not directly. One of my favorite set ups that she's had included a pianist and a string quartet along with a rotating stage!! I don't know where they found such cute violinist! But it added so much energy to the show and you could tell how much Ayaya loved them being there! She also has some really intimate performances at these concerts where she'll sing with just a piano or acoustic guitar arrangement. Ahhh to hear the audience sit silently is something that you'd never expect at any H!P concert. And Ayaya's voice is big enough to command these large live settings even with minimal instrumentation. In fact there is an acapella performance on one of her concerts that I can't think of at the moment but it's in one of her more recent releases. I always look forward to buying new Ayaya concert DVDs for these reasons as they really provide her with a spectacular live setting. Now only if Momusu would follow suit.


  7. wu-san says:

    haha, well now, If only I had some say in the UFA…everyone's dream right?
    arh I see. Thanks for the info. I should look up some of her concerts and take a gander. The rotating stage and the quartet sounds like a bit of an event! Ayaya has always pushed the idea that she quite likes touches like that. Well, the quartet. Must go in search of some Ayaya concerts, it all sounds like my kinda thing.


  8. Heheh if I had that kind of power I'd be creating my own frankenstein "dream" units like Momoni: Kamei, Jun Jun, Risakochan, & Momoko! Would that be too strange?


  9. HarimaKenji says:

    Hum… This looks interesting… My favorite H!P concert is Nacchi's 25 ~Vansanc~, mainly because of Nacchi herself, perfect MCs and the live band. I have problems with MCs on most H!P and Momusu concerts, but maybe because there was only Nacchi, they were great. Yuuko guarantees good MCs. And I have to see her perform Go Girl.


  10. HarimaKenji that's a very good pick for a favorite! Having a live band adds so much and I know that I'm spoiled for asking them to have them all the time. But the show is so much better with them. Nacchi & Yukosan are really great as MCs and I notice that at H!P concerts they tend to have non performers such as Makoto, Marippe, and on some occasions in the past even Katou Noriko (who I love! she's so cute!). But having one performer do the MCs seems to work out the best and that would have to be a senior member.


  11. Oh I forgot to mention my favorite H!P concert is the 2006 Summer "Wonderful Hearts Land" concert where Konkon & Makochan graduated. I love the huge catwalk stage setup, song selection, and the impressive resolution that this concert is shot in. It's really tough to pick just one though as there are so many great H!P concerts from way back too. I've never really decided on a single favorite solo member or group concert. That's a tough one too.


  12. HarimaKenji says:

    Oh, forget what I said, favorite concert has just changed to H!P 2007 Summer 10th Anniversary… Baby Koi ni Knock Out (Ayaka O_O glad to know she's still alive! and she got to say something in the MC =O), Kiiroi Sora de Boom!³ (Reina <3), Shiawase Beam! (Kamei <3), SHINING ITOSHIKI ANATA (yaaaay! I love this one), *lists the whole concert*. Best song selection ever =)


  13. I just received this concert but I'm yet to watch it. Just looking at the song lineup at it looks really great! A lot of classic songs in the mix! Can't wait to see Kamei's number! It's great how their concerts have been getting longer and longer and this one even took up 2 discs! :O


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