Halloween safety tips to ensure a fun & safe night! :P

With Halloween fast approaching it's time for the annual safety checklist. Whether handing out candy to ghouls & goblins or Harry Potter,  attending a party, or just checking out the sites around town you can never be too careful!

The first rule is simple: Don't ever be the first to fall asleep at a friend's house or party! Or this could be you the next morning. :O

And you thought your friends were scary!

Rule #2: Always be aware of your surroundings, there could be hoodlums out there!

Rule #3: Know when to say when so you don't end up like this poor guy!

And the most important rule of them all, rule #4. Never drink & fly!! Be someone's best friend and hide their broomstick if they've had too much to drink or better yet be a designated broomstick driver.

This has been a Halloween public safety announcement. Everyone be safe!

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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20 Responses to Halloween safety tips to ensure a fun & safe night! :P

  1. Too cute!
    -I like the drunken pumpkin and the witch-slammed-into-tree the best!


  2. Heheh the guy passed out with the banana scares me the most. Some people get really creative with their Halloween decorations! I haven't carved a pumpkin in years.


  3. Hotaru says:

    Haha, the pumpkin reminds me of my younger days when my family used to carve pumpkins. My dad always made his look like it was puking pumpkin guts…haha 😀


  4. No, no, no. -I learned loooong ago to never pass out at a party because someone's always gotta pull a stunt like that.
    I haven't carved a pumpkin since I was a kid, nor have I participated in any Halloween "revelry". -I think a lot of what people do for Halloween is cool looking, but I don't celebrate it in any way.
    -Just ain't my thing.


  5. Heheh the puking pumpkin idea is great! I like that this pumpkin has arms as well and they kind of look like they're made of long pieces of strawberry sour belts. Ah the fine art of pumpkin carving. It's great that your father used to do this!


  6. Dark Knightingale friends can do some wacky things sometimes! I saw someone once get their eyebrows shaved off! :O And they had to go to school with them drawn in the following Monday. That was mean! Ever since that day this has been one rule to always follow although I rarely go to parties. We stopped passing out candy a few years ago because our home is kind of in the back and hardly anyone shows up. Seeing some very creative costumes was a lot of fun though. The most outlandish costume that I've ever seen was someone dressed as a huge pile of dung! :O Complete with plastic flies on wires coming out of it. It was the most bizarre sight and it was huge!! I saw it in Waikiki crossing the street.


  7. I've wanted to dress up as a "Michael Meyers" kind of charactor with a knife, and "hang" myself from the tree in my front yard. When the trick-or-treaters come by, I would release myself and drop right in front of them, sucessfully making them soil themselves! ha ha ha
    -My back couldn't handle the drop from the tree 'tho.
    I thought my older brother had the sickest costume: White face, white pants, cardboard (front and back) round and colored a yellowish-white. When people would ask what he was, he would squeeze his cheeks together and spit some mayonaise, and say "I'm a zit!"
    The worst prank I've seen done at a party, when someone passed out, was to put makeup on their face, nail polish their nails, then take turns taking pictures of different people's privates near their mouth. -People can be sooo sick, can't they?


  8. PS: -I will NEVER pass out at a party ever!!!!


  9. Dark Knightingale that sounds seriously sinister! :O I think they may run away before you could offer any candy. lol! A zit!! Heheh that's brilliant!! Your brother is really creative and it must run in your family. Oh that's the most disturbing thing I've heard of happening at parties among friends! :O I may never go to a party ever again. lol!


  10. Friends can be such jerks, eh? 😉
    I'll go to parties, I just won't pass out at any of them!


  11. wu-san says:

    funny rules haha.
    When I wake up I'm gonna do some food shopping in town, maybe check out my local bookstore and a drink in my cafe…then me and a friend are going to celebrate Halloween with a few beers and some snacks and scary movies. it's my friend's idea really, as he's a nut for festive stuff. But hell, he bought the food and beer so, I can only be a good friend and accept 😛
    we're dressing up as each other for a laugh. I'm not sure how he intends to look half chinese and half malay however, face paint just aint gonna do it.
    nice to read what some of you guys did and think about Halloween. I live in England and its not really that big.


  12. That sounds like a great and safe way to spend Halloween. I don't go out anymore really and then it was just handing out candy but since our house is in the back the trick or treaters stopped coming too so now it's just shut the outside lights off since there's no candy to give away and watch a movie. That's a great idea! I've never thought of dressing up as a friend and having them do the same. I'm sure your friend will come up with something interesting. Heheh I'd like to see pictures if he dares to! I'm sorry I never did ask where you lived. There seems to be a lot of J-Pop fans in England and I think that's great! I have another friend Paul Thomas who lives in England too. This is really dumb to ask but any chance you know him?


  13. wu-san says:

    Is Halloween quite big over in Hawaii???
    As for my friend and I dressing as each other, yep, should be interesting :P, and those pictures, who knows? lol.
    I live in Northampton which is about 1.30hrs from london by train. I'm not sure where Paul Thomas lives…I don't know him sorry. I've seen him post on blogs and such. And maybe I'll get to know him better through here or something???
    anyway, have a good halloween guys…I'm tired from hanging out in town all day and am going to have a shower now and then relax with friend so I'll check up on comments and posts here 2moro…and my usual j-blog rounds.


  14. Jajajajajajajjajajajajajaj!!!that is so FUNNY!!xDLOLz!i love halloween!


  15. paul.thomas says:

    I thought my ears were burning ;p
    How you doing wu-san, I'm guessing you're the same wu-san that posts on International Wota?

    Hope everyone is having a good Halloween, this year I've been lazy and
    just stayed in and watched two episodes of Heroes…not very scary I
    know. Oddly there has only been one group of kids come trick or
    treating tonight, I say kids they all looked like they needed a shave,
    hmmm very odd.I think next Halloween I'm going to have to do something, Halloween was one of the highlights of the year when I was younger, I never went trick or treating, but generally always ended up doing something crazy.


  16. wu-san Halloween is complete madness here in Hawaii! Waikiki in particular is a Halloween hot spot as seemingly everyone dresses up and goes out all night. The island of maui is also known for outrageous Halloween celebrations although I've only heard about them and never witnessed one in person. I don't know what time it is there right now but I image that you may be looking at a version of yourself at the moment! Heheh I wonder if your friend was able to pull it off okay. Have a great Halloween too! Ah Paul posted some comments on where he buys his issues of Up to boy in London in the "Up to boy" post.


  17. Daishi Arashi have a great Halloween too!! Heheh remember the 4 safety tips and have a safe night!


  18. wu-san says:

    Hey Paul, I've read your HB blog before…mind you I've think I've only commented twice lol, but I'll be sure to make regular visits. I think the last time I commented was on the Berryz individual designed t-shirts you wrote about. I think I liked Chinami's the best. Yep I write for Intlwota…and have a blog:
    you dont have to go on it though, I dont think its that popular anyway.
    Haha, I had some really really depressed sounding Emo teenager at the door, he sounded so deviod of good life, I told my friend not to give him any candy. He did though. Hmmm, so the older types prefer to trick or treat down your way? lol
    yeh I think its because we're all a little older, not the same kind of magic…like christmas or birthdays. Well, for me anyway.


  19. wu-san says:

    ooops, spelled 'Pleasant' wrong for Paul. :S
    Sounds like it can get pretty mad. I've never experianced a Halloween like that in my life. I'm sure I would have loved it when I was younger.
    My friend somehow managed to pull off a look resembling Harry Potter. And I dont know how he did it, as he wears no glasses and was in a t-shirt and shorts. Maybe it was my scarf that did it.


  20. 'Harry Potter?!' Heheh I hope you gave him some candy for the effort! Yes you're right about these types of days & holidays not having quite the same effect when you're older. Plus I rarely eat candy so it would be kind of pointless.


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