Biyuuden finally reaches Charmy’s plateau with “Jaja Uma Paradise.”

No other Hello! Project group pushes the sexy button quite like Biyuuden as they've been presented as such since their debut. For awhile some may have questioned the validity of Rikachan having her own unit but with "Jaja Uma Paradise" the Biyuuden vehicle has clearly surfaced as a custom fit for the "Charmy" one. While Biyuuden's releases have been heading in this sexier direction for quite some time it wasn't until this release that they have finally matched that Gocchin aura of allure. The clear difference between Gocchin & Biyuuden though is that the later has retained the cutesy aspect along the way. And for that matter there is simply no way that you're ever going to see Gocchin at this point in her career perform the role Rikachan has in the "Pink Ver." of "Jaja Uma Paradise." Heheh that's just never going to happen!

Shortly after debuting in Momusu Rikachan developed into Hello! Project's ultimate cute idol as she just exudes a natural allure about her and has always remained quite unique in this aspect. While many many other H!P members match the cute factor easily, none have quite the sense of timing or ability to seduce the camera quite like Rikachan.

And with this Biyuuden has now become the perfect fit for members Rikachan, Erikachan, & Yuichan. All of this releases' jackets feature some of the sexiest outfits H!P has ever produced! The eye catching contrast between their black tops and red skirts create quite a jaw dropping look as all 3 are well complimented with this look. And unlike some other H!P releases these cover outfits are also worn in their pvs with the exception of the "Pink Ver."

Both songs were penned by Tsunku and the title track "Jaja Uma Paradise" is a galloping dance floor delight! With a splash of international flavor and an infectious bass thumping rhythm this song presents the perfect playground for the cute mischief that is Biyuuden. The vocal arrangement which includes the sweet approach of "whispery" verses is yet another custom fit for Rikachan's voice in particular. While she's not one of H!P's stronger vocalist, what Rikachan does manage to do is maximize her ability and the end result is a pleasing one. Erikachan & Yuichan are equally as dynamic as Yuichan defines voluptuous while my favorite member in this unit Erikachan looks absolutely gorgeous with her longer hairstyle!! But when it comes to hamming it up for the camera and seducing your audience, Rikachan does indeed exist on a level all her own! As the leader of this unit she naturally commands the pvs and her incredibly cute demeanor throughout really makes me smile! 🙂 Rikachan could probably produce a definitive look at how to seduce the camera, look for it in stores. 😛 The chorus is a simple melody sung in unison with occasional solo lines distributed pretty evenly amongst them and to fully appreciate the hooks in this song one must have the accompanying visual of their pvs. The dance choreography was done with a lot of imagination and freedom, 2 traits that compliment the title track perfectly. Walking the line between seductive & cute, the pvs seamlessly balance the two and in that create sort of a dreamy sequence of sorts. And to be certain no previous H!P pv has ever presented the girl's assets quite like this. :O I'll leave it at that as I don't feel that any further description is necessary after you've seen the pvs. 

I give the stylist a lot of praise for the overall look that they've created here, and having Rikachan presented with both long hair extensions as well as her natural look adds a nice touch especially in the way her 2 very different looks really helps to accent the appearance of the original & dance shot versions vs. the pink ver. of their pvs. Given that they're drastically shot differently, it's still quite a defining look that separates them. Their outfits in the "Pink Ver." have an aura of an at home cuddly cuteness. Heheh I hope that makes sense. 😛 Their simple, soft, and lightly shaded outfits create a great contrast when viewing the original version of their pv which mixes both the red & black sexy outfits with these. I love the fast paced and flashy manner that both the original & pink versions were shot with as they're truly a non stop collage of joy! Rather than have the girls just alternate between dance shots and still poses which is a basic formula used in a lot of pvs, these versions add in the extra element of spontaneity with numerous other scenes all which have an added attitude of fun and flair. A song like this of course also deserves the straight run of a dance shot version and luckily their PV DVD single includes just that along with the original version and an extensive making of segment which has this DVD running an impressive 31 minutes! The making of segment is broken down into the photo shoots for the jackets, candid conversations with all 3 members (separately and as a group), a look at the making of the actual pvs, as well as a brief slide show.

A nice bond between between these members is easily evident as you watch the making of segment on the PV DVD single. In the past up until now it's been a nice transition from the original feeling of: leader Rikachan w/ 2 new members, to the great comradeship you can now truly feel as along with the respect that they have for one another you can also see how much they truly adore one another. 🙂

Normally a song like this would warrant the "Dance Shot Ver." to be the best and while this is definitely open for argument I personally find the "Pink Ver." to be the most entertaining to watch. The combination of mayhem, non stop seduction of the camera by all three members (although no one quite does it like Rikachan!), all set before the soothing sight of a light pink set makes this quite an addictive viewing experience for me!! I'll call the other 2 versions a tie as although at first glance the "Dance Shot Ver." seems to reign superior, I find the mixing of the different versions that make up the original version a nicely edited work which has such a nice contrast in appearance with dark going to light pink. The camera's distance during the middle break adds a nice dynamic touch and allows the dance choreography to be fully appreciated as well. Bottom line is that all 3 versions are solid productions that fully utilize the sweet charm that is Biyuuden. The director(s) really created a nice vibrant look to this entire release and Biyuuden has now certainly matched their billing in the process.

Upon first listen I actually took a liking to the coupling with song "Seishun THE NIPPON" a bit more than the title track although an initial viewing of Jaja Uma Paradise's pv quickly changed that. While the verses don't immediately jump out at you it's the simply stated bounce of the bass along with it's rhythmic pattern that creates it's nice hook. While this song isn't an a-side masquerading as a b-side it's still a nice upbeat J-Pop track in its own right and a nice complimentary song to the title track.

The pvs are at the end of this post just in case you haven't seen them yet. 🙂 Get ready for a lot of pink!



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10 Responses to Biyuuden finally reaches Charmy’s plateau with “Jaja Uma Paradise.”

  1. kahmshi says:

    I really like the pink ver of the pv,the song is cute too!But the real ver. of the pv is a little strange O_O,Erika is very beautiful on those pv I think =) and rika is wonderful as usual >_<


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    Mixed feelings of Biyuuden… Well, first I have to say I hate Rika's performance in Ribbon no Kishi. Her act in the first H!M Gekijouban, "Until the Bus Comes", when she just cried all the time… I also didn't like that. And the one that came after that, an annoyingly-cute girl in those restaurants skits, didn't like even more. She was nice as Charmy, in some other occasions and a decent member overall. I change my mind about Rika in a weekly basis, or something like that. Right now, I'm indifferent. However, before reading your post I watched again the original ver. and the dance shot ver. of this PV, and I was surprised when you commented on Rika's dominance of the camera. It made me notice that I hadn't looked at any other member during the Dance Shot ver.After Koisuru Angel Heart, I'm unable to say bad things about Biyuuden. And now I also like this music, especially the pink ver. Looks like it's time to make up my mind about Rika. I don't know much about the other members… I've only seen them in some H!M episodes in the World Pucchi Games corner. Yui had some funny scenes, I liked her. No opinion on Erika.


  3. Kahmshi I can watch the "Pink Ver." repeatedly without getting tired of it. All 3 versions are very good though! This release really shows off Rikachan's best and is so suited for her personality and image. 🙂


  4. HarimaKenji you're definitely not alone with some of those thoughts on Rikachan. I always wondered how it would be if I could've seen some of the other Ribbon no kishi performances where I think another member played her part…was it Ayaya or someone else? You can see how hard Rikachan was trying although her voice isn't suited for the musical stage especially with the presence of those professional actors making it even more obvious. Ah Aichan's performance made me cry. She was so powerful and full of emotion. After seeing her in this I know that she can become a solo artist without a problem. She had both good and bad in the H!M skits. I liked her as Yossi's wife!! 😀 And her "Angel" character vs. Yossi's "Devil" character really suited her I thought. Ah but before that she was always in the reoccurring theme of being pushed down and yes, crying into the camera. Hmmm it's funny although she's always been the leader of Biyuuden she's never owned one of their releases like she does with this one it seems. This song is like a Rikachan party! The way that Yuichan & Erikachan seemingly just appeared in H!P made it quite difficult for me to become endeared to them at first and it took awhile before I really started noticing them especially Erikachan who I now love. And yes these last two releases are among their best to date. 🙂


  5. HarimaKenji says:

    There are three versions of Ribbon no Kishi – Rika, Ayaya and Nacchi. I've seen Rika and Ayaya. Aya was better than Rika, but nothing really exceptional. The biggest problem with Rika was that her voice can't do a male part. There's no way that could end well. And it didn't. =O I forgot the "devil and angel" one! Those were good. I liked one episode with Sayu as a devil apprentice… Now I want to see that again, which one was it? T_T *goes look for it*


  6. HarimaKenji I forgot Nacchi! I actually own the soundtrack and it still slipped my mind. 😛 Unfortunately I only got to see the Rikachan version. Sayu trying to do the evil laughter! :O Heheh that was casting genius!


  7. Hotaru says:

    My opinion on this song changes on a daily basis! I know now that I prefer the "Official PV" over the pink or dance shot one. I the dance shot is kinda..strange. I'm happy to finally see the other two PV's, though. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Hotaru the original version is the most balanced as it contains a pretty even share of footage from the other 2 versions and quite possibly may be the most liked of the 3. I like when they're in front of the totally dark background as it makes their red & black outfits look really great in that setting! The "Pink Ver." is just so playful and I tend to watch this version the most.


  9. paul.thomas says:

    Out of all the PV I would have to agree that the Pink Version is my favourite, it's just really fun to watch, and I prefer the costumes more in this version, as you say there's the mix of cuteness and sexyness, which is just done so well.I really can't believe I didn't order the DVD release for this single, I'm kicking myself as the shots of the making of look really good, lol, I really thought I'd ordered a copy of it, turns out I just imagines I did, think I'm in need of more sleep ;p I may have to grab a copy of it when I put my order in for their new album.


  10. Paul there really is a cute cuddly thing about the "Pink Ver." that's so fun to watch! Their casual outfits really add a nice look as well and I love how Rikachan's "normal" hair looks in this version.She just hams it up so well and makes me smile every time I watch it. And while most H!P pvs involve dance & "still" shots these types of pvs really add a fun element with their creative sets and humorous shots. Ah more sleep! I need that too! I like to imagine that I can get more sleep. Things are so busy now days but I'm preaching to the choir when telling you this. You have a really rigorous work schedule! We both indeed need a H!P holiday.


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