HM@ 10/14/07-”The one with Jun Jun’s move, the banana, & Kamei’s magical umeboshi pan!”

Today's episode returns with a new Chibikko King challenger who just happens to be a 7 year old ping pong wiz kid! Hirano Miuchan is introduced and apparently she's been going "Forrest Gump" on other older kids since she was 5 years old! :O When asked about today's "challenge" there appears to be only one thing on her mind as she replies with a smile: winning, which translates into the complete destruction of anyone who stands on the other side of the table. So the stage is set for a 5 set match between little Gump and Team Musume which has 7 members present today including Sayu, Aichan, Gakisan, Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Kamei, & Tanakachi.

Tanakachi is first up to face Miuchan and the first point seems innocent enough as it resembles that of a point you might see at your next family get together. 🙂 Modest serve by Tanakachi followed by a softly hit backhand return which Tanakachi then dumps into the net. Hmmm…but Tanakachi does a bit of a fancy serve on the next point but after a short exchange little Gump hits a topspin forehand ending the point abruptly and this stroke was much more reminiscent of that which you see on a tennis court although you can tell there's still a lot being held back. A couple more short exchanges including a fault and before you know it Tanakachi is down 0-4. Set point and after another aggressively hit forehand which tends to scare rather than have one attempt to return it, little Gump has completed his first shut out seemingly with minimal effort…Tanakachi can only scratch her head in disbelief. Miuchan is indeed a class act! When asked about Tanakachi's game, praise for her serve was given and that was really a great thing to hear especially after a beat down like that. 🙂

Instead of continue on with the one on one format the producers had a different idea up their sleeves and the age old question (heheh actually I don't anyone's ever questioned this :P) of whether 7 paddles are better than 1 will soon be answered! This creates quite a crowd around the table on team Musume's side and Jun Jun shows everyone her attack motion that she'll use when she poaches in for the kill! :O Heheh it gets quite a reaction from everyone and this is the first time you're really getting to see Jun Jun clearly in today's episode…and it must be said just how ultra cute she looks right now! Jun Jun is really becoming a favorite Momusu member of mine as I find her soft & sweet demeanor quite an attraction and she really has moved ahead of Lin Lin in just about every way imaginable. But when it comes to table tennis is Jun Jun more image than play as she fails to incorporate her "fierce" technique on the first point which little Gump wins all too easily. The girls take turns serving and impressively they do manage to get their paddles on some quite hard hit forehands from Miuchan but the end result is seeing them land just long as Gakisan watches another point go to the challenger as it's now 4-0 and yet another set point looms. Ah now it's time to see Jun Jun's serve and she has one of the longer rallies with Miuchan until she sends a floater over the net only to see it returned with force straight into her body as she's unable to react in time. Perhaps if it were Musume vs. Musume, Jun Jun would be able to "Forrest Gump" the others. 😛

Okay now we know that 7 paddles aren't better than 1 but how about handicapping the next set in the most extreme way imaginable. We've seen little Gumps obvious talent but what would happen if team Musume's side of the table were reduced to a mere 70cm x 50 cm surface?! Surely team Musume should be able to win a point now…right?! To assure everyone just how accurately Miuchan is capable of hitting the ball a challenge is set up where a target measuring just 4 cm is set up at the back corner of the table and Miuchan has absolutely no trouble nailing it in one try!! The girls are all amazed as they all applaud this great show of accuracy.

Sayu is set to challenge little Gump who'll only have the little hitting surface to work with but the end result of the first point is a carbon copy of the others as Sayu is unable to handle Miuchan's return even with so little area to cover. The next 3 exchanges are 2-3 hit affairs as Aichan & Kamei hit their returns long while Tanakachi misses her return attempt. Heheh watching Kamei bounce up and down in disappointment after losing her point is the cutest thing! But now its match point and team Musume is yet to win a single point! :O Dubbed team Musume's "Ace", Jun Jun heads up to face Miuchan with match point looming before her. I've really grown to love the outfits that Momusu wears on these episodes and the netted shoulder area really adds a cute touch to them. As Jun Jun prepares to serve you can hear Tanakachi say that Jun Jun's eyes are scary…" I think her "serious" look is quite adorable actually! So it's all come down to this last point and team Musume's last chance to actually win a point. No pressure Jun Jun! 😛 Ahhhh…but 5 hits into the rally Jun Jun hits the ball long and Miuchan walks away triumphant while Jun Jun falls to the ground in defeat.

Hmmm…no one seemed to know that this would end up being a batsu game but of course it's HM so it only seem natural! The champion Miuchan gets to decide which member will perform monomane (impression/impersonation) by choosing a favorite animal and the member wearing those ears will have to impersonate that animal. Miuchan chooses the rabbit and Tanakachi who's caught a bit off guard at first does a…uh……hmmm…I can't find the words because I'm cracking up too much! :O After a couple floppy hops done in the most adorable manner Tanakachi then stands up giving the camera a brief look of displeasure before laughing. Ah Miuchan seems to have enjoyed her performance as well! Just seeing the usually tough Tanakachi acting like a bunny is just too funny!!

Just when you thought this episode couldn't get any better Jun Jun shocks everyone by eating the banana while it was actually supposed to be used in the next Miuchan challenge. lol! It's quite hilarious as the others are scolding her but Jun Jun doesn't seem to mind as I guess she was really hungry! 😛 Miuchan now must pick an item to use in the next match and the selection is quite a strange array of items including amongst the strangest: (another) banana, cell phone, & a chocolate bar. Team Musume is urging Miuchan to use the cell phone but little Gump fancies the slipper instead and it's game on! Tanakachi & Sayu are Miuchan's opponents and the first point is the longest rally of the day up to now! Miuchan's ability to play with a slipper instead of a paddle doesn't seem to change anything except that Miuchan's power appears to be a bit diminished or is it a case of holding back right now? Miuchan takes the first point as Sayu misses a backhand return. Miuchan perhaps seeing that Sayu is the weaker link here sends the next return her way and Sayu misses again. After a couple more quick points including a miscommunication between the two and another Sayu backhand miss it's now match point once again as team Musume is down 4-0. After a short exchange Tanakachi sails a return long and we've now learned that Miuchan is quite unbeatable even if you handicap the game in very extreme ways. I personally wanted to see Miuchan win with the banana! Now that would have been amazing as I bet the result would have been the same. I wonder if Jun Jun ate the other banana while no one was looking. 😛 While Miuchan enjoys the fruit flavors of victory team Musume's MVP Jun Jun is asked to summarize the days challenge to which she replies "fantastic!" And you have to love Jun Jun's feisty personality as she also declares herself to be "fantastic!" in a slightly muttered tone although everyone could hear her clearly. 😀 Ahhh Jun Jun has just earned herself 5 bonus points! And if you're like me then you're now wondering when her first solo shashinshuu will be released! Jun Jun has matured into an idol so quickly and her development at this point seems to possibly be the fastest that I've ever seen a new Momusu member reach. Mitsii really matured as an idol quickly as well but Jun Jun just seems to have gotten to this point a bit earlier. She's really got such great demeanor & personality! Add to that ultra cute looks and I think there may be a slight shake up in my Momusu member rankings come time for the next update.

The next segment is all about bread and you have to love the cap that this guy is wearing! It reads "Never trust a hippy." Eh?! Japanese have some of the strangest phrases on their clothes sometimes. 🙂 Along for the bread journey are Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Kamei, & Tanakachi. After getting their chance to create their own bread masterpieces it's now time to see the end results which are quite aesthetically pleasing! Now bring in 3 children who are certified "bread lovers" and their works are put to the test. Jun Jun's bread gets a "katai"(tough; hard) reaction from taster #1! :O And she smiles sweetly! Gakisan's treat gets the "oishii" thumbs up to her delight! Lin Lin who had inserted watermelon in her bread before it was baked gets a …………………………reaction. 😛 I take it's not very good. Kamei's uh "treat" includes "umeboshi" (pickled Japanese apricot) and it gets a….  O_O :O :P…reaction. The reaction of the girl on the far right says it it best! "Suppai!" (acid; sour; vinegary). See pic #1750 and it's hard to believe that with a reaction like that what happens next is even possible and is among one of the great upset moments in HM history as the 3 expert bread tasters choose………Kamei's bread to be the best of the day!! They had such a "sour" and seemingly yucky reaction to Kamei's bread that when I saw Kamei praying along with the other 3 of them as they awaited the final decision I really thought it was in vain for her to do so. The look on Kamei's face is the best as she's perhaps more shocked than anyone else in the room. 😀 Now it's time for some PR time as Kamei has earned the job of shopping around some umeboshi pan out on the streets! Ah if you were walking down the street and saw Kamei dressed in animal ears wearing a vendor's tray full of pan treats surely you'd want some right? The true beauty is in the way that she tries to get some foreigners attention. "Hey Hey Hey!" lol! "E Pan!" "I'm Kamei!" "Umeboshi!" 😀 After her first potential customer declares the bread delicious Kamei turns on the charm as she cutely poses with her hands to the side of her face as if to say "please…" She then makes her first sale! Her voice!! She sounds like an anime character selling bread on the streets! She's just too cute and she manages to sell all of the bread! Great PR time for the street vendor and if Kamei's undeniable charm can't get one to buy this bread then no one can! Kamei's charisma really shines here and I think it's enough to make anyone into an instant fan even if they'd never heard of her before. Ah she's just so adorable!!! #1 in my heart. 🙂

Today's episode closes with the continuation of the Kirarin Revolution collaboration with Momusu. The members get a close up look at early animation sketches and story board designs for the series and the fan voting information is given out once again as the voting for a favorite Momusu member designed character continues. I'm just waiting to see what Kamei drew!


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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20 Responses to HM@ 10/14/07-”The one with Jun Jun’s move, the banana, & Kamei’s magical umeboshi pan!”

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    Jun Jun was a wonderful surprise in this episode… The banana part was genius. That was completely unexpected and funny. Tsuji-level unexpected and funny. If she keeps going like this, she might even convince me that something good may come after 6th gen.


  2. HarimaKenji this episode really did show off a totally new side to Jun Jun's personality. When she decided to eat one of the show's props that was the best! Uncharted territory as she now has gone where no previous member has gone before. It was like: I love bananas and I don't care if she may want to use it to play ping pong! :O Ah I had to rewind that a few times because I couldn't believe that she did that. So great. And when they kept showing that clip of her technique with the paddle I thought she was so cute! I never imagined that I'd come to appreciate and like either of the Chinese Musume girls this much. But Jun Jun is really turning out to be a special member. I felt bad for her when all that Jun Jun bashing was going on and I hope that she didn't read too much of it or any of it at all.


  3. Hotaru says:

    This episode really let Junjun shine! It was great! It was adorable when the members were yelling at her for picking the banana and she was just mutters "Banana…." In a "But I was hungry :(" voice…She is rising quickly in the "Hotaru's Favorite Momusu" ranking! I always liked her more the Linlin, though. Linlin looks scary to me, sometimes <_<Anyway, The bread segment was great, too. I thought I was mistranslating when they picked Kamei's bread…but I guess I was right! They picked the bread they seemed to like least? Kids these days…Haromoni@ really has gotten better after its rocky start.. 😀


  4. If you haven't already, you've got to see "Balls Of Fury".
    (will be on DVD soon)
    -Wait 'till you see "The Dragon"…


  5. Hotaru I think it's Lin Lin's scary eyes. They have such a strong look and yes sometimes are…kowai! I'd like to see an all Musume ping pong tournament one day. Heheh I thought that Gakisan was going to win for sure by the reaction that she got with her bread and was thinking that all of the mystery of who was going to win was going to be for nothing. That one kids expression was the best after trying Kamei's bread! In the end it was so great that she won since the winner got the chance to become a PR representative for that street bread vendor and apparently no one sells bread quite like Kamei! 🙂


  6. Heheh 'The Dragon' sounds like it'll be a quite a character! Dark Knightingale I remember seeing the trailer for this movie with I think it was with Christopher Walken in it? Ah he sure can play crazy!! Now that I've gotten the thumbs up from you I'll definitely be checking this movie out when it's released. 🙂 Table tennis can be so vicious it seems!


  7. Yeah it can! -You'll see it to extremes in this movie.
    Christopher Walken is in it. -It's not "the funniest movie ever made" or anything, and it will probably appeal more to the younger kids, but it's enjoyable.
    -You will laugh your butt off when you see "The Dragon", and you'll INSTANTLY understand why I mentioned this movie on this particular post of yours.
    (-I won't spoil it for you)


  8. Thank you Dark Knightingale! I'm looking forward to seeing it! 🙂 I sent the CD out a bit later than I intended to and hopefully they handle it with care although I did use a bunch of bubble wrap to protect it. Let me know if it arrives okay and what you think of her vocals. I'm not sure if her music will appeal to many but it's still quite something that she actually recorded an album way back then. She was quite involved with this release as she wrote all of the lyrics! Who knew a supermodel had all of this in her?!!


  9. Let me know when you get to see it!
    Hey, cool. -We all get busy and sidetracked. 🙂 As long as she's not all "psycho" and bizarre, I'm sure I'll like it! I will check it out as soon as it gets here. -I'm really curious!
    Thanks again for going through the trouble to get me a copy! I appreciate it!


  10. wu-san says:

    I'm late to the party when it comes to vox comments sorry. so far anyway. well I've been keeping up with your blog posts for the past week for intlwota and thought it rude not to say hello when I talk about your blogs LOL so hey 😛
    good write up of the episode…I think everyone is reeling off the exploits of Jun Jun. I can imagine millions of wota going crazy. I keep laughing at the banana incident and watching in an endearing way, her paddle action.


  11. Hello! wu-san it's so nice of you to join the vox family! I remember you from Craig's blog awhile back. 🙂 Thank you for visiting! It's great to hear that so many are loving Jun Jun from this episode as it was in way her star coming out party. Heheh I was at the market and bought some bananas today and the Jun Jun banana incident immediately came to mind. As weird as it may sound every time that I see a banana from here on I'll probably think of Jun Jun. 😛 When the first clips of Jun Jun were shown on H!M my first impression of her was that she had a bit of a homely look to her but how wrong was I! It was like I wasn't seeing her at the time. She's soo adorable that I could probably keep writing about her now but I'll make myself stop! H!P's been hit by Jun Jun fever! 🙂


  12. wu-san says:

    arh Craigs blog. R.I.P.
    It's ok, I've always been meaning to comment on here. Yep, I think Jun Jun might have just put herself on the map! maybe. haha! well buying bananas will certainly be more interesting eh. Well if you keep up with current MM as my muse for recent MM has faded a bit, you can let me know how Jun Jun is doing lol.
    I see you have some new blogs up, if no one from intlwota picks it up by the time I come online tommorow, I'll be sure to get to them on my rounds. I'm back from work now, busy night and didnt stop moving in a busy period for 3hours, feet hurt ><. so just going to hit the bed. too much info lol. anyway catcha later


  13. wu-san I hope that the producers of HM@ have more bananas on the set in future episodes just because… I'll be paying much more attention to Jun Jun as she's really grown on me! You have a late night work shift? It's really impressive all of the hard work everyone does at intlwota!! I don't know how you guys keep up with so much on your plate! Thank you for having these conversations with me and your avatar is very cool!


  14. wu-san says:

    haha yep. Who knows? maybe she'll get her own segment for bananas. Anyway, I'll stop with that already lol. A big part of me wishes jun jun had joined MM earlier as I would have love to of seen her with the likes of Mari and Nono mucking about on the old H!M.
    Yep late nights, and dont worry, its nothing special :P. I probs work the least hardest in intlwota I'm sure. Oh that avatar lol, bad hairday. As for convos, thanks for responding…I know some bloggers like to keep their distance but I like to think of it as a community. so I dont mind bugging people every now and the XD.


  15. wu-san I love being able to converse with such a knowledgeable J-Pop fan! Thanks for checking in and your insight is greatly appreciated. 🙂 H!M was such a wonderful period in H!P's history and may it rest in peace…I miss it so much especially Kamei's news characters! I'm happy that you decided to join the vox family as I think their requirement to register turns some off. I sometimes wonder how things would be if vox didn't require registration but I imagine much more spamming may occur as a result as well.


  16. wu-san says:

    hmmm, dont want to whore out your comments on this blog post lol.
    Ahhh, I'm not that Knowledgeable, seriously. I'm terrible at keeping up to date and I'm a hopeless dreamer, which can scew my judgement sometimes lol.
    I think I have half-decent intuition however, well, kind of decent, and I think that helps when trying to figure out the idol persona of a collective like H!P, because with groups like that, it's always about the members…sometimes more so than the actual music. So I like to think my guessing of how the members are doing is my strongest asset. I suppose thats more important to me in H!P, hoping our girls are doing alright.
    Yeh the signing up thing can be hassle – albeit a small one – so I agree with you about vox on that and the spam thing. H!Ms really were wonderful ^^ and some of my fave moments in H!P history happened on that show. I'm still not addicted to the new format really, but thats for a number of reasons. Still, Jun Jun has given me some moments now. And I'm intrigued, in a way, to see what those buns tasted like.


  17. wu-san don't sell yourself short as I read your comments I do think you're a very knowledgeable fan. And as you say understanding the members is just as important as the music and maybe even more now that you mention it when it comes to H!P. The personalities is what really endears us fans to them over just about anything. I've never really thought about it that way before. I too am hoping that HM@ will continue to get better over time. But unfortunately H!M just cant' be replaced, it was just too great. If only there were a way to bring it back…


  18. wu-san says:

    awww yep, I think many of us are nostalgic about H!M, it really felt like a part of us, and an extension of what Morning Musume had to offer. I suppose from a marketing point of view, this was the hope too. Still, HM@ is what we've got and well, yep I'm with you about giving HM@ more time to grow into something worth reminiscing over…
    Judging by ur profile pick, I'd say you're and Eri fan :P…
    I recorded a song on guitar about an hour ago which is kind of based around her…if you wanna take a listen, the blogpost explains it. its not great XD.


  19. wu-san the physical game episodes are really getting me to like HM@ a lot more. That and a few more bananas…who knows! Heheh I live in Eri World! She's been ranked 2nd on my favorite Momusu member list for the past few years and recently took over #1 as Aichan moved to 2nd. It was just a matter of time as there's just too much Kamei on my brain all the time. :PThanks for the invite! I'll definitely give your song a listen. I used to play guitar before I injured my pinkie in a basketball related accident years ago. Ah they're all in the closet now and I've sold a few of them over the years. I posted them here a few months ago:


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