I feel a “Heroes” marathon heading my way.

Last Friday I finally caved and purchased a HD DVD player, something that I was planning on holding off on since the HD vs Blu-ray war is in its very early stages. The real loser here is the consumer who must choose between 2 formats as the practicality of purchasing both players doesn't sit well with most people that I know. Technology for a player that plays both formats is already on store shelves but the asking price is in the neighborhood of about $900 right now. :O In a few years that price will of course come down but as I do like to collect movies and have owned a HD plasma for quite some time now I finally just felt it was time to dive in and actually see what my t.v. is capable of. A stand alone Blu-ray player is significantly more expensive than most HD DVD players on the market right now and while the movie studios are pretty well divided between these two formats the price played a part in my decision. There are movies on the Blu-ray format that I'd like to own but for now I'll have to settle for those available on HD DVD. Right now I only own one HD DVD movie, that being Transformers which I just watched on Saturday night and it was a very entertaining movie with jaw dropping special effects! I liked all of the humor in it as well.

Today I was in town a bit late for a dentist appointment and to pass some of the time while waiting I browsed a couple of book stores and in a Barnes & Noble, Hayden Panettiere & Masi Oka caught my eye on the cover of the latest issue of UK's edition of FHM magazine. I love this magazine's large format and their photography and articles are always great. Just as anticipated the photo shoot of these 2 stars is quite extensive and the interviews are quite interesting too. Especially the thing about Hayden's 'licking problem' which cracks me up! Hey she actually licked the Stanley Cup! 😛 Heheh everyone's got their quirks! 🙂

Apparently there are 4 different covers for this issue but being that I'm buying this so late there was only one cover left on the shelf which features both of them in a nice pose. I admit to not having paid enough attention to Heroes as I've only seen a few episodes from last season but there comes a point where you just cannot deny how great a show is anymore and I'm actually way past that point. Engaging characters and a storyline for the ages are just 2 characteristics of this show which has developed into such a favorite and it is now time for me to catch up in albeit a "cheating" manner. Now that I have a HD DVD player I was pleased to see that Heroes was released on this format and it was a no brainer that I invest a little extra to be able to watch it in HD widescreen. I noted the price of this set in a couple of stores today and then went onto Amazon when I got home and just as I had hoped they were indeed less expensive even when the shipping charge is added in and hopefully by this weekend my Heroes marathon can begin. And the next time some friends are talking about Heroes I'll be able to join in the conversation or at least know exactly what they're talking about. 🙂

Hayden has such a wonderful smile (although she seems to be going for a more serious look here) and beautiful eyes! FHM sure did a great job with this photo shoot. There's some pretty funny and revealing things in their interviews so you may want to pick up this issue when you see it. It's kind of pricey though at over $10 but I really think it's worth it!

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4 Responses to I feel a “Heroes” marathon heading my way.

  1. paul.thomas says:

    Heroes is an amazing show, it seems that lately the US has been churning out some really amazing shows lately. I think I'm just over half way through the series at the moment and it's one of them shows that always leaves me wanting more. I'm glad this didn't go down the Lost route of always ending with more questions then you started the episode with, the story line and the characters really are spot on.I've read a couple of reviews of Series 2 and it's sounding like that's on par to be as good as this series, fingers crossed.Hayden, just looks so great, I remember seeing the issue of FHM that you've got and was thinking of getting myself a copy just because of these photos. She reminds a lot (in these photos at least) of the receptionist in Ugly Betty (can't remember her name) except a younger version.Hiro, is an amazing character in the series, his comedy value and the fact that he really embraces his powers right from the start whilst everyone else is being wary, I don't know if you get the Heroes Unmasked clips on the DVD you bought (I'm not to sure if you do as they look like they are produced by the BBC) but they really add an insight into not only the show and characters but the making and writing of the script and to see that the Hiro character was an after thought shocked me, he's such a central character that I would imagine that without him the show may not have been as good.


  2. Paul this is great! You're a fan of Heroes! I was suprised Wow it's great that you're watching this series too! Do they air the series in the UK or are you watching the DVD release? It's funny that you mentioned Lost as I gave that show a try and I actually bought the first season on DVD only to lose interest in it as they really literally lost me. I have numerous friends who watch this show religiously and always rave about the new episodes. I have to try not to listen too much as I'm still playing catch up here. Heheh this FHM magazine was imported here and you probably got to see all 4 covers over there on the shelf. This was the only cover that a few bookstores had (left). I'm not sure what special features will be on the HD DVD release but that sounds to be an UK exclusive but I hope it's on there in some form. Heroes without Hiro?!! Yikes! Glad that they kept the character!


  3. paul.thomas says:

    It's currently been shown on TV over here, as ever we're behind, it
    makes me laugh that in the US Series 2 is already being aired and over
    here we haven't even finished Series 1. I'm tempted to buy the Series
    on DVD, but the only problem (as with most things) it's just too
    expensive to buy. Checked on Amazon to compare the US and UK prices,
    complete series on DVD in the US is apparently $59.99 whilst if you
    want to pre order the UK version it'll cost you £59.99. It's really bad
    that the price we pay for half the series is the same price for the
    whole series in the US. I really hate this sodding country, with it's
    high prices and dodgy taxes!

    As for Lost I think I prefer it to Heroes, but it's a strange show and
    one that you have to keep watching, I found the more I watched the more
    I wanted to find out what was going on…although very rarely were you
    told this and normally just gave you more things to ponder over…but
    thats what I really like about the show, it really brings the fans
    together for discussions.
    Although I think Heroes is the same to a similar degree, I've had
    numerous conversations with friends about it. I'm holding back from
    finding out or reading too much about the series as I hate knowing
    what's going to happen, but I'm really curious about Niki's power, the
    whole spilt personality thing I can't quite get my head around as it's
    an odd power, oh well no doubt it'll all make sense soon enough.


  4. Ah it's still great to hear that Heroes is being aired there! Am I'm even happier to hear that you've taken a liking to it! It's odd that they would charge more for a UK edition. I wonder if it's some kind of releasing rights in the mix there. So many cliffhangers but in a good way as to not lose the viewer and become to outrageous. It really does have you looking forward to each next episode as the intrigue level grows greater and greater. So many friends talk about Heroes at work and I'm happy to finally be able to understand what they're talking about. lol! I really tried to give Lost a chance but…ah I just became lost. 😛 I work right right where they shoot some of their flashback scenes and on some occasions they actually closed off part of the parking structure where we park. I always hoped to see some of the cast but that's never happened yet although I see a lot of their wardrobe trailers and crew around the area. I loved Matthew Fox in "Party of Five" and that was part of the reason that I gave this series a try but it just got so wild for me I guess. Ah yes I too need to avoid any spoilers when friends talk about current Heroes episodes until I can properly catch up. 🙂


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