Takahashi Ai “Mizu” shashinshuu magazine scans

Here are just a few images and some of these are a bit rough but it gives us an idea of what to expect when Aichan's new shashinshuu is released in just under a week. Thank you for sending these scans Saburo!

Aichan's new look took a little while to grow on me but I really do love her new shorter hairstyle. Perhaps it goes with being the new leader of Momusu or maybe Aichan just wanted a change. Does a shorter hairstyle represent a more mature look? Hmmm…I'm not quite sure. Does it represent a look more suited for a leader? Maybe. At first I was really shocked that she cut her beautiful long hair as she's always sported that look with bangs or no bangs. Aichan has such beautiful facial features and perhaps her new hairstyle brings it out more. Heheh…open for debate. 🙂 She looks great in these photos and I can't wait to see more!

Her hair looks so lovely here! I love the combination of her long bangs and how the back is cut as it tapers off a bit.

Extensions after a haircut…a favorite practice in H!P. When Gocchin cut her hair a bit too short in my opinion she wore hair extensions quite often. Hairstylist don't go overboard on the girls!

Aichan always looks dynamic and my #2 favorite Momusu member who had been my #1 for a very very long time (Kamei recently took over my #1 spot) looks to have shot another great looking PB!

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18 Responses to Takahashi Ai “Mizu” shashinshuu magazine scans

  1. kahmshi says:

    this photobook seems beautiful,but there's a lot of swimsuits >_< (I don't particulary like it)…Aichan is very beautiful ❤ but like you,my n1 is kamei ❤ her last photobook is so beautiful ^^


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    Well, you should expect there will be lots of swimsuits, since it's called "Mizu" (water)… And anyway, swimsuits sell lots of PBs.I don't really like her short hairstyle, but seeing her cute expression in the third photo I'm willing to just ignore it. Aichan was her best in "Yume Kara Samete"'s PV.


  3. Hotaru says:

    Aichan is always beautiful, no matter what she does…This looks like it'll be a great shashinshuu(is everyone coming out with great Shashinshuus this year?)I really like Aichan's new hair cut, it frames her face well 😀


  4. Kahmshi I'm happy to hear that your #1 is Kamei!! I adore Kamei so much! But Aichan was my favorite Momusu member for a few years and just recently Kamei took over the #1 spot. But it was something that had been inevitable I think.


  5. HarimaKenji I really had a battle inside of me over Aichan's new shorter hairstyle as I've always loved her with a longer look. But in time I have grown to like it but at first it was indeed difficult. If I had a choice I'd say go with the longer hairstyle but Aichan is still so cute. "Yume Kara Samete" pv was a great release for her! I wish I'd been able to get the actual cd release which was really limited from what I understand. I recently got the movie that this song was theme for from my friend Saburo and hopefully I'll have the time to watch it soon. Beautiful song. I'm most impressed by Aichan's lead performance in "Ribbon no kishi." She has grown so much as a performer and vocalist and I think that everything came together with these performances. This musical had great emotion and a really good story. I really enjoyed "Morning Town" too!


  6. Hotaru the shashinshuu releases have been coming out so quickly it seem recently. But with so many members now I guess it was inevitable. Expensive for fans though! :O So many great shashinshuu's coming out right now and I find it hard to resist any of them! Aichan does look preppy and cute with her new hairstyle! 🙂


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    Aichan was great in Ribbon no Kishi ^_^ That's what earned her 2nd place in my list. And of course it had a great story =P It's just expected from the God of Manga. Ribbon is a classic. I was worried with the adaptation before I saw it, but it was great ❤ Aichan was great ❤ But the queen was the best, I think the actress was called Marcia-san… Her part in the end of the first act, when she reveals everything… That was perfect, if you look at the other members in the background while she was singing, they were all like "=O" Mikitty was also a perfect witch, in fact, I thought she was having too much fun dragging Aichan around in the stage =P


  8. Awww I'm so happy to read this! HarimaKenji you have Aichan ranked so high too!! 🙂 "Ribbon no kishi" moved me so much and I really love musicals. "My Fair Lady" is also a favorite of mine. Audrey Hepburn so graceful and beautiful and her performance is legendary here. Aichan struck me just as powerfully. She was so graceful and emotionally profound in her performance. I've never cried while watching a musical but "Ribbon no kishi" did just that. Yes! I did notice the awe from everyone when the Queen performed! She was the celebrity among celebrities! Mikitty was awesome and the role suited her perfectly!! I miss Mikitty! Why must these personal situations affect these idols so much? Heheh no need to answer that as I completely understand why but I'm just venting here a bit. 😛 Aichan really showed her arsenal of talent in this musical and I hope that a lot of people got to see it! I think she can become a successful solo artist in the future. So many artists/groups to follow, the H!P family keeps on growing!! But that's a good thing! 🙂


  9. paul.thomas says:

    Aichan is looking as good as always! The shorter hair is growing on me, I think I prefer the slightly messier look like in the first photo. I really can't keep up with the PB releases, I recently got Reina's but still need to get Kamei's and now this one, lol, UFA are out to get all of our money as quickly as possible!


  10. Paul with the H!P family so large right now these PBs are coming out seemingly non stop. Before we know it Manoeri will have one in the works! I also need more bookshelf space!


  11. pOuNd66 says:

    thank you for example image, i'm really surprised O_O


  12. pOuNd66 that's a cute avatar you've got! Aichan is a camera lens' dream and she always looks wonderful! "Mizu" looks to be another great release from her although I don't know if she can top her last two shashinshuu's.


  13. pOuNd66 it's great to know a fellow Kamei fan!! 😀 I haven't been able to watch Aichan's new making of footage for "Mizu" yet but will hopefully soon. Aichan is such a complete idol and it's been an amazing journey seeing her grow over the years. H!P shoots in so many exotic locations and Aichan & Kamei's previous shashinshuu's were both shot in Phuket, Thailand. Bali looks wonderful too and I love their architecture. That's very kind of you!! Thank you!! Thank you for writing to me and your English is fine. 🙂


  14. pOuNd66 every time any H!P member comes to Hawaii I always have dreams of actually seeing them in person somewhere but no luck so far! 😛 But just seeing them in very familiar locations here is quite a thrill. They even drove past my Elementary school in Waikiki! :O Thailand is a beautiful place to have these DVDs & pbs shot, now if only we knew where to look for them! They really do love coming to Hawaii but they've also been going to many other places recently and look to have taken quite a liking to Thailand. Heheh Kamei even went to Canada!


  15. pOuNd66 says:

    Hi Hi~ Happy Halloween ^^
    someone want to trick you

    "I haven't been able to watch Aichan's new making of footage for "Mizu" yet but will hopefully soon"
    Well… i dont know that you mean "this" or not.Just uploading and want to share (=^^=)
    Takahashi Ai PB – Mizu – Making DVDhttp://www.mediafire.com/?1kkmmgmudn4http://www.mediafire.com/?ftjtgswgtcfhttp://www.mediafire.com/?0jnkt22mxcl
    (join with winrar)

    Poor me, i need to learn more English, but i dont know how lol
    ps. I hope your dreams come true!


  16. pOuNd66 Happy Halloween!! Thanks for the cute gif image! It's classic Erikku Kamezou in action! 🙂 I haven't seen this clip in a long time. It brings back a lot of good memories with H!M. That's very thoughtful of you to upload Aichan's making of footage! 😀 Thank you! And your English is okay! 🙂


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