I wish there were more hours in a day…

…so that I'd be able to enjoy more J-Pop releases. The days go by so quickly it seems and before I know it it's time to go to sleep. 

The above 14 releases arrived on Thursday and yet I've only been able to listen to C-ute's single and Yukosan's single which is really nice and I need to write about it soon. There's a lot of releases that I was looking forward to receiving in this shipment which also includes: Arashi's new concert release "Arashi Around Asia + in Dome." This is a 2 DVD set and I made a goofy decision by ordering both the limited edition which comes with a great looking booklet as well as the regular edition as I thought it may have different cover art work. As I now see the cover is quite generic and they're both the same with the exception that the limited edition's cover is textured. If anyone would like the regular edition I'll send it to you for just the cost of the DVD set with no other additional shipping cost. Heheh I'll probably be stuck with this extra copy. Ah the song lineup is incredible with a lot of their newer songs also present. I must watch Arashi soon!

Ayaya's new album "Double Rainbow" is also in this shipment and I was able to get the limited edition which comes in a nice slipcase but I haven't opened it up yet. New Ayaya songs! 😀 And the cover makes me think of Hawaii with her wearing a beautiful flower lei!

Biyuuden's new limited edition single and pv DVD single has finally arrived as well. I've read so much about this release already and it must find it's way into the DVD player soon as well. The covers look really sexy!

Hello! Project's 10th anniversary 2007 Summer concert release contains 2 DVDs!! I'm hoping that they shot this one in higher resolution as they did with last year's H!P concert which was Konkon & Makochan's graduation concert. For some reason that concert just looks much much more crisp than any other H!P concert release. The fact that this new concert is on 2 discs makes me think that they didn't skimp on video quality. The first disc is 125 minutes while the second disc is 46 minutes!! This will make for a very enjoyable evening when I get the chance to finally watch it.

Arashi's movie "Kiiroi Namida" is one that I've been waiting to watch as well. With the entire group in this film it's sure to be a fan's dream! This one came with special packaging and bonus DVD with making of features that hopefully has cast interviews as well!

Tackey & Tsubasa's Best of album came in 3 versions and because I wanted all of the extras I had to order all 3 of them. Johnnys really knows how to entice a fan into ordering more than one edition or is it just me? I'm a sucker for extras. :P  All 3 cds are identical but the bonuses are great. One comes with a DVD containing a music clip medley of all of their singles as well as a "History of Tackey & Tsubasa" which covers them from their debut. The DVD is 69 minutes! Another version comes with a bonus CD which contains 10 extra songs from T&T's early career including both members as well as solo works. The 3rd version includes a bonus track "Daydreamer" as well as a photo booklet!

Along with Yukosan's new single, her new concert DVD release also arrived. "Type-Y 2007 Birthday Live" is another incredible looking 2 DVD set!! And I love the song lineup as there are some very Yukosan unlikely numbers here such as "Go Girl~ koi no victory~" & "Hajimete Happy Birthday!" I can't imagine her singing these types of songs and it will be pure joy to watch. 😀 The first disc is 115 minutes while the second disc is 68 minutes! Lots of love for Yukosan!

Now if only I can find all the time I need to watch and listen to these…maybe I need a vacation to consume everything. I'll be writing my thoughts on each release hopefully soon.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to I wish there were more hours in a day…

  1. Dollygrl15 says:

    My question is on pv DVD single for Jajauma Paradise is : does it only have the one "music video" on it? Or is there anything else on it. Wait I just read all this is on it? (Jaja Uma Paradise (Dance Shot Ver.) and the (Making of) too? Why couldn't I have ordered that too? I'm a failier! (spelling?) I'm jealous again, lol. Why me?


  2. kahmshi says:

    oh you buy kiiroi namida! this movie seems very good but I never see it =D


  3. Dollygrl15 their DVD contains the regular version, dance shot version & making of and runs approximately 31 minutes. 31 minutes!! These DVDs keep getting longer and longer. 🙂 The limited edition CD comes with a bonus DVD containing the "Pink Ver." and runs approximately 4 minutes. I love the cover photos! Erikachan looks so cute! Well they all do!


  4. Kahmshi you must be an Arashi fan too! 😀 When I heard about this movie I couldn't believe it! Every member of Arashi in one movie!! My current favorite members are 1.Nino 2. Matsujun 3. Aiba 4. Shokun 5. Ohno A bit of a change from my earlier ranking. 🙂 Every member is so endearing that it's difficult to rank them as I really like them all. Who are your favorites if you're able to rank them?


  5. kahmshi says:

    to rank arashi's members is so difficult XDI think my n1 still matsujun,2.Sho,3.Nino;4.aiba,5.ohnoBut I like ohno too XD doing a rank is too difficult ='ONino climb up a rank when I see "letters from Iwojima",have you seen it?Sorry for my poor english XD


  6. Hotaru says:

    Oh wow! Thats a lot of stuff. I hope you have time to watch it all! I know if I ordered that, I would never have the time to watch it at this point in time >_<


  7. Thank you Kahmshi for listing your favorite Arashi members! Yes this is quite difficult as we love all of them. Ah to have Ohno at #5 is hard to do as I love his vocals and personality so much. I did get to see Letters From Iwo Jima and Nino impressed me even more. He's such a talent! You're English is fine! Thank you for your response. 🙂


  8. Hotaru you're so busy with school and I…just can't find enough time. I usually like to save movies and concerts for the weekends so I'll probably get to the Biyuuden & Tackey & Tsubasa releases first. Ah it's been NASCAR and football today. And game 7 between the Red Sox & Indians so still no time today. 😛 Heheh I love sports too so it's difficult. The Broncos are on t.v. today as well as bad as they've been playing. I hope they play better today!


  9. paul.thomas says:

    I can relate to not finding time to watch DVDs, CDs aren't so bad as I can listen whilst I'm on the train or doing my work, DVDs on the other hand need to be watched and so it's really hard to find the time, at the moment I'm practically working 12 hours days 5 days a week add onto that train journeys, an hour into work and an hour to get home, and weekends don't get much better either, as I'm working for at least 5-6 hours a day then as well, it doesn't leave me much time at all :'(I got Hello! Project's 10th anniversary 2007 Summer concert this morning along with C-ute's single, but the DVD is going to have to go on my pile of DVDs to watch, luckily there's not to many there, the next I want to watch is Sayumi's Love Hello DVD…I still haven't managed to watch it all the way through.I'm thinking that your idea of taking a holiday to catch up on all the releases isn't such a bad idea.


  10. Paul you sound so overworked! :O I can't believe you have to work weekends too! 12 hours a day!! Sounds like this post would have been more appropriate had you wrote in on your site. You must not get much sleep either. Be careful, don't burn out! You and I both need a H!P holiday! They don't allow me to take vacation during the holiday season so I may need to wait till next year to have this holiday become reality. The concert song lineup looks great doesn't it?!! And 2 discs!! That's a whole evening well spent when we have the time. 🙂


  11. sitiko says:

    uwaa! all that in one shipping?!hehe, if it's me, it'll somehow feel like Christmas morning when you get all the prezzies! Enjoyed AAA+Dome & Kiiroi Namida yet?


  12. sitiko sometimes my orders just pile up as I keep finding more things to add to them and then it becomes too much! AAA+Dome was incredible!!! But I still need to finish the second disc. Too much repeat watching of some performances has me stuck on disc 1. lol! I love all of the songs that they performed and their dancing is always incredible! The concert is shot so well. I've yet to get to Kiiroi Namida and was hoping to watch it this past weekend but just didn't have time to. I'm thinking this weekend for sure.


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