C-ute’s “Tokaikko Junjou” release is simply awesome!

To avoid getting bit by the "I like the other cover better" bug I ordered both the limited and regular editions so that I'd have no regrets later. The first pressing of the regular edition only features a serial numbered event card and yet again I'm unable to attend. 😛 The real treat is the bonus DVD which comes with the limited edition as it includes interviews with each member and a video which yet again shows just how innovative the producers of these discs are. I'll get to the details a bit later.

While the girls are wearing the same outfits on both covers the full profile shot of the regular edition versus the collage of 3 separate photos against the green & orange background of the limited edition is a nice distinction between the two versions and I'm happy that I decided to get both. In the short time that has passed since their last single was released it's almost as if the girls went through a mini time warp as they look significantly older in this new release. In particular Nakki's looks have changed the most and some of that of course may be the result of the much more mature styling that went into this project. While Maimichan blossomed quite awhile ago and Maimai has somehow always looked older than she is, all of the other members have a cool maturity about them. While uniform outfits of the same color and style can really look great both on the jackets and PVs, I'm really fond of the separate and original styles of C-ute's outfits that are featured in this release. They really add a lot more character and individual personality to everyone's look!

The title track "Tokaikko Junjou"  which literally means "pure city girl" is a wonderfully upbeat track that borders the land of techno in full throttle fashion. Such a tune really has become a signature sound of C-ute and this one's sure to be a blast in concert! Rapid vocal lines fired over a driven arrangement that features all the right hooks in all the right places makes this an instant gem and from the brief part of their pv that I've seen it really appears to be a defining release for them, particularly having to do with their image. A much more powerful and mature image exudes from every aspect of this release. Vocally, C-ute has always been strong in this department and their range and versatility seems to grow seamlessly from release to release. Airichan's distinct voice may not be the best in the group but the producers sure have given her the lead here. Even without seeing the entire pv her voice is easily recognized throughout the song as this is in a way her song. At some point of H!P releases when involving the groups various members have been chosen to shine in the spotlight as they are clearly featured as the main vocalist in particular songs and while this is clearly not a new practice, I don't see C-ute becoming dominated by any single member in the future.They just don't seem to be built that way as there are way too many strong singers in this group and along with that all have very engaging personalities so it would be a shame for this to happen. Basically I can't see a "Furusato" like release ever occurring with C-ute. It was just the right timing and build up for Nacchi to shine at that point in Momusu's history as it remains as the most solo like work involving any group in H!P to date.

The coupling with song "Shiritsu Kyougaku" which translates to "Private Coeducation" is a far more complex song with quite an intricate arrangement. But it doesn't have a sound to it that would enable it to be a title track of a single release. That being said, "Shiritsu Kyougaku" is an amazing piece of music writing! This track breathes the nostalgic sounds of the 60's as it's flavored with those distinct "fuzzy" keyboard riffs along with a slide guitar reminiscent of The Beatles. The bass line is a poppy walking one which emulates that of Paul McCartney's trademark approach to these types of songs. The vocal arrangement especially during the bridge couldn't be more Beatles like and it sounds like Tsunku had a great time writing this arrangement! The Beatles have long been a favorite influence of Tsunku's as he's incorporated their style and sound into numerous songs of his and it quite possibly peaked during the Tanpopo era. Even the way that the drums are miked really help to engulf this song in the lustrous sound of the 60's and this song is really pure love! One defining point are the falsetto "wuuuuuu's" which The Beatles trademarked as they're all over this recording. 🙂 Really sweet!! And you have to love the harmonies during the middle break! While "Tokaikko Junjou" is much more of a front running type of song and appropriately the title track here, it's "Shiritsu Kyougaku" that excels musically in pretty much every way. The end result. We have a single release that sets a new higher standard for all future C-ute releases. A very healthy practice!

C-ute's "Magical Cutie Tour" will be released in a documentary format on November 21st and just the sight of their tour bus gives me goosebumps! It just looks so amazing with all of their faces painted on the sides against white. Following in the footsteps of The Beatles, C-ute is on their own Magical Mystery Tour and luckily we'll be able to go along for the ride with this DVD release. 🙂

The bonus DVD which is included with the limited edition runs approximately 21 minutes and the first portion has interview clips with each member featuring questions ranging from the activities on the bus during the tour (sounds like they played a lot of cards!), various types of foods eaten, notes about the current tour, and a message to their fans. But I found the "Tokaikko" question to be the most interesting as each member was asked whom they thought most represented the meaning of this single's title. So who did each of them think most fitted the billing of: "pure (hearted) city girl?" Erikachan wins by a landslide victory as five out of the seven of them picked her! Those that picked Erikachan are Maimichan, Nakki, Airichan, Chisatochan, and Kannachan. Maimai picked Airichan while Erikachan who I guess couldn't pick herself 😛 picked Maimai! And now for the real treat that this DVD provides for fans. Played over their previous single "Meguru koi no kisetsu" is a highly highly entertaining "pv" which includes a collage of live clips from various performances intertwined with some of the C-UTEST and most candid footage of them backstage and about, often just having a great time!! A lot of great wacky and endearing moments all put together to the backdrop of "Meguru koi no kisetsu" is pure brilliance. And this is something that I hope they continue to do in the future with other releases and hopefully with other groups such as Momusu & Berryz Koubou. Incredibly fun to watch! This video has sooooo much replay value that it'll cover the cost of this release plus shipping all on its own. Time to hit play again… 🙂


Here's the pv for the title track "Tokaikko Junjou" which I still haven't watched myself as I want to preserve the excitement when I receive the DVD release in about a couple of weeks when it's finally released. Too bad this single wasn't released as a double a side as that would have most likely merited the need for a pv for the coupling with song "Shiritsu Kyougaku" which I would have really loved!

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18 Responses to C-ute’s “Tokaikko Junjou” release is simply awesome!

  1. Zush says:



  2. Dollygrl15 says:

    I'm pretty excited! I ordered the limited edition one. Mine is being shipped from Hong Kong at the very moment. : ) I believe. Woo hoo!


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    Hum… I share your enthusiasm for Tokaikko Junjou, but not for Shiritsu Kyougaku. I generally like upbeat releases from Kids, but not slower ones. The only exception I can think of was Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba.The "special PV" included in the bonus DVD remembers me of AMVs (Anime Music Videos), collages of anime footage set to some music. Most of them try to establish some relation between the lyrics of the music playing and the footage, and there's even some lip-synching. These videos tend to have, as you said, lots of replay value.


  4. Zush that's a great analogy! "Special Generation" up until recently was Berryz Koubou's best selling single and it's easy to see why. I can't even tell you how many times I watched this pv over and over. It became my little obsession and of course Miya was the focal point. I love the dance choreography for this song and I wish they'd perform it with headsets in concert so that they could do all of the dance sequence without having to abbreviate it. C-ute has really reached another level with this new single. Ah I still have to wait for my PV DVD single to arrive! 2 weeks! So long to wait!


  5. Dollygrl15 I hope you receive it soon!! Where in Hong Kong did you order it from? I'm guessing that maybe the limited edition was sold out elsewhere. The limited edition is definitely the way to go as the music clip on the bonus DVD is well worth the extra cost. They're having such a great time and the clip is so entertaining.


  6. HarimaKenji "Kokuhaku no funsui hiroba" is another great song! And the PV was a real groundbreaking one for H!P and hopefully they do more story versions in the future. Ah besides being a H!P fan I also love the Beatles and this coupling with song just really strikes all of the right chords for me with it's distinct taste of the 60's. I guess that's something really personal and I can see why others may not take such a liking to this b side. I had no idea that they did those with anime videos. That's a really great concept as well and fans must love these. I've been watching this C-ute candid collage pv over and over right now. 😛 Okay I need to watch Transformers now. I didn't get to see it in the theaters so this is really exciting!


  7. Dollygrl15 says:

    I ordered it from Yesasia.com. Which is here I believe Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong. I buy all my Japnese Items from there, Well except I did but three things from cdjapan. It should be here in around three days. Goodness, now with the excitement from actually being able to watch the dvd makes the few days feel like forever!


  8. Zush says:

    Same 2-3 weeks waiting also here. You know, I'm waiting impatiently Dance Shot version of this song.


  9. chibon says:

    [참 좋습니다]


  10. paul.thomas says:

    I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive as well and I'm really looking forward to it! I ordered the Limited Edition version, but I was so tempted to grab a copy of both as the covers for these are really amazing, I don't think I've ever seen the girls look so good as they do in this release.Both of the inner jackets look great, although I agree that the Regular Version's inner jacket looks better, I find the photo of Erika and Chisato really funny, Erika's towering over her.


  11. Dollygrl15 it's great that you live so close to where Yesasia ships from as you get really quick delivery! Ah I'm glad that you can now enjoy the DVDs as well. 🙂


  12. Solitudity says:

    I'm not a really big fan of C-ute, but this song is pretty awsome isn't it? I wish I had ordered it! Thanks for all the pictures. I like the one 4th from the end. xD Cute!


  13. Zush the "Dance Shot Ver." is going to be so great! With this song it must be a great pv! Heheh I'm so optimistic even though I have no idea what it's going to look like. 😛


  14. guacg, C-ute's fan seems to be growing larger and larger with each release as they are becoming one of H!P premier groups. Actually I think that they already are! I agree that Chisatochan does indeed have a better voice than Airichan's but they really seem to be centering their attention on her right now. That could always change quickly as you never know with H!P. I like Airichan's looks as she looks nearly identical to a girl I went to school with. Funny reason but I think she's adorable. But definitely not the strong singer in this group. You are absolutely right. Did you see Chisatochan on Hello Pro Hour? She was really great on that episode. I bought all of the DVDs in this series but I'm sad that this show has ended or so it appears. Uta Doki is another great series with so many older classic J-Pop songs being performed from fans requests on a radio show. When Gocchin performed Ozaki Yutaka's "Oh My Little Girl" it was like a dream come true. I love Ozaki's music and to hear a member of H!P perform it was a real treat for me. Ah Kannachan really should get more screen time as well as solo lines. Kannachan is so sweet! I love shirts with large writing on them too. Nakki's "new" look really shines here! She looks so incredible and has such a wonderful smile. 🙂


  15. Paul the limited edition is definitely the way to go if you choose one as the DVD is so worth it! One of H!P's best looking releases to date. "C-ute", there couldn't have been a more appropriate name for this super group. Everyone's maturing so quickly and I hope that this look continues! Heheh Erikachan has such long legs!


  16. Solitudity that's a really c-ute avatar you have!! 😀 I love cats and have 2. Aw maybe they'll begin to grow on you in time! If they keep releasing great singles like this one you never know. 🙂 Ah Airichan sleeping…so c-ute and I love the wide eyed look she's giving Maimichan in the music clip in the ninth picture from the last. Maimichan must be saying something very interesting to get that kind of look from her!


  17. Dollygrl15 says:

    I really would like if the limited edition dvd/cd came with a photo card. I kinda understand why it doesn't because we bought the dvd version. But at the same time should at least get that too? Right? Anyone agree?


  18. Dollygrl15 the cards are really the more collectible item and it'd be nice if they included a random one in these limited editions too. When they first started including photo cards with their releases they were actually numbered and I kind of wish they had continued with that as it really made it seem like a set and you'd also know which ones you were missing. They came with everything including DVD programs and concerts plus they're really well made! It seems that recently H!P releases have really stepped back with their extras and the cost of making these must surely be a factor. It saddens me a bit when I think about it. Most limited edition releases now come with a DVD which is a really nice extra but I'd much rather get a photo booklet or card set like they used to include with these releases. A few first pressing even included large posters or special packaging like metal cans or plastic pouches. The originality and variety has really taken a step back for the time being. Maybe in the future they'll go back to including great bonuses like these but the current trend really doesn't seem to have any end in sight. It must be the overall cost that has caused this noticeable change. I still wish for it though.


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