HM@ 10/7/07-”The one with canned air, all the lying, & Kirarin collaboration!

Today's episode continues with the Uso ("lie") Queen format and Tanakachi, Lin Lin, Gakisan, & Sayu have a special guest who takes a bit of offense to being called "san" instead of "chan." Heheh KabaCHAN faces off against team Musume and the theme involves canned food items. The challenge is being able to determine which canned food item is "nise" (counterfeit; imitation).

Each member reads a brief description of their canned item and they each do a really good job of selling their items as being real. Tanakachi is first to present hers and after not hearing enough to decide Kabachan asks for additional information that wasn't included on the card but is denied anything further by the "no comment" reply that Tanakachi answers with. Heheh he then says that all idols are liars! with a playful jab at them.:O Tanakachi's type of canned good includes a randomly inserted banner. Sayu with bunny ears describing a canned good is quite a surreal treat! And hearing her sound so earnest with her description when she could actually be lying is piled atop the fact that she's just so adorable to watch. The girls really play up Lin Lin's canned scented air! :O When it comes time to decide Kabachan's first impression is that Lin Lin's presentation came across as a bit suspicious as did Tanakachi & Gakisan's. Seems that Sayu's earnest presentation has her off the target list. 🙂 Now the moment of truth as each member opens up their item and Lin Lin has a bit of trouble opening hers while Gakisans cute looking can has a unique way of opening which involves the bottom being pushed in and everyone counts off 10 seconds which is the waiting time before opening. Pretty fascinating item as the liquid inside has become heated! :O Gakisan adds that this item acts as a gift at onsen (hot springs). Bring part of the onsen home with you in a convenient travel size! Sayu is last and her canned treat is a single oyster…with…a white pearl?! This interesting item may also contain a pink pearl! Sayu & Gakisan in particular look absolutely radiant on today's show and everything about Sayu is pink today including her fingernails! After getting a look at Lin Lin's canned item which claimed to let out a scent Kabachan is states that he's figured it out. Canned air? Are you kidding me?! Then again there are air spas around the world which fascinates and puzzles me. You're welcome for the air…please come again!  Gakisan's item is also a bit strange as taking part of the onsen home with you is…uh weird. In the end after careful consideration Kabachan picks Lin Lin's canned air to be the fake item and he is…..WRONG! As Lin Lin holds up the honmono paddle signifying his defeat. Amusingly Kabachan's next guess as he reveals would have been Gakisan's canned onsen "treat" and he would have been correct had he chosen hers first! The whole premise of this item seems out there but I'm not sure if I would have picked correctly either had I been in the same pressure situation. Game show always seem so much easier when you're sitting at home yelling at the t.v. screen. 😛 How many people out there think that they'd have won the million from Regis has they been given the same chance? I bet a lot of people do. Afterwards the locations where the other items can be bought are shown and as odd as they seem, they truly do exist.
The next segment is a collaboration with Morning Musume and the anime Kirarin Revolution. Kirarin mania is so big that there's even a "Kirarin Official Shop" which we get to see in a short clip. We start off with every member in Momusu with the exception of Kohachan who makes an entry shortly after the opening VTR clips. The sight of Momusu in this fantasy like blue set is quite breathtaking and everyone looks ultra cute! And now the star character of the series Kohachan makes her entry onto the set dressed in her signature outfit for the show. Her cute pink jacket and plaid skirt are really adorable. 😀 She really looks like her anime character brought to life. Hmm…to be as cute as anime…quite remarkable! Kohachan has brought along with her a card which breaks down 3 major points of the series and when the second one is revealed to be the love interests of her character Sayu cutely says that she has a question to ask Kohachan. She asks if it's okay that she also falls in love with them…and Kohachan abruptly answers "No way!" The look on Sayu's face is priceless! The last point of the show are the cute pets which include a turtle…(kame, kame, Kamei!) and at first I wasn't sure what Naasan was but apparently it's a cat! And there's also plush dolls of all of these character as we get a look at them. In fact there's tons of Kirarin Revolution goods at the official shop and I can imagine they must be a huge money maker for the series! Those cards that you get with the limited edition pressings of Kohachan's single releases are made to operate with special Kirarin Revolution games and we get a look at the numerous cards that make up the set as well as the game machines themselves. The show closes with a challenge being sent to Momusu to design a neko character for the show and it appears that voting will be done online and by mail as each member has drawn their own version of a competitor. Ah now if only we get to see Kamei's neko creation!! I wonder if she's created yet another strange "masterpiece" or if perhaps her drawing skills have gotten better since the last time we saw her draw…hmmm…but either way to just see a Kamei creation brought to life on television will truly be a special event!

Great news is that the next episode will involve a game! And that game happens to be ping pong as yet another phenom kid is pitted against Momusu in a battle of supremacy. Every week should be game week but I can't complain as at least the games have returned to HM after quite a long absence. Looks like the kid is gonna go "Forrest Gump" on them!!! :O Otanoshimi ni!

Heheh I've been trying to avoid hearing it until my copy arrives but I just caught a little bit of Yukosan's new single during the credits and it sounds really sweet! Hopefully my Cdjapan order which contains this single along with some other releases arrives within the next 2 days!



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8 Responses to HM@ 10/7/07-”The one with canned air, all the lying, & Kirarin collaboration!

  1. HarimaKenji says:

    I think I would guess it right… I knew those canned air things existed, and selling oysters with pearls inside is a great idea, it should be true… So I wouldn't choose Sayu or Lin Lin… And then, between Reina and Gaki, Reina's just makes more sense. What's so special about the water in an onsen? You can't take a bath in that small can, and I guess you can't drink it. Who would want hot water as a gift? Too strange…I think KabaCHAN got it wrong because he went check on the canned air. He probably went there, didn't notice any different scent, and decided it was false. But the can had been open for some time, so maybe the scent had already vanished. Just wait until you see the new episode =P Junjun shines in the first part, the ping pong game, if I did my ranking again she would certainly go over Lin Lin… And then there's some Kamei in the end, which I'm sure you'll like.


  2. HarimaKenji I'm so happy to have finally found someone else who enjoys watching HM episodes! You really have it broken down well and I bet you'd have won! You're right about the canned air being obvious as there are also air cafe types of places. Heheh I probably would have cracked under the pressure. 😛 I also really saw Lin Lin as the early frontrunner for better Momusu member over Jun Jun but ever since the release of "Onna ni sachi are" that has reversed. She's just so much more appealing and cute right now so I'd rank her higher too. Ah you said the magic word: 'Kamei'…:D!! I can't wait to see it! The reason that I'm always at least an episode behind is because I receive these episodes from my friend Saburo on Saturdays when we meet for brunch and the very next day a new episode is already being uploaded online but I have to wait another week to get it. My computer's too ancient and slow to download anything so I'm very appreciative that he gets these for me! It's a great way to spend a few minutes every week! 😀 I miss the longer episodes though. I can't wait to see that kid go "Forrest Gump" on them! :O Ahhh and some Kamei to look forward to!! Now that's going to be stuck in my mind for the next few days. 😀


  3. Hotaru says:

    This was a strange episode! Especially Linlin's canned air! I was surprised when it turned out to be real. Its a strange concept. "Ooo, smell that canned air, doesn't it smell good!?" Its a fun new thing to do with your friends!


  4. paul.thomas says:

    I've fallen so far behind with HM it's unbelievable I have a few downloaded but just haven't watched them. Everytime I read your reviews of the episodes I always get in the mood to watch some, and I generally do, but I'm so far behind I don't know how long it's going to take me to catch up.Hahaha, I can't wait to see what Kamei comes up with, it's certainly going to be interesting.


  5. Hotaru indeed it's a strange concept and probably why they decided to include it in this little lying game. One day I'd like to try out some canned scented air just so that I can say…hmmm what are you supposed to say about something like that? One day while watching the news awhile back they were showing a new craze which were these air cafes. :O Walk in, sit down, order some air, breathe the air, leave. What the?!


  6. Paul I'm just happy to hear that these inspire you in a way to watch them. 🙂 Maybe you don't need to catch up and you can just watch the recent episodes as the games are finally back! The games are really what makes HM fun to watch. That and if only the news segment made an abbreviated return! I have a serious case of Kamei on the brain. The ping pong is going to be great I imagine and Kamei! Kamei, Kamei, Kamei…


  7. Hotaru says:

    Air cafes!? Thats…weird…I know that Ben Franklin believe in "air bathing" but that was a long time ago! Maybe the fascination with air is having a comeback.


  8. Heheh, Hotaru I must have missed that in history class. 'Air bathing'?! Maybe there was a water conservation warning at the time. 😛


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