“11 Years After” Princess Princess to release new Winter themed album!

On November 21st the greatest female band that Japan has ever produced returns after a 11 year hiatus to bring fans a brand new album featuring a Winter theme!! News of a reunion had surfaced a few months ago but as time passed I really didn't think that this was going to happen. I can't even find the words to describe how incredibly happy this makes me! Back in May and October of last year Princess Princess (often called Puri Puri) released 2 amazing box sets which saw every single & album release of theirs remastered and their complete video discography finally all brought to DVD! A complete collection of the musical works covering their entire career beautifully packaged. Since their break up in mid '96 every member has remained active in music whether it be by solo release(s) or song writing for other artists. 2 notable tracks ("15sai no watashi e" & "Anata to mita sora") which were penned by the team of Okui Kaori (now Kishitani Kaori) and Tomita Kyoko appeared on Sakai Noriko's album "in snowflakes" in late '96 and this served as just a small example of the potential music that they indeed could still be releasing had the break up not occurred.

To say that I'm looking forward to this new release doesn't even begin to capture the excitement that I'm feeling as I anticipate its arrival next month. In one's life there are a few landmark artists or groups that change the way you look at music forever and become one of your all time favorites, Princess Princess is just that for me! By far one of the most important groups that I've ever been introduced to and their music has really touched and means so much to me. Princess Princess isn't a group which one can fully appreciate by hearing just a few songs or seeing a few live clips of them but rather needs to be approached as a full immersion into their entire discography and only then can one truly begin to understand their greatness. Not your average band, good band, but a premiere band. Princess Princess's sound, innovation, and style is one that has gone full circle and while they began establishing themselves as a rock/pop group they cannot be pinned down in any single genre as they've covered so much in their career. Musicianship and songwriting at this level doesn't come around too often and it's great to bear witness to it albeit in retrospect for me as I was introduced to their music after they had recently broken up. As a fault of mine it took yet a few years afterwards for me to see what was right before me, some of the greatest music ever written. I'm happy to be able to state this in the present tense: Princess Princess is Kishitani Kaori (lead vocals, guitar), Nakayama Kanako (lead guitar, backup vocals), Watanabe Atsuko (bass, backup vocals), Konno Tomoko (keyboard, backup vocals), & Tomita Kyoko (drums, backup vocals). While Kishitani Kaori is the main songwriter, every member contributes with both lyrics and music as the distinct sound which is Puri Puri is easily recognizable.

Their new album (I'm still giddy thinking "new" album!! :D) will be released as both a limited and regular edition. The limited edition will include an additional karaoke CD with 4-5 tracks on it.

Princess Princess "Pri Pri Fuyuson" LE
Princess Princess "Pri Pri Fuyuson" RE

I've managed to collect their discography through the help of Otokichi Premium as well as Yahoo! Japan Auctions. The 2 box sets which were released last year helped me to complete their video collection on DVD as some releases were never available on this format previously and the wonderful sound of digital remastering is always a good thing.

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8 Responses to “11 Years After” Princess Princess to release new Winter themed album!

  1. WOW! -Just seeing the pictures of all the Princess Princess items you have, I can just imagine what kind of excitement you're experiencing now, hearing that a brand new album is on it's way!
    I'm excited for you, and it hope it turns out to be everything you're anticipating, and then some!
    Be sure and let us know how it is when you get it! -Maybe post your favorite!


  2. Dark Knightingale thanks! This is really the best news in the J-Pop world in recent times and I'll surely post something about this release when it arrives. 🙂 On a side note I finally located Milla Jovovich's album! I thought it had gone into one of the many wallets on my shelf but it was actually one of the few non Japanese releases that are still on one of my main shelves. It was behind a cabinet though and I'd forgotten to look there. On a shelf behind a cabinet probably sounds a bit strange. Heheh but my room is so small but it's set up for maximum space. 😛 I originally thought that her name wasn't written on the outside but actually she used her first name. This album was released in 1994 and I was lucky to receive a promotional copy of it back then. I'll send a copy to you within the next few days. Sorry it took so long as for awhile I didn't know where it was but I had to keep on looking so you didn't think it was a figment of my imagination. lol! She really did make an album. 🙂 And she wrote all of the album's lyrics.


  3. Very cool! -Be sure to post a favorite song or two when you get it!!!
    (Side Note) Excellent! I really appreciate you doing this for me! -Can't wait to check it out! Can I get you to include a photocopy of the CD artwork for me?
    In return, I've decided to make a pre-CD CD of some of my songs for you when I get a little bit more done on it. I'm calling the finished CD "Some Things I've Said", so I think maybe I'll call this little mini version "Some Of The Some Things I've Said". ha ha ha -Unless you can recommend a better title for me to use…
    Right now, I have no plans to make this mini version available to anyone else, but maybe I'll change my mind after you get your copy. -Give me a little more time to work on it, and I'll have it to you soon!
    At the request of a new listener, I have remixed, and reposted "Unfinished Business" for the third time in an effort to bring out the vocals a bit better. I hope it worked!


  4. Dark Knightingale it seems that I've been misled by the wording on Cdjapan's site. Grrrr…turns out this 'new' album is actually a compilation collection with the theme of Winter and not new material. Really bums me out as I thought it was really new! Oh well I guess it was too good to be true. Heheh I'm wondering if I should edit this post or delete it altogether. Well my blunder has been explained here so maybe I'll just leave it. I can try scanning the booklet for you and I'll see how it comes out. Maybe I'll put the scans on a disc. Ah you really don't have to send anything in return. This is a very generous gesture on your part as it's your own personal music! I can't thank you enough! This is a very nice thing you're doing for me! 🙂 I think your title sounds just right for something like this. It'll be in the post on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. It's such an obscure and not a very well known album release so maybe if you enjoy it even in the slightest you may want to write about it on your site. I think people may get a kick out of knowing that she made and album back then!


  5. Ah, we all get misled sometimes. -Don't worry about it. I do think it's kind of a bummer that they would grab some old songs, stick it in a new CD case and hawk it off as something "new", but who knows? -Maybe this is to generate some interest for an upcoming new CD. -One can only hope…
    I didn't realize that the insert was actually a booklet…You don't have to scan the whole thing if you don't want to. -I'll be just as happy with just a scan of the front and back cover. I may very well make a post about it!
    Gimme a few weeks to get this mini CD together for you. -I promise to get it to you before Christmas, but I want to try to get some more work done on it first.
    Thanks again!


  6. Dark Knightingale thanks! and here I was feeling all excited about this. 😛 I'll make sure to include scans with the cd. 🙂 Aw I don't want you to rush on your project. Please don't set a deadline for this as I wouldn't want you to feel rushed in any way.


  7. Dark Knightingale thank!! I feel goofy for writing this post but it's okay. 🙂


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