Mano Erina, rally balloons, & a little bit of Maimai.

A few weeks ago when I was "training" to become the UEFC (Ultimate Egg Fighting Champion) I did manage to wrestle this Manoeri Gatas Brilhantes H.P. set from all other competitors. Bidding on Yahoo! Japan Auctions started at just 1000 yen but eventually ballooned up to 3600 yen for the win! Seems that I wasn't the only wacky fan out there who wanted a pair of their own H.P. Sportsfest rally balloons! They're made of quite thick plastic material making them very durable just in case you feel the need to go kendo with them. 😛 It comes with a straw to help with their inflation and I imagine it'd take forever for me to blow one of these up although I haven't tried yet. 

Along with the pair of balloons this rather simple set also includes a single photo of Manoeri sporting her Gatas uniform. Now they just need to find her some playing time!! If being cute scored you goals then she'd be an all star.

The rally balloon has become a natural part of H!P sporting events and members who are on the sidelines can be seen with them quite often cheering on their fellow team mates. Maimai has the right idea as she has 2 of them! Shots are from last year's Sportsfest event as I have Momoko, Maimichan, Rikachan, & Kumaichan's individual discs which Saburo got for me. In pics 1167 & 1168 Maimai suddenly realizes what's missing and she and Kumaichan leave the bench to go get some rally balloons which are in a bag on the bench behind them. As seen in pic 1182 the rally balloon can also be "customized" with fun accessories such as the ring of bells that Maasa has placed around hers and Kumaichan seems quite pleased with it. Heheh in the background of the last pic Shibata "cute as a bunny" Ayumi can be seen checking out a perfume scent which a fellow member is wearing on her wrist. 🙂


Along with this set a few other Manoeri photo sets arrived including the following 2 which includes this first one which I originally lost the bidding on but happily Ohta was able to acquire for me another pair of these photos.

Some really great news is that Ongaku Gatas will be releasing a second single on December 5th, 2007!!! The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD and I'm hoping that it again contains great behind the scenes footage of all of the members in this great unit. The limited edition is still available and can be pre ordered here from Cdjapan. I'll be curious to see whether Manoeri continues to be the H!P Egg in the spotlight or if another Egg such as Noto Arisa gets more screen time.

Ironically this next Manoeri photo set which is my favorite from her so far was the easiest to acquire as no one else placed a bid on it…fushigi ne. I never imagined the day would come when I'd be bidding on H!P Egg merchandise but Manoeri has inspired me to do just that. Next I'd like to acquire some Noto Arisa photos. 🙂

This weekend's going to be a busy one with me attempting to get back on the tennis court and then of course there's tomorrow's Bank of America 500 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race at Lowe's Motor Speedway in North Carolina where Jimmie Johnson is starting outside the pole with Jeff Gordon right behind him in the 4th starting position. I asked my father who lives in Las Vegas if he could place a small wager on Jimmie Johnson to win tomorrow's event and I probably should have asked sooner as he qualified so well and his odds were probably better before qualifying. There are so many variables in racing that cause a driver to have a bad day, many which are out of their control so although Jimmie has had incredible success at this track I'll be nervous for 500 miles! Of course I hope that Jeff Gordon finishes well too!  

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20 Responses to Mano Erina, rally balloons, & a little bit of Maimai.

  1. paul.thomas says:

    Erina really is just too cute! I can't wait to see the next release by Ongaku Gatas, it's just so great that they're getting a new release so soon after their last single, fingers crossed UFA have seen the potential in this unit!!The balloons are really funky, I've never seen anything like them before, I think I need to catch up on Sports Festivals, the only one I've seen was from 2004.


  2. Hotaru says:

    These are really nice photos! Mano Erina isn't a bad choice for UFA/Tsunku to be pushing forward out of the eggs, but, like you said, I would like to see more of Noto Arisa!Those rally balloons look like they'd be fun to hit people with…. 😀


  3. Rad♂ says:

    These photos actually do not do Mano justice. She is an absolute knockout on the Gatas "Bell" PV.


  4. Paul we both were really hoping that they wouldn't end up being a one release wonder and luckily our wish came true! Heheh some of the members spend so much time as spectators that they really needed to create something for them to beat together and shake around. :DLast year's Sports Festival was sold as this gigantic box set which had an individual disc for each member. I can't even imagine how much that set costs but it was impressive looking. It's a great idea that they had, as each member had their own personal camera operator shooting them throughout the events. That way you could choose your favorite member(s) and just watch them for about an hour or so.


  5. Hotaru it'll be interesting to see which Eggs are spotlighted in their upcoming 2nd release. I'm expecting them to feature Mano Erina & Noto Arisa but you never know. It's a good thing they sell these in pairs…just in case a "sword" fight breaks out! 😛 And the great thing is it won't hurt when you get bonked on the head.


  6. Radicalpatriot she definitely looks stunning in their PV and her looks really jump out at you from the very first time you watch it. The last pair of UFA photos were released right around the time of the PV's release.


  7. paul.thomas says:

    An individual disc for each member!! Thats impressive, that must of been one huge dvd box, lol. How long would that take watch?! More days than hours, but still, not a bad way to spend the weekend!I'll have to keep an eye out for it, although by the sound of how big it is and the fact that im guessing its hard to find (which is no doubt only going to bump the price up even more), I'll probably have to sell a kidney to get it, lol.


  8. Paul "one kidney" Thomas! The set was huge and my jaw hit the ground when I saw it! :O Some of the DVDs were available on Hello! Online awhile back but I'm guessing that no one is seeding these anymore but you never know. I've actually never looked it up on auctions before. I may be too afraid of its asking price! I'll post a picture of it before I go to sleep tonight, it's quite a sight.


  9. wu-san says:

    I really think This girl has a big future in H!P, I dont want her to be in MM however, as I love the idea of Ongaku Gatas…and if they have quality songs, I really hope they'd be straightforward contenders for MM. I think it'd be healthy competition for MM and add a bit more bite to the franchise.
    I just hope Tsunku can level out his creativity evenly nowadays, as he has so many groups on the books, that I feel some bad songs are a result of him having to write for so many groups. Although I believe he's got other people to help him out now. I think it was easier for Tsunku to come up with great songs in the past when H!P was at it's core, a lot more simple. Mind you, that and the fact that in the earlier days, he wouldnt have been so artistically spent as I fear he sometimes is nowadays. But hell, what do I know?
    I know that Erina could be something special in H!P though.


  10. I'm with you on Manoeri staying out of Momusu. I think she'd be able to lead a group in the future if Ongaku Gatas turns out to be a temporary unit. But I really hope that Ongaku Gatas isn't a short lived unit and with a second single on the way shortly that's a really great sign! Their first single was incredibly great!! And what a lineup! :O They definitely could be a healthy match for Momusu I think. Tsunku has really been stretched a lot lately with so many groups and solo artists now in the H!P family. It's actually really refreshing to see that a substantial amount H!P songs are now being written by others. I think this will help Tsunku write better songs as well. When it was just Momusu life for him was so simple. That makes it that much more impressive when he pens a gem now days!


  11. wu-san says:

    I enjoyed their first single too, and I loved seeing rika with Yossie again, and konkon and Mai being there too, great, and giving some eggs something to do. Really want to follow this group if they're able to stick it out from temporary into permanent
    I agree that bringing in some other writers/composers into the H!P production family makes things more interesting and diverse.


  12. wu-san I think they're the best new H!P super group. Every member really brings something special and yes seeing Eggs get a chance to shine is special. Noto Arisa & Manoeri are my initial favorite Eggs in this group right now. I'm really looking forward to their 2nd single as I'd like to see the Eggs develop even more. I think there are a few future stars in there. I'm curious to see if Manoeri will continue to be the chosen Egg to stand out in their second release. If she does any more of those cute sighs again I may just melt. 😛


  13. wu-san says:

    arh so those sighs from Manoeri got to you too 😛
    I hope the other eggs get the chances from a hopefully continuing group so I can like more than just the one egg 😛 as you have 2 eggs in mind already. Hmmm, I hope we see more Manoeri in the next release as well, of course they should include the others too heheh. I certainly prefer Rika in this group than Biyuuden, but I'm sure it's more personal than anything constructive.


  14. wu-san I think it was song writing genius having Manoeri…uh…"sing" those sighs. It was an escape free Manoeri fan trap! 🙂 Rika is really a special part of this unit as she brings to it her unique sweet & sultry personality. Plus she's such a great mentor and as evidenced in their first releases' bonus footage dvd Rikachan was the one looking after them a lot. She's going to be a great mother one day! Heheh I used the "M" word but not to worry I don't imagine that happening for a long time as you can tell she loves her idol career and wouldn't jeopardize that. But she's very mother like though and it's just a natural part of her sweet demeanor.


  15. wu-san says:

    I wonder if there will be sighs in all the songs? 😛
    Yeh behind the scenes Rika-Chan always seems to be a good mentor to the newer members/younger ones in MM…I think I got this impression from many backstage things and making of PVs…have not seen any extra footage for Ongaku Gatas yet, I should go search it up. I'm remembering an Utaban Episode where they had all the H!P allstars in the studio and one of the then H!P kids said she wanted to be like Rika when she was older, even after Rika pulled that really, really bizarre song a few minutes before.
    Yeh I really respect that quality from Rika-chan too, how she really takes care of her career.


  16. wu-san that wouldn't be a bad thing! 😀 Then the sighs should be evenly distributed amongst all of the Eggs. 🙂 Anytime the song writer can't seem to find the right lyric for a part they could just add a sigh…(sigh). If you get to see the Ongaku Gatas extra footage that was included with the limited edition single it gives one a great look at Rikachan's natural instinct of being kind of mother like to the younger members. 🙂 She's really sweet and caring. Is this the great episode where they're all sitting on a giant wheel?!! Kei was getting all sorts of comedic grief! :O Too hilarious! I wrote about that episode a long time ago but I think it was on a friends site. Nakaikun and Taka-san were having a blast spinning the wheel and letting the jokes fly! It'll be amazing to watch it now, being that I'm much more familiar with a few of the Eggs which have gone into groups. Thanks for reminding me about this one!


  17. wu-san says:

    yep thats the episode…really classic H!P + Utaban section, so many things going on. Awwww poor Kei-chan. I felt extra sorry for her that time around. Hmmm, you may have wrote it on your friends, but if not I'll find it here. And thats a good point about knowing the eggs more now.
    I'm sure the Ongaku Gatas Extra footage wont be that hard to find, as its quite current…something else to do after work tonight.


  18. wu-san sorry I've got you looking for all kinds of H!P stuff. 😛 I'd like to find that Utaban disc that I've got stored away somewhere with that episode. Just thinking about it cracks me up! They sure picked on Kei a lot! And Kaorin! Taka-san really knows how to imitate them in the strangest ways. His facial expressions are the absolute best!


  19. wu-san says:

    dont worry about it…I dont mind searching for things, as long as I can find them in the end of course :P. ah yes I've heard of DJwaffles, and a friend's blog has a link to it so maybe I'll start from there.
    The H!P allstars guesting on Utaban must be one of my favorite moments ever in H!P history, just so many interactions from Taka-san and various H!P members. haha, His facial expressions really are animated I agree. Sometimes it's scary. His dancing gets me everytime.


  20. wu-san I hope they're still being offered up there as some of these go way back. I think that site has cataloged H!M for a long time but I'm not sure if all of the episodes are still active links. Sometimes I think that Taka-san could be a great stand up comedian. He's probably one of the best examples of someone who's naturally funny.


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