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Mano Erina, rally balloons, & a little bit of Maimai.

Mano Erina Gatas Brilhantes H.P. set A few weeks ago when I was "training" to become the UEFC (Ultimate Egg Fighting Champion) I did manage to wrestle this Manoeri Gatas Brilhantes H.P. set from all other competitors. Bidding on Yahoo! … Continue reading

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“Pimp My Ride” part 2

The wheels of life Seems that getting your ride pimped isn't just for the young anymore as the elderly has joined in on the fun! I've seen some impressive work done on the show in the past but nothing really … Continue reading

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And just in case you still haven’t begun shopping for real estate in Eri no World…

Kamei Eri "Maple" shashinshuu …here are a few more scans from "Maple. My copy shipped out yesterday via FedEx and I wonder if Amazon Japan "heard" what I said about DHL. 😛 In all the years that I've ordered from … Continue reading

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