Got Kamei? aka “This is your brain on Kamei.” :D

I'm finally getting to see her new cover and Kamei looks about as cute and adorable as allowed in this universe!! Any more cuteness and it may be lethal! I originally ordered "Maple" through HMV but they e-mailed a couple of days ago informing me that they are unable to fill my order as the supplier has run out! :O This is the first time that I've had a shashinshuu sell out on me before it's even released! And I also pre ordered it almost 3 weeks ago on top of that. So I immediately upon receiving their e-mail went to my old friend Amazon Japan where it's still available and ordered it through them instead. Another interesting note is that yesterday Kamei's new shashinshuu was ranked #22 on their books chart and today it has risen all the way up to #12 as of a moment ago. This is a really impressive showing as Amazon Japan has hundreds of thousands of books on this chart. Maybe a million? So getting up to double digits is pretty nice! The highest that I've ever seen a H!P shashinshuu rise up to on Amazon Japan's book ranking is #5 and that honor went to Risakochan when her 2nd shashinshuu "Pure +" was released!! Hmmm…being adorable has it's rewards!

The following is a public service announcement: This is your brain without Kamei:  :(   This is your brain on Kamei:  :D!!! And while your brain will be much happier and with a little help from a talking gecko you'll also be able to afford what I anticipate to be Hello! Project's most adorable PB ever, "Maple." Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

I'll probably have to wait a few more days until my copy of "Maple" arrives via DHL who'll probably open up the box again as usual and have a look inside. At least they never open the wrapping! Maybe I should send them the link so that "they" can get their own copy. But until it arrives here are a few more preview pics and these appear to be from the actual shashinshuu.

Hello! Project's new reigning mizugi princess has arrived! Heheh okay before you start throwing tomatoes at me that last statement may only be true in my mind and heart as she's my favorite Momusu member! 🙂 But seriously has another H!P member ever looked this cute in a bathing suit before? Hmmm…maybe don't answer that! I'm beginning to imagine a lot of names and tomatoes heading my way! Then the best way to state it would be for me to say, Kamei is my reigning mizugi princess. 

If this is a shashinshuu that you'd like to add to your library, it's in stock right now at Amazon Japan and ready to be shipped. And then the next time someone asks you: "Got Kamei?", you'll be able to share with them exactly what a brain on Kamei looks like.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to Got Kamei? aka “This is your brain on Kamei.” :D

  1. Saburo says:

    My gal shirenu wrote her take on the Kamei bikini previews:


  2. Hmmm…it was like reading my own mind only that Kamei is my favorite bikini princess. When her last shahinshuu was released Paul was having a discussion about very similar points on how Kamei isn't overly thin but instead is in ideal shape with curves and body. Definitely gives Kamei an edge when taking these types of shots! But I think more importantly Kamei has the greatest eyes in H!P and such an incredibly cute face! Having the same type of comments about Kamei's physique from both the male and female aspect really says a lot I think! 🙂


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    Hum… I'd give the mizugi throne to Konno, but I'm totally biased, so don't mind me =P Kamei is as close as a second can get… which means I'd recognize her supremacy if it weren't for my loyalty to Her Majesty.Thank you for doing such a wonderful public service, that should help a lot. Looks like it's time to get some Kamei photos and spread them around the house to make the brain :D!!!!Seriously now, some H!P members really do have this strange power of cheering me up unconditionally. Nacchi's smile, Kamei's expression on the cover and the second bikini shot, Konkon doing anything… That's one of the reasons I like H!P….is a brain on H!P the cure for depression?


  4. siaoliao says:

    GOSH THE COVER'S GORGEOUS!! She's cute yes, but there's so much maturity in this photoshoot as well. I also like the slight wave to her long hair, and her sweet smile. I was a little disappointed in her last photobook so I was expecting much but this is turning out to be really good! And everyone commenting on her curves…that's right…she's one adorable lady.


  5. Zush says:



  6. HarimaKenji ahh it makes me smile just hearing that she's a close second! Heheh I was thinking about that old anti drug commercial with the egg in the frying pan when I wrote that. I don't know why…sometimes I'm strange like that. :PThat is so true about H!P members and I think you're right, it could be the cure for depression! A lovely smile can really brighten up anyone's day and I love that you brought up Nacchi's which is one of the most radiant and uplifting. Whenever she's around other members you can just see how she creates the genki mood all around her! 😀 Spoken as the truest Konkon fan out there! 'Konkon doing anything.' That's a great way of seeing H!P and that may just be the underlying reason that we're all such happy fans!


  7. siaoliao when I first saw the cover yesterday even though I've seen a lot of adorable Kamei pics I was still blown away! She's definitely being presented here in a much more mature way and it's really the right timing as the producers were probably recognizing that Kamei has reached adulthood. 😀 I'm still expecting some cutesy shots but these more mature ones really represent her well and a bit in a different light.


  8. Ah and Kamei taketh your breath away!


  9. paul.thomas says:

    The more previews I see of this PB, the more I know I have to order it. Roll on Monday when I get my wages!!I still find that I rate Kamei a lot less then she actually deserves in the looks department, and I always seem to realise this only when looking at her PB shots, Kamei really does have an amazing looking body!The photo of her in the white bikini is amazing!


  10. Paul maybe you should include a picture of Kamei on your desktop! 😛 Heheh but I have to imagine that Kohachan is there right now and probably won't be replaced anytime soon. I'm anticipating her PB to be possibly my favorite H!P one!!


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